Nunnally vi Britannia
Nunnally vi Britannia
Continuity Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion / R2
Age 15 16
Species Human
Hair Color Sandy Brown
Eye Color Violet
District Eastern District
Journal andnowisee
Player Robin
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"I wish for a kinder world."


Nunnally was born the second child of the 98th Emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire, Charles zi Britannia and his fifth wife, Empress Marianne vi Britannia on October 25, 2003 a.t.b. She has one full blooded older brother, Lelouch, and several half-siblings. While an exact number of children that Charles has fathered is never given, she is the fourth princess and the 87th in line for the throne. Of course, how he determines this order of ascension apparently rather complicated and takes account not only the child's gender, but where their mother is on the pecking order of his various wives and various other factors as well.


Nunnally and Lelouch's childhood was rather idyllic. They spent time at the Aries Villa, and among all their various siblings, were closet to Euphemia, who was one of the closest to them in age. By default, they also spent time around Cornelia, Euphemia's full-blooded older sister and half-siblings Clovis and Schneizel as well.

Then, one day, when Nunnally was about seven or so, everything changed. Their mother was gunned down inside the Villa, Lelouch finding her lifeless, bloodied corpse over the shaking, shell- shocked body of his sister. Nunnally had been injured during the attack, losing the use of her legs but also becoming blind as well, apparently caused by the trauma of witnessing the attack.

Not long after, Lelouch forces a confrontation with their father, demanding to know why he hadn't done anything about finding their mother's assassin and visiting Nunnally. Charles, instead of placating his son, instead does quite the opposite, he declares the vi Britannia children dead to him and exiles them off to Japan to be used as political hostages, since at the moment, Britannia and Japan are having some rather heated talks over Japan's supply of Sakuradite, the material Britannia needs to power their mecha, the Knightmare Frame.

Lelouch, putting it mildly, is not pleased with the situation. Any of it. They are taken in by the Prime Minister, Kururugi Genbu, at the family shrine. Instead of living in the house, they are pretty much exiled to a storage shed somewhere on the property. Lelouch, being the nice, caring, doting older brother he is, tries to tell Nunnally what a nice place it is, but his moment of trying to create happiness for her is defeated by the arrival of one brat: Kururugi Suzaku, Genbu's son.


Of course, Suzaku being Suzaku, has to ruin everything for Lelouch and the two proceed to get into a fist fight, which is going rather poorly for Lelouch until Nunnally steps in. Or wheels in. Or actually just yells at Suzaku and asking him to please leave her brother alone, she's blind and crippled and can't possibly do anything to him, so why can't he just leave them alone! Suzaku stares at her for a moment before leaving abruptly and the two siblings try to make sense of what has happened and work on building themselves some sort of life in Japan.

Also, I would like to point out one thing during all of this: Lelouch is about ten, Nunnally about seven. Charles will not be winning any Father of the Year awards, that's for damn sure.

During their time at the shrine, the siblings do eventually end up making friends with Suzaku. They go on adventures together, even fish, with Nunnally apparently catching more fish then Lelouch did. Although, this being Lelouch, it probably wasn't hard.

At any rate, things settle into a relative calm. Well, as relative as things can be when the threat of invasion by the military superpower looms over your heads. One day, in 2010 a.t.b., things change, Japan is invaded by Britannia, the Prime Minister apparently commits honorable suicide and the trio is forced to walk to through endless fields of corpses in order to find civilization.

Lelouch arranges for himself and Nunnally to be taken in by the Ashford family, leaving Suzaku behind. The Ashfords were a noble family and friends of Marianne, but they fell out of favor with the Empress' death. The family hides them at their school, Lelouch and Nunnally living in the clubhouse on the school's property and hiding their identities by using the last name "Lamperouge" instead, with the Ashford's ninja maid, Sayoko, watching over them.

For seven years, things remain the same.

And then… something changed. Lelouch had made contact with a mysterious woman named C.C., who had granted him a power called Geass. Geass apparently manifests itself differently in each person C.C. has granted it to and Lelouch had ended up with the Power of Absolute Obedience.

But Nunnally remained unaware of the something that had changed, going on with her life as normal: getting up, going to school, spending time with Lelouch, the usual. After all, Nunnally's role in this part of the story is rather limited, she is the reason that Lelouch became a terrorist and started organizing a terrorist organization. All because of a wish she was planning to make once she folded a thousand paper cranes, a wish for a kinder, gentler world.

