Piper Cardenas
Piper Cardenas
Continuity Original Character
Age 18
Species Human
Hair Color Dyed Platinum Blond
Eye Color Brown
District North
Journal character journal
Player Meghan
Theme Song (Optional)

"I don't bite …unless you like that kind of thing."


Piper, born and raised in the suburbs of Eagle Rock California, near the heart of Los Angeles, has always had an eye for the more expensive style of living. Unfortunately, for the majority of her young life, that was relegated mostly to a fantasy as her single mother, who bore her at the young age of twenty-one, had been working two jobs for as long at Piper could remember just trying to makes ends meet enough to afford the small two bedroom apartment they’d lived in all her life.

From a very early age Piper grew up bitterly jealous of the more affluent in her surrounding neighborhoods. While still in grade school, she used to lie to her fellow classmates about the quality of her living situation, claiming to be exceptionally wealthy. She used to invent all sorts of lies to explain the second hand clothing and sack lunches that were a normal feature of her life. Most were too farfetched for even the most gullible classmates to believe. However, as she grew, so did the lies, and also her skills at telling them.

By the time she was approaching thirteen she had gotten quite good at selling the image she had cultivated all those years. She had taken to shoplifting items from designer stores whenever she could get away with it, and when questioned adamantly insisted that her sense of thrift shop style was actually the newest in trends that her poor other friends just couldn’t predict yet. She enjoyed the praise she often got from these falsities, and was determined to rise to the top of the social hierarchy by the time she made it into high school.

As her fourteenth birthday neared, she experience a great boon towards this goal. When puberty came into full swing on her young body, she soon realized she had acquired something more than any of her peers. It was a strange and wonderful ability. At first it would manifest as odd feelings of deja vu, then as dreams that were eerily accurate. Then, on the eve of her birthday, she experienced the first instance of what she would later name Time Walking. While asleep in her bed, her consciousness left her and wandered into the future. There she saw that she would be getting a brand new bicycle for her birthday. In fact, she watched herself receiving it as if she were watching a television broadcast. Too afraid to continue, she ran back to her body promptly awoke. Just a few hours later events unfolded in the real world just as she had seen them in her dream and she realized that it had not been a dream at all. She could see into the future, and, as she soon realized, the past as well.

Excited by the possibilities, she spent the entirety of that summer before entering High school perfecting the ability to the best of her knowledge. She found, to her glee, that she could now do more than just lie about what the newest fashion trend, or popular item of the season would be, she could easily predict them by seeing them in the future. This talent of hers, she found, could be used in all sorts of interesting ways. In one year she raised to the top rank of her class thanks to her new ability to see the answer to any test before she took it. She downplayed her scholastic achievements when in the presence of her popular crowd friends, but she did find them useful for taking some of the pressure off her hard working mother who, without the merit grants, was having incredible difficulty in continuing to afford the prestigious private school Piper was adamant she needed to attend at all cost, lest she be relegated to the mundanity of the public school system.

In her high school years Piper enjoyed extreme success in her terribly shallow goals of becoming a notable and extremely dateable popular girl thanks to her powers and the power of her own ingenuity. The new hipster trend was truly a godsend to her. It was easier than ever with the use of her powers to help her predict what old would become new again. Now she could easily beat all the other thrifty divas to the hottest items on the dollar shelves. And being a know-it-all was easy to do when checking the facts was as easy as going back to look for herself. Staying abreast with all the hottest television, media and pop culture was a snap!

There were, however, a couple of bumps in the road. She was hospitalized twice in her freshman year each time with sudden onset of a coma thanks to her improperly leaving the time walk and being separated for a time from her body. Each time she couldn’t remember the experience, just like most coma patients, but after the second time, she realized that she had to be more careful with her abilities. And ultimately became more selective about where she would use them.

After four glorious years of breezing through high school, it was time to say goodbye to the old and hello~ to the new. Thanks to her ability she was able to net herself a fantastically high SAT exam score. That, combined with the still very low income of her mother, got her nearly a full ride at the University of California Los Angeles. She was excited to move out on her own to a new world of adventure, a fresh start, and a fresh chance to reinvent herself. Nothing could stop her; She was determined to ace her fashion design courses and go right to the top.

The reality was a little less glamorous as she found herself rooming in a dormitory with a girl named Robin, who was the exact opposite of everything she liked. The girl was weird and nerdy and just not cool. Regardless, Piper wasn’t planning to stay in the smelly old dorms long. As soon as she could, she planned to rush with the most popular sorority on campus and work on getting herself moved into one of those houses. Then she’d be well on her way. She wasn’t there quite yet, but at only a little less than half a month into her life away at college she figured she still had plenty of time to turn it all around. Nothing's going to get in this Diva's way.


One word can sum her up nicely: brat. There are other less pleasant words too, and those would be equally applicable. At eighteen years old, Piper thinks she knows all there is to know about the world, and the place she’s supposed to occupy in it. Obviously, according to her, she’s supposed to be the star of it all.

