Rip van Winkle
First Lieutenant Rip van Winkle
Continuity Hellsing
Age Somewhere in mid-70s
Species Vampire (most of the time)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
District Western District
Journal hellbornhuntrss
Player Allison
Theme Song Gloomy Sunday, for all the heaps of depression I dump on her

"I am afraid. I am afraid zhat zhis place is nozhing elaborate Hell. Zhat I have been misled into gaining zome semblance of happiness after death, und it has all been a build-up to tear avay from me. Zhat I vill lose everyzhing; zhat you vill be next."


Canon History
Rip van Winkle's canon history is short and bittersweet. She was a young member of Hitler's Nazi army in World War II, and later became a lieutenant in Millennium's Last Battalion, an army of 1,000 vampires. A member of the Werwolf special forces, Rip is put in charge by the Major to take over a British naval carrier and lure Alucard away from England. She is initially successful, instructing the British soldiers to turn on their own crew in exchange for immortality as vampires. After eliminating the British traitors, Rip takes command of the ship along with a crew of loyal Nazi vampires.

During the time it takes Alucard to reach the carrier, Rip spends her time painting a swastika in paint and blood along the ship's desk, shooting down intercepting aircraft with her flintlock musket, and singing portions of the German opera, Der Freisch├╝tz. It is implied that she is a great lover of opera and of Der Freisch├╝tz in particular, likening herself to the opera character Kaspar, and Alucard to Samiel. In a flashback, the Major warns Rip of the ironic context of her metaphor; Samiel eventually comes to claim Kaspar and drag him into hell.

Alucard later comes to fulfill this eerie prophesy, arriving on the ship and engaging a terrified Rip in battle. Though she puts up a ferocious front, in the end her magic bullet is no match for Alucard, who catches it in his teeth. Tearing her musket from her hands, Alucard pins Rip against a wall and impales her with her own weapon, sucking her blood as she gasps her last breath.

Wake History

Rip woke up in Nautilus at the end of February '09. She was without army, without a leader, and completely alone, and the thought of independence after spending nearly sixty years with Millennium was a terrifying concept. So, her first day there, Rip allied herself to Megatron and swore to follow his orders in exchange for a leader's guidance and protection. It was ignorance and fear speaking; she believed she was dead and had somehow not ended up in Valhalla with the rest of her army, and thus was compelled to seek out new advantages until she could rejoin Millennium.

Later that night, Rip bumped into the Repo Man, Nathan Wallace, who nearly sliced her throat open. She put a bullet in him in return, and the two went their separate ways, alive but injured. Taking a liking to Nathan's city shift, Rip took over the Opera House as her home, and rested there until she could patch herself up, even marking the territory as her own with a rather large, painted swastika over one of the walls.


As docile as a kitten and as sweet as sugar and cream.


Rip has been in Nautilus since Februrary, and as such has acquired a substantial amount of power through Bending. She is one of the first Angelii, and in addition to some rightly powerful Bending, can transform herself into a gray-and-red Cybertronian; her alt mode is a Mercedes Benz 770. Other known animal forms are a wolf (the most common), a cheetah, and a platypus.

She is also a vampire, and as such has the typical strengths and weaknesses applied to most vampires of Hellsing: she cannot rest well without sleeping in her coffin, she experiences difficulty crossing running water (but this is mitigated by her control through Bending), she typically keeps nocturnal hours and she must keep herself replenished with blood (also achievable through Bending). She has a mouthful of serrated, jagged teeth but otherwise is a weaker vampire of Hellsing lore; she cannot repair herself with ease, or travel through walls, and does not keep shadow companions.

Her greatest strength is two-fold; she is an accomplished sniper with a keen eye and is a one-man anti-aircraft arsenal with "magic bullets" that rip through jets and tanks, and she has an extraordinarily powerful bubble shield (thanks to training with Neriae) which can withstand most attacks from any single person.

Rip has learned how to teleport. She cannot yet fly, and has no desire to learn.

Most recently, she has been struggling to recapture at least some of the powers exhibited by Alucard in her canon, in the belief that adopting the powers of her greatest enemy will help her succeed against that enemy, should he ever arrive in Nautilus. Thus, Rip has a shadowy alter-realm that she can use to absorb people and trap them within her own mind, "eating" them. This has only happened so far to one person, and it was by accident thanks to Rip's not fully able to control said power in her sleep.


Adrian Veidt - Has formed an odd sort of relationship with the smartest man in Nautilus. She met him in person his first week in Nautilus when she helped him to Bend his city gift - a huge, dead squid in his house - into a smaller, more alive replica. Affectionate towards Adrian's monster of a pet, Rip casually began opening up; Adrian's later reveal that he was of German-American descent only heightened Rip's curiosity about the man; she would later attend his social gathering with practically no prompting. Adrian is tolerable, more so than most of Nautilus, primarily because he doesn't try to be affectionate with her. Has since fallen back to sleep.

America - One of the few people in Nautilus who still has the power to drive Rip insane. She has mocked him, kidnapped him, tortured him, shot him, and made him a vampire. Inexplicably, they are now best friends, or at least antagonistic rivals. Can't stand him but still considers him under her protection. Kissed him once when drunk out of her mind. Good-looking, reminds her of the Aryan race. Jean wrote a very decent history of the relationship between the two, that can be seen here. The two have kept up a steady, teasing relationship and Rip adopted him as one of her two Angelii upon reaching the rank of Ashura. One of the few people she would feel comfortable dying for.

