Pyramid Head
Pyramid Head
(Yes, the picture is of a different version. I like it anyway. It gives a good example of his skin and the knife.)
Continuity Silent Hill 2
Species I DON'T
Hair Color EVEN
Eye Color WHAT
District Western District
Journal lets_get_rapey
Player Kasarin
Theme Song Not Like You (Apestas! Version) by Hocico (lyrics)

The waters of the creature's mind, unclear at best, abruptly stilled, excess thoughts slipping away at that word. Home. Silent Hill. Where he was from. What he wanted, what he missed.

The gradual deterioration around them abruptly intensified, grass withering under unseen heat, the half-broken fence around the yard creaking as it rusted and began to fall apart.


Rip through. Punish the people. Break out of here. Home.

One filthy hand rose, reaching out into the space in front of him. Nothing was there. Nothing at all. Just empty air above the ruined ground. Nothing there.

There would be something.




When James, the main character of SH2, first meets Pyramid Head, they are separated by a gate, for which James should be very thankful. Upon entering the next room, he finds the bloodied remains of something that Pyramid Head has just killed. This is the nicest Pyramid Head will ever appear, by the way, since James didn't actually have to witness the creature's death.

Pyramid Head's next appearance is certainly his most memorable. James enters yet another room to find PH engaged in the distressingly violent rape of two of the local monsters. (It should be noted that these monsters consist of the lower halves of two women, stacked one on top of the other.) This being Silent Hill, the door has mysteriously locked behind James, so he decides to hide in a closet. From this vantage point, he witnesses Pyramid Head rape the monsters to death, then turn his attention to the closet, no doubt attracted by the flashlight that James has brilliantly forgotten to turn off. James fires several bullets at the creature, but they appear to impact harmlessly on the red helmet, and Pyramid Head eventually wanders away.

After another brief monster-rape interlude, James finds himself trapped at the top of a stairwell with no choice but to run in circles to avoid the Great Knife Swing of Death. It is during this "fight" that the player realizes; Pyramid Head cannot be stopped. If you feel inclined to waste copious amounts of ammo (which is inadvisable, since SH2 is a horror survival game), you can slow him down slightly. But ultimately, James is left to run in circles, taking advantage of the impairment the Great Knife places on PH's mobility, and wait for the stairwell to drain, at which point Pyramid Head wanders off.

He appears to "comment" on James' tactics the next time they meet, however; he slaps James with the broadside of the Great Knife, throwing him back into a fence. The fence collapses, and James plummets to his near-death. Pyramid Head just stands above and watches.

(It's around this time that Pyramid Head Woke in Nautilus, but I'll keep the other stuff until I clean this up.)

Unfortunately, the next time James meets Pyramid Head, the creature seems to have decided a lighter weapon is in order. He proceeds to chase James and Maria, a highly-eroticised version of James' late wife, down a hallway with a ridiculous number of twists and turns. While James manages to escape, Maria is not so lucky. Pyramid Head catches up to her outside an elevator and shows off his weapon prowess by skewering her on his new spear. Right in front of James. Who is a little traumatized. Y'know. Just a little.

Pyramid Head's appearances throughout the rest of the game follow a similar Maria-skewering pattern. At one point, James is able to find Pyramid Head's room, which is quite cozy, if you like rust and blood and wires and hanging bodies and … well, you get the idea. He's also able to equip the Great Knife, but, since James is far from invincible, the whole Giant Arc of Death is a little too slow to be practical. He also gets a twin, with a slightly-brighter-red helmet, which is double invincibility fun. After a final Maria-skewering and a major revelation by James, the two Pyramid Heads reveal their only weakness: falling on their own spears. (I kid you not.)


Showed up. Attacked James. Got hurt. Was taken care of by Nathan Wallace. LOTS OF OTHER STUFF I'll do this later.


Since Pyramid Head never speaks, aside from grunting and groaning, his personality can only be determined by his actions. And his actions are nothing but brutal. His purpose is to punish James, and to force the man to remember just what he's guilty of. He fulfills this purpose with the kind of horrific, inhuman ruthlessness that nightmares are made of. (This is Silent Hill, after all.)


Pyramid Head is a muscular, extremely pale humanoid … thing … who is, without a doubt, male. He is most easily identified by the enormous red pyramid-shaped helmet that covers the entirety of his head. His usual attire consists of a blood-soaked butcher's smock, tall boots, and white gloves. An oversized sword known as the Great Knife is his weapon of choice; he drags it (literally) wherever he goes.



Rape. Lots of it. Completely invulnerable to conventional weapons. Though he can be slowed down, the only thing able to actually stop him is, well, him. Your best bet is to run, and hope he feels the urge to stab himself in the neck. He's quite fond of swinging the Great Knife over his head in a Giant Arc of Death, despite the obvious effort involved in doing so. He's also partial to grabbing people by the neck and dangling them in the air, which he does as though it's nothing at all.


Nightmares: Nightmares are black, twisted physical manifestations of a character's worst fears, darkest secrets, greatest failings, and deepest terrors. (More information here.) Pyramid Head is followed by them. Although he's capable of dismissing them, he usually doesn't.
Environment: He's followed by thick fog and dusk, and his presence causes the areas he's in to rust and decay. The areas return to normal once he's moved on.
Forms: Can turn into a 40 foot Cybertronian, whose alt mode is a giant knife. (Yes, really.) Although he is aware of this ability, he rarely, if ever, uses it.
Bending signature: Looks like extremely rusted (or very bloody) barbed wire.


All of these need to be expanded/revised, orz.

Nathan Wallace: Someone that Pyramid Head considers his property. He enjoys listening to the Repo Man's not-screaming (a.k.a. singing), and generally considers him the closest thing to Home in Nautilus.

Leslie Vernon: Also his property. Pyramid Head was furious when Leslie was killed, and set out to Punish Tony Stark purely out of vengeance. He's since toughened Leslie up, quite literally, by Bending the man's skin to be more like his own.

Tony Stark: Killed Leslie, whom Pyramid Head considered his property. So he murdered Stark in turn, and might have banged his corpse. LEAVING THAT TO THE IMAGINATION.

List for later: James Sunderland, Tally Youngblood, Sally, LOTS OF OTHERS.

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