Rion Steiner
Rion Steiner
Continuity Galerians
Age Appears 14
Species Galerian
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
District Western District
Journal doorwasopen
Player Rev
FST This Familiar Parable
Theme Song Parabola by Tool
Forsaken by VNV Nation

"I do not care who produced me. I do not care who created me.
"I am my own person, not a doll for you to play with."


Growing up, Rion Steiner led a fairly normal life. He had at least one best friend, Lilia Pascalle, and a loving mother and a working father. Since a little before Rion was born, his father had been working on a new development for creating a supercomputer capable of mass cell regeneration, in order to better the lives for those in the city. Power supply was very hard to come by, so Albert Steiner and his colleague, Dr. Pascalle, had been working on the project for some time. Not long after Rion was born in 2506, the project’s development had been complete. Two years later, his friend and the daughter of his father’s colleague, Lilia Pascalle, was born.

Over the years, however, Albert Steiner and Dr. Pascalle began to notice some strange behaviors with the supercomputer they had been developing, which by this time they had called Dorothy. Dorothy developed a sense of self, and thus began to question the morals of her own creators. She asked Albert why it is that people kill people, and stated the even more dangerous question—“Why can’t I kill people, too?” Albert tried to stray her questions by saying that humans, created by God, were meant to obey God. Since humans were in effect Dorothy’s gods, she was meant to obey them. For a time, she seemed to understand this.

However, as time past, the two scientists began to notice that Dorothy had been, with her own sense of individuality, develop her own plan. While Albert Steiner and Dr. Pascalle worked, Dorothy began developing the G Project, all coded with the Family Program. With this, she planned to become a god herself, so that she would no longer have to obey the humans who she saw to be inferior. Albert Steiner and Dr. Pascalle both became aware of Dorothy’s behavior, and agreed to begin working on a virus to eliminate Dorothy entirely. However, Dorothy grew suspicious of her “gods”, and the two researchers needed someplace to hide the programs that they had developed.

At the age of five, the launch program was successfully implemented in the brain of Rion Steiner, Albert’s son. The boy had developed a high fever and became deathly ill, and barely survived the operation. A couple years later, the virus program had been operated inside of Lilia’s brain. The two recuperated by supporting one another, as Lilia’s operation seemed even more severe than Rion’s. The operation somehow left the two with a telepathic connection, in which they were connected and could communicate with each other with their minds.

Since the virus programs had been created, Dorothy launched the G Project. Many agents of the project Albert Steiner and Dr. Pascalle had bee working on were being assassinated. It was then that Dorothy began to create the Galerians—first Birdman, then Rita, and then Rainheart.

The youngest Galerian, Rainheart, was dispatched to the Steiner household. Meanwhile, Dr. Pascalle began to notice men in black coats and hats standing outside of his house. It’s possible that the Pascalles and the Steiners had been neighbors, and they were both being closely watched. Dr. Pascalle and Albert Steiner agreed to have Lilia be taken into hiding. For the first time in the several years that they had been together, Rion and Lilia were separated, able to communicate only through telepathy.

However, the Steiner household was still being under heavy surveillance, and the family disappeared one night in October. Rion was fourteen when he disappeared as well, and any telepathic contact between him and Lilia were cut off. He had been captured and taken to Michelangelo Memorial Hospital, where he underwent several brutal drug experiments and torture that in the end wiped out his memory, leaving him with amnesia.

Much time had past until he woke up, hearing the echoes of a girl’s voice in his mind. Memory deprived and not knowing who the voice was or where it was coming from, the boy had woken from a drug-induced coma, only to find himself restrained to a hospital table with deadly drugs being injected into him. The scientists were apparently running drug experiments on him and in the process of trying to eventually kill him, which in effect only wiped out whatever remaining memories the boy had.

The scientists didn’t realize it, but gradually the boy was releasing himself from the metal restraints holding him down to the stretcher via telekinesis, until he was free. It didn’t take much before he realized that the drugs tested on him were PPECs, a chemical deadly to most people, but enhanced psychic abilities and had to be administered regularly in order to maintain.

Using telekinesis to unlock the doors to his room, the boy released himself from his quarters and escaped from captivity. The scientist outside of the room called him Rion, and upon torture further explained that that the drugs were administered as per orders of Clinic Chief Lem. The man then got up and proceeded to attack the boy. Using the psychic abilities as well as the supply of PPECs riddled throughout the facility, he began exploring the Memorial Hospital, searching for a way out and getting past the hospital’s security systems while doing so.

The boy discovered his name was Rion Steiner. His family went missing, and neither Lilia nor Dr. Pascalle had been heard from in quite some time. He didn’t know how much time had past since he was taken. He learned that the voice in his head most likely belonged to the girl whose files he’d seen, Lilia Pascalle. Somehow she was important, but Rion didn’t know how.

