Rex Salazar
Rex Salazar
Continuity Generator Rex
Age 15 at Awakening, currently 20 by in-game time
Species EVO
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Length of Current Memory Set 2 years in canon, 5 years in Nautilus
District Northern District of Whirlwinds
Journal naniteknight deusrexmachina
Player Straya
Theme Songs Character FST

"If you had the power to stop all this, but it meant losing everything, would you do it?"

Canon History Summary


While Earth in Generator Rex is much the same in many ways as we know it today with a few additional fictional locations and a somewhat higher level of tech in the hands of certain groups/individuals, the main difference between here and there is a nanotech plague that was brought under control recently. Scattered over the entire planet seven years ago by a laboratory explosion in the country of Abysus, nanites invaded everything they came into contact with - the air, soil, water and the bodies of nearly every living thing on Earth. Originally intended to be humankind's solution to problems such as terminal diseases, these microscopic machines ultimately became humanity's worst nightmare.

Inactive nanites were harmless, but if activated would bond to the DNA of their host on a molecular level and cause (in most cases) ghastly mutations. Most of the time, activation of nanites occurred at random. Imagine your dog suddenly sprouting an extra head and growing as big as a car, then tearing half your house down. Or your neighbor turning into a giant, slimy tentacle monster and attacking the downtown area, throwing cars into buildings and trying eat people. From the onset of the Nanite Event, this was the chaos unleashed across the world. In some places, towns and even cities were evacuated and left to the invading mutant population. Even in major cities where humanity managed to stand its ground, such as Beijing, the population dropped by the millions over time as people either turned or died in incidents connected to the ongoing disaster.

Out of the chaos came a privately funded solution to the problem - an organization called Providence specializing in the containment and extermination of mutants, or "EVOs" as they eventually came to be known. When one of their hired blades, a martial arts expert by the name of Six, brought in a human looking EVO from the field with an extraordinary ability - the power to cure other EVOs - Providence gained a secret weapon in their fight to win back the planet.

That EVO was a fourteen year old boy with amnesia named Rex.

Over the next couple of years, Rex settled into his life as a major player in the worldwide conflict, though not without a number of bumps along the way. He was partnered from the get-go with Six, who was given the responsibility of training and handling the teenager in the field. Both of them were aided by Providence's resident nanite expert, Doctor Rebecca Holiday, and an EVO buddy of Rex's, a talking chimpanzee by the colorful name of Bobo Haha.

Between dealing with EVOs and trying to get a dose of normalcy now and then, Rex also spent time seeking information about his past and his family. In doing so, he met Gabriel Rylander, a former Nanite Project scientist who injected Rex with what he referred to as "everything", revealed later to be the Omega-1 control nanite. Once it went active, the OM-1 granted Rex a new level of power.

Eventually, Rex learned that his parents - Rafael and Violeta Salazar - were two of the scientists involved in the Nanite Project. Unfortunately, both died in the explosion. It was later discovered that Rex's older brother Caesar (also a project scientist) was still alive when the he used the OM-1 to track the younger Salazar down. As more of the pieces came together, the truth came to light: Rex was the first EVO, infused with a batch of completed nanites before the Event in order to save his life after a (near) fatal accident at the labs.

The situation worsened over time, however, especially as it became apparent that not all EVOs were out of control monsters. While outright violence between humans and EVOs never ceased to be a problem in some places, those humans who wanted peace and balance, making an effort to allow once human, sentient EVOs back into society often found their progress blocked by anti-EVO sentiments. Prejudice, borne out of fear of the unknown and what was different, led some humans to become militant vigilantes who made killing any and all EVOs their sworn duty. Even those EVOs who only wanted peace were turned into targets. All of this was further complicated by the self-proclaimed mutant ruler of the new "EVO nation" of Abysus, Van Kleiss. Though he was yet another former Nanite Project scientist, Van Kleiss was nothing like the Salazars, only interested in obtaining power for himself under the guise of uniting EVO kind against humanity.

Then, during a time while Rex was absent from Providence, commander-in-chief White Knight was ousted from his position by the organization committee and replaced with an ambitious, cruel woman known as Black Knight. With help from Caesar, Black Knight initiated a capture and collar program, resulting in the imprisonment and enslavement of EVOs across the world. In time, it was revealed that the committee behind Providence was actually the Consortium, the original group that funded the Nanite Project. They wanted their money's worth and that meant getting their hands on the lost Meta Nanites, a special grouping of nanotech that when united created the Dominion Code, granting god-like powers. Their plans for the lost tech were anything but good, however.

