Pepper Potts
Virginia "Pepper" Potts
Continuity Iron Man (movie)
Age N/A
Species Human
Hair Color Ginger
Eye Color Blue
District Eastern District
Journal supersecretary
Player GentleJester (GJ)
Theme Song Sweet Disposition - Temper Trap (Pepper Potts)

"Will there be anything else, Mr. Stark?"


Virginia Potts, commonly referred to as 'Pepper', is the personal secretary for Anthony "Tony" Stark, CEO of Stark Industries. While the playboy tends to spend most of his time socializing (see: blowing his vast wealth on booze and women) or locking himself away to tinker with his latest pet project, she basically runs the office in his stead. Apparently, this also includes remembering things for him… such as buying gifts for employees, making reservations for trips and appointments, preparing presentations, reminding her boss to eat something, and escorting out ladies who spend the night at her employer's house, and installing upgraded mini arc reactors into his chest cavity.

One day, however, Pepper saw her boss off to his trip to the Middle East and he never returned… well, that is, until after 3 months of captivity by terrorists. Despite her insistence that he seek medical treatment, he insists on a press conference instead. It is during this conference that he announces his intention to shut down the weapons development project of Stark Industries to focus on his arc reactor project and secretly begins his life as Iron Man.

After catching Tony Stark removing the damaged Iron Man armor after a skirmish with terrorists, Pepper begins to see how the experience in capture has changed him for the better and agrees to assist him — sneaking into his office to retrieve evidence of Obidiah's treason, which reveals the conspiracy to have Tony Stark assassinated for control of the company.

It is also thanks to her own sentimentality that Tony is alive; she kept his old mini arc reactor after the upgrade was installed as proof that her boss has a heart — it was used to keep him alive when Obidiah stole his to power his own version of the arc reactor-powered armor suit. Later, it was the joint effort of Pepper and Tony that defeated Obidiah by overloading the larger arc reactor to overload both suits worn by Obidiah and Tony Stark, thus saving the day.


As a supportive female figure in the movie, there is little of Pepper that is NOT related to Tony Stark. Of course, the same can be said of Tony, who at his core is just as dependent on Pepper. After all, they have no one else, and the two form a team that is, despite their seemingly wildly different views on professionalism in the office, a perfect match.

Pepper is a natural businesswoman, picking up the slack left by Tony Stark when he was off partying and womanizing to ensure the success of Stark Industries when necessary. She seems to be a tireless and devoted employee — going at great lengths to predict and attend all needs he might have in the day-to-day business of Stark Industries, which includes making it easy for him to do his job… even if it means 'taking out the trash'. Oddly, she also seems to know more about the company (and how to run it) than Mr. Stark does.

Pepper has a no nonsense, practical approach… both sharp as a tack and ready with a warm smile. She seems to be not at all intimidated by Tony Stark's genius or power; they often speak over one another or she finds herself ignoring his objections completely in favor of doing what's best for him. Despite the harmless disagreements and ignoring some of his more frivolous wishes, she's deeply loyal and will go at almost any lengths to help her boss.

She cares very deeply for Tony, even to a point of having some infatuation with her employer, but she remains ever the professional and wary of his womanizing ways. Knowing his true identity, Pepper is sometimes a nervous wreck… always worried about her reckless employer all the time. At the same time, however, she's infinitely proud of what he's become. Of course, she might still hold a bit of a grudge over Tony leaving her waiting for her martini that one night when they danced.

While she's got wit and smarts enough to handle the likes of the brilliant and charming Tony Stark, she is firmly set in the ways of reality from her world. As a result, she can't manage to wrap her mind around the concept of Bending right now. While she can clearly accept this as something others can do, Pepper lacks the creativity or fluidity of reality perception to develop the ability to bend reality to her will. As such, it would take her a while to pick up on the skill.


Pepper started out with no powers, save for the incredible ability to run in high heels. Over grate.

As of May 2nd, 2010 - Pepper did her first Bend, a little over 5 months after her arrival in Nautilus.


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