Confused, frustrated, and in agony with a constant, tiresome migraine plaguing him, Rion stalked the halls of Memorial Hospital, eliminating any threats that came upon him. Scientists, security guards, armored guards, to snipers waiting for him around corners in the hospital and genetic freak experiments of the G Project—most likely the Galerian prototypes.

Making his way to the clinic chief’s office, Rion also found out his home address in the Forest District, on the outskirts of Michelangelo City. That was when he encountered Clinic Chief Lem, who refused to answer any of Rion’s questions as to why he was there, how he got there, and how he got his abilities. Lem claimed that it wasn’t for him to know, but Rion refused to return to his quarters. The only option left was to eradicate the boy and be done with it. However, Rion managed to eliminate the clinic chief by killing him, only to find out that Lem was actually a machine. After experiencing an agonizing short circuit, Rion was able to defeat Lem, only leaving himself in a sad and exhausted state.

Stumbling into the elevator, Rion leaned to the wall from fatigue, and practically collapsed on the cold floor. When the doors opened, he was met with a group of armored guards, promptly pulling rifles on the boy. Rion wearily lifted his head and, like a monster, began to murder off the guards en masse.

But not until he was near the entrance when a sniper aimed and shot the boy in the head, nearly knocking him into unconsciousness (or worse yet, death). And then Rion Awakened in the city of Nautilus, knowing even less than he did before.

Nautilus History

This is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down,
And I liked to take a minute
And sit with us,
And tell you how y’all came to a town called Nautilus—

Detailed description of in-game history here.


Due to circumstances, the boy developed a stubborn and irritable nature during the short time he’d been conscious. The fact that he is almost constantly in agony wouldn’t do much to improve his mood, either. His temperamental demeanor doesn’t exactly equal to him to being a social butterfly any. He rarely gets close to anyone, and the kid’s not much of a talker.

Rion is known to overexert his limits. He’s constantly burdened by excruciating migraines that will normally leave him lethargic and barely able to walk. If not careful, he will short circuit while trying to use his powers, knowing full well the consequences could kill him. That doesn’t stop him, however. He’ll often exhaust himself to the point of unconsciousness without complaint. Even if he’s in agony, he hardly regards his injuries. For this reason, he’s very reckless with his own wellbeing. He hates asking for favors, he most likely won’t accept charity, and he’s often very suspicious if anyone acts kindly towards him. More often than most, he’s dubious of adults and especially towards men. He’s more liable to gain that sort of trust from girls.

Rion’s morals are warped, if not absent, as he would be willing to twist those morals to whatever is convenient at the time. He doesn’t think twice before killing as a resort to self-defense. He also thinks that if a person wants to die, then it would be merciful to let them die. He would even be willing to carry out that wish, if needs be.

Over a short period of time Rion developed an addiction to a plethora of dangerous drugs, and clearly becomes an addict even for his age. Because of the drug, Red, he could be considered something of a pyro.

Completely numbed to the dismay that he’s killed people after his escape from the Michelangelo Memorial Hospital, Rion hardly feels remorse—or anything at all. At least he is unable to express emotions like most people would, as he’s not the feely type of person. He didn’t stop to think about why he kills, or how he kills. While on the inside he does question why he does the things he does, he doesn’t think twice before defending himself with what he has accessible. Bottom line is that he acts almost like a monster with the way he kills in cold blood with such ease. His emotional detachment in such an ugly world has led him to do the things he does. How things turned out, it’s pushed him to be this way. Sometimes, he hardly even seems human at all.

Drugs and violence and aggressive tendencies aside, Rion can also be rather mature and introspective for someone his age. He would probably be fairly open-minded if anyone were to introduce him to the concept of some philosophies.

One thing to note is that Rion isn’t a survivalist; he’s just stubborn. Self-reliance has helped him make it this far. He doesn’t like to rely on others that much, going off and doing his own thing. If anything he has a tendency to shove others away, and is known to push himself over his limits to the point where it has nearly killed him. Rion is known to go about taking extreme if not stupid actions in the things he does. He can be protective of the things he cares about, though… if he finds a reason to care.

Rion also has a dangerously short temper. He can be easily driven by that anger to carry drastic measures, often leading to making risky (if not nearly fatal) mistakes. He acts before he thinks over the consequences, if the consequence ever does come to mind. His emotional detachment is a great weakness, as it leads to his inability to handle social situations. He doesn’t know how to deal with other people’s problems. For that he can be an awkward conversationalist.


