Continuity Kingdom Hearts
Age Unknown (appears mid-teens)
Species Nobody
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Blue
District Northern District
Journal journeybroken
Player Remiel
Theme Song "The Other Promise" / Switchfoot - Dare You To Move

"What's gonna happen to me now? Just tell me that. Nothing else really matters anymore."


I'll expand on this later, here, have the basics. With a few Spoilers. Careful.

As Sora's Nobody, Roxas was 'born' when Sora gave up his heart to the darkness to save Kairi. During the year he was able to be himself, he was admitted to the Organization XIII. There, Roxas met Axel, who took him under his wing and helped him loosen up and gain some semblance of normality from his original, helpless state. Soon after he joined, another member was taken in. This was a mysterious girl who didn't say much of anything to anyone. During Axel's absence throughout the events of Chain of Memories, Roxas gained the girl's trust, and she introduced herself as Xion. Roxas showed her the clock tower in Twilight Town, where Axel had been taking him to eat ice cream after missions. He started to include her in that tradition.

Near the end of Axel's absence, Roxas had a complication that caused him to be in a comatose state for a few weeks. During that time, Xion was exploring a new world, and she brought him seashells every time she went, leaving them on his bed with him. Upon waking and being reunited with Axel, he confessed that he'd been spending time with Xion at the clock tower, and expressed that he hoped they would be able to do that together. Over time, the three of them began to become much closer. As the events progressed, however, Xion began to question herself, and Roxas and Axel were left as she tried to figure things out. Eventually, Xion was hunted by the organization, and Axel was made to fight her. Eventually, he let her leave.

At this point, Roxas, too, began to question his existence, and started wondering why he had his Keyblade. He wanted answers, and knew that the Organization would give him none. He left Axel and the Organization behind to look for those answers. However, he had no idea where to go, and so, he ended up sitting on the clock tower, where Xion foud him. He was shocked. They ate ice cream together one last time before she told him that her time was up, and that she was 'almost ready'. She revealed to him that she was created to absorb Roxas and become a perfect replica of Sora, and attacked him, forcing him to fight. When Roxas defeated her, he immediately forgot who she was. It wasn't until after she had spoken her last words in his arms that he realized what had happened. As she faded, Roxas began to cry, though he could carry out her final wish: Free the hearts in Kingdom Hearts.

He left to do so, once she was gone and her memory was beginning to fade, though he was caught by Riku. After defeating him, Riku released the darkness in himself and took out Roxas with ease. The next time Roxas awoke, he was in 'his' bed at Twilight Town, where he had grown up— or, as far as he remembered, he had. Over the final week of his summer vacation, he encountered oddity after oddity, until finally, he began to disappear and his friends could no longer even see him, nor did they remember him. He was confronted by Axel once, then again at the mansion in the woods, though he defeated him when he was attacked. After that, he was made to be a part of Sora once more.

He didn't surface again until Sora reached The World That Never Was. At that point, he attacked Sora, enraged. He calmed after losing the battle, and at the end of the game, said his final goodbyes to Axel on the clock tower, before he merged fully with Sora.


Woke. Freaked the fuck out because everyone knew him. Also because what, Axel is alive ;A;. Got picked up by Axel and taken to the Castle, where he boxed up his stuff from last time and put it in the closet. He also tossed the Organization Coat in there.

Axel gave him his replica of the Bond of Flame to use in training in their ~*~yard~*~. After training, Roxas found out the powers of his boomershoes (shoes that work like boomerangs, given to him by the city after he threw his shoe at Axel for running up a roof where he couldn't reach him). He likes his boomershoes.

Ratchet showed him around the Medbay. Went to the beach and met Mitham, found out from him that he could get his heart through Bending. Found out there were ways to recover memories from Rion, but ended up turning down the proposal. Also started Bending with Axel's help, and turned a cube pink. He made it halfway to red, at least.

The beach party happened! Tons of fun, that one.

Roxas was turned invisible, Axel flipped a table and was extremely upset because he thought he was gone again.

Roxas got his Keyblades back! He sparred with Axel.

Inhibitions Event!! Without his inhibitions, Roxas wore nothing but boxers the first half of the week. Then Axel told him about Xion, he freaked out, they got into an argument, and he ran away. He ended up attacked by monsters he couldn't handle, and got badly injured. Ratchet came and fixed him, and took him in for a couple days. Then, on his third day gone, Axel went stupid and turned himself into fire. After some very hurtful words, Roxas managed to calm him down, and then apologized and took him home.


Like the History, I'm still working on this one.

All in all, Roxas is a decently normal kid. At his core, he's perfectly satisfied being near people he cares about. He can joke around with friends, be silly, laugh at someone being an idiot, and he gets at least most of the jokes pointed at him. He's not extravagant; he enjoys the simplest things the most, like exploring new areas, hanging out with his friends, and eating ice cream. And yet, at the same time as he is rather normal for a boy his age, he is one of the most extraordinary people one could ever find.

