Raye Hino
Raye Hino
Continuity English Anime Episode #63 - Enemies No More
Age 16
Species Human
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Violet
District South
Journal flamescout
Player Eve
Theme Song "I Am" - Hilary Duff

"Gotta say, never thought you were much of a leader. But now I know I was wrong."


Raye's lived with her maternal grandfather at his temple for most of her life. Her mother died when she was young, and her father was far too busy politicking to spend much time with his daughter outside of anything more than a yearly birthday visit…to appease his constituents, of course. The only ones Raye was ever close to were her grandfather and two crows, whom she calls Phobos and Deimos.

She first met Serena when a general of the Negaverse disguised himself as a temple worker and began selling bogus good luck charms to young girls to sap them of their energy. Raye discovered that she was the rightful owner of the powers of Mars during a crucial moment, and helped Serena, who she learned was Sailor Moon, to defeat Jadeite's evil monster and restore peace to the temple. After that, life began to change for the better. She had friends now, and a divine destiny.

She also got a hot boyfriend when she began dating Darien. Sadly, it wasn't meant to be, as he was revealed to be Serena's true love in a past life. Despite her feelings for him, she stepped back. You don't mess with true love, and though she and Serena squabbled and bickered frequently, she's Raye's best friend. Never was this made more apparent when she sacrificed her own life to protect Sailor Moon in the final showdown against Queen Beryl and her most deadly minions.

After Sailor Moon defeated Beryl, Raye and the other Sailor Scouts were returned to their normal lives, forgetting everything that had occurred pertaining to the Negaverse and the Moon Kingdom. But when trouble arose once more, they were called back into action, and their memories were restored.

Raye is waking up shortly after her fight with Katsie/Catsy/Katsee(????), and has recovered from the injuries she sustained at that time.


Raye isn't particularly close to anyone, save the scouts, her grandfather, and perhaps Chad who came to work at the shrine to take a break from his wandering musician life. Though her father still lives, Raye is resentful of him for his continual absence, even when her mother was ill and dying. He sends her a white dress and Casablanca lilies for her birthday every year, but it's a cold and impersonal gift selected by his secretary, and his yearly visit is meant only to save face with his constituents. Still, Raye continues to meet with him each and every year despite her reservations. He's still family, and people can change. She's just not holding her breath.

She does a great deal for her grandfather (her mother's father), though she often chides him for his lecherous behavior towards the young girls who come to visit the temple. She still loves him despite this, and it was Raye's suggestion to live with him at the temple and take on the duties of a shrine maiden.

When it comes to getting what she wants, Raye is incredibly ambitious. She takes charge of the situation and formulates a plan of action, following through to the very end. She's a very determined girl, and her confidence in herself is unshakeable. She dreams of being a famous singer, model, and actress, as well as taking over the duties of the temple in the future. Raye works very hard to fulfill her dreams, without neglecting her schoolwork or duties as Sailor Mars.

Raye can be very controlling, and gets to be pushy and overbearing with her opinions. She's frequently argued with Sailor Moon and the two butt heads a lot when it comes to matters of leadership. Raye used to think that she was far better-suited to being the leader of the Sailor Scouts, but as time went on, she realized that Sailor Moon had more guts than Raye realized. Raye has since dropped her claims of being leader, but hasn't ceased nagging Serena to take her duties more seriously.

Blunt to a fault, Raye can be very critical of others. She doesn't bother to hide her displeasure, and can be somewhat reckless with others' feelings. Serena in particular is usually on the receiving end of Raye's sharp tongue, but the truth of the matter is, Raye pushes her harder than the others because she wants to see Serena succeed and reach her true potential. Raye knows it's there, but Serena's childish neglect and ditzy ways drive her completely crazy. It's not that Raye hates those she criticizes, she just gets frustrated by their actions. She still likes the person very much, and she wouldn't harp if she didn't care.

Trying to push Raye around will usually result in a headache. The girl is painfully stubborn. She refuses to apologize unless she knows she was absolutely wrong. And if there's no proof, there's no way she'll say she's sorry. She dislikes being bossed around, and prefers to be the one giving out orders. She's independent and strong-willed, and doesn't take well to those who would attempt to force her into doing something she doesn't agree with.

