Continuity Tales of Vesperia
Age 35
Species human
Hair Color black
Eye Color light blueish green
District Southern District
Journal blastheart
Player Zet
Theme Song Bird with a Broken Wing by Owl City

"Old man? Now you've gone and hurt this old man's feelings."


Thirty-five years before the events of Tales of Vesperia, Raven is born as second son of the Atomais family, Damuron. Having nothing better to do with his time than to drink, chase skirts and plain be a spoiled rich kid, his father fears that he might become a stain to the noble Atomais name and enlists Damuron to the Imperial Knights, hoping that would knock some sense into his son. After the first shock has passed, however, Damuron decides to just go with it and off he is to join the Knights and pretty much flipping his father off as he leaves.

As a Knight he spends some time as a noble among nobles, up to this point still blind to how nobles and commoners are being treated even as members of the Knights. Damuron eventually becomes a member of the Casey Brigade1 - The Royal Guards directly under Alexei’s command. As such he has to fight in the Great War, ten years before the events of the game, where he dies as an Entelexeia gores his heart out.

Damuron’s body is retrieved, however, and under Alexei’s orders brought back to life through a procedure that replaces his heart with a special type of Hermes Blastia that runs on the wearer’s life energy rather than aer, as normal blastia do. From that moment on Damuron becomes Schwann Oltorain, a commoner that quickly raises in the ranks of the Knights to become the First Captain of the Imperial Knights and basically a living puppet to do Alexei’s bidding without questioning any of his motives.

During the ten years between his death/rebirth and the events of the game, Schwann creates a third identity for himself, that of Raven. He originally uses it to join one of the Guilds and spy on them in case they may prove a danger to the Empire and especially Alexei’s plans. By the time the story of the game begins, Raven has become an important member of the biggest and most influential of the five master guilds, Altosk, as well as a close acquaintance to Don Whitehorse, the leader of Altosk and, more importantly, head the Guild Union in Dahngrest.

It is Raven that Yuri first meets while in prison and later crosses paths with again. His first notable action is to give Yuri an important piece of information - As well as a key to get the game’s unruly protagonist out of his prison cell. Raven later returns on occasion to cause some trouble for the party, eventually temporarily joins them only to leave again after a while. While using his Raven persona, however, he truly acts as Schwann and under orders from Alexei. Orders that ultimately have him betray Brave Vesperia (the player’s party) by kidnapping Estelle (the party’s freaking MAIN HEALER DX ) and bringing her to Alexei.

When the party confronts Schwann and finds out about his double identity, Schwann fights them with the intent to die. Yuri and his party don’t kill him, however, but rather encourage him to keep moving forward once he is defeated. Once he is about to agree, though, the temple that the fight took place in begins crashing down on them and Schwann ends up sacrificing himself in order to save the friends he had made as Raven.

With this event, Schwann has officially died. Raven, however, reappears a little later, leaving behind his identity as Schwann for good to confront Brave Vesperia once more and prompt them - again - to kill him for his betrayal. Instead of following that plea, though, Yuri exclaims that Raven’s live now belong to Brave Vesperia, and that any decision whether or not he lives or dies depends on them.

Finding his live spared once again, Raven accepts his punishment and rejoins the party for good to face Alexei and afterwards help fighting Duke and save Terca Lumireis from the Adephagos.

After the final battle Raven is seen leading troops made up of both, Imperial Knights and members of the Union to hunt down and capture corrupt members of the council. However, he still meets up with his friends to go on adventures, finally having settled to only be Rave for good.


The very first impression one gets from Raven isn’t exactly the most stellar one: He is scruffy, sloppy, obnoxious and doesn’t bother to hide his rather flirtatious habits. He drinks, he is lazy and constantly whines - Especially about being too old for… Well. Everything.

And that is precisely how Raven wants to be seen. Because Raven ultimately is what neither Damuron nor Schwann have been able to be.

