Pink's Clues


Cause they're Pink’s Clues, Pink's Clues!
You know what to do!
Sit down in our thinking Chair
and think, think, think!
Cause when we use our minds,
Take a step at a time,
We can do, anything!

Welcome to the World of Pink’s Clues! It might remind you a little of a certain Blue dog but this is tooooootally unrelated even if everything about the world aside from Steven seems very familiar.

Pink's Clues was an ordinary Dreaming World within the swirl of Chaos. Then Ursaems brought his team of students to this world to test out the new power of the Labyrith that they had captured. He convinced them that the power of the Labyrinth gave them the ability to fix inherent flaws within worlds. Their journey to Pink's World was supposed to be a simple test run of that power.

Pink's World was a simple world filled with living objects and a cartoon dog. Easy enough and they’ll work their way up to solving more complex problems like world hunger and war, right?


Pink’s Clues just isn’t as catchy as her counterpart so THAT SHIT’S GOTTA GO.

The students went about the simple landscape, Bending away the pink paw prints that they found on various locations and objects. Alas, doing so did not bring balance to the world. It brought its destruction. The paw prints were actually important inherent pieces to the world's foundations (GG, guys.).

The world suddenly began to break apart, forcing the Wakened to flee back into the Beyond. They watched as the world shook and broke itself apart before falling into Chaos.

But all was not lost! Months later, Areva found pieces of Pink's World that had yet to be reabsorbed into Chaos and used them to reconstruct Arcas and allowed the survivors of the world's collapse to reside within the new city as its residents.


  • It's a very small world. Like the size of a very tiny neighborhood full of colorful simple houses with green lawns and white picket fences. It's very child-like and cheerful.
  • There were a number of pink paw prints on various locations and objects. These were VERY IMPORTANT in holding Pink's Clues together.


*Pink’s Clues was governed by a single Deva: the Handy Dandy Notepad. This Deva perished with the fall of of Pink's Clues as it exhausted its powers trying to keep the world from falling apart (but ultimately failing).

*Steven was Pink's best friend and clue-solving partner. Unfortunately he was Unmade and reabsorbed into Chaos when the world was destroyed. Perhaps he did so trying to save his friend Pink. RIP Steven.

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