Her take-charge attitude can sometimes get her into trouble. She's impatient and prefers to meet the enemy head-on even when it would be better to formulate a plan. She's had a few clashes with Amy because of this, but there are a few times where she'll defer to her friend, especially when Raye's low on ideas. Even so, she thinks it's better to blast the enemy to ashes instead of wasting time debating.

Even though Raye and Serena are often at ends, they have more in common than they realize. Both of them have the same taste in guys, and get more than a little boy-crazy. They both like reading the same comic books, and both have dreams of being a star someday. Maybe this is why they clash so often. Raye's a little more down to earth, especially when it comes to romance. She knows when something isn't meant to be. When she found out that Serena and Darien were destined to be together, she was sad, but she deferred and backed out without a single harsh word, and harbored no resentment.

She has a strong attachment to Chad, the boy working at their temple, but she keeps her feelings in check and rarely lets them show (which keeps the poor guy in a state of perpetual insecurity). She does think he's cute. But for now, she'll still flirt with other guys.

Despite all of her faults, Raye is an honestly good person. She has a strong sense of justice, and can't stand evil. She fights hard to keep innocent people safe, and has never once complained about risking her life to do so. She's proud to be a Sailor Scout, and it shows.

Ever since meeting Serena and the other scouts, Raye has opened up a little more. She doesn't trust others easily, and her harsh personality wasn't exactly winning her many friends. She's softened a little, though she still has a long way to go, given to bouts of pettiness herself. Raye treasures her friendship with the others more than anything in the world, and would go to any lengths to protect them.


Mars Fire Ignite

The first and most commonly-used attack, as it's quickly summoned and can be launched again and again. Once Sailor Mars has called out the attack name, she doesn't need to do it again. She merely places her hands together, points, and incinerates.

Mars Fireball Charge

This particular attack is different from the others, as she can use it without transforming into Sailor Mars (she just doesn't shout out the name). Drawing on her spiritual powers as a Shinto priestess, Rei charges a slip of paper, or an 'ofuda', inscribed with the kanji for 'Evil Spirits Run Away', and slaps the strip of paper on her target. While this is primarily used to freeze an enemy in their tracks, she's also used it to dispel evil enchantments and spells.

Mars Firebird Strike

Utilizing the ofuda from her 'Mars Fireball Charge' (see above), Sailor Mars infuses the paper with the power of fire, giving it the shape and form of a blazing phoenix. This attack is useful in that she can direct the firebird's flight path at will, giving her more versatility and control though it requires her utmost concentration.

Mars Celestial Fire Surround

For this attack, Sailor Mars inscribes a circle of fire to encompass her, which is then filled with orbiting spheres of fiery kanji. At her command, these kanji disperse as burning rings of flame, flying at the enemy with deadly and painful accuracy. It takes a great deal of concentration to summon the power for this attack, but once everything is in place, she's ready to rip.

Mars Flame Sniper

Sailor Mars's most powerful attack, where she summons a flaming bow and an arrow fashioned out of fire. Her aim is incredibly precise, but unfortunately, she has not yet learned this attack from where she's drawn from the series. However, it will eventually come into play, so it may as well be noted here along with the others.

Miscellaneous Skills and Talents

When Raye isn't smacking evil down in high heels and short skirts, she enjoys numerous activities. She's an accomplished skier, singer, songwriter, and has a knack for fortune-telling. She's able to receive visions and sometimes detailed information from fire readings, which require long periods of intense meditation. Raye has a sort of 'sixth sense' for detecting evil, and has acute spiritual senses. Others who possess a strong power register on her radar as well, though she doesn't feel anything more than a vague 'weird vibe' from the person in question. While not as accomplished as Lita/Sailor Jupiter, Raye studies martial arts and holds a first-degree black belt.