Where Damuron had been nothing but a spoiled rich kid that drank and went after girls, Schwann was a withdrawn and broody man that hardly ever spoke to anyone and preferred to command his troops from the distance. What both of them had in common, however, was their lack of freedom. And freedom is exactly what becoming Raven meant once Schwann was officially dead.

As stated before, Raven likes to complain and whine and point out that he is just an old man, while he really isn’t that old just yet, and the blastia replacing his heart even enhances his physical attributes. He just likes to make a scene and ensure that he is not being taken too seriously in order to hide the true motives behind his actions. He also doesn’t want anyone to get too attached to him anymore, since he considers himself to be a dead man and he still hasn’t been able to forget how Casey sacrificed her life in an ultimately futile attempt to save his.

Casey generally had a huge influence on Raven, back when he was still Damuron even. She inspired him to actually try to be a good Knight and help people. She also introduced him to the use of the transform bow and cured his habit of pestering young women. Casey was his Captain, but also became his best friend and he probably would have allowed himself to have fallen for her even, if she hadn’t already been spoken for.

A circumstance he accepted and respected until long after her death, up to the point where he was willing to surrender her compact mirror to her lover, who turned out to be none other than Yeager.

When he is by himself or thinks no one is paying attention however, Raven drops his sloppy attitude and even the rough slang he uses and actually proves to be an observant and thoughtful man that cares about those around him. And while he likes to flirt and act like a pervert quite often, he is the first to leave as soon as a woman even remotely shows interest in him.

Even in his teasing he doesn’t cross certain limits. When on board the ship and in the air for example, he mocks Rita about sticking around the center of the ship and tells her to join him and Repede to enjoy the view. As Repede attempts to drag her over to them, Raven realizes that Rita is actually terrified of heights, but rather than making fun of her just pulls Repede away, telling him to leave her alone, much to the dog’s irritation. Raven, however, instantly drops the matter and refrains from teasing Rita any longer.

Raven holds a lot of insight about what is going on in Terca Lumireis. Not just due to his activity in one of the largest guilds and his position as First Captain, but also because he has come to see the world from various points of view. He knows the life of a noble, but also that of a commoner and has been in the Imperial Knights as both and therefore knows the differences like no one else. This grants him a very unique understanding regarding one of the greater problems addressed in the plot of the game: The differences between nobles and commoners and how the Knights are treating the people differently.

He doesn’t agree with this favoritism and in the progress of the game it becomes clear that as Schwann he had used his position and influence on his brigade to ensure that the Schwann Brigade would prioritize the well being of their people rather than being corrupted. Here he is clearly following Casey’s ideals and carries on what she once started.

Putting it short: The Raven people see goofing around and making a scene isn’t how the man acts by himself or when the situation doesn’t allow for such behavior. Deep down he is a caring man that will gladly act as a father figure and playfully drop actually well-thought advise on those unsure of what to do and grant unexpected reassurance to those in doubt.



Raven is a very versatile man, not just in the matter of maintaining various different identities at the same time, but also if it comes to actual combat. The blastia replacing his heart makes him a little stronger and faster than the average human, seeing that Alexei originally intended to improve his soldiers with this procedure.

Being an excellent swordsman, Raven shares some of the skills Alexei himself uses, though he only really ever used them while he was still Schwann. Raven’s weapon of choice remains the so-called transform-bow. Which is a bow that can transform into a deadly blade by being folded together (see image to the right). He further uses daggers as sub-weapon, giving him a large variety of short- and long-range attacks to smoothly alternate between.

Adding to this, Raven can also use magic, where he shows a clear preference for wind spells that can create huge tempests on the battlefield. Though Raven also has a few supportive skills to his avail, such as a magical healing arrow and traps he can place when needed.

He is also extremely stealthy and can sneak in wherever he needs to go. Including your shower.

Raven also excels at making crêpes. Even though he hates them with a passion…


City Shift Gifts

  • Schwann Uniform
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