Non-Player Characters

This is the directory for the NPCs of The Wake, of which there are quite a few.





  • Cyrus (Deva of Change)
  • Felthias (Ashura of Riddles)
  • Handy Dandy Notepad (Deva of Notes; resided in Pink's World)
  • Hekket (Deva of Music) (not dead, just absconded with the Paperboy after killing Neriae and Zanith)
  • Isis - (Deva of Glass)
  • Jin Shahrivar (Deva of Balance)
  • Kergan ( Deva of Flowers)
  • Neriae (Deva of Bubbles)
  • Orpheus (Ashura of Second Chances)
  • Ursaems - (Deva of Renewal Entropy) (Pulled into Chaos by the Labyrinth. Fate unknown.)
  • Zanith (Deva of Ash)
  • Zor'davki (Ashura of Stone)


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