The North District of Whirlwinds


  • Kalliste can be accessed via gate from the district
  • some of the water glows orange at night
  • in the evenings and mornings, a creepy fog covers the district
  • vast plains to the north extend to the edge of the city
  • default building structure is very art nouveau in style
  • Has four seasons: spring, summer, fall, and winter


N1. Outer Gate of Whirlwinds
N2. Inner Gate of Whirlwinds
N3. Plaza of Whirlwinds (Northern Teleportation Array)


N4. The Northern Welcome House
The original Welcome House. The Welcome House is a Cybertronian building located down the street from the Medbay, set up by Ratchet and Lelouch to be accessible to both humans and Cybertronians. Its security system is tied in with that of the Medbay. The main door leading into the Welcome House is large enough to allow Cybertronians to enter, with a smaller door set into that one for human access. The majority of the building interior, including the halls, common room and storage areas are big enough to accommodate Cybertronians. As might be expected, some of the guest quarters have washrooms attached and are sized for humans, unable to be accessed by anything larger. All guest quarters are fully furnished with appropriately sized furniture. A kitchen has also been provided to allow the human residents the ability to prepare their food the old fashioned way if bending it all fully cooked isn't as appealing.

It has gone through several renovations since then to accommodate the city's newest arrivals. It currently houses those who do not have homes, causing some roommate issues along the way.

N5. Medbay
Where the magic happens. Formerly known as Ratchet's Medbay, this is the place to get patched up. It's basically a hospital and it is open to Cybertronians and organics alike. Everything necessary to know about the building's security system, access codes and defenses (including Lockdown Mode) is located here.

It now has a few Time Out Chairs. These all face the corner and change size to fit whoever is sitting in them. Once someone sits down, a dunce cap shows up over their heads, and they have a hard time thinking about anything except for what they did and why it was wrong.

N6. Yggdrasil, the Great Library
A Library, conveniently located up in a giant tree. It's located to the southwest of the Outer Gate and houses books from various worlds which Wakened can contribute to. More information can be found here.

N7. Furman's Bar
The Only Freaking Bar In Nautilus For Some Strange Reason. Thanks to all of the destruction the city faced within the last few years, Furman's had gone through a few renovations. The interior has a classy Art Deco feel to it, warmly lit and welcoming to any visitor stopping in for a drink or five.

The bartender is pretty clearly a construct – he has a face and is generally pleasant. His robes are trimmed in blue and the symbols he bears are nautilus shells. The bartender of Furman's is actually one of Cyrus' Sprites. (This one talks, except all it says is "Do you want some more?" Additionally, if he notices you're drunk to an unhealthy point, he says: "I think you have had enough.")

YOU CAN GET ANY FOOD OR DRINK YOU CAN IMAGINE HERE. If it exists, you can order it. This includes such things as refined energon, oil, and various weird Star Wars delicacies. Food is also available. The bar is sized for all residents of Nautilus, and yet somehow this doesn't seem awkward. It's located a ways south from the the Northern District's Plaza.

N8. Lelouch vi Britannia's Mansion/House
A sprawling mansion befitting someone of Lelouch's stature, it has everything anyone could ever need. Well kept grounds, beautiful, opulent interiors with plenty of room for anyone who makes their home here. Its exterior has a modern, clean look to it with plenty of large window to enjoy a grand view from.

N9. The Kururugi Shrine
A modest shrine plucked straight from its location near Mt. Fuji. A calm place to contemplate beneath one of the large trees surrounding the shrine, or perhaps pray if one so wishes. More information can be found here.

N10. Big Ben
Standing tall near the edge to the Western District, Big Ben keeps the time and tolls upon every hour without fail. Once a landmark in Earth's London, it serves the same purpose here in the City of Change. Tumbled down June 15th, 2017

Reconstruction started September 16th, 2017

Completed: Mid- October 2017

The exterior of the rebuilt of Big Ben looks much the same outside of art nouveau features and embellishments.

Big Ben's Museum

N11. Irene's Cottage/Gazebo
A small country cottage built right next to an antique white gazebo… that's fresh out of a creepysad Limbo realm of eternal twilight. Nothing weird about that at all. The place also plays home to a few elaborate gardens, but be warned that a certain grouchy angel really doesn't like it when said gardens get messed with. So yeah, stay off her lawn, kids.

N12. Holiday Inn Residence
A large three story house located not far from the Medbay and Welcome House, originally Doctor Holiday's home the first time she was in Nautilus and currently being kept up by the Salazar brothers. It began as a two story home, but was renovated and expanded after the battle in Kalliste against Ursaems. A new laboratory is currently being constructed on the left side of the house after the first was destroyed by debris from Kalliste. Floor plans: First Story + Backyard | Second Story | Third Story

N13. Chateau De Nobody / The Castle That Never Was
The castle remains in its original shape and style, but it appears to reflect rose and violet depending on the angle you look at it. Like glass. More info within the link above.

N14. Garden of Dreams
Made in the Northern District by Lelouch and Russia. It's a park/garden, with a wide variety of flowers, benches, and little stone pathways. Given Russia's involvement, there are notable amount of sunflowers.

N15. Ichijouji Soccer Field
A giant soccer field that will delight anyone with fútbol fever. Built when former resident Ken Ichijouji really, really, really wanted to play some soccer!

N16. Tails' Workshop
Pretty self-explanatory. A little workshop and hangar with a landing strip right beside it, where Tails either patches up anything mechanical that needs fixing, or he works on vehicles/gadgets/doodads.

N17. The Pokémon Center
A small red and white building with a red roof, the Pokémon Center is denoted by a white silhouette of a Pokéball above its entrance. Inside one can find various places to sit, like a waiting room, and features a counter where you could bring your Pokémon in for healing. Except there aren't any Pokémon. Scrupilo lived here.