Agent Six: Just when Raye was starting to like Six, he went home for a canon update and lost all his memories, and now she's downright furious with him. As he knew the risks and went anyway despite having nothing to gain and everything to lose, it's not something she'll easily forgive, especially since Raye has such a difficult time placing her trust in men to begin with.

Cho Hakkai: Raye chats with Hakkai now and again, but lately she's distanced herself because he refused her (somewhat unwanted) offers of help and a room to stay within the temple. So, like she is with most everyone else in the city with a Y chromosome, she's mad at him.

Doctor Holiday: Raye really likes Holiday, who seems to maintain a balance of maturity and fun that Raye appreciates. Despite Rex's former infatuation, she's never seen Holiday as a threat or a rival. Rather, she's the person that Raye goes to if she wants to discuss menfolk. She enjoys doing fortune telling for Holiday. Holiday is currently researching a method for handling the nanites introduced to Raye's system after one too many kisses with Rex.

Lelouch vi Britannia: Things were a little strained between the two of them when Raye first appeared, due to her initial crush on Suzaku. She never really knew why, just that things felt awkward, no matter how polite he was. Since she moved out on her own and has a new romantic interest, the awkwardness she felt around him has faded significantly, and she counts him as one of her few friends in the city.

Luna: Raye can honestly say that she's very happy to have Luna around, especially since it's nice to have another person around with sufficient common sense. She feels a little bad not having anything much for Luna to do, as the kitty's guardian role isn't as important as it was when they had the Negaverse to deal with, so she doesn't mind asking for her company when Sailor Mars needs to check things out.

Mitham: He's a sweet kid. Raye's a little nicer to him than most others because of his age, but his personality has really earned it just the same.

Rex Salazar: Rex is the first person Raye spoke to…and the first person to get his head bitten off, too! Originally she didn't think much of him, but as she gradually began to mellow out, she realized he wasn't all that bad. When her first attempt to return home ended disastrously, Rex just so happened to be there to pick her up both literally and figuratively. She teased him about it being a date, but as time went on, she found herself trusting him more and more. On Christmas Eve after a very successful date, Raye took the plunge and kissed him. It took her a while to say it aloud, but she loves him, and openly states that he's her boyfriend. One year later, Rex presented Raye with a promise ring, and she happily accepted. They've had a number of ups and downs, but she's intent on sticking beside him through thick and thin. Rex is the only person outside of Raye's homeworld who knows her secret identity as Sailor Mars, which is indicative of just how much she trusts him.

Serena Tsukino: To the casual observer, it might seem like Raye can't stand Serena. It seems like they're always fighting. Raye's pretty harsh to the shorter girl, always lecturing, and has no patience or sympathy when Serena starts to cry. Raye's usually the one that MAKES her cry! But Raye wouldn't even bother with Serena if she didn't care, and if she didn't have a great deal of faith in her friend's true inner strength. While Serena can frustrate Raye more often than not, she's extremely loyal and protective, and keeps pushing Serena to do her best. She knows there's a lot of untapped potential, which is why she can be pretty ruthless with her training. While it's not something that Raye would casually admit to, Serena is Raye's best friend.

Suzaku Kururugi: Raye had a major crush on him when she first showed up in the city. He was the first she met in person when he came to her aid and offered her a place to stay. His mannerisms and chivalry impressed her right from the get-go, and she had him fixed in her mind as a dreamy white knight. His obliviousness to her feelings frustrated her more often than not, particularly when she was trying to get him to take her to the dance. But Rex beat him to it, and it was about that time that Raye's sights moved away from Suzaku. Even though she doesn't have a crush on him anymore, she still thinks he's a gentleman and a great friend.

Raye's Bending Self-Defense Training Schedule


  • 9:00 - 10:00 Dr. Holiday


  • 9:00 - 10:00 Dr. Holiday


  • 9:00 - 10:00 Dr. Holiday
  • 3:00 - 4:30 Teresa


  • 9:00 - 10:00 Dr. Holiday


  • 9:00 - 10:00 Dr. Holiday
  • 10:00 - 11:00 Jazz Fenton


  • 9:00 - 10:00 Dr. Holiday


  • 9:00 - 10:00 Dr. Holiday
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