In the end, it was White Knight and his loyal followers (Rex included) versus the new Providence and the Consortium. While Black Knight and the Consortium managed to obtain and reap some of the lesser benefits the Meta Nanites had to offer, and Van Kleiss failed to claim any power at all, it was Rex who had what it took to unlock the true power of the Dominion Code. As it turned out, Caesar had always been aware that this would be the case and had been trying to work as something of a double agent to make sure that the Dominion Code ended up with his brother. Rex used the code to initiate a worldwide Cure Event, turning nearly every EVO back to normal. Afterward, Rex ordered the Meta Nanites inside his body to shut down permanently, convinced that no one had a right to that much power.

Canon Personality

Like many teenagers his age, Rex enjoys spending time with friends, going to the movies, playing video games and engaging in sports activities (though he's really bad at basketball). He likes to go to parties and enjoys a variety of music, especially hard rock, alternative and punk. He's also a fairly avid fan of comics and anime. Rex loves fast food, but he also has a high appreciation for a good sit-down family meal with a particular soft spot for comfort food like meatloaf and mashed potatoes. He's an outgoing, personable kid who likes to be around people.

Rex's time with Providence and White Knight's Splinter Group has forced him to grow up rather quickly in some ways, however. Though he's young, he's also a qualified field agent with a good deal of combat training and experience. He's adept at thinking on his feet and improvising in tough situations, and while strategy did not used to be one of his fortes, he's gotten better at working out plans before leaping head first into a life or death situation. There isn't much out there that truly terrifies Rex, as he's faced down some pretty nasty situations before and most certainly qualifies as a thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie. He's the sort of person who will sacrifice himself for his friends and/or the greater good if necessary; death for a cause does not frighten him. Loyalty and courage are two of his strongest defining traits.

What does scare Rex is the idea of losing the people most important to him in the life he's managed to build thus far. The few memories he has of his life before Providence are hazy at best; the clearest images he has of his parents are the photographs shown to him by his brother or the videos/photos he's found at sites like his family's old ranchero and what remained of the underground Abysus labs. Caesar is Rex's only known remaining blood relative, and Six, Holiday and Bobo have come to be something of an adopted family for the teenager. In fact, Rex has verbally acknowledged Six as the closest he has to a parent, now. Rex places an extremely high value on both those closest to him and his experiences, as there is no replacing any of that as easily as replacing lost or damaged material possessions. Yet, interestingly enough, even his memories - his very sense of self - are something he is willing to give up if it means making sure those closest to him and the world remain safe.

Despite the fact that Rex has taken life in the past, it's not something he necessarily does with any degree of ease. Death was often reserved for those EVOs who were not only incurable, but too dangerous to contain until a permanent cure was found. Likewise, death was not something Rex really wanted to bring down on a large part of his personal rogues gallery, either. When you caught a bad guy, you had him put in jail to serve punishment. That's the way it's supposed to work. In some cases, in fact, Rex was even willing to grant those who were against him a second chance and the opportunity to change for the better. Though it was not something he understood as a fifteen year old, a couple of years in the field have taught Rex that the world is not black and white, but rather cast in shades of gray. Someone's personal history, the influences in their life and circumstances beyond their control can sometimes cause people to go down the wrong path. It's a path Rex himself once walked in another life as a lieutenant to one of the most feared crime bosses in Hong Kong, an EVO named Quarry. It's also a path Six has been down as an ex-mercenary, someone who found a living in paid bloodshed as an alternative to living on the streets in his younger years. However, make no mistake about it… Give Rex a solid reason to hold a grudge or commit a crime that's unforgivable in his eyes and no second chances will offered. If death is something Rex does feel necessary to deal out, he'll seek to do so in combat. There is no honor in execution.

