Reality Storms

Reality Storms are events which occur due to the influence of character(s) living in Nautilus, either because of their canon's nature or an incident which causes a shift in the city's reality. However, it's important to note that Nautilus as an entity is not responsible for reality storms. Rather, storms occur when Chaos builds up around the city due to character influence, then is released all at once when there a large enough amount is accumulated. Think of it like a dam bursting due to heavy rains and flooding.

Storms generally last about a week, but have been known to span anywhere from 3-10 days, unless stated otherwise. They end when the pent up amount of Chaos exhausts itself, returning the city and the inhabitants to normal. Other events have also occurred outside of the Reality Storms, confirming the possibility that the city doesn't need to have its reality warped to stir action among the Wakened.

Classic Wake (Before the creation of the Events comm)

Reality Storms April 2013 - 2015

Reality Storms 2016 - 2018

Reality Storms 2019 -

Smash Storm

Cause: Link and/or any combative characters
Those affected suddenly had the urge to fight each other like they were in a fighting video game. Near the end of the storm, a fake Hekket challenged them to a fight and they won, but at the cost of Adela's life.

Discounted Chocolates Rebooted Mini-Storm

Cause: Valentines' Day
Much like last time, Wakened were given a box of chocolates that affected characters in different ways. This time it was more simple and one was even influenced by Dark Cupid from Miraculous Ladybug.

Fog of Desire

Cause: Endos
A fog covered the city (or got much thicker in the Northern District) and Wakened could see visions of what they most desired. If they gave in, they were turned into demons.

Easter Mini-Storm

Cause: Easter
The city celebrated the holiday of Easter. A bunch of eggs could be found around the city and the population of rabbits increased, including the Rabbit of Caerbannog. On the morning of Easter, children got a basket of goodies.

Ocean Life Storm

Cause: Son Muet
Several Wakened were transformed into merfolk/sea creatures and transported to an ocean world with AU memories to go with them. At the end of the storm, many ended up back in the Nautilus ocean inside bubbles that glowed.

Paradise Marsh Mini-Storm

Cause: Hekket coming to Nautilus
At the start, it rained frogs and toads and bothered the Wakened, as well as temperatures in Nautilus getting very high with high humidity. Lily pads also covered the ground. A thunder storm came when the mini-storm ended and then it was over.

Pure Chaos Mini-Storm

Cause: Hekket
Right before Hekket was defeated by the Wakened, he had set up a trap to activate upon his defeat. It goes off and destroys one of the chains, causing bending to grow out of control again. Things went back to normal after the chain was fixed.

Nautilus Monster Academy Storm

Cause: Halloween
Much like other storms before, a school appears and those affected are AUed into it. The twist this time is that the students, teachers and staff are all monsters.

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