Red Medic
RED Medic
Continuity Team Fortress 2
Age 48 years
Species human
Hair Color black
Eye Color light blueish gray
District Western District
Journal ribsgrowback
Player Zet
Theme Song Stay Crazy by Helloween

"ZHAT vas doctor-assisted homicide!"


As his name suggests, Medic is the healer of his team. As such he stays at the back to heal his team mates and temporarily make them invulnerable once his medigun is charged. Every now and then he fires syringes into an opponent or hack his trusty bonesaw into their flesh. Additionally the Medic is usually the enemy’s number one target and usually the first to get shot in the head, stabbed in the back or in any other manner killed to keep him off the battlefield as long as possible. Sometimes he’s wearing a hat.

This would make for the Medic’s role as part of the first person shooter Team Fortress 2.

In the supporting clips and comics surrounding the game, however, his role just as that of everyone else in the series got a decent enough expansion to build up upon that base.

The Medic is a man from Germany. Born and raised in Stuttgart where he at least at some point had an actual medical license. A license he lost by somehow removing a patient’s entire skeleton. Which was probably shortly before he stole a catering van from the prime minister’s wedding, complete with a flock of wedding doves in it.

When and how he got hired into the RED team by Mann Co. isn’t clarified, but it has been stated that every single one of the mercenaries has been hand-picked by the Administrator based on their specific skills.

Now when he is not on the battlefield and trying to keep his team alive, the Medic for one remains in charge of his team’s medical records and wellbeing, while at the same time tending to his flock of doves that he keeps in the infirmary (because that’s sanitary) and also using his own teammates for his experiments. Said experiments include removing, exchanging and altering of organs, transplantations of exotic animal organs into the human body and sometimes he even comes up with something useful to be used on the battlefield.

At times he works together with the Engineer and they research stuff together. Or they just teleport bread. Whatever, really. These are perfectly sane men of science we speak of here.

When his team disbanded because Mann Co. was taken over by Gray Mann, Medic was hired by Gray to join his team of classic mercenaries. He promptly went and spend all their funds on animal parts to put into this fresh group of specimen and later spends a lot more just to bring his original team’s Sniper back to life out of pure curiosity - And because apparently Archimedes asked him if he can do it.

Medic also keeps BLU Spy’s severed head alive and in his fridge, ignoring the BLU’s pleas to put him out of his misery.


Medic is a madman. This is… Technically all one needs to know. A madman that sews baboon uteruses into his team mates, is unfamiliar with morale or compassion and considers healing as nothing more than an unintended byproduct of his experiments.

He also talks to his doves. Like… A lot.

While Medic literally lives for his job and gets very enthusiastic about his experiments, he doesn’t care about the wellbeing of his patients at all. Anaesthetics are clearly overrated, but please hold your ribcage open for him while he removes your still beating heart, thank you.

And before anyone asks: No. he sees nothing wrong with what he does. He will even tell you what he’s done to you once he’s finished because he’s proud of his work and you better enjoy your new organs.

On the battlefield and when merely present, Medic tends to appear absolutely in control and like the only serious member of the mercenaries. He also gets notably annoyed by doing his daily field medic business since apparently it’s a waste of his time that he could be using for his experiments. His demeanor shifts entirely when he gets to use his bonesaw on an opponent or he gets to talk about his research, turning the man from serious and endlessly dignified into a bundle of overexcited glee.

It’s impossible to tell what truly goes on in Medic’s head. But it certainly is a head that is very active on any normal day, brewing up research ideas and all kinds of questionable science projects. It’s also a head that kicks into overdrive when faced with a serious problem, tossing about ideas and potential solutions.

Among the group of mercenaries Medic is the weakest fighter, yet his team not merely respects, but actually fears the doctor and his unpredictable antics. Even the strongest and largest member of the team visibly gets nervous and inches away from the madly cackling man of medicine. Because his team has long since understood, that even among a group of madmen Medic remains the most dangerous and least predictable one. His lack of compassion and nonexistent respect for life itself combined with his readiness to go to great lengths to satisfy his own morbid curiosity and hyperactive mind are a mix that you would rather want to know on your good side. Just that there is no real good side for the Medic. He will either cut you open on his examination table with the medigun keeping you alive, or he will merciless gut you on the battlefield. The only real difference is that you get to live after the first scenario.

All things considered there may be a reason beyond the Medic’s healing abilities that make him the number one priority target on any battlefield…


Considering Medic’s advanced age, he is in astoundingly good shape. He is strong, fast and agile and possesses a natural healing factor that allows him to slowly regenerate health and heal his wounds over time.

Among his team the Medic is the second fastest class, only outrun by the Scout, who not only is about half of Medic’s age, but also doesn’t carry around that heavy backpack and medigun. Discounting this Medic may actually be able to keep up even with the Scout.

Medic is a decent enough fighter even though his weapons of choice don’t quite count as commonly used weapons. At least bonesaw and syringe gun are very certain to already look intimidating enough without being put to actual use.

Medic’s greatest ability, however, is his medical skill.

He is the best. Literally. His skill goes as far as to allow him to defy modern medicine and bring the dead back to life with his unique and highly questionable procedures.

Aside from all these Medic also plays the violin. Because why not. It’s something to do when he actually can’t cut anyone open.


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