Despite how mature Rex is when it comes to the heavier aspects of life, however, he is surprisingly naive when it comes to some of life's other challenges. This is because his life as an agent didn't allow him to get out all that much. Though he's been on dates in the past, he has yet to be in a steady romantic relationship with anyone. It's also only been within the last year or so that Rex has stopped using cheesy pick-up lines to get the attention of attractive girls (which often went as well as one might expect). The extent of his experience with public school is via a single week he spent enrolled at his best friend's high school to play in a table tennis championship match. This isn't to say that Rex is socially inept, however. It just means he's barely been to first base and still blushes like an idiot when girls kiss him. And while he knows what sex is, trying to talk to him about anything sexually related is a real easy way to get him flustered (even though he might try to play it down like it doesn't embarrass him when it very clearly does).

Finally, while Rex is quite interested in his heritage, his memory loss and separation from his remaining family for six years has disconnected him somewhat from his roots. His father was born in Buenos Aires, his mother in Mexico City, and while Rex was raised hearing both English and Spanish, he's really not all that good with the latter of the two languages. Caesar often laughs over his younger brother's attempts to speak Spanish, since occasionally Rex's attempts to mix Spanish in with English make for hilarious sounding results. Even though he's not all that great as using Spanish himself, however, Rex does understand it fairly well. In fact, his favorite television show back home is the telenovela, El Amor, De La Pasión, El Amor.

Nautilus History (In Need of an Update)

Upon arrival, Rex was a frustrated little ball of pent energy, angry that his powers had been taken away for what he viewed as no good reason whatsoever. He spent his first couple of weeks on Starscream's island doing little more than lazing about and complaining about the lack of activities open to him. He wanted people to entertain him and play video games with him. Most of what went on in the city didn't particularly interest him. In fact, his biggest concern was regaining his abilities and then going home again to finish his fight with ZAG-RS, an AI who had plans to destroy all nanites and thus do away with all life on Earth. Ironically, despite his enthusiasm to go back and finish what ZAG started, Rex did not miss his life at Providence all that much. He was still being treated too much like a weapon, his dislike of authority had him at odds with his boss and he didn't really lament the loss of contact with Six, Holiday, Bobo and Noah all that much. Not while he knew that as long as he was in Nautilus, he lost no time in his own world. So despite the disappointing power suppression grounding him in Nautilus, at least no one told him what to do. It was a free if somewhat limiting vacation from home life.

Once the bending lessons with Starscream began, however, and America aided Rex in getting his powers back, he went home for a while and, upon returning, began exploring Nautilus more and settling in with a bit more ease. It was about this time that Rex realized that if he was going to remain Awake, there were certain things he would have to take into account without Holiday and Six around to watch his back. A first major step in personal responsibility. One of the biggest issues was the possibility of nanite overload. Granted, Rex had no idea at the time how such a thing might be possible with no other EVOs in Nautilus, but it was something he felt he needed to address. He took the initiative and went to Wheeljack with the problem, hoping the Autobot engineer could build something to extract, contain and deactivate nanites if necessary.

Over the next few months, other Wakened and reality storms put Rex into situations that either forced or encouraged him to think outside his usual box. He had to contend with a blood starved Damon Salvatore during the Inhibitions reality storm, eventually learning afterward to put aside his anger so that he wasn't at constant odds with the vampire. Rex met Kairava and Raye Hino, two people who have helped shaped Rex as a person in Nautilus. With Kairava, Rex learned what it meant to be a teacher and to have patience with someone who was completely unfamiliar with a lot of the technology that appeared with frequency in the city. Raye was the first girl Rex pursued with great interest after developing something of a friendship with her, his need to impress encouraging more mature behavior on his part. And with the zombie invasion post-Halloween, Rex found himself without powers yet again, relying partially on teamwork with the likes of Kai, Raye and Damon to survive the week long siege.

November brought the forced famine prior to Thanksgiving and even though Rex found it bothersome, he accepted the lesson that came with it: always be grateful for what you do have and don't take it for granted. It also brought what has since become an ongoing dispute with Sideswipe about attitudes regarding other species. Being an EVO and therefore a “freak” in his own world, Rex has issues with prejudice, particularly between species. He does not believe that any one species is better than another by default.

It was also about this time that a trip home and an incident there with particularly vicious EVO rabbit prompted Nautilus to bring the six-legged nightmare in as a new playmate for Rex. After a number of attempts to kill or imprison the rabbit, all ending in failure due to its tendency to die and re-spawn later, Rex accepted the idea that he would have to somehow co-exist with his enemy. Perhaps even tame it to the point where it would no longer be a danger to himself or anyone else. It's been a long process, working with the EVO bunny, but over the months Rex has managed to convince it through kindness that it has no need to be such a menace anymore.