Then Lelouch brought her home a surprise: he had found Suzaku and he was now attending Ashford Academy with them. To say Nunnally was happy was a bit of an understatement. After all, Suzaku was a close friend of her's and she was happy to know that he was alive and well.

Although Nunnally knows C.C., her brother's accomplice, she doesn't realize the woman's role in his life (she thinks C.C. is just one of his friends), nor does she know of her brother's late night escapades as Zero, leader of the Black Knights. In fact, the closest that Lelouch's secret life gets to her is when she's kidnapped by Mao, another who was granted a Geass by C.C. and is obsessed with her and hopes by forcing a confrontation with Lelouch, it bring the other out of hiding. Mao's plans are ruined, however, when Lelouch teams up with Suzaku in order to rescue Nunnally, with the later actually spin kicking a bomb in order to save her.

Nunnally also manages to reconnect with her older half-sister, Euphemia, when the older girl attends a festival at the Academy. It is here that Euphie declares her intentions to form the Special Administrative Zone, her way of giving back to the Elevens some of the freedoms that Britannia had taken from them, although it don't come to fruition as she inadvertently becomes a victim to Lelouch's now permanently active Geass and instead goes on a Japanese murdering rampage, thus earning the nickname "The Massacre Princess."

Right after this, as Zero becomes the Hero of the People for saving them from the Massacre Princess, he declares the formation of the United States of Japan and then leads an attack on the Tokyo Settlement. During this battle, however, it is discovered that Nunnally was kidnapped, forcing Lelouch to abandon the battle and the Black Knights, which in turn, leads them to be defeated.

Then, things happened. Suzaku brought the captured Zero/Lelouch before Charles and Lelouch subsequently had his memories of his mother, his sister and of Zero erased before he was sent back to Ashford. Suzaku himself, in exchange for capturing Zero, was made a Knight of the Round, the highest of Knights in the Britannian Empire, the Knight of Seven. Nunnally, having been brought back into the fold of the Royal Family, was reinstated as a Princess and had no clue what had happened to her brother.

She does get one hint a year later, however; the knowledge that Lelouch is alive, when Suzaku calls her and hands the phone off to him. This was an attempt by Suzaku to discover if Lelouch had gotten his memories back and was in fact, the newly returned Zero, because if he wasn't, then he would not recognize the person on the other line of the phone. However, if he was, then he knew that Lelouch would react, because he valued Nunnally above everything else. This puts Lelouch in a bind, because he couldn't allow Suzaku to know, but his dilemma was solved when Rolo, the kid assigned to be his younger brother by the people watching him, used his Geass to buy Lelouch some time to talk to his sister, assuring her he was all right and that he loved her.


Nunnally once again returns to Area 11, this time as the new Viceroy of the area. On the way over, however, the transport ship is attacked by none other then Zero and the Black Knights. Zero forces a meeting with the new Viceroy, in an attempt to kidnap her, telling her that she is only a tool, a pawn, for the Royal Family. Nunnally informs him instead that she is no pawn, she had volunteered to return to Area 11 in the hopes that she could find her brother and that that she is planning on continuing her elder half-sister Euphemia's plan of the Special Administrative Zone in the hopes of one day returning the land to the Japanese. Much like her sister before, Nunnally, despite knowing that Zero is responsible for Euphie's death, asks for the same thing: Zero's help, believing, much like her half-sister and Suzaku, that the world can be changed in more peaceful ways.

Before Zero can answer, however, Suzaku storms onto the scene and manages to rescue Nunnally from the ship and take her to Area 11, where she is instilled as the new Viceroy and subsequently announces her plans to the world at large.

Of course, this isn't met without opposition, even from her own assistants. Nunnally even questions one about the wording of the policies they are working on for the rehabilitation of one of the ghettos, and when the assistant insists that it is fine, Nunnally takes her hand and asks for her to say it again, before telling her to rewrite it so that it it is equal to both the Britannians and the Japanese.

Even prisoners, Nunnally treats with respect. Upon discovering that Kallen, someone she had known from Ashford and who was, in actuality, a Black Knight, had been captured and sent back to Area 11, she has her transferred to not only a better facility, but gives her better clothes to wear as well. The two even converse, speaking to each other at length about Lelouch.

When the Black Knights attack again, during the second battle of Tokyo, Lelouch sends Rolo and Sayoko to retrieve his sister. Sayoko manages to get to the transport carrying Nunnally, only for them to be believed dead when Suzaku unwittingly fires the F.L.E.I.J.A. warhead, taking out most of the Tokyo Settlement and about two million people.

