Reality Storms

Reality Storms are events which occur due to the influence of character(s) living in Nautilus, either because of their canon's nature or an incident which causes a shift in the city's reality. However, it's important to note that Nautilus as an entity is not responsible for reality storms. Rather, storms occur when Chaos builds up around the city due to character influence, then is released all at once when there a large enough amount is accumulated. Think of it like a dam bursting due to heavy rains and flooding. Storms generally last a week, but have been known to span anywhere from 3-10 days. They end when the pent up amount of Chaos exhausts itself, returning the city and the inhabitants to normal.

Working on this page some, since we've had a ton of events. Please feel free to correct me on any of this, add to and whatnot. I'd like to be able to gather all of the events that have occurred, and what caused them.

The Musical Event!

Cause: Characters from musicals (i.e. Nathan Wallace, Sally)
Everyone was bursting into song. As such, musical laws are applied (for instance, complicated dance choreographers jive in).

The Nightmare Event!

Cause: Pyramid Head
People's fears are formed into reality.

Humans and Robots Event!

Cause: Transformers cast
People became robots and robots became humans. Enough said.

Animals! Thousands Of Them!

Cause: The Titans
A good number of the Nautilus population turned into animals.

When Starscream messed up the city really bad!

Cause: Starscream's big fat ego
Starscream really dares to be stupid and messed up Nautilus, but he's sorry it happened so it's okay now.

The Eggs!

Cause: Ikuto Tsukiyomi
Dreams hatched from eggs and were tiny versions of Nautilus citizens.

The Game!

Cause: Joshua/Kiryuu Yoshiya
People were trapped in a game on a different plane of reality.

Timeslip Event!

Cause: Thomas Jefferson, Paradox, others
Characters slipped either forwards or backwards in their timelines. Split timelines were created in this, including a group from ten years in the future.

Attack Of The Clones!

Cause: Vexen and Shockwave
Clones showed up and either wrecked havoc or managed to be amazingly more adorable than their originals. What the hell.

Metaplot: Oh Look, The City Is Being Destroyed!

Cause: Isis
Isis likes poetry, long walks on the beach, and turning everything you know and love into glass so she can form a perfect society of people obedient to only her.

Metaplot: Oh Look, The City Is Sinking Into Chaos!

Cause: Isis
Isis cut the chains holding Nautilus up, and the city began to sink. This caused a repeat of several previous reality storms, as well as some unusual city shifts and increased Bending.

Alternate Reality!

Cause: Ameras and Blitzwing
Different versions of characters take the places of their original counterparts!

Suddenly, Keyblades! Thousands Of Them!

Cause: Axel getting stuck in the Labyrinth
After being pulled out of the Labyrinth, several Heartless broke out and caused havoc throughout the city. But to make matters easier for our citizens and denizens, Nautilus was kind enough to distribute Keyblades to those challenged by the Heartless. While magical elements have since been drained from the Keyblades, people are still able to summon them. They make mighty good back scratchers!

Suddenly, Monsters! Thousands Of Them!

Cause: Squall Leonhart
Also known as the Lunar Cry.
Towards the beginning of December, the moon developed a massive zit, which exploded and caused monsters to rain from the sky. After a bit of destruction and more than a few fights, the monsters migrated to the areas outside the Northern, Eastern, and Southern Districts.

The Musical Event 2.0!

Cause: Characters from musicals
As what happened before, everyone was bursting into musical numbers for a week.

Wishing Upon A Star…

Cause: The Quadrantid meteor shower
Characters who wished on the shooting stars had a wish granted for one week. However, anything wished for would be slightly off. For example, if a character wished for a childhood toy, it might've been a brighter or darker shade of the original color, or not as soft as they remembered. Physical objects in general would have some small defects. If someone wished for a person to be in Nautilus, the person would appear, but act like a flat, stereotyped version of themselves, giving standard answers that don't entirely correlate to the situation at hand. Any of these things disappeared after a week.


Cause: Valentine's Day
On February the 14th, some characters woke up to find themselves chained to another person, and were force to spend the entire day with that person until midnight. Didn't matter who they were chained to, whether if they liked that person or not, they were stuck.

High Event

Cause: Nautilus wanting everyone to quit killing each other
For three days, characters felt euphoric and drugged. (Alternately, they could have a bad trip.) They felt calm, found simple things totally awesome, craved food, hallucinated, and did inexplicable things. Think an over-exaggerated stereotype of a drug addict.

Reboot Event

Cause: The anniversary of Cyrus' death
For one week, characters reverted to exactly the way they were upon arriving in Nautilus. Except that they all had their powers. Oh no!

Internal Monologue Fail

Cause: Characters with rampant internal monologues
For four days, characters found that their internal monologues were immediately made public by a disembodied voice for all to hear.