In December there were more holiday festivities and with them, parties, an official hook-up with Raye, the city curse that turned all food Rex touched to coal for three days, and a Christmas Eve field trip with Death as the Hogfather. Despite his reservations about dressing up as an elf for the adventure with Death, Rex bit the bullet and pulled on the green garments and fake ears in order to do right by his friend. There are, after all, points at which friendship means far more than personal dignity. Besides, the cause of delivering gifts to the people of Nautilus was a good one Rex could easily get behind.

The start of the year brought about something that was a long time in coming, however – homesickness. After months of living in Nautilus and only visiting home a few times, Rex began to realize just how much he had taken his original life for granted. Life in the city was good and he had come to care deeply for his friends and family there, but he felt incomplete without active connections to the Providence crew. Another trip home brought him a good deal of emotional suffering, however, when he learned a few things about his past through a mission to Hong Kong. Finding out that he had been a thieving, lying, backstabber who sold his friends out to an EVO crime lord had been bad enough, but learning that he was subject to blank outs was even worse. His Unwakened self was not as deeply concerned, however the Wakened version had learned too much about the workings of the multiverse to take it as lightly. That was a definite turning point in Rex's life, a milestone marker that brought him closer to understanding just how incredibly important memories can be to a person. How much they define someone. He theorized that losing his memories at home could cost him his Wakened status; after all, how could someone return to Nautilus if they forgot it existed? His Wakened self stood to lose more than his memories of home, but also those of so many who were important to him in Nautilus. In what he deemed a wholly selfless act, Rex attempted to break off his relationship with Raye in order to spare her the trouble and pain of losing him should he ever blank out and return to Sleep. Raye would have none of that, however, and after a heated argument between the two of them, Rex gave in and the two patched their relationship back up again. Concerned that the information about his memory issues would do more harm than good if it ever became common knowledge, Rex confided in only a couple of others besides Raye – Starscream and Kairava. They, along with a journal of daily activities he keeps, are his back-up plan in case he ever blanks while still in Nautilus.

While the zombie reality storm tested Rex's ability to survive without his powers and rely more on teamwork with friends, the Pokemon storm left him in a position of responsibility and leadership he had not previously held before. One of the few to escape the effects of the storm altogether, Rex rallied against the idea of holding Wakened-turned-Pokemon captive and forcing them to fight one another. He declared Pineapple Island a no trapping zone and a haven for anyone who wanted to escape the trainers. He also made the effort to connect with some of the changed Wakened in order to keep them both free and safe, dedication which led him to an encounter with an enraged Xemnas in the Manhattan sector. Rex saved Firo from being repeatedly crushed by falling debris, but fell victim to Xemnas' wrath and was impaled on two long shafts of metal in half destroyed building. Much as he forgave Damon for attacking him months prior, however, Rex did not place blame on Xemnas. Similarly, when tainted chocolates post-Valentines Day began to cause relationship issues throughout the city, Rex did not blame Raye for practically dumping him while she was under the influence of the candy.

Come the end of February into the start of March, Rex finally fell victim to a city trick that changed him into a version of himself from another reality. The change is one he is still rather embarrassed about, yet he recognizes the importance of the shift. It coincided with his first encounter with Labyrinth, who “warned” Rex that Starscream would betray him someday. Rex's alternate self suffered a betrayal at the hands of a good friend, something that the Wakened version had already dealt with to a lesser degree when he learned at home that his friend Noah was actually a spy for White Knight. Few things bother the young EVO quite like being turned upon by someone he thinks he can trust, so the change helped him further face that personal fear . Especially since Starscream was one of those to come to his aid while he was stuck as his alternate self. After all, the words of Labyrinth were based upon Rex's own doubts and not so much on a definite future. Since that time, Rex has not doubted Starscream, convinced that even though the Seeker's past is a dark one, he can be trusted. It also has reaffirmed Rex's belief in Nautilus as “the City of Change”, that even the worst villains can redeem themselves if they'll just seize the opportunity.

