Continuity Original Character
Age 18(as of most recent canon update)
Species Emejre(human/red panda hybrid)
Hair Color White
Eye Color Green
District Eastern District
Journal ailuruslucidity
Player Domon
Theme Song "Brand New Day" - Boiling Point

"The pursuit of knowledge is meaningless without purpose."


As long as she can remember, Pandora's life has been framed by the safety and limitations of her laboratory clean room and the rigorous study of science and analysis of data. For most of that time, she was known not by a name but instead by a laboratory designation, Subject RD-01. Raised in isolation from other anthrids, genetically engineered human and animal hybrids like herself, she has the unique experience of both receiving better treatment than most of her brethren yet has been the most sheltered.

In reality, RD-01 was the first research subject of Rodrigo Diaz, a former doctor and missionary who spent most of his younger years working pro bono in Mexico and Central America. The exact circumstances of his change of heart remain a closely guarded secret, but Diaz abandoned his faith and charity work for a position at Strauss-Porteau Integrated Anthroponics, a research collective in San Diego that purportedly focused their work on high end biological and cybernetic replacements for human limbs and organs. In reality, SPIA's primary focus was developing the anthrids to both research the super human gifts that had emerged in the world since the Industrial Revolution and to market these creations to potential buyers for a variety of applications.

The illegal operations of SPIA were eventually exposed, but Diaz fled the authorities and set up shop in The Penumbra, a shattered section of downtown San Diego off limits to human and Emejre(the name anthrids chose for themselves) alike. There he and a loyal group of scientists continued their work, ever so often catching Emejre foolish enough to wander too close and subjecting them to new experiments. With her vast scientific knowledge, RD-01 gave the researchers a perfect data analyst.

Pandora herself was aware of none of this. She'd been told the world had been devastated by a gamma ray burst in the year 1995, that at present she was the only one of her kind in existence and that all the data given to her came courtesy of simulations. Convinced that her work will one day lead to the repopulation of the planet, she has been content to spend her days between her work, a variety of diagnostic and physical testing and absorbing as much as she can of what the outside world once was. This has consisted mostly of carefully screened books, cartoons and movies, with a lot of it coming from the 1980s.

Everything changed on the night of her eighteenth birthday, when another Emejre, a thief named Owen Matthias, broke into her clean room, apparently to steal a rare item he'd been told was in her possession(she naturally assumed this meant her rare Klarika action figure from the el Matador and the Morphantics cartoon, a gift from her favorite scientist years ago). Before she could wrap her mind around there being another Emejre, a second intruder broke into the lab. The strange creature, which Owen quickly dubbed a hellhound, pursued them through the lab until Owen's partner in crime gave them a distraction. While Owen promised to protect her, she did most of the work during their escape.

A safe distance away from the ruins of the lab, Owen began to fill Pandora in on the true story of the last eighteen years. He also decided to give her a name. After several failed suggestions, he flippantly offered the name Pandora. It stuck, and she chose the last name Drake after one of her favorite scientists. Prior to arriving in Nautilus, the two had found shelter for the night and started to plot their way across the Penumbra and back into friendly territory.


To say Pandora is a little sheltered is putting it mildly. Every interaction she had, every piece of data she analyzed, even the books or TV shows she was allowed to read or the food she was given to eat was scrutinized by Dr. Diaz. Diaz also insisted that Pandora refer to her as “Father” out of respect and would often dismiss any uncomfortable question by telling her she had no need to know such things. As a result, Pandora is initially very eager to please and very afraid of offending anyone, which can make her polite to a fault. She's very deliberate with her words and is always focused on making a good first impression to anyone she meets.

At the same time, some of the kinder scientists who worked with her did their best to find things she could enjoy, and would sometimes sneak her items like toys or DVDs of old cartoon shows to watch during her down time. The end result is that she's vaguely familiar with culture and socialization, but all viewed through the prism of 80s cartoons and old classic movies and TV shows. Most of them had a fairly straight forward, black and white morality and Pandora tends to view the world in much the same way. But this has also fostered a more child-like side that has largely been repressed to this point in her life, and she can be mischievous and silly when she feels a little more comfortable around someone(fair warning: this also means her sense of humor is derived from those cartoons and can often be pun filled and groan worthy).

Now that she is free from the lab, Pandora is obsessed with new experiences. Everything from the strangers she meets in Nautilus to something as mundane as a water fountain can draw her interest. She's torn between applying her analytical mind to new sensations and just wanting to savor the experience. Given that she's spent most of her life eating things with names like “nutrient paste” she's particularly interested in new foods, especially if it has sugar in it. This can also result in Pandora being easily distracted.

One area that Pandora has had very little experience in is socializing. She's shy to approach new people at first, but once she's met someone she'll be completely honest and forthcoming with them, which can result in her acting a little naive and overly trusting. She's particularly bad with social graces and manners, and doesn't have a good concept of personal space yet. All that being said, she's never really had a friend before, or at least no one who has openly called herself that. She'll be fiercely loyal to anyone who treats her kindly… even if they perhaps don't deserve it.

One area that Pandora is completely clueless in is romance, and will often not even recognize if someone is flirting with her. While she was largely treated well by the lab staff, her appearance was ridiculed from time to time and she has a hard time seeing herself as remotely attractive.

In spite of all her politeness, Pandora is incredibly determined when she sets her mind to a task. If she has committed to doing something, she'll do everything in her power to see it through. If she knows a better way to do something or feels she can handle it better on her own, she'll take control with no questions asked. There's a mild competitive streak at play since she knows she's a quick learner and doesn't take failure very well.

In many ways, Pandora is very much a blank slate whose future, both in her world and in Nautilus, will be shaped by those who influence her going forward. In her world, this will eventually be a pair of thieves with competing agendas. In Nautilus, it remains to be seen who she will grow close to, and who will shape her still developing world view…


Pandora is a hybrid of human and animal. In Pandora's case, she was crossed with a red panda. Her hybrid form has the ears and tail of that animal, along with a few enhanced abilities. She has long black claws that extend from her fingers, though unlike her animal forebears she can retract hers. She has excellent night vision, better than average hearing and an incredibly acute sense of smell. In Pandora's case, she's still learning to filter out certain odors, so new experiences can sometimes lead to sensory overload. Pandora is also an incredibly skilled climber with an excellent sense of balance.

Like all Emejre, Pandora was born with what has been dubbed a catalytic organ, which exists only to generate large amounts of metabolic energy through means that are not yet entirely understood. In most Emejre, this energy manifests itself through what the Emejre call Gifts, or more simply put, super human abilities. To this point, Pandora is apparently a “null”… despite the high energetic output of her catalytic organ, she has shown no signs of any extra abilities beyond those granted by her hybrid form. Nonetheless, she must still consume a far larger amount of calories than the average human to fuel her incredibly active metabolic system.


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