Variety Event

Cause: ???
A week of utter insanity. People changed into robots, robots turned into animals, people broke out into song randomly in the streets and the ages of characters shifted!

Inhibitions Event

Cause: ???
For one week, characters lost their inhibitions (except those that kept them from killing others) and did whatever they felt like, no matter how crazy.

Zombie Invasion

Cause: Hazel Bentley experimenting with some of Rip van Winkle's blood
Starting on Halloween, a week long siege against Nautilus by the legions of the undead began. Wakened were trapped in the city without their powers and all who were not human became human. Included zombies from Resident Evil, Left 4 Dead, Eternal Darkness and Hellsing.

Thanksgiving Event

Cause: Thanksgiving
For a week, bending was disabled and stores of food and fuel were diminished. Characters were forced to carefully ration their supplies or go hungry. At week's end, a massive feast appeared in the Central Plaza to mark the end of the forced famine.

Weeping Angels Event

Cause: The Doctor Who Cast
Seven days of invading Weeping Angels! They appeared in the streets and inside homes, terrorizing characters and trapping anyone they caught in different places in time. At the end of the event, everyone who had been caught returned to the city, alive and well.

Pokemon Event

Cause: Ash Ketchum and Jun
For a week, characters became either Pokemon or Pokemon trainers, the latter with an insane drive to catch their fellow Poke!Wakened and use them in epic Pokemon battles!

Valentines Day Event

Cause: Valentines Day
A few days after the holiday, boxes of "discount chocolates" began to appear in people's dwellings. Each flavor of candy filling caused a different affect for those that ate the candy, such as falling madly in love with the first person they laid eyes on, or wanting said person to be their BFF or to shower them with attention. One kind turned characters into stalkers, another caused hatred.

Make Us Whole Event

Cause: Isaac Clarke
A week long event wherein a red statue called The Marker appeared in the Western District, slowly causing many characters to start hallucinating about those they missed. Over the course of the event, affected characters became increasingly delusional, seeing other Wakened as monsters who were attacking their imagined lost friends. Affected characters then began attacking those not under the influence of the storm and, before it was over, began hurting themselves when their hallucinations began to cause them great guilt.

City of Pillow

Cause: Hurrdurr'gha, Deva of Hexes
For two weeks, the City of Pillow floated over Nautilus. Access to this strange city was provided by a lift characters could use to ascend and explore the Districts of Slinkies, Memories, Baking Power and Transportation.

EVO Invasion

Cause: Rex's one year anniversary in Nautilus
Similar to the invasion of Lunar Cry monsters, EVOs flooded into the city and terrorized the populace for five days. Nanite free characters were infected, turning EVO. When it was over, the remaining EVOs retreated to the city outskirts.

Shadow Event

Cause: Persona 4 cast
For two weeks, the city of Nautilus was engulfed in a thick fog, and several residents produced Shadow versions of themselves that had to be faced in order to gain their very own Persona. After the fog cleared, Shadow Nautilus became accessible through television screens for those who hold the ability to summon a Persona, and a Junes building appeared.

Metaplot: The Darkness

Cause: The Dark Aeon
It came. It hungered. But it was sent running after the Wakened dealt with it.

Film Noir Event

Cause: ???

Guest Event

Cause: Nautilus?
The city brings in new blood. After two weeks, they all disappeared once more. MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Cause: ???
No lie.

Fairy Tale Infection

Cause: Wendy and her stories
FAIRY TALES COME TO LIFE. Everyone and their mother gets a role!

Metaplot: Return of the Dark Aeon

Cause: Pyramid Head, Xemnas, and a mysterious "kid"
These two + mystery Isis Juice + Dark Aeon = Metaplot Round 2

Nightmare Rampage

Cause: Dark Aeon
Something with nightmares gon' on up in here.

Drunk And High: Part DOS

Cause: Man, I forgot
Things shift, people got wasted and high on nothing.


Cause: Ratchet's account of Nautilus' History
Some time after the old 'bot gathered everyone for a history lecture lesson, time went wibbly-wobbly all over the city. Forward, backward, everything in-between.

Masquerade (Mini) Event

Cause: Nautilus + Halloween
Nautilus felt bad for the last storm, so he brought everyone to a party in the West Side. Free costumes for all!

The Empathy Storm

Cause: Alice Hartsen
Due to Alice's abilities, everyone had feels. Er. All emotions resonated. And that caused some problems.

They Came Upon A Midnight Clear: The Christmas Event

Cause: Christmas Time's Nearing

The Providence Control Collar Storm!

Cause: Caesar Salazar / GR cast
Wakened are fitted with Providence Control Collars. The collars negate all negative emotions and urges and replace them with happy feels. Everyone needs a hug.