With short, dirty blond hair and narrow blue eyes, Rion is a little short in height for his age, and scrawny in build. He usually conveys a somber, moody look, if not a grumpy one, to be more blunt. Not to mention he rarely, if ever, is seen laughing or smiling. Rion is all about the serious business. Most of the time. He’s got something of a plain look to him as well.

He usually wears reds and blacks and whites, long-sleeved shirts, and standard combat boots. The clothes he wore had been stolen from the Michelangelo Memorial Hospital. He has a black collar that looks more like a regular belt that he wrapped around his neck (this possibly helps circulate the blood because the PPECs are injected through the neck). His left ear is pierced by a silver loop earring. On occasion he will wear a watch.


Rion was given psychic abilities with the help of drugs and the sciences that were available by the year 2522, after being experimented on prior to his coming conscious. Because of the nature of Rion, he is one of the few people that can take such drugs and not die right after taking them. In fact, after awhile the kid became highly addicted to the deadly drugs, also known as PPECs.

  • BEEJECT: Essential for the use of offensive PPECs. Beejects are gun-shaped injectors for injecting liquid PPECs into the body. Load drug cylinders into the device, press the muzzle against the neck, and then pull the trigger.

Offensive psychic abilities include:

  • NALCON: The ability to focus mental energy into a powerful shock wave, something akin to telekinesis and capable of throwing even a mammoth of a person with great force. Works very well on robots as well.
  • RED: If causing enough heat for a short period of time, Rion is able to set living objects aflame. Naturally, this does not work so well on machines, but very handy when wanting your enemies well done.
  • D-FELON: Another drug which allows an anti-gravity field to be set around him, raising anything within the field into the air, entrapped within the invisible wall. While trapped within the wall, it is quite agonizing, before being smashed to the ground with a bone-shattering force.
  • TELEPATHY: Rion can hear the thoughts of others, as well as bounce off his own voice into their minds. This power is strongest when linked with Lilia. He can, on occasion, enter the minds of other people as well, although this is typically a “white space” inside of their subconscious. Rion does not need any PPECs for this, but it takes a lot out of his mental energy.
  • SCAN: Another ability Rion has without the need for any PPECs. Scanning allows him to experience brief visions by checking inanimate objects and, sometimes, people. This ability helped him in the process of catching short-lived memories of his previous life. Sometimes the visions will hit him in a disquieting way that will render him unable to respond to anyone, if he is experiencing them.
  • SHORT CIRCUITING: With the exception of Scanning and telepathy, overuse of his psychic abilities and overall exertion can put Rion in a state of shorting out. This is a side effect of the PPECs. Short circuiting will not only deprive the user of any of their other abilities, they become uncontrollably dangerous to be around.
  • DELMETOR: Unless treated with this, allowing Rion to short circuit will quickly lead to death to himself as well as others around him. It temporarily blocks blood vessels from absorbing drugs and quickly breaks down or neutralizes any drugs remaining in the system. This drug must be taken quickly after a patient has shorted from overuse of ability enhancement drugs, easily making it the most vital drug of all. This comes in a blue pill form, and also has a cruel counterpart…
  • APPOLINAR: Somebody’s idea of a bad joke. This red pill, a dangerous little bugger, stimulates blood circulation and, as a side effect, increases absorption. It is very dangerous when taken with other drugs as it quickly raises blood concentration and the rate of drug absorption and might even cause a short circuit. Some unfortunate subjects have mistaken this with another pill when not paying attention to what they were grabbing for in their bags and pockets. Now remember children, always carefully examine your mind-altering drugs before ingesting!
  • SKIP: A green tablet for stabilizing and increasing mental energy. It lightens the tremendous mental load required to employ an ability and enables a temporary increase in the mental limiter level. Reportedly, this capsule dramatically increases abilities. Up to two SKIP may be taken at a time before the body can no longer absorb any more of it.

Lastly, Rion is a drug addict. Being deprived of those drugs, he suffers lapses of withdrawals. Among these symptoms include the agonizing migraines, far more painful than they ever were before. At times they can be so bad that he can barely walk or see, in a blind haze as he stumbles about.