It was not long after that change that Rex again stepped up to the plate to help others in Nautilus, particularly the most recent sets of newly Wakened. Bothered by Sideswipe's attempts to “warn” newcomers about what an awful place the city is, Rex took his turn to explain Nautilus over the network, laying out both the pros and cons while at the same time providing valuable advice on how to survive in the city. He reached out to several near total strangers, determined to teach them and guide them so that fear of the city wouldn't send them back to Sleep.

And although he didn't manage to put a stop to ill intent in progress, Rex atttended Balthazar's party with the well being of the other guests in mind, going so far as to ask Lelouch to be his partner on the outside in case anything went wrong. It was also at the party that Rex gained his third form – that of a Chupacabra – which he is now adept at changing to and from.

While he is still young in comparison to many other city dwellers, Rex is a Wakened who is quickly learning what it means to be one gear in the larger machine that is Nautilus. He does still occasionally display signs of arrogance, bragging about how great he is, but deep down Rex has come to accept the idea that teamwork is an important factor in getting a job done, more often than not. The city has taught him over time that he is not as strong as he thought and that he can't do everything on his own, he does have the opportunity to become stronger. To become more than he was when he first arrived. He has also learned to be more emotionally open with those he has come to truly trust. Though not one given over to frequent episodes of anxiety by any means, the young EVO does have his share of fears and concerns, and he has come to understand that he need not hide them behind a tough guy act when it comes to his friends. For as much as he is willing to aid them, those in his adopted family are just as willing to help him and there is no shame in accepting that help.

Even outside of his close family circle, Rex has extended assistance to many people, whether saving them from physical dangers or simply teaching them new skills, as he did in introducing Blurr to bending. Additionally, for someone who so often identifies as a world saving hero, Rex has also been very open to building friendships with those one would assume a hero would not be willing to associate with… Beyond Starscream, Rex has befriended Death and to a degree, one might argue, Xemnas and Damon. He also takes great pleasure in his conversations with Megamind, particularly when it comes to debating the “rules” of heroes and villains and whether or not there are shades of gray in between. And in regards to Sqwydd, the only other person in the city from Rex's world, the young EVO considers himself responsible for his friend's overall well being. Something that he feels he owes Sqwydd after finding out that he betrayed their group in Hong Kong. Rex places value in people and experiences over material possessions and even power, and has shown an intense interest in learning new skills from others, such as combat bending from Starscream, archery and meditation with Raye, and even baking with Death. He is an experienced bender and while a bit on the mischievous side (he really did toilet paper Xemnas' home purely out of affection!), he is willing to give one hundred and ten percent when a situation turns grim.

Canon Update Chart and Episode Listing

The following is a list of episodes for all three seasons. At this time, CANON UPDATES ARE COMPLETE.

Season 1
1) The Day that Everything Changed
2) String Theory
3) Beyond the Sea
4) Lockdown
5) The Architect (Point of Waking)
6) Frostbite
7) Leader of the Pack (Canon Update #1)
8) The Hunter
9) Breach
10) Dark Passage
11) The Forgotten
12) Operation Wingman (Canon Update #2)
13) Rabble (Canon Update #3)
14) Gravity
15) What Lies Beneath
16) The Swarm
17) Basic
18) Plague
19) Promises, Promises
20) Badlands
21) Payback

Season 2
1) Rampage
2) Waste Land
3) Lost Weekend
4) Alliance
5) Robo Bobo
6) Divide by Six
7) Mixed Signals
8) Outpost (Canon Update #4)
9) Haunted
10) Moonlighting
11) Without a Paddle
12) Written in Sand
13) Night Falls
14) Hard Target (Canon Update #5)
15) A Family Holiday
16) Exposed
17) Grounded
18) Six Minus Six
19) Lions and Lambs (Canon Update #6)

Season 3
1) Back in Black
2) Crash and Burn
3) Phantom of the Soap Opera
4) Riddle of the Sphinx
5) Double Vision
6) Rock My World
7) Guy vs Guy
8) Black and White
9) Deadzone
10) Assault on Abysus
11/12) Heroes United (Ben 10/GR Crossover)
13) Remote Control (Canon Update #7)
14) A Brief History of Time
15) Mind Games (Canon Update #8)
16) Hermanos
17) Target: Consortium
18) Enemies Mine
19) End Game, part 1
20) End Game, part 2 (Canon Update #9, midway through the ep/FINAL CANON UPDATE, end of ep)