She’s self centered and lacking in any real empathy for anyone around her. Everything should be just how she wants it, and who cares what anyone else wants or thinks. She can tend to get insanely jealous if anyone else is taking the center stage instead of her. She will go out of her way to put people down in order to elevate herself, and she’ll go to outrageous lengths to make sure she stays the center of attention, because, in her opinion, she deserves it more.

Part of the problem is that she is constantly seeking validation and acceptance in order to relieve her own personal insecurities. Despite how she boasts, her family is actually not as wealthy as all her peers in the private school she recently graduated from. For her, every day is a struggle to hide the fact that she isn’t as socially elite or affluent as all the rest of her so-called friends. Piper is a very clever girl, but unfortunately all her intellect has been geared towards making her a good enough liar and con artists to keep abreast of the social pageantry in which she is so intent on being a part of. The most horrifying fate she could think of is being lumped in with the mediocre or worse the ‘nerd’ crowd.

Yet, despite how much she works to maintain her image, she still hasn't managed to make herself feel truly happy or fulfilled. This lacking confuses her greatly, but it only pushes her to try harder. She’s passionate when it comes to things that interest her, however, those interests are often very superficial. She’s extraordinarily knowledgeable in the things she thinks will advance her like fashion, popular culture, idealized romance. Too bad these are shallow goals that she has yet to realize count for almost nothing outside of her perfectly idealized and also perfectly fake life. If she applied her aptitude instead to more fruitful or creative outlets, she could be very successful as she is certainly not unintelligent, only ignorant to the bigger picture and sadly naive.

Instead, she throws herself with childish abandon at the things (or romantic interests) she frivolously desires, and very often won’t stop to fully consider the consequences of her impulsive actions. She thinks she can do no wrong anyway, and even if she does, she’ll look for someone else to pin the blame to, rather than accept responsibility for herself.

She may be eighteen years of age and experienced in the ways of some things very much adult, but it’s painfully clear she’s still only a bratty child with very little maturity for all her years or many shallow conquests. Her view of the world is heavily skewed in her own favor, and it would be safe to say she’s due for a serious reality check. The world is a lot less forgiving than she expects and before she turns nineteen, she’s going to have a hard lesson in that. Until then, she’s perfectly happy being a pampered princess.


Time Walking: Since the age of thirteen and the onset of puberty Piper has had a unique ability which she herself has given the name Time Walking. With this power Piper has the ability to see into the past, and to view the possible future. She does this by projecting her consciousness past the normal flow of time and into an alternate plain. While there, she becomes incorporeal and invisible to anyone who does not also have this power.

While in this state she has very little ability to touch or affect the world as she walks through it, though she may be able to slightly move small objects, lightly touch things or people or interfere minimally with electronics. Often these instances are miss-attributed by the superstitious as ghostly hauntings.

When in the Time Walk, time seems to freeze for her physical body. When she returns to her present no time will have passed for her physically. She cannot, however, maintain present consciousness while projecting herself into the Time Walk. When she chooses to use her power, her physical form will appear to be sleeping. She will not wake so long as her consciousness is elsewhere, even if she is touched or shaken by another person.

Piper cannot travel instantaneously while in the Time Walk, she must take herself manually to the place she wishes to view. For instance, if she wishes to view thirty minutes into the future of her home, she will either need to begin the Time Walk while in or near her home, or she will have to expend time in the Time Walk traveling to it. Additionally, while in the Time Walk, she views and experiences the scene she has chosen to go forward or back to in real-time speed starting from the specific moment she has chosen and moving forward. Therefore, if she wishes to view a location in the past that is a fifteen minute walk away from the location at which she starts, she will view fifteen minutes of time moving forward while traveling to her destination. She must take this into consideration when trying to pinpoint the event she wants to view. If, when backward in time she takes long enough that events catches up to her present physical time, she will begin to see the future beyond her present point instead.

When Piper wishes to end the Time Walk, she must be back in the same place as her physical body. It is possible for her to end the Time Walk while not in the same location, however it is very dangerous. The Disconnect between her consciousness and her corporeal self at that time will lead to a coma that may last anywhere from a day to two weeks depending on the distance at the time.

Though Piper can view and minimally affect the environment of the past, she cannot do anything to drastically alter the chain of events. There is no creations of alternate. Events of the past will always lead to the same result in the present. She may also return to the same points in time more than once without creating paradoxes, as she is herself moving outside of the physical time plain.

Though the past is immutable, the future is more fluid, because it has not yet to pass. Piper may have the ability to change some events, however, larger events tend to be harder to affect than smaller ones. Due to this flexibility of future events, the things Piper may see when Time Walking in the future will often change frequently, as each are only possible futures until they come into present being and then pass into the past.

Looking into the future is the more risky of two activities in Piper’s opinion, although she also finds it more useful. Most of the time she uses her ability for petty and self serving reason. She does, as much as possible, try not to tamper too heavily with future events, unless it's more convenient for her to do so.


Lucas is her bending teacher.
Scott is her actual friend.

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