- Bending works differently for Rion than most, mainly because he’s solely focused on attempting to regain his old abilities. Because of this, he’s strong in offensive abilities, which makes him a capable fighter. However, with everything else he’s… not go good at.
- Unless suggested to do so, Rion does not sleep. He does not eat, either.
- Conjuring abilities are limited, because of the aforementioned reasons. He can, on the other hand, conjure only small things, like towels and water bottles. This has changed when America gave him the idea on being able to Bend things from a distance through the network (i.e. Bending food for Ali from his terminal).
- Rion’s left arm and leg are fake (from when his clone ripped out of that side of him), and can pop off if he wants them to. Since he created them on his own will, he can also recreate new ones as well. At this time he cannot regenerate severed limbs entirely, but it’s on his list of things to do.
- His ability to enter people’s minds has improved; being able to dig through their subconscious has become a lot easier for him. However, if he spends too much time in someone’s head, he’ll have a harder time getting out, as it’ll begin to hurt him more.
- He has harnessed telepathy to a point where he can use it over the network. At one point he delved into the system. From there, he was able to Scan a large handful of the Nautilus citizens who frequently use the network. The backlash of the incident had taken such a heavy toll on his brain that it’ll most likely be a long while before Rion ever considers doing this again.
- On January 18th, Rion Steiner Ascended to Angelii.



Birdman - Boat Lights: PROCYON FAMILY Galerian. (Deceased)
Cain - Name Of Cain: PEGASUS FAMILY Galerian.
Dorothy - Body Horror/Eyes Do Not Belong There: Supercomputer/AI created by the fathers of Rion and Lilia.
Elsa and Albert Steiner - Stuffed Into The Fridge/Genetic Engineering Is The New Nuke: Parents. (Deceased)
Lilia Pascalle - Squishy Wizard: Childhood friend; also a telepath.
Rainheart - I'm A Humanitarian: SIRIUS FAMILY Galerian. (Deceased)
Rita - I Cannot Self Terminate: SIRIUS FAMILY Galerian. (Deceased)



Hatsune Miku
Kagamine Rin
Wally West
Lelouch vi Britannia
Manuela Hidalgo
Nash Latkje
Pepper Potts
Sari Sumdac
Squall Leonhart
Tony Stark
Zack Fair


Countess Asrana of Vo Astur
Crawford Sands
Dead End
Lara Croft
Leslie Vernon
Miles Edgeworth
Reverend William Jesse
Rip van Winkle
Samus Aran
Suzaku Kururugi
Tally Youngblood


Caerula Sanguis
Cassie Hack
James Sunderland
Molly Farber
Princess Peach
The Major

More information on character relationships here.

Cityshifts and Gifts

Christmas Presents:
(Roxas) a winter coat. It's black. Definitely not an Organization coat. But it has deep pockets (probably for his pills) and it's warm. Apparently those comments about his insufficient winter clothing were not just idle chatter after all.
(Cassie) some socks. She didn’t know what to get him, but the idea is there.
(Aaron) a Christmas Tree, complete with beautiful fruits that look like ornaments that taste like gingerbread. It also ruined Rion’s <s>box</s> home by crushing it, but it’s the thought that counts, right?
(V) a Walkman with an assortment of cassettes. The tapes include a variety of readings of poets such as Robert Frost, and radio dramas including a kitsch drama, The Chicken Heart That Ate New York City.
(Squall Leonhart) a cat. A real, extremely self-sufficient cat.
(Wally) a guide to romance, a joke book, and a CD of obnoxious 80s music, just to bug him. Oh, and tons of Christmas trinkets.
(J. Jonah Jameson) some baseball jerseys, caps, mitts, and bats.
(Caerula Sanguis) windchimes. She figures that it would help him relax.
(Giygas) a music box which plays a little tune called Eight Melodies.

- a small paper bag to breathe into every time he feels the need to scream.
- Babylon Hotel in the Western District.
- a giant red jingle bell on his collar that he can't remove. Huge. Like bigger than his fist big.
- a horrible Christmas sweater emblazoned with reindeer and the name of the reindeer in question: Comet.
- Rion now has a bedroom at the Fibonacci Museum, assembled by V. The room is simply furnished, with a bed, a shelf, a lamp, and, in one corner, a stack of storage chests. The window view is some compensation; the room is at the museum's front and far-right. Hanging in it, is a painting, also known as Metamorphosis.
- a little buffalo beanie baby.
- a copy of this fic (all 44 chapters of it), and a copy of the drinking game as well. If the paper the fic comes on is destroyed, it'll just reform itself within an hour. IT'S IMMORTAL.



Canon: Abusive Parents, AI Is A Crapshoot, Broke Your Arm Punching Out Cthulhu, Bad Ass Abnormal, Blessed With Suck, Cain And Abel, Cloning Blues, City Noir, Died In Your Arms Tonight, Emergency Weapon, Fashions Never Change, Guinea Pig Family, Horrible: Voice Acting, Offing The Offspring, Plot Hole, Psychic Powers, Psychic Link, Psychic Nosebleed, Selective Condemnation, Strapped To An Operating Table, Super Power Meltdown, Super Serum, Tears Of Blood, Tomato In The Mirror, Turned Against Their Masters, Tykebomb, Voice With An Internet Connection, You Wake Up In A Room, Your Head Asplode.

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