REVENGE of Valentine's Day

Cause: Nautilus (?)
There were drunk Cupids and other various Valentine cliches floating about. It was terrible.

(Insert title of plot here)

Cause: Pitch Black
Messing with Rex's Mind + getting some extra help + MK can't word = Player PLOT

The Nautilus Academy Storm

Cause: Code Geass cast, any high school student in Nautilus
A giant High School AU Meme ensued, including Prom!

Power Swap

Cause: Rex Salazar for using Pitch's abilities
Everything goes wonky and Wakened powers and abilities get switched.

Beach Party Mini Event

Cause: Summertime in Nautilus
Summer officially begins! Everyone gets a swimsuit and some rays! Maybe. There's food, too, so that's good.

The DESIRE Storm

Cause: The Brave Police J-Decker crew
A butt-ugly statue appears and draws out everyone's deepest, darkest desires. Many extremes ensued.

Altered Memories Storm

Cause: The canonical manipulation of Lelouch vi Britannia's memories by his father's Geass (Memory Manipulation)
And then everyone is everyone else's brother/sister/lover/spouse/cousin/enemy/etc.

The PURR-fect Storm

Cause: Calex and the hideous amount of cats in Nautilus


Cause: Razer
Nautilus finally put a ring on it! (Or everyone affected gets a lantern and a battery, and goes crazy, depending on the emotion and the ring) Fun times were had by all.

The Ghosts of Christmas Past Storm

Cause: Everyone and their mother
Past Wrongs and Regrets come to haunt the Wakened in spectral form. Whether there was closure or not was left up to them.

Chinese New Year (Mini) Event

Cause: We get Asian Wakened, we get Asian holidays!
Ringing in the New Year: Chinese Style!

Nautilus' Fifth Anniversary

Cause: Five years isn't enough?
Nautilus reflects. The Heart of the City returns to its former glory for a week.

The Half & Half Combo Reality Storm

Cause: OOC mishaps Soul Eater Evans (Genderswap) and Danny Fenton (Divided We Fall) (absent from the madness)
Genderswap, Divisions between personality traits, or a terrible combination of the two happened. Crazy stuff, man.

The Magical City of Nautilus Storm

Cause: Jake Long
Why only have dragons when you can have a whole menagerie of magical creatures both good and evil?

The Trust Fall Mini-Storm

Cause: Trust (or the lack thereof)
Many of Nautilus' Wakened don't trust each other. Time to fix that by yelling "TRUST FALL!" at the nearest person/Cybertronian/whatever for a few days.

Metaplot: The Dark Mirror - Part I

Cause: "The Ferryman"
Something dark lurks once more from its shadows. The Creature resurfaces to walk the city, visiting unsuspecting Wakened any chance it has. This causes some reactions.

Memories of Another Life Storm

Cause: The very existence of other timelines, worlds, and universes
New memories have been inserted into Wakened minds for a week. This leads to a lot of confusion and fact-checking.

Metaplot: The Dark Mirror - Part II

Cause: "The Ferryman"
The Creature finds more victims. More reactions and worry come up.

Metaplot: The Hunt for the Labyrinth

Cause: "The Ferryman" once more
After a grand ball, the Creature appears briefly. Wasting no time, Ursaems brings a call to arms in order to be rid of the Labyrinth Creature's existence once and for all. The city is heavily divided upon what to do.

Metaplot: Agents of Entropy - Part I: The Hunt for The Labyrinth

Cause: Ursaems
Ursaems calls on the Wakened to stop the Labyrinth creature's menacing.

Metaplot: Agents of Entropy - Part II: The Upheaval

Cause: Ursaems
A good number of Wakened go with Ursaems and he leads them to another world (Pink's Clues) to fix its problems. They then find out that he used them to trap the Labyrinth creature and usurp its power for himself. To make matters worse, they destroy the world of Pink's Clues in the process. Meanwhile, Chaos erupts in Nautilus. Literally.

Metaplot: The Storm Breaks

Cause: Ursaems, "The Ferryman", Wakened
Mention of a Red Herring relic floats on as rumors do, and two of the Deva go to look into it without saying anything to anyone. They return nearly half-dead. More exertion and planning go underway, and while plans diverge and converge, it all ends up back on Kalliste, the City of Glass. Ursaems makes his final Villain speech, confirming that this is the point of no return. All parties go into Kalliste and the battle goes on for days. It finally all breaks once the Labyrinth creature is freed from the amulet, quickly taking Ursaems down with it to who knows where. Parts of Kalliste fall onto Nautilus during all of this, leading to many a smashed buildings and locations. Rest, rebuilding and restoration slowly pick up once everyone returns to the City of Change.

