Peter Jacob
Peter Jacob
Continuity Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem
Age Early 20s
Species Human
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
District Western District
Journal endallwars
Player Albear
Theme Song HAMSTER DANCE Awkward
A War to End All Wars - Silicon Knights

“Do you wish to fight me or entertain me, little one?”
—Black Guardian to Peter Jacob


To be perfectly honest, the details of Peter’s history are few and brief. The main things known about Peter before the player takes control of him are these few facts: he’s a young British journalist set onto the front lines of World War I in order to write a tantalizing story. Anything further than that is shrouded in mystery and becomes minute things in what becomes the destiny of Peter Jacob.

Peter was working on his writings while staying in Oublié Cathedral, which has been converted into a field hospital. He discovers that injured soldiers are disappearing in the middle of the night mysteriously. There are no explanations as to where they go; seeing an opportunity to write an interesting story, Peter begins his investigations. They pan out when he sees a healthy soldier being dragged off against his will in the middle of the night by a nurse. Inquisitive about this mystery — as any journalist worth his pen would be — Peter set out to investigate. However, he had no way of knowing that his curiosity would cause him to come upon an important role in the destiny of the human race.

Shortly after Peter attained a revolver for himself, he went to exit the room, only to find himself in a strange hallway with a screaming floor, surrounded by statues. Walking up to a pedestal, there laid a leather-bound book, waiting to be claimed — the Tome of Eternal Darkness. Upon touching the book, he observed the lives of its previous owners.

Peter then knew what he needed to do, albeit reluctantly. As soon as he left the room, he found himself being attacked by creatures of unspeakable origins. Servants of a demented god, zombies, and other monstrosities. Quick on his feet and attempting to ignore his own degrading sanity, Peter set out to find the artifact being protected by the Black Guardian of Ulyaoth. In the meantime, he fixes the electricity in the chapel on his own by use of none other than his lucky penny and quick wit. Then, Peter proceeded — on his own — to face down the Black Guardian.

The battle did indeed take its toll on Peter. In the end, he won, but not without the mental scarring. Peter hesitantly took claim of the Sigil of Xel’lotath.

Then he Woke.


Crouching PTSD, hidden badass. Like most of those who have touched the Tome of Eternal Darkness, Peter's sanity is fairly questionable. While a good portion of it was naturally affected by his role in order to fight against the Darkness, his mental state is already immediately depleted due to the fact that he'd been spending time at the front lines of World War I. This is canonly provided gameplay-wise; his sanity meter is one of the shortest in the game, due to his time period and setting. As such, his reaction to certain things tend to either be completely dulled in some way, or heightened depending on the subject matter.

On the other hand, despite the fears he's come to develop, Peter has no qualms in motivating himself to do the right thing. Nightmares and horrors may plague him, but Peter is not a complete coward; he is perfectly capable of fending for himself and certainly will do so if he or someone innocent is in peril. Although he isn't a soldier or a warrior born, he is completely able to pick up a sword and do what it takes to fight off his enemies with no mercy. He can be determined, and even in a rush, quick-witted enough to use the materials around him to his advantage. After all, a wuss wouldn't be able to take down the Black Guardian — a task in which so many before had failed, by evident of the gore around its lair.

Originally, Peter was an enthusiastic young man eager to hunt down his story. It can be safely concluded that, once upon a time, he'd been an optimistic sort of man. It is known that he does find the war to be utterly pointless as he watches soldiers suffer so badly. This doesn't necessarily mean that Peter is a pacifist, but rather that he must find meaning in fights rather than senseless violence. Likely, this same sense lingers with him; he has no love of violence, but does understand when it's necessary to fight against a dark evil. Wars themselves do and will bother Peter extremely due to acknowledging all those who have suffered because of it — and those who have taken advantage of it, like the Ancients.


After claiming the Tome of Eternal Darkness, Peter inherited the ability to utilize magick. The magick itself is assigned to at least four main sources of power — the four Ancients known as Chattur’gha the Warrior (color indicated by red, uses physical power and health), Ulyaoth the Sorcerer (color indicated by blue, focuses on magic), Xel’lotath the Scholar (color indicated by green, focuses on sanity — or rather, lack thereof), and Mantorok the Corpse God (color indicated by purple). Each power overcomes the other in a cycle, — Red defeats Green, Green defeats Blue, and Blue defeats Red. All three are canceled out immediately by Purple. IT’S LIKE POKEMON WITH DEMONIC ANCIENTS YAYYYY.

The spells Peter knows can be increased and decreased in power/potency depending what points of power he uses. The more PARGON runes he uses, the more power it gives, basically. He can go up to seven points of power.

The following spells are thus:

Enchant Item: Can either fix a broken item, or empower a weapon according to its alignment.
Recover: Using a specific alignment recovers only one aspect of health, unless utilizing Mantorok — it requires more magic, but you recover everything.
Reveal Invisible: Permits one to see things place under invisibility. Under Mantorok’s alignment, Peter can render himself temporarily invisible.
Damage Field: Creates a temporary ring of power that’ll damage anyone who approaches it, save for the original caster. In this case, that would be Peter.
Dispel Magick: Dispels other enchantments or fields, essentially.
Summon Trapper: Summons a Trapper; its coloration will depend on the alignment. The only alignment Peter cannot assign for a Trapper is from Mantorok. Trappers are about the size of a small dog, and are completely blind — but have sensitive hearing. Trappers essentially "trap" other people by teleporting them to another dimension, but die immediately when they do. For as long as Peter controls the Trapper, his sanity gradually declines; if he gives up control of the Trapper, it becomes an enemy to him.
Summon Zombie: Summons a Zombie, depending on the alignment. Peter can take control of the zombie until it dies or he gives up control of it. As with Trappers, the longer Peter keeps control of the Zombie, his sanity decreases.
Summon Horror: Summons a Horror beast; Horrors are powerful, large monstrosities. They’re approximately twice the mass of a usual human being. Same rule applies here; the longer it’s controlled, the more sanity is lost. Peter loses control of it when it dies, or when he chooses to — in which case it becomes a powerful enemy.
Shield: Dots of magick appear over Peter, temporarily protecting him from magickal, physical, and mental harm. Its power depends on how many points of power and how much magick Peter puts into it.
Magickal Attack: A magickal attack that will damage any enemies nearby. Its power depends on how many points of power and how much magick Peter puts into it.

At this time, that’s all that Peter knows how to do via magick — and it does drain him every time he uses it, so it’s not everlasting. He has his limits.



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