Rex is what's known as an "E.V.O." on his version of Earth - an "Exponentially Variegated Organism." Nearly all living creatures on the planet are infected with nanites, which spread through the atmosphere more than five years ago when the main reactor in the Applied Nanite Research Center in Abysus exploded. For the majority of those living things, the nanites are harmless as long as they remain inactive. The second they activate, however, they mutate and bond with the DNA of their hosts in a variety of different ways, typically resulting in two main types of EVOs - the kind that cannot reason and often rampage, destroying property and attacking people, or the sort that maintain a human level of intellect. Rex is a rarity among his own kind, maintaining his original form when his powers are not in use. This may be due to the fact that he is the first EVO ever created, infused purposely with a completed batch of fully programmed nanites as opposed to the incomplete ones released into the world during the Nanite Event.

Machine Generation

The generation of various machines is Rex's main and most obvious power. His nanites build and break down metal within seconds, transforming parts of his body into weapons and methods of transport. From the very beginning, he managed a set number of machines that could be referred to as "ingrained." He did not have to learn how to build them out, though he did need to learn how to use/control them. They are as follows:

The Boogie Pack
A flight pack supported by twin turbines, both of which are armed with bola and grappling hook launchers.

The Rex Ride
A highly maneuverable, hover-style vehicle. Sports a retractable battering ram in the front.

Punk Busters
Huge mechanical boots that increase leaping ability and land speed. Thrusters in the heels allow for high-speed round house kicks, and spikes can be extended from the soles for extra traction and administration of pain!

Rock 'em sock 'em robotic arms that are good for heavy lifting, boxing and can spin like super-charged drills.

The B.F.S.
A giant double-edged sword that can transform into a buzz saw. Can generate from either arm.

Slam Cannon
A massive projectile launcher that can generate from either left or right arm. An automatic rear-loader can pull in metal, concrete, dirt or rock to use as ammunition.

Sometime after joining up with Providence, Rex went on a mission that put him contact with a man named Doctor Gabriel Rylander, who injected him with something he referred to as "everything." In less vague terms, it was the Omega-1 Nanite, a control nanite that allowed Rex to learn new builds one by one through training and practice. Unlike the above builds, which are copper/orange, silver and gunmetal gray in color, the "Omega Power" builds are primarily blue and black with a neon blue glow.

Blast Caster
Creates a generator on Rex's back, along with an extendable whip on one arm. The Omega-1 can channel bursts of electrical energy from the generator through the whip to stun enemies.

A pair of nunchuck/wrecking ball style extensions that build off both arms and can be spun/swung and launched at targets. When charged and crashed into one another, they fire out an electrical burst.

Bad Axes
Generate similarly to the Smackhands and Funchucks - one large ax on each arm, each with a neon blue energy blade.

Block Party
Similar in design to the Smackhands, though smaller and in shades of blue, black and silver. A generator on the back of each can create a shield of super charged atoms than can deflect physical and energy based assaults.

Sky Slicer/Slyder
Generated out of Rex's lower legs. Hover board capable of low over ground travel or flight.

Primal EVO and Full Omega Modes

There once existed a side of Rex beneath the surface that, at one point, battled Providence before Agent Six brought him on board for training: the bio-mechanical EVO. This rampaging monstrosity was several stories high and was essentially the culmination of almost all of Rex's various ingrained builds. It could be said that this was Rex's true EVO side, the ultimate nanite defense protocol as triggered by a severely traumatizing event. The process by which this side came about, referred to as "rebooting", was also responsible for Rex's memory issues.

By the end of season 3, Rex was faced with a difficult choice. Take on his worst, most powerful enemies using his Primal EVO mode and risk losing his memories and possibly his life as well, or allow those enemies to continue their reign of terror on a global scale. Rex being the way that he is meant he opted for the former option, going out into battle against near impossible odds and allowing the combined Consortium to pummel him near to death so he could reboot and take on a stronger form. With the Omega-1 on his side, however, that isn't quite what happened. Instead of taking on his Primal EVO form, Rex went into a sort of ultimate Omega Mode - a several story high, blue and gunmetal gray robot with blue flames crowning its head. Rather than taking all of Rex's current memory set from him, this mode restored a handful of his old memories from prior to the Nanite Event. Unfortunately, these memories proved to be a distraction as Rex battled the Consortium and, in the end, he self destructed in order to take them out. Rex survived the blast both physically and mentally, his current memory set still in tact.

