Romana II
Romana II
Continuity Doctor Who
Age ~150 years
Species Timelord
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
District South District
Journal abitshort
Player Jax
Theme Song (Optional)

"But it is, isn't it? A moment to choose. I've got to be my own Romana."


• Romana grows up on Gallifrey, in the House of Heartshaven (though not much is known about this house, so it can be assumed it was fairly standard). When she got older, she was sent to the Time Lord Academy— and she hated it. She was academically leagues above her peers and she knew it. Her cold attitude towards them and her ability to easily surpass them in courses lead to her getting the nickname 'the Icemaiden'. She graduates from the Academy with nearly perfect marks. After leaving the Academy she takes up a job at the Bureau of Ancient Records.

• Though she does not remember it afterwards due to her memory being wiped by Braxiatel, she was contacted by the spirit of Pandora, who informed her that her genetics had been modified throughout the years in order to make her the perfect vessel to rule Gallifrey again. This eventually leads to her becoming the President of Gallifrey in the future.

• The White Guardian, appearing to her as the President of Gallifrey, assigns Romana to accompany the Doctor in recovering the pieces of the Key to Time, which was used to maintain the equilibrium of time and needed by the White Guardian to maintain universal balance. She was given a tracer to help locate the pieces.

• Despite the urgency in their mission, the two (and K9) experience various interruptions along the way. During her time with the Doctor, Romana receives the shortened version of her name (Romanadvoratrelundar was a bit of a mouthful) and visits Earth for the first time, though she considers humans to be relatively primitive. Though she initially viewed the Doctor in a more hostile manner, considering him an academic inferior, she grows to appreciate or at least respect his company during this time.

• The first is found on the planet Ribos, the second on Zanak, and the third on Earth. In all cases, the pieces were usually found after either saving the planet itself or defeating criminals on the planets they're searching on. Although the fourth segment initially was located on Earth, it was in the form of a meteor which Romana destroyed in order to stop a plan that was under way involving it. It reformed on Tara, as a statue. On Tara, Romana was caught up in a politically-motivated wedding due to her likeness to a Princess on the planet.

• After the fourth piece is recovered, Romana is intercepted and called for an interview by UNIT (despite her annoyance at not being able to move forward and find the fifth piece). After being questioned concerning the Doctor, she's free to move on to Delta III with him, where the two of them were held as sacrifices in a ritual to Kroll. After defeating Kroll, the fifth piece is found within him and recovered by the Doctor.

• After a false lead in Rome, the two head to Atrios, where Romana is captured and tortured. The events of her torture by the Shadow eventually lead to her regeneration, though she does not know this is the cause at the time. The sixth piece turned out to be the Princess Astra herself.

• The pieces are assembled in the TARDIS, and then quickly disassembled after it gains the attention of the Black Guardian. In order to prevent the Black Guardian from hunting them down, the Doctor gives the TARDIS a randomizer. The pieces of the Key are sent back out into the universe.

• Shortly after this, Romana completes her regeneration into her second form. She settles on copying the form of Princess Astra. Despite the key being complete, Romana decides not to return to Gallifrey and continues her adventures with the Doctor, planning to finish a thesis on him.

• Their first location lead Romana to encounter the Daleks, and their second took them to Paris, where they prevented the Mona Lisa from being stolen as well as all evolution on Earth ending. Before they could move onto a new location, however, Romana heard the call and it was then that she Woke.


Romana somewhat prides herself on being clever— she did graduate with top marks from the Academy, after all— to the point of being a bit of a know-it-all at times. She's not terribly boastful about it, just matter-of-fact. It's first nature for her to point out flaws in others' logic or plans, and she isn't a fan of guesswork when there's an actual solution to be found. She can be a bit stubborn because of this, but doesn't seem to get particularly riled up in arguments. Rather, she handles disagreements in a straight-forward manner. She's very by-the-book, largely due to lack of experience in actual traveling (she's far more used to the Academy).

Along with her stubbornness comes a very strong will— she knows what the right thing to do is and she doesn't take kindly to people preventing her from following that path. Though she's hardly a fighter (her third regeneration came about seemingly because she wasn't ruthless enough to properly lead), she isn't afraid to kill when she knows the situation calls for it (even if it saddens her), though she prefers not to have to injure people senselessly. Instead, she finds a way to outsmart her enemies. If there's another plan she can come up with to get out of a situation, she'll go with it.

Romana's first regeneration was incredibly haughty, and wasn't very impressed by the Doctor's attitude. She considered him childish and stubborn and often got annoyed by his personality quirks. She at first viewed him as an academic inferior to her, much like she viewed everyone at the Academy (which is exactly why she hated it so much). This often lead to her being rather bossy. Though she does grow to respect his experience, given that he's about six centuries older than she is, she still considers herself to be more intelligent than he is. As a matter of fact, she had a tendency to look down on most others. Her nickname at the Academy was 'the Icemaiden' because of how cold she was towards others.

Though her current regeneration isn't as serious as her first, many of those personality traits carried over. She's still occasionally haughty and just as stubborn. She does respect the Doctor much more, and in fact seems to go along more with his personality. She's less strictly by-the-book and more lighthearted. She still tends to look down on others at times, and can often be resentful at first, but she usually gets over it the longer she knows an individual. She still exhibits a very strong will and a quick reaction time, giving her a good ability to improvise her way out of a situation.

She's not easily impressed and doesn't like people beating around the bush or making a larger deal out of things than they ought to be— she's practical above all else. Despite her book smarts, she's a bit naive due to how little she's traveled and how young she is compared to other members of her species.


General Gallifreyan stuff. More resilient than humans, able to survive long drops, extreme temperatures, electric shocks, and high levels of radiation. At the Academy, Romana learned how to stop her hearts to feign death.


Important relationships and connections.

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