Prisoner Number 6
Prisoner Number 6 (AKA Peter Smith)
Continuity The Prisoner (1967)
Age 40
Species Human
Hair Color Red-Brown
Eye Color Light Blue
District South
Journal character journal
Player Meghan
Theme Song (Optional)

"I will not make any deals with you. I've resigned. I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered. My life is my own."


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At first glance Number 6 is the picture of a dapper gentleman. He is absolutely loyal to morality, and holds himself to the very highest standard of social decorum. His presence in a room commands attention and inspires confidence, and he seems to the unskilled observer to be always calm, collected and utterly in control of himself and his surroundings. Yet, underneath his mask of gentile propriety runs an undercurrent of stormy disquiet.

No. 6 is a hardened spy used to operating covert missions behind the Iron Curtain. It is certain that he has deceived, betrayed and even killed many men in the course of his job. Despite his resignation he remains unflinchingly loyal to his country and cause. But the constant lies and bloodshed led him to experience a crisis of conscience. Some might say he resigned ultimately to get away from the line of work before the blackness he felt creeping into his soul could consume him beyond hope.

No. 6’s capture and incarceration in The Village took the seed of disquiet he had been feeling and shaped it into a seething pit of wrath against those who would dare drag him back into that world of lost souls and black deeds he desperately wanted to distance himself from.

As a way of coping with his new situation, No. 6’s puts up a front of sarcastic wit as a shield against others, but sometimes that mask cracks under the weight of his terrible wrath. Usually without, warning his temper flares and his cool demeanor is penetrated by sudden bouts of extreme violence, manifesting in a sudden loud shouts or quick violent actions. But even when he loses his temper, he never strikes another person in his anger. In fact, he is enraged most by acts of violence against innocent or helpless people.

This does not mean, however that he is above violence in all situations. When necessary to defend himself or others, and especially to facilitate his escape, he will fight mercilessly against any number of men who challenge him. He is extremely confident in his fighting ability as he holds prize titles in both boxing and fencing. Naturally he is also an excellent marksman, although he seems to take no pleasure in the use of a firearm.

No. 6’s skill in fighting is complimented by his extreme athleticism. Fitness is very important to him. In order to keep fit and trim he avoids eating sweets or even having sugar in his tea. One of his favorite leisure activities is walking or working out in other ways. He is also a skilled craftsman, which enables him to build his own gymnasium to use as a training facility to keep his body fit.

Another favorite leisure activity of his is playing chess, cards or other games of wit and skill. Mental fitness is just as important to him as physical fitness. He is constantly searching for ways to keep his mind keen, a pursuit that leaves him endlessly restless. He abhors the general laziness and complacency of most of his fellow Villagers, and becomes agitated very easily by their complete lack of free thought, or deep intellect.

No. 6 is very self assured in the belief that he is always right, and that his values are always the absolutely correct ones. So much so that his arrogance borders on narcissistic. He leaves very little room for gray area in a question of morality. It is rare that he ever compromises. Nor does he allow his values to be compromised. This makes him very standoffish to strangers.

No. 6 does not allow himself to become close to people. What little capacity he had left to trust after his time as a secret agent has been completely obliterated by his experiences in The Village. He is consumed by constant, and not unjustified paranoia, and because of this he has trained himself to never ever drop his guard. If anyone approaches him in a way that isn’t strictly businesslike and impersonal he will immediately shut himself away from them and become unapproachable. This is especially true with women. He has developed a deep seated mistrust and distaste for women, after having them used against his sympathies so many times during his incarceration. If a woman approaches him with even the slightest hint of warmth, he will immediately close himself off and becomes hard towards her.

Six has no time for or interest in women anyway. His only goal is to escape from his captivity before being broken and forced to answer their questions or conform to their twisted ways. He will not allow himself to be tied down by even the possibility of a relationship be it romantic or friendly. He has one thought and one goal only, escape.


He has no super powers, but he has all the skills necessary to be a top notch spy at the height of the cold war.


Number 6 is in a relationship with Mary Poppins.

Adopted father to: 11-12 & Elyon Brown.

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