River Tam
River Tam
Continuity Firefly
Age 16
Species human weapon
Hair Color dark brown
Eye Color brown
District some district
Journal fixspellcheck
Player Renee
Theme Song Buenos Días

"Played with Kaylee. Sun came out, and I walked on my feet and heard with my ears. I ate the bits, the bits stayed down, and I work. I function like I'm a girl. I hate it because I know it'll go away. The sun goes dark and chaos has come again. Bits. Fluids. What am I?!"


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Nautilus History

River arrived May 4th, in the Southern District. Screaming. It seems that removing her powers had only negative effects on her psyche.

Receiving Nautilus's gift next week didn't help. She woke up with some familiar-looking blue gloves on her hands, and proceeded to scream some more.


Description of character personality.


Psychic abilities. Reading minds, heightened empathy, and limited precognition, none of which she can properly control. A permissions post for her powers can be found here.

Physically, River is a very skilled fighter, drawing upon her abilities as a dancer. However, she is very unlikely to use these fighting abilities of her own volition. She can be triggered to, just as she can be triggered to "shut down" and immediately fall asleep.


Not yet.


Kaylee Frye - Kaylee feels as though she must stand in for Simon, River's older brother, as the girl's caretaker. It's a good thing that the two had a pretty good relationship beforehand, despite Kaylee being somewhat afraid of her. River took to the idea of Kaylee being a "temporary older sister" very easily, despite her bratty comments. Kaylee doesn't quite have Simon's ability to calm River down during her occasional fits, but River does trust her, and loves to play with her when she's in a good mood.

Anomie - When she and Anomie first met, it was River's first experience of being on the other side of someone spouting nonsense and not being able to understand it. However, River quickly took Anomie's words and gave them her own definitions, and the two managed to have two separate conversations simultaneously. This relationship will change when River's powers begin to return to her.

Aerith Gainsborough - Aerith's "motherly" aura immediately attracted River to her, with her natural, pre-Academy empathy. Aerith basically gives off all the feelings River wants: safe, caring, non-judgmental. This shocked River into calm. As they spoke, Aerith's playfulness and genuine attempts to understand River's convoluted speech patterns made the girl appreciate her that much more.

Starscream - Although she didn't sense (with no powers involved) any malice from Starscream, speaking to him makes River uncomfortable. It may be the way that he calls her "crazy girl".

Graham Specter - These two are probably the only people that can understand one another completely. River absolutely loves it. She loves talking to Graham about anything, despite Kaylee's hesitance to trust her fellow mechanic. The two had a conversation about ice for hours. Without actually talking about ice. River thought it was absolutely brilliant.

Dexter Morgan - She doesn't know about his "dark passenger" quite yet, but she can already tell she doesn't quite like him. Well, first impressions tend to stick, and she wasn't in the greatest of moods when they first spoke. She's completely intent on proving to him that blood can lie, though the fact that she is too afraid of needles kept her from giving him a proper sample (she offered her hair, instead).

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