During the time that both Lelouch and Suzaku believe she is dead, things take a drastic turn. Schneizel outs Zero's true identity as Lelouch vi Britannia to the Black Knights, who then turn on him. After being saved by Rolo, who in turn, dies, he goes to confront his father in the World of C, also known as the world's collective unconsciousness. It is here that Lelouch discovers that not only his mother still alive in a way, but that everything that had happened to Nunnally, her injuries and blindness, as a result of the actions of his uncle, V.V. and his father. V.V. set Nunnally up as a witness to Marianne's murder, while Charles placed a Geass on her, causing her to believe that her blindness had been caused by the trauma of witnessing the event. The vi Britannia sibling's subsequent exile to Japan was a result of Charles trying to keep them out of V.V.'s hands and was, in his own twisted way, to protect them.

Of course, Lelouch is pretty pissed off, and flanked by C.C. and Suzaku, gives them quite the telling off, explaining to them that they know nothing and that their grand plan to unite the unconsciousness of humanity was, in effect, just going to stagnate the world and then proceeds to Geass God itself into rejecting their plan and in turn, killing them both.

Following this, Lelouch and company return to the capital of Britannia, where he then proclaims himself the 99th Emperor, with Suzaku has his Knight of Zero, and begins to weave his plan of the Zero Requiem.


Not long after, Nunnally reveals herself to them, proclaiming that they are now her enemy. Shortly thereafter, the Battle of Mt. Fuji takes place, with Lelouch, Suzaku and Britannia on one side and Nunnally, Schneizel, the Black Knights and their allies on the other. During this battle, Lelouch manages to make his way onto Schneizel's ship, the Damocles, and to Nunnally, who is holding the Key, the mechanism used to fire the F.L.E.I.J.A. bombs. Their reunion is anything but bittersweet, as angry words pass between them. Nunnally reveals to him that she has managed to break the Geass her father had placed on her and wanting to know if he has plans to use his own Geass on her. She tells him that she plans to use the Damocles as the focal point for humanity's hatred which, in turn, will allow them to move forward into peace once it has been destroyed.

Remember that thing called Zero Requiem that had been mentioned? It's the same premise, only Lelouch had planned to use himself as the focal point. Not willing to allow Nunnally to follow through with her plan, he Geasses her into giving him the key, and thus, control of the F.L.E.I.J.A., and in turn, pretty much the whole world. Nunnally can only watch helplessly as he walks away from her, the stairs her chair was at the top of preventing her from following. He doesn't even turn around when she tries to crawl after him.


Two or so months later, Nunnally is his prisoner, being carted along on his float as he prepares the public execution of the United Federation of Nations leaders and those who had opposed him during the Battle of Mt. Fuji. Then, suddenly, Zero (who is, in actually, Suzaku, who death was staged during the battle of Mt. Fuji) appears and runs her brother through on his sword, causing Lelouch to slide down his little float, leaving a nice little blood trail behind. Nunnally is, at first, dumbfounded, but manages to crawl her way over to him, clutching his bloodied hand. It's then, that she realizes exactly what he had been doing, what the true purpose of the Zero Requiem is and cries hysterically while proclaiming her love for him as he dies.

Some time later, Nunnally has ascended the throne, becoming the 100th Empress of the Holy Britannian Empire. She is shown greeting the Prime Minster of the United States of Japan, with Zero at her side, indicating that the dream of her's that Lelouch gave his life for was coming true.

Not long after, she gathers with her friends from Ashford and Zero to watch the fireworks that Lelouch had promised that they would all gather and watch together someday. She grasps Zero's hand as they remember all that Lelouch had done for them, and how the world was heading down the path he had set it upon.

Nautilus History


As a child, Nunnally was rather rambunctious, all the more happy to run around Euphemia's bedroom, despite her older brother's attempts to get her into bed, although she was prone to temper tantrums. After her mother's murder, the Geassing of her eyes and memory though they don't know this at the time and both her and Lelouch's subsequent banishment to Japan, she becomes more withdrawn, more quiet. That doesn't mean that she's docile or anything of the sort - she was more then willing to try and stand up to Suzaku when the other was beating the crap out of Lelouch when they first met him, pointing out to him that she was blind and crippled and she couldn't do anything to him so please stop hurting her brother.

Nunnally also chooses to see the best in people. She's much like her sister, Euphemia, in that regard. She's not one to follow her father's Social Darwinism policies, she firmly believes that there is no difference between a Britannian and an Eleven, going so far as to still refer to those from Area 11 as Japanese. Unlike her brother, Nunnally is more like Suzaku in terms of political views, she believes that change can be brought about with peace and not violence.