Blitzwing - Of the Decepticons, Rip feels the closest bond to Blitzwing. Her first day in Nautilus, she as briefly mistaken for Blitzwing by Prowl and Megatron due to her German accent, and was aware of who Blitz was well before he stepped foot into the city. Once he arrived, she treated him as a recognized superior in her army, which astounded the rarely-listened-to Decepticon. The two would grow fond of each other when Rip would offer him shelter and protection from Megatron no less than three times; once anonymously when she took the fall for Blitzwing's killing Ratchet, once when he'd turned human and needed to assume an identity in order to avoid being killed as a 'weak organic', and once when he had betrayed Megatron after Isis, and needed to stop and reorganize his thoughts. In turn, Blitzwing has offered Rip shelter and protection should she ever need it, and if future events with Millennium turn sour, she just may take him up on that. Blitzwing also learned German, a fact that immediately enamored Rip to him, and she developed a small crush on his human form. Has since fallen back to sleep.

Dead End - The Decepticon that Rip knows the littlest about. She met Dead End his first day in Nautilus, and unfortunately experienced what it was like to ride in the seat of a Stunticon. She then took him to Megatron's secret base and left him in the company of their mutual leader. Rip is generally friendly towards Dead End, if a little cautious due to Dead End's unusual trait to offer assistance where it is needed to nearly everyone in Nautilus he takes a liking to, regardless of faction. She likes him, but can't quite figure him out and thus has yet to experience as close a bond with him as, say, Blitzwing or Megatron. Has since fallen back to sleep.

Derek Rayne - Far and away the person who has had the greatest impact on Rip's life during her stay in Nautilus. Initially interested in him because he provided verbal animosity and kept her from boredom, Rip's bullying side soon settled back down when she came to realize Rayne was a colonel, who has known war. Slowly, she developed a grudging sort of respect for Rayne, mainly due to his wartime experience and the fact that she couldn't intimidate him easily. The two initially began building their relationship through an exchange of training; Rayne teaching Rip how to survive in close-combat situations and Rip showing Rayne how to shoot better. When Rip took the fall for Ratchet's murder, Rayne, as head of the prison, protected her while she was under arrest. Later, when the city was under the rule of Starscream, Rip and Rayne fought together; first to protect the Western District safehouse and then later by Megatron's side at the Tower.
Slowly but surely, their relationship developed from antagonists to friends to lovers, as Rip continued to seek him out for companionship, attention, and affection. Rayne has had a puppy named after him, had been an instrumental part in the warfare between Rip and America, and generally has been by her side through her long months of loneliness. When he died - and remained dead - for three long months, Rip was devastated. Now with his return, Rip feels conflicted about a possible rekindling of what affection they had (As Rayne carried on a much longer, and arguably much more fulfilling relationship with someone else outside Nautilus in his many years away), and also fiercely protective of him. Whether or not the two will regain that spark is less important to Rip now than keeping him safe and away from the Major, who has taken an apparent liking to the Martian admiral. Has since fallen back to sleep, but promised Rip that this would not be the last time she would see him. She remains locked to the idea that one day they will be reunited.

England - Chief of all the limeys, Rip usually cannot stand anything England says, does, or is, regardless of anything he tries. One of her favorite punching bags, Rip will often seek out England to torment and tease him, resenting his very existence in Nautilus. Otherwise acknowledges him as a pest.

Kid Flash - if Rip hates and ignores all children in Nautilus, Kid Flash is the exception that proves the rule. Having wormed his way into her life through steady persistence and an open heart, Kid Flash, or Wally, somehow finds Rip to be an endearing person on which to heap affection. Initially regarded as a pest and nothing more, Rip has slowly grown fond of the boy who would not leave her alone, and has been through many a test and trial with him. Considered to be one of her closest and youngest friends, Rip will actively seek Wally out if she believes him to be hurt or upset. Has become rather overprotective of him, much to her surprise and dislike.

Larry Butz - Considered the person who changed everything. While all of Rip's friends previously up to this moment - Derek, America, Megatron, etc. - were considered tough and smart soldiers in their own way, Larry Butz….isn't. The two met accidentally when Rip was knocked flat on top of the man and, without meaning to, pierced his neck with her fangs. This accident triggered a sudden relationship neither of them wanted: Larry was now her unwilling fledgling. Considered small, weak, and generally made of fail, Rip despised him for his apparent lack of everything she valued, and set about trying to bully him into behaving more like a vampire. When this failed to work, she tried to appeal to his own better nature, and found to her surprise that though Larry would never be a bloodthirsty monster, he was surprisingly kind and sweet and helpless, like a baby bird. For Larry, Rip created what would become her blood snowcones, in order to coax her new fledgling not to starve himself. When the threat of Isis loomed for the first time, Rip was all ready to say that those who could not defend themselves from her were weak…until she thought of Larry, and how affectionate she had become over him. Grinding her teeth, Rip was forced to admit that the strong must have a role in protecting the weak, thus leading to probably the biggest social upheaval of her beliefs in her entire time in Nautilus. Because of Larry, Rip finally admitted that she did want a role in preserving the safety of those too week to defend themselves. Has since fallen back to sleep, leaving a tiny bit of the vampire devastated.

Megatron, Nathan Wallace, Neriae, Pearl, Pip Bernadotte, Princess Peach, Pyramid Head, Ratchet, Roxas, Slade, Starscream, the Major, Tony Stark, V, Vincent Valentine.

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