Pearl and Blackpearl
Continuity Legend of Mana
Age Unknown (presumably over 100)
Species Human (Jumi)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
District Northern District
Journal twinpearls
Player Auria
Theme Song Those Who Are Shining (Drammatica Version)


not real, after all…"

History (Home)

The Jumi are a race of humanesque creatures with jewels in their chests. Ages ago, they lived among other people, but began to be hunted for their jewel cores. They retreated to their Bejeweled City, living in seclusion.

Prior to this, Jumi would pair up a knight with a guardian. A knight gathered the keys to a petrified guardian's soul, and unlocked it. From then on, they were bonded. The knight would protect the guardian, and the guardian would cry tears of healing for the knight. The guardians, however, gave up their own life forces piece by piece to do this.

At some point, in an event left very vague, a Jumi (Alexandra?) did something to start a war with Deathbringer (long story on him). Thousands of Jumi were killed or wounded. As their population dwindled, the Jumi decreed that only one guardian, the Clarius, would cry for the entire nation so as to save the life forces of their guardians.

Blackpearl became a skilled knight and was assigned to Florina, the Clarius of their age. A fellow knight, Alexandra, complained that Queen Diana's upholding of the Clarius rule was hurting Florina, who was getting sicker and sicker as more and more Jumi were injured and needed to be healed. Blackpearl, in near desperation, left the Bejeweled City to seek the Sword of Mana, which would lead her to the Mana Stone. She entrusted Florina's care to Alexandra. Alexandra promptly smuggled Florina from the city.

Blackpearl returned to find the city in an uproar over the Clarius's disappearance. She tracked Alexandra to the desert and confronted her. Alexandra protested that the Jumi were going to die out anyway, and saving Florina from a slow and sickly death was best for her. When Blackpearl persisted, Alexandra struck her core with a knife. The damaged Blackpearl gave way to a new entity: Pearl. Meanwhile, the city was overrun and the Jumi were scattered.

Pearl was found by a young knight named Elazul. The two became bonded guardian and knight and set out to find Jumi survivors. Their adventures are detailed as follows:

In the Gato Grottoes, they met a Jumi named Rubens, who was the first in-game victim of the jewel thief Sandra.
In Geo, they met Esmeralda, a magic student at the academy. She wanted to be a knight and find her sisters. However, the thief stole her core as well.
Also in Geo, they encountered the petrified statue of Queen Diana. She had locked away her soul, leaving her keys scattered around Geo. Finding them did no good, as it turned out that Diana had asked the thief to come steal her core. Which she did.

Pearl often wanders away from Elazul. The initial explanation is because she's an airhead, but it's really because she's incomplete. Pearl, existing as only half of a person, has thoughts that don't make sense to her and memories that seem like they're hers, but aren't. It's dwelling on this that gets her lost. One place she often ends up is the Tower of Leires.

At the top of the Tower is the Door of Fate. Pearl felt she could find answers here. All she found was more confusion: a woman who looked like her, but was a warrior, angry and aggressive. Elazul was angry that Pearl had left him again, and for the time being, she stopped searching for answers by herself.

When Esmeralda died, Pearl and Elazul stayed with the unnamed hero[ine] of the game. Neither of them have a real home, given that their City is unreachable and deserted. Pearl in particular was overcome by the idea of a house, remarking, "It's so nice here. So warm." It is this night, staying in the house, that Pearl awakens in Nautilus.

History (Nautilus)

Pearl found shelter with Rip van Winkle, who asked her to watch over Larry Butz and Derek (a dog). Pearl happily obliged, although she was quite unaware of Rip's…Nazi-ness. She liked Larry and Derek well enough, and they really didn't require much watching-over when it came down to it.

One day, America came over when Pearl was the only one home. He said he had lost something in the Opera House, and Pearl let him look for it as long as he didn't leave her sight. But America locked her out and set to work poisoning Rip's blood supply with holy water. When Rip came home, Pearl told her about the visitor. Unfortunately, she told Rip all of this while Rip was drinking blood. Rip started convulsing and Pearl freaked out.

Pearl still has not forgiven America for this bullshit.

Some time later, Rip burned down the Opera House. Pearl began to wander, and eventually settled in the Northern District.

Pearl has only become Blackpearl twice; once during the timeshift event, and then during the Alternate Universe event.


Pearl is shy and reserved. Elazul has always cautioned her about other people, and she has always been afraid of losing her core. But without Elazul in Nautilus, and now without Rip to shelter or protect her, Pearl is poking around the Network, talking to people. She's realized that no one in Nautilus knows what a Jumi is, or the prices their cores have back home, so no one is out to harm her.

This gets her to latch onto some pretty wrong people. People like Rip van Winkle and more recently, Leslie Vernon. Oh Pearl. Stop this.


Pearl has not yet gained the ability to bend, therefore she has no abilities at all.



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