Pitch Black
Pitch Black
Continuity Rise of the Guardians
Age Unknown (Well over a few centuries)
Species Spirit
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Silver in the dark, Gold in the light
District Western District
Journal kingofnightmares
Player Gato
Theme Song (Optional)

"What an adorable dream. What's more powerful? It's fear."


It is said that Pitch has been around for hundreds of years, possibly even older than the Man in the Moon who is in charge of all the Guardians. Before he was Pitch Black, he was once human. He had a family, and had a successful life. He was known for his great skills as an army general. It was all wonderful until he was overcome by nightmares and ‘fearlings’. They overtook him and he became Pitch Black, his memories of being human having vanished completely from his memory. All he knew was fear.

As time went on, Pitch stuck to the shadows of the world, invading the dreams of young children and feeding off their fear. He wanted to suck the sweet dreams from every child, and consume them in fear. Pitch wanted children to live in fear and terror. Fear was always a constant idea throughout the world. With fear, the Boogeyman would always be around.

The Dark Ages soon came around, and he was bathing in fear until legends and stories of other beings started to surface. Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Sandman, and the Toothfairy… all of these Guardians instilled a hope in the children of the world. And pretty soon, the ‘Boogeyman’ was a distant memory as the children of the world became less frightened of the monster hiding under their beds at night. And with the decline of fear, and the belief of the Boogeyman, Pitch was slowly losing power. After the Guardians made their impressions on the children of the world, Pitch was slowly becoming invisible to the children. Pretty soon, very few people believed in Pitch.

Furious, Pitch cursed the Guardians and the Man in the Moon and planned for hundreds of years to get back at them. He was weak, and forgotten. For many years, Pitch’s home was the darkness and underground. He planned and schemed until he found the perfect opportunity to resurface once more.

Pitch made his first appearance to North (Santa Claus), which caused the jolly man to become startled. While he summoned all of the Guardians together, Pitch Black invaded the Tooth Palace of the Toothfairy, having kidnapped all of her helpers and the teeth of all the children of the world. In these teeth were memories in which children had of every moment of their childhood. If he could make them all forget the Guardians, perhaps he would have a chance in returning to power once more.

His next target was the Sandman. Having put fear into the hearts of many children at this point, Pitch was able to summon Nightmares (black horses/unicorns made of black sand) to attack him and the Guardians. With the Nightmares, Pitch was able to overcome the Sandman, and struck him down with an arrow, made with his black sand.

The death of the Sandman fueled the Guardians to take him head on. As the Guardians busy with Easter coming up, Jack set out to find the teeth which were stolen with Baby Tooth, one of the survivors from Pitch’s earlier invasion on the Tooth Palace. They find Pitch’s lair, under an old broken bed in the woods, and find all the fairies in cages. Pitch finds Jack and reminds him of his fears, of not being seen by the children of the world. He even offers back his teeth, which had his memories in them. He takes them, but before he can take down Pitch on his own, he gets transported back to the Easter Bunny’s warren. The eggs for the Easter hunt were destroyed by Pitch’s Nightmares, and in the process of returning back, Jack had lost Baby Tooth. Again, more children started to stop believing in the Guardians once more. It seemed as though Pitch’s plan was going smoothly.

Having felt horrible for his actions, Jack found himself in the Arctic circle, having been shunned by the remaining Guardians. Pitch appeared offering him a place under his wing, to get back at the Guardians. He felt as though they were in a similar boat. They both wished to be believed in. He explained to jack that they could rule with fear and cold. Jack refused to work with the Boogeyman, until Pitch revealed that he had Baby Tooth. He threatened to crush the small creature in his hand, unless Jack handed over his source of power; his staff. Jack willingly does so, but Pitch has other plans for Baby Tooth. He tossed her into the snow and took Jack’s staff, breaking it over his leg into two pieces. Using his power, he also smashed a wall of black sand into Jack, causing him to fall into a crevice in the ice with Baby Tooth. Pitch tossed the remaining pieces of his Staff down the crevice and headed off to spread more fear across the entire world.

Slowly, the small ‘lights’ of believers started to fizzle out. Pitch was on top of the world, until he saw that there was one last light he had to snuff out. He rushed to that last believer, ready to make him stop believing. Sadly, Jack started to make other children start to believe once more, in him and as well as the other Guardians. With the help of the children nearby, Jack and the Guardians were able to take down Pitch’s Nightmares, returning them to pleasant dreams made of golden sand. This was a trademark of the Sandman, and eventually, he returns once more.

The children laughed and played with one another in the snow. Pitch shouted at them, demanding them to listen to him, and to stop having fun. But when he approached one of them, they merely walked through him. He was not heard, nor was he seen. Frightened by this aspect, he tried to escape from the Guardians, but was only forced back under his ‘bed’ by his Nightmares, who fed off of their master’s fear instead.


Pitch is a unique creature. While he seems to act cocky about his abilities, when he doesn’t have them, he becomes a cornered animal. He overreacts and lashes out, either physically or verbally at those who wish to oppose him. Being the Boogeyman is a hard job in itself. But when no one believes in you, and you don’t have your power which makes you who you are… it’s rough.

However, he will do whatever it takes to make the best of his situation. Pitch would try and make deals, and possibly use his enemies emotions and fears against them. If it benefits him in the end, he’ll do whatever he can. But he does like to have ‘fun’ every once in a while. Then again, Pitch’s type of ‘fun’ isn’t quite the same as Jack Frost’s or someone else’s. He takes joy in watching fear on people’s faces. He’d willingly watch a pack of hungry wild dogs chase an innocent child, and laugh.

Pitch tends to keep to himself. He seeks comfort in the dark and fear, because it is all that he has ever known. If people do offer him help, he’ll turn it down almost immediately. This is apparent at the end of the movie. The Guardians offer him a place with them, wanting to end on good terms with the Boogeyman. However, Pitch refuses it. To me, this makes me feel like Pitch doesn’t want to be weak again, like what happened to the end of the Dark Ages. No one helped him then, why should anyone help him now? If anything, he will make acquaintances while in game… but who knows what will happen.

When faced with conflicts, Pitch fights with all of his ability. If anything, he does a bit of an overkill, by using all of his Nightmares to attack a single Guardian at times. Because of this, some people may think that the Boogeyman himself fears losing. Well, who wouldn’t? He is afraid of being cast aside as nothing, which is a constantly on his mind. With all his Nightmares around him, and other forms of fear, he can forget about that inner fear that he has, almost fooling himself into thinking that he won’t ever lose with this much power on his side.

He isn’t the sympathetic type when it comes to bad things happening to other people. Pitch is the one who causes bad things to happen, in dreams anyways. There is also the fact that when the Guardians came to be, Pitch had no one to fall back on when children stopped believing in him. He licked his own wounds in this time. The boogeyman doesn’t receive sympathy all that well either. He keeps the thought of ‘looking weak’ in the back of his head. If someone were to show him any sort of sympathy, or even kindness, he’d side-eye it, thinking it’s some kind of plan against him, or see this act of kindness as something that would make him look weak in the eyes of others looking on.


The fearlings consist of creatures in which Pitch creates with his black sand, which is fueled by people’s fears. The most common form these fearlings appear in are called ‘Nightmares’, which are female black horses, or sometimes unicorns. These fearlings usually do reconnaissance work for Pitch while he’s busy with other work.

Pitch has the ability to blend into darkness and shadows. He can even use them to travel short distances.

Black Sand:
This is his main source of power. The black sand is used to make weapons and items. For example, in the movie, he created a scythe and a bow and arrow with the use of his black sand, but one can only assume he can use this sand in many ways.



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