It should be noted here that authorial intent exists in regards to Full Omega Mode and the weapons available to it; the mode comes with a rocket punch, but is also able to make use of the various Omega machines, such as the Bad Axes and Blast Caster.

Physical Endurance

Rex tends to recover and heal quickly from being electrocuted, run down, hurled into walls, thrown off buildings and used as a pin cushion. He can take the kind of physical punishment that would kill a normal human several times over and still manage to at least stagger away on his own two feet after a fight. And, as one might guess, he is far stronger than the average human, able to easily perform such feats as overturning cars while his machines are in use. He wouldn't be able to utilize his own machines, otherwise.

Despite how tough he is, Rex is not invulnerable, his body not completely indestructible. Any of his nanite generated weapons and vehicles can be shattered if crushed or struck with enough force, and that kind of damage does cause him pain. In such cases, the metal falls away and his normal limbs are exposed underneath. As long as he doesn't suffer a biometric crash or his nanites aren't affected by an outside force, he can regenerate lost machines within seconds. His ability to use his nanites is also affected by his emotional and physical statuses. Occasionally during moments of great stress, extreme exhaustion, irrational rage or loss of self esteem, for example, his biometrics (usually used in place of “biometric readings”, the highs and lows of his nanite activity levels) can crash and leave him without his powers. These crashes (though rare at this current point in canon) can last anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on how long it takes Rex to regain his composure and/or catch his breath. If his problem is emotionally based and he receives moral support from someone he is familiar with, that will usually be enough to get him back on track. If the problem is exhaustion, he'll need at least a few minutes to find a second wind. Powerful as he is, however, Rex is a living weapon who is still learning a few things about how to fight. He is agile, though not always entirely graceful, as that can be difficult when one is making use of a seven foot long broadsword. Opponents of smaller or equal size with more lightweight weaponry have managed to get the better of him in the past.

Curing EVOs and Technopathy

Rex's nanites serve a few other main purposes aside from generating builds. He can use them to cure other EVOs, reversing their mutations and absorbing their active nanites as long as they're not prepared to deny him access. Every so often, he does require an offload of nanites so that his own system does not overload with them and force his body through freakish, agonizing mutations.

Rex also possesses the ability to communicate with machines via physical contact, which allows his nanites to briefly flood and connect with other mechanisms. This permits him to control, reprogram, repair or even overload many different types of machines. His nanites also serve as his protectors, often dismantling any foreign and unwanted objects injected into Rex's body (such as tracking devices), as well as allow him to overcome the effects of many sedatives such as sleeping gas. However, it should be noted that Rex can choose to be affected by such substances; it is merely a matter of him "informing" his nanites that they do not need to combat the effects. He is also able to fight and overcome some toxins, such as sea urchin venom, whereas a stronger toxin such as that of a Chupacabra can only be held at bay for so long before he will eventually perish. And while Rex is not technically immortal and/or invincible, there is one case in which his nanites brought him back from the dead. At this point, it is unknown how far they are able to go in order to keep him among the living, but the Omega-1 was able to jump start his heart after Rex drowned in a lake. The rest of his nanites maintained his other vital organs in the meantime.

Academics and Sports

In terms of abilities beyond what his nanites provide, Rex is something of an artist. He's used his BFS in buzz saw mode in the past to create sculptures out of rock. In Nautilus, this has translated to Rex doing a fair deal of sketching in his journal entries to help him remember events.

Though he is fluent in English and understands Spanish, Rex's use of the latter language is sometimes rather unsophisticated and his accent is definitely lacking. He often mixes Spanish words with his English dialog, leaning toward Mexican and urban slang if just for the sake of sounding cool. However, thanks to some home schooling efforts made by Holiday, Rex is at least a little better with Spanish now than he was at the start of canon.

In terms of other physical abilities, Rex is also an excellent volleyball player (in sharp contrast with the fact that he can't shoot a basketball to save his life), a strong swimmer and quite agile. He has more than done his share of parkour style roof running.


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