Reisuke Houjou
Reisuke Houjou
Continuity Mirai Nikki/Future Diary
Age Four
Species Human
Hair Color Orange
Eye Color Green
District Western District
Journal oktimetokill
Player Poe
Theme Song Cuppy Cake Song Just Kidding.

I think.

"I don't need that kind of justification. I'm just killing you because I like you."


Once upon a time Deus Ex Machina, the God of Time and Space, was bored created a survival game that required 12 participants. Each participant kept diaries before Deus gave them a replacement diary that could tell the future. The diary entries are written in the previous manners the owner used before given this other diary (ex. The main character, Yukiteru, updated his diary (his cell phone) by describing what was going on around him. All of the future entries are about what’s happening around him. Yuno (who’s diary is also a cell phone) wrote about what Yukiteru was doing, therefore her dairy’s future entries are all about Yukiteru.) The 12 participants now must use their diaries in this Battle Royal to become the next God and replace Deus.

Yeah, kind of not something a four year old should get into but what can you do when the God of Time and Space offers you the power to see the future and become God?

That and Reisuke said he would join the game if he could see an alien. So help me Deus, he not only saw a person dressed up as an alien but got a tour of space on a flying plate belonging to God. I kid you not. Check the extras in the back of volume 3.
Anyway, Reisuke's diary resembled a colouring book and would summarize his activities for that day. Unlike other diaries that showed events in increments of hours or even minutes and for the next few days, Reisuke’s diary only has three entries for the whole day: One for the morning, afternoon, and for the night. Seems kind of useless but he's a creative kid.

Okay, enough about diaries and onto the four years he's lived on Earth:

Reisuke is shown to have a rather lonesome upbringing. It’s shown that his parents were abusive towards one another, arguing in front of Reisuke as he sits at a table attempting to draw. His parents were also members of a religious cult belonging to the 6th diary holder, Tsubaki Kasugano, mostly likely leaving Reisuke alone to fend for himself.

Due to an incident in the temple belonging to the 6th diary holder, she was killed (along with many members of the cult) by the 1st and 2nd diary holders, Yuno Gasai and Yukiteru Amano. The cover up for the terrible event was the proposition it was a mass suicide and among the victims were Reisuke’s parents. After their death, Reisuke was shown being taken care of at a hospital (being found at the crime scene) that’s meant for criminals who can‘t go to other doctors, taking him in to try and give the impression they’re a regular hospital. The ninth diary holder, Uryuu Minene, met Reisuke and soon found out he already made a plan to kill the murderer of his parents. When Minene asked if Reisuke if he is taking revenge for his parents, he replies “No.” Telling her his parents weren’t nice people and he wouldn’t avenge people like them. The reason he wanted to find their murderer was because he felt as if the murderer had gotten the best of him and Reisuke didn’t like the feeling of losing to such a thing.

After Minene chased Reisuke throughout the city in an attempt to help him with his plans of gathering items for his revenge (along with trying to get him to take back his hand puppets) she eventually found him amoung the body bags of the victims from the cults “mass suicide”, sleeping between the body bags belonging to his parents.

That will probably leave some scarring. Oh well, SCARRING BUILDS CHARACTER.

Reisuke then stayed under Yukiteru’s roof for three days with the permission and surveillance of Yukiteru’s mother, Reisuke’s mother knowing her through work. Immediately, Reisuke began his plans to kill the two, not for his parent’s sake but to prove that he is “elite”. Reisuke by now seemed unaffected by his parents death, showing how distant he was from his parents, stating (after saying how Yuno and Yukiteru were his parent’s enemies) “Well, that kind of thing doesn’t matter. I just want to show that I‘m better than that partnership. Okay, time to kill people.”

After several failed attempts to kill Yuno and Yukiteru (“Tripping” and stabbing Yuno with scissors: Damn it, Yuno. Where did you get that pillow to block my scissors with? Poisoning their food: DAMN IT, YUNO. How did you figure the tomatoes were poisoned just because they felt heavier than when you washed them? Electrocuting Yuno while she takes a bath: YUKITERU, I SWEAR TO DEUS-NEXT POWER OUTAGE, I‘LL BE READY.) it didn’t take a rocket scientist for the two to figure out Reisuke was a diary holder. They soon began to search for Reisuke’s diary but were unsuccessful, due to Reisuke mailing his diary to the Amano household. When Reisuke’s diary arrived in the mail, Yukiteru took it from him but opened the wrong side of the package which activates toxic gas to leak from the package. Derp.

Putting on a cleverly hidden gas mask hidden under his hat, Reisuke took his diary and began a game of hide and seek with Yuno in a toxic gas filled house. In the end, Reisuke was defeated, getting stabbed in the stomach by Yuno. Despite it all, Reisuke wasn't too phased by dying, his last diary entry stating: “Houjou Reisuke is killed by Gasai Yuno. DEAD END*- But I’m very happy.”


WILL DO THIS LATER /needs to rewrite this part


(Note: He wont be regaining his diary. Well, if he does at least not the power to predict the future with it.) Reisuke has a picture diary that’s able to tell him the future in three increments: Morning, afternoon and night. All of them appear at the same time. If Reisuke goes against the predictions they re-write themselves towards his new, shaped future. He’s quite intelligent and knows his chemicals. He’s able to improvise with the world around him when needed to defend himself. He also knows how to make gas bombs (also mentioned something about other types of bombs in the official English volumes), poison, and seems to run quite fast when being chased with a hammer. Other than that, Reisuke has no super natural powers. He’s just your typical psychotic child.


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