There is a City that floats about freely. This is the City of Pillow.

The first thing one will notice is that it's upside-down; you look up, and you see the city just kind of. Hanging over you. However there is a switch that will show up and permit people to "escalate" to the city if they so choose by switching their personal gravity to the one of Pillow's.

The guardian of this city is Hurrdurr'gha. He is the Deva of Hexes, and he's very… special.

The City of Pillow arrived in April of 2011. It has not been seen since then.



The District of Memories
Experiences shall echo; memories shape the stone. In this district, when one walks into the ruins, the interior will adjust to portray itself in symbolism or directional appearance to a person's memories. Brief mirages will appear before you, acting out something from memory. It's not real, though. It's just the district responding to your presence. The memories can be something happy, sad, terrible, or even something mundane.

The District of Baking Powder
No one can expect the unexpected. POOF. There are various things to experience in this district! Here you can experience the Zoo of Pillow, which will contain some… interesting creatures. Some creatures will include tribbles, JarJar Binks, a vomiting donkey, etc.
In some locations, when people speak, they will suddenly talk backwards, or speak in a completely different voice. (Ex: Starscream will suddenly sound like Sean Connery.)

The District of Transportation
How did you like that curse? Primarily, one will notice the District of Transportation will have a yellow symbol pasted in some areas. If one is to touch the symbol, it will abruptly transport you to anywhere randomly in the city. Otherwise, one will also experience various odd curses planted on some of these symbols, such as transforming into a walking piece of intelligent fruit or a toaster. Something silly or serious, up to you!

The District of Slinkies
Nothin' at all, nothin' at all. The first thing to automatically notice is that there's a giant, gaping hole in the middle of the district. Upon arriving over Nautilus, it has slowly begun to repair itself. Should one say the word "slinky", a song will play. Additionally, when a slinky appears before a character, should they refuse to play with said slinky, they will be run over… by a log.
However, be wary. The scenery will change when you start to get closer to the hole in the district; colors will invert, creatures will speak of vague words and implications. Yes means no, no means yes. Hello, and good-bye.


- The goofier districts have a very odd appearance, in that they're extremely weird and seem very cartoonish, not unlike Toon Town from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit?". Buildings made out of bacon, the fountains are spewing fish oil, and things are just odd.

- The District of Baking Powder and the district of Slinkies aren't anything special, they're just effin' weird as hell.

-The other straightforward districts (Memories and Transportation) are more straight-forward and look like Cambodian ruins.

- There are electric bulletins giving updates on the place, or to answer any questions one might have or just be a jackass. The voice reading the information sounds like Don Draper from Mad Men.


North District of Whirlwinds
East District Of Waterfalls
South District Of Forests
West District Of Infernos
The Central Plaza And Other Locations
The Heart Of Nautilus

The Between

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