It's because of this, during the time skip where she's taken back into the Royal Family's fold that she volunteers for the position of Viceroy of Area 11 - she wants to do what Euphie had tried to do - the Special Administrative Zone and help the Japanese through peaceful means, not the acts of terrorism that Zero and the Black Knights have come to represent. Zero points out to her that she's simply just a figurehead, a political tool that will be used and that's all. Despite this, however, she insists on continuing with her plans, even calling on those writing the policies to be equal in them when it comes to both Britannians and the Elevens and taking them to task when they're not.

Another instance of this is her treatment of Kallen even while the other was a prisoner of Britannia. While Suzaku was rather callous, Nunnally insisted on treating her as a human being, moving her to more comfortable surroundings, giving her a change of clothes and calling her by name. In fact, Nunnally was often seen talking to her, having conversations and remembrances about their days at Ashford and Lelouch.

Another thing to note is that, despite it all, she is a Princess of the Britannian Royal Family and a vi Britannia. She's not above hating Lelouch either, when she finds out what he has done and that he has made himself Emperor. While she might not have the same level of intelligence and cunning as her older brother, she isn't immune to thinking up similar plans as he is - while Lelouch's grand scheme had him taking all the world's hate upon himself as the Demon Emperor and then having the world at peace when he's gone, Nunnally was going to use the Damocles and the F.L.E.I.J.A. as the people's focal point of hate, and once it's gone, allow the people to move forward into the future. She wasn't kind about this plan either, showing that she's willing to make heavy-handed decisions when and if she has to, much like her older brother.

Of course, this didn't come to pass as Lelouch Geassed her for the key and took it, but hey, at least she tried?

Other things to note: Nunnally, despite the fact that she was blind and crippled for over half of her life, never really allowed it to shape her outlook of the world. She was kind and gentle, smiling as her way of saying thanks to everyone around her. She's also strong-willed, she broke Charles' Geass on her, which allowed her to open her eyes after eight or so years. Also, it is shown at the end of the series, that despite everything that has happened, all the lies, the betrayals, the bloodshed - Nunnally truly does love her brother, even declaring it to him as he dies and that she finally understood what it was that he trying to accomplish.

Above everything, all Nunnally truly wanted in the end was just to be with her brother. Instead, he's dead and she gets to be Empress with Zerozaku at her side. Thanks for that, Big Brother.


It's probably safe to assume that Nunnally has heightened senses to some degree, all ones besides sight, at any rate, since she did spend over half of her life blind. At the very least, her senses of hearing and touch, since those would be the two that would get the most usage with her unable to use her eyesight. She even makes a comment about Arthur being injured since his steps sound different then what a normal cat sounds like.

Also, it is implied in canon that she has a heightened sense of perception, since she can usually tell if someone is lying to her by simply holding their hand. She uses this method of one of her subordinates when she suspects that the woman is lying about the the burdens rehabilitating the ghettos will have on the Eleven population. Suzaku even goes out of his way to AVOID holding/touching her hand when he has to lie to her. It's never really divulged if she does it simply by feeling the differences in a person's heartbeat or body temperature while she holds her hand or if there is some other method in play, however. This is an ability she has gotten back, however, with the aid of her brother.

As of the end of August/beginning of September 2013, Nunnally was ascended to Angelii status, which has opened up an entirely new set of abilities to her that she is still only just learning about. Abilities that include The Sight, teleportation and flying.

Events and Gifts

  • December 2012 - Nautilus gifts her with a plushie of Lelouch. She is understandably confused, but touched as well.
  • May 1013 - A certain painting from her childhood of Marianne, Lelouch and herself.
  • October 2013 - a birthday cake, to celebrate her sweet sixteen


Lelouch vi Britannia - Her older brother and arguably one of, if not the, most important person in her life. Even after everything that had happened between them back in their world, this will always remain the eternal truth between them.

Suzaku Kururugi - Nunnally's closest friend in Nautilus and arguably the most important person in her life following Lelouch. As far as she's concerned, he's pretty much family, looking at him much in the same way she does Lelouch, as an older brother.

ASLEEP - Severus Snape - She's not entirely sure what she's supposed to think of Severus. After all, he's called her both a cripple and a twit on multiple occasions. She's not about to let that deter her though, as she does find his candor to be both a bit strange and refreshing at the same time.

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