Red Mist
Red Mist
Continuity Kick-Ass (movie)
Age 8 months shy of 18
Species Douchecanoe Human
Hair Color Dark
Eye Color Durrrr
District East
Journal mist_amigo
Player Allison
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Aya Brea - The woman who kicked him out of her house when he crashed his car through her living room. Chris might not hate Aya as much as Kyle or Garrus, but she's somewhere in that angry red spectrum. Secretly he finds her kind of hot.

Crawford Sands - Crawford is a lot of things to Chris. Descriptive terms would call him a roommate, a friend, and a teacher, but this is just scratching the surface. In a city that Chris despises, Crawford is the one who offered him a home, protection, and acceptance. He taught him Bending and how to defend himself, and Chris found himself striving to make Crawford proud. Crawford is all at once the brother and the friend that Chris had never known he needed, and a lot of what drives Chris has to do with whether his actions would garner Crawford's approval. With the current rift between the two, Chris is now dealing with a large hole in his life, and is struggling to find a new, solid place to find comfort in.

Damon Salvatore - Both hates, and thinks is kind of cool, despite being half-strangled by him and threatened with murder. Damon, at least, is more tolerable than Stefan, although Chris frequently groups both together in his head as, "those two shithead vampires."

Garrus - Garrus freaks Chris out. He is a member of the police force, he's a friend of Kyle, and he looks terrifying, causing Chris to nickname him Skeletor due to his alien cranium. Chris is terrified of Garrus and makes sure to stay far away from him in person; who knows what someone like him is capable of?

Graham Specter - A strange rivalry bourn out of a beating Graham gave Chris with his wrench, and then stole his car, and then took it apart. Chris retrieved the car's engine when he took Kyle's leg and presented it to Graham in return. He doesn't seem to actively hate Graham, but he sure as hell doesn't trust him, either. A weird guy, but at least he honors agreements, and Chris does respect that if only in a tiny way.

Kick-Ass - Kick-Ass confuses Chris. The guy seems to think the two of them are destined to be arch nemeses, but Chris doesn't see it like that (yet). He gets frequently annoyed when Kick-Ass refers to Chris and his dad as the Bad Guys, and himself as a good guy; he loves his dad, yo, stop insulting him. Now sees him as sort of a rival gang buddy, not someone he wants to be particularly close to but doesn't mind spending time with. Just as long as he drops the Super Villain shit.

Kyle Madigan - HATES. Just…absolutely despises in all ways, shapes, and forms. Finding himself on the wrong side of the law most of the time, Chris has grown to deeply distrust the police force, of which Kyle is a central part. Stole his fake leg, too, and their relationship has only blossomed from there. There may also be a little bit of jealousy Chris is harboring over how well Kyle seems to get along with the city.

Lelouch - Lelouch is something of a mystery to Chris. Chris is well aware that Lelouch is much smarter than him, and thus is suspicious that Lelouch has ulterior motives behind all the niceties. He did get sick enjoyment in provoking Lelouch through cursing at his sister, but otherwise is wary of further interaction. What does this guy want from him, anyway? There's no such thing as a kindly philanthropist and Chris is almost certain he's being used.

Mitham - Someone Chris actually wants to look out for. Mitham, at times, comes off as more pitiful than even Chris himself, and that the two are often being beaten by people bigger than they are only cements the strange desire in Chris to look out for the little guy. He likes that the two both distrust governments, and uses that similarity to justify his worry for the kid.

Ollie Green - Slowly warming up to Ollie. Chris was initially hesitant of getting along with the famed superhero due to his rampant teenage drug use, but soon came to grow fond of Ollie, even when the man pushed him to what he felt was an unfair degree. While Ollie has never been there for Chris at the lowest points in his life in Nautilus, Chris appreciates the distance the two keep up as evidence that Ollie thinks he can handle matters for himself.

Orihime - Another confusing person. While Chris likes her well enough, he can't shake how weird it is that someone is actually this nice, all the time, and is just waiting for the rubber band to snap and Orihime to prove that she's not all sunshine and rainbows. If she had more of a dual personality, Chris would trust her a little more, but as of right now he's still suspicious that she hasn't had a bad day in her life, which makes it difficult for him to relate to her on that level. He is grateful that she gave him a place to live, which he stayed in for all of one day, but he doesn't want to fully rely on her to solve his problems. Chris has trouble asking for help.

The Riddler - While occasionally the butt of gay jokes due to his living situation with Batman, Chris actually finds the Riddler pretty cool, and as a comic book geek is fascinated by him. Each conversation, no matter how badly it goes, is secretly filed away in his head and treasured. He desperately wants the Riddler to like him, but understands that letting him know about it would be pathetic.

Starscream - Loathes. Starscream was the first person Chris met in Nautilus, and forever cemented Chris' hatred and distrust of Cybertronians when Starscream opened fire on him for fun. Chris harbors an angry grudge over the fact that his entrance in the city was coupled with a fear for his life, and will likely never forgive the jet.

Stefan Salvatore - Lumped in with Damon as "those two vampire assholes", Chris may trust Stefan a little more than Damon not to pummel him, but trusts Damon more than Stefan on who's going to try to sexually assault him first. Chris dislikes how touchy Stefan is, and feels the need to constantly reinforce boundaries due to not being used to coddled in Nautilus. Stefan reminds him a lot of how his mother might treat him, which makes it all the more important for Chris to showboat in front of the vampire in order to prove himself competent enough to get along on his own.

V - Chris looks up to V, and is second only to Crawford in the people Chris will willingly go to for advice. Though he finds V aloof at times, and almost metahuman, Chris is constantly in awe of the vigilante and tries to emulate a lot of V's behavior, hoping for acceptance and to gain an advisor. V is super-cool in Chris' book.

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