Thanksgiving Mini-Storm

Cause: Thanksgiving and thankfulness
Turkeys are live turkeys and not crayon drawings. Stuffing rains down in scattered showers. Turkeys eat stuffing and grow bigger. Hmm.

Wild Life Storm

Cause: Revenge for turkey sacrifice, all of the anthropomorhic Wakened
Wakened start turning into animals. Speech and some minds are impeded. Fun times. It's like walking through an animal park.

Senseless Storm

Cause: Wakened with lost senses
Some Wakened experienced either losing physical or mental senses or gained senses for a week.

Red String of Fate Mini-Storm

Cause: Valentine's Day
Wakened woke up with red strings tied to their fingers or paws and were either romantically connected or friendship connected. Running into Helix cuts the strings and caused severe pain for those had been connected to them. On February 14th, several Wakened that stayed woke up in either wedding dresses or wedding suits.

Grabbag Storms Storm

Cause: Veteran Wakened
Several effects of past storms happened to the Wakened at once and most even had multiple effects hit them during the week.

April Showers Reality Storm

Cause: The month of April?
Nautilus rained continuously for several days until it created a huge flood.

Village Storm

Cause: Number 6
The Central Plaza turned into the Village from Number 6's world and turned those trapped either into prisoners or into wardens. Number 6 became the dreaded Number 2.

Translator Failure Mini-Storm

Cause: Technical difficulties?
The communicators' auto translator breaks for a week, leaving Wakened being unable to communicate well with each other.

Bad Future Storm

Cause: Scott Summers
Several Wakened were put through bad futures either canon or otherwise. There was a chance for it to end early, but there was too much effected and there was much death. More so than it ever happened before.

IKEA Storm

Cause: Number 6 and Mary Poppins
Several Wakened's furniture get broken into pieces and put into boxes. They have to put it back together the old fashioned way.

Monster Mash Mini-Storm

Cause: Supernatural Wakened
Wakened were turned into various types of monsters for Halloween.

Nautilus Zone Storm

Cause: Sonic cast
All four districts were transformed into different zones resembling the ones from the Sonic games. There was also chao. Lots of them.

Frozen Mini-Storm

Cause: Anna of Arendelle
Some affected suddenly either find themselves with hard to control ice powers or stuck in a certain ice queen's dress (or both).

Metaplot: Genesis of Nature - Phase 1

Cause: Unknown
Several Ascended start sprouting much like Areva did and this causes worry.

Metaplot: Genesis of Nature - Phase 2

Cause: Unknown
After Nautilus had managed to make the disease regress for a while, his strength gives out and those affected get worse. Those who seemed to have been immune suddenly find themselves sick as well.

Metaplot: Genesis of Nature - Phase 3 & 4

Cause: Ursaems (retroactively)
While others go off world to find the cure, plant and chaos monsters attack the city while those who are sick may or may not end up succumbing to the disease.

Valentines Day Mini-Event

Cause: Valentines day
For just the holiday, those affected suddenly have red hearts floating above and around them. Those who touch other people's hearts either see a romantic vision of themselves and the owner of said heart, or in the case of family, a happy memory that's real or fake.

Gag Reel Storm

Cause: Relius Clover
For a week, things around Nautilus got really humorous. Those affected were (mostly) still themselves but put in funny situations.

The Rooftastic Mini-Storm

Cause: Missile (and other dogs)
Similar to the PUURfect Storm, several Wakened were turned into dogs.

Penance Overdue: Retribution of The Scion

Cause: Klement
Klement has been feeling very stressed since the previous metaplot and when Areva refused to take responsibility for her part in the plant disease crisis, he snaps. He punishes several Wakened in different punishments based on his judgement of them, though eventually he came to his senses. He undid the punishment to those who hadn't been resolved and turned himself in.

Feel the Force Storm

Cause: Star Wars cast
The Force shows up in Nautilus and Wakened are either turned to the Light Side or the Dark Side.

Children's Day Mini-Storm

Cause: Children's Day
Several Wakened get turned into kids leaving those unaffected having to take care of them.

Musical Storm

Cause: Mary Poppins and Jimney Cricket
During the week, Nautilus turned into a musical as several Wakened were compelled to sing.

Hot & Cold Mini-Storm

Cause: The weather
A massive heat wave hit the city and the only way you could escape it was helping rebuild Arcas.

Everyone Has Psychic Powers Storm

Cause: Lucas
Several wakened were given different psychic powers and ghosts were all over the city.

Spooky Scary Mini-Storm

Cause: Halloween
Wakened were stuck in a costume for a week and friendly skeletons were walking around and running away from dogs.

Alignment Swap Storm

Cause: Former good guys/bad guys
Some Wakened had their morality flipped from one end to another. Good turning bad and bad turning good.

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