N18. Crichton Household
Located among a group of abandoned Cybertronian buildings, this home started out as a bare Cybertronian structure but has since been remodeled extensively by John Crichton for human habitation. It features a large living room, with high domed ceilings, connected to a large kitchen at the front of the house. Leading to the back is one very long hallway lined with doors. On either side there are three bedrooms. The first door on the left is the master bedroom that includes its own full bathroom. The main bathroom is two doors down on the right and includes a toilet sink and bathtub. Beyond all the bedrooms, at the end of the hall, is a large workshop and garage. It features a sunlight overhead in the ceiling above the workbench and also a large garage door in the exterior wall. The entire home is decorated in comfortable Earth tones with modest and homey furnishings recalling the style of the late 1990's, but with some modernizations thanks to other members in the household.

N19. Sideswipe's Garage
It's a garage that Sideswipe lives (lived?) in. It sits next to the Tomato Patio.

N20. Tomato Patio
It's…an Italian restaurant. With a suspiciously familiar name. This appeared for Mirage.

N21. Gabe's Facility
Also known as 'Eden'. It kinda houses a sentient AI, so mind where you put your trash. Comes equipped with an infirmary, a few dorm buildings if you're in need of a place to crash, a cafeteria, and even a pool along with a basketball court!

N22. Loki's House
The largest of various Asgardian buildings that have been set up in the area around the library. It is large and towering, with several towers and seemingly not always connected sections, yet functional on the inside and shines in typical Asgardian architecture of gold and an open, spacious interior with high ceilings and seemingly no windows. It also has implemented Asgardian technology, as all the buildings have that Loki set up. Said system not only controls entrance and access data, but also is used to control the fires, temperature, light and force fields.

N23. The Bending School and Bending Stadium
The school was created in Nautilus to help the Wakened with Bending basics. The stadium is the very setting for Bending tournaments, letting the students hone their Bending skills once they have become accustomed to them. Both facilities were run by Ashura Lelouch vi Britannia, the school and stadium and are currently overseen by Angelii Nash Latkje.

N24. A Theatre
A small theatre with plush seats for audience members to settle into for a more traditional play. The stage is lined with clam shell lights and a large red curtain, props and stage dressings feature heavily on the whimical side, easily visible to anyone sitting in the back of the hall.

N25. Iason's Tower
Obviously the tallest structure in the Northern District. Maybe even the entire city, who knows.

N26. The Beacon
Not "The Bacon" — that's just MK being dumb. It housed a myriad of Cybertronians and their buddies, and still is occupied today. It is sized for the largest of Nautilus's Wakened, making a comfortable place to live for any robot who happens to Wake here.

N27. Nautilus Television Station (NTV)
A small, unassuming building with a large transmitting tower next to it. Inside there are a few rooms that can be used for broadcasting or editing footage. Inexplicably all the equipment here is from 1980s earth, including the cameras. The Fairies usually like to use this place for their sporadic weather forecasts.

N28. Bag End
A real live Hobbit hole, well-kept and everything. Once belonging to Bilbo Baggins, it is hobbit-sized and nestled into a sloping hillside. Its interior is homely and almost claustrophobic in design, just as its owner intended it to be. It doesn't house a Baggin anymore, though.
Purple butterfly shield and Weeping Angel shield

N29. Black Arachnia & Optimus Prime's House
A sorta hideaway for two Cybertronians that now sits empty.

N30. Piper's Beauty Salon
Get your hair cut and styled here. Minimal danger! Always half off! Small interior, decorated in various shades of purple, with retro style fixtures in slick chrome. In front, two black leather salon chairs set up facing stations with mirrors, fully stocked. Behind that on the right wall are two washing stations, and on the left two hair drying chairs. All matching black leather. For some reason the farthest chair has teeth and a scary face painted on it. But it's completely safe to use. The chair to its left however… tends to burst into flames when switched on. Piper has taped an Out Of Order sign to it.

In progress: Piper is steadily trying to build a tailoring and sewing station into one of the back rooms. New apparel coming soon.

N31. Canal Street Electronics
It's an Electronic store that's located on a canal. Can't trust that De Nile. Add desc or link info here.

N32. Harlesque
Harley Quinn's living quarters and burlesque theater. Add desc or link info here.


Past the Outer Gate, there is a vast amount of open space. Plains. Plains everywhere in the North. It's a great place to go and see the wildlife in action…or fight the wildlife. One of those. In the recent past (OOC: circa October 2014), the plains burned for months. That was part of the reason why the EVO creatures and other animals are running about the city streets following Kalliste's crumbling. Presently, most of the fires have been contained, leaving telling scorch marks behind.

Little Asgard
A patch of (mostly unoccupied) buildings around the library and Loki's residence of typical Asgardian architecture. The high golden towers that are part of these buildings make the area hard to miss and among the many different kinds of rich decorations one may spot an occasional paw print made from pink and purple glass embedded into a wall, the cobblestone or hidden at the side of a building… (tbc)

Ecto-1 Somewhere parked in the city section of the North is Echo-1 Ghostbuster Car
from The Real Ghostbusters; see 10th Doctor for the ignition key.

Eiffel Tower a scaled down version but still able for people to go into. Located on the other side of the Agreste Mansion (of Big Ben)

Citadel Gym
Between Iason's Tower and DeNile is a Citadel minus the inside center towers; a glass dome - with some white building siding. This is scaled down to the size of LA Fitness gym; there's a garden inside.

The inside 1 as well as this and a small castle there's also a mushroom table with mushroom chairs to sit on and have tea.


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