Roxas is a stubborn person. He can be swayed when he is unsure of something, but once his mind is made up, he will not budge on his standpoint. He stands up for what he believes in, even though he has problems now and then decided what exactly that is. One thing that he always tries his best to believe in is his friendship. Arguably inheriting this trait from Sora, Roxas is headstrong and will not hesitate to fight for the people that mean the most to him. His friends mean everything to him, because as a Nobody, they are all he believes he has.

Admittedly, Roxas does not know many things that people normally do. Most of these things have to do with emotions and the reactions people have to them. It's likely that he won't hold his tongue in situations, and he could very well easily hurt someone's feelings because he doesn't understand that saying what he thinks isn't always the right choice to make. It frustrates him when he doesn't get why something is, or why it happens, so he's also likely to get angry and need some calming down from time to time. He grew angrier and angrier toward the end of Days, as things with Xion progressed and he didn't understand them. It got to the point that she knew what she was and why she was there, and Axel understood as well, but Roxas was confused, and hurt by that fact.

Because he isn't comfortable with what he doesn't understand, Roxas is not very fast to open up to people. Once they have his faith and trust, he will loosen up and become much more friendly and easy to be around. Until then, he is likely to give minimal information about himself and what he's going through. He will, more often than not, come off to people as difficult to reach, unless they find a way to be directly involved with him. This can be done by getting his curiosity (ex. Xion / he's the kind of kid who would have fallen for the candy van when he was a little kid, thank god he never got to be), or by being closely involved with a friend (and thereby making him curious).



Keyblades: They don't break, they answer to a very select few people, and they can lock/unlock anything.
Magic: The same spells Sora can use in-game, like Firaga, Blizzaga, Curaga, etc. Plus his Nobody powers, including control over the Light element and the ability to use corridors.


Week 1: Turned a cube pink and started changing the colors in his room before bed every night, worked harder during the day on bringing back his Keyblades.
Week 2: Regained Oathkeeper, the walls and floors of his room were turned black.
Week 3: Oblivion returned.
Week 4/5: Room recoloring complete, chessboard patterns adorn the bedding and the edges of the walls.



Organization XIII

I. Xemnas: The Superior. Roxas was taken in by Xemnas, and he served under him for most of his time in existence. He no longer does, however, and understands the wrongs he committed.
II. Xigbar: Obnoxious. Says 'as if' a lot. And called him tiger.
VII. Saix: Intimidating. Everyone took their orders from him, and it wasn't wise to argue against them.

  • In Nautilus, he seems to be acting a little weird around him. He doesn't quite understand why.

VIII. Axel: His best friend. The only person from the Organization that he knows he can trust.

  • In Nautilus, Axel was the first person to reply to his entry, and immediately came to find him. They're living together in the Castle That Never Was, along with Namine and Demyx.

IX. Demyx: Probably one of the easiest Organization members to get along with. No trust is needed with this one, as long as you don't ask him to do anything. If you don't mess with him, he's generally harmless (by choice).

  • In Nautilus, Demyx was the first to tell him he'd been there twice before. They live together.

XIV. Xion:


Sora: His Other. Roxas knows he can trust Sora, and he does to some extent, but being able to coexist without being one entity is a little odd to him.

  • In Nautilus, they're sort of attempting to kindle a friendship?

Riku: B( fml.
Namine: She is important to him, the same was Sora is. If anyone ever put her in danger, he'd be one of the first to jump in their way.

  • In Nautilus, they are living together, and are glad that they can be near one another without the stressful environment they met in.

Kairi: One of Sora's best friends, and Namine's Other. The warmth from this girl is almost tangible.

  • In Nautilus, she is tiny. And adorable. And sweet. And living with Sora and Mitham.



If you've made this list, you're someone Roxas feels like he can trust. He's decently impressionable, so even people who are on the friends list are subject to moving to a different section.

Ratchet: The only person to instantly make this list. Axel told him he could trust him, so he did almost instantly. It's a big deal when his best friend tells him that, and every time he's talked to him, he could tell why Axel made the suggestion. Ratchet gives him a sense of security that seems natural; it's easy to get comfortable around him. On top of that, he took him in and healed him up when he was injured and arguing with Axel. Papa Ratchet get.


This list is for people he's friendly with, but isn't sure he can trust all the way yet.

Mitham: The first person he met who didn't already know who he was! This kid made it high up on Roxas' list very quickly by making him realize that, in Nautilus, he could get that heart that's kept him from being complete for so long. He's creative and insightful, especially for being as young as he seems to be. He sees things very differently than Roxas, yet they can relate to one another, making them fast friends. Mitham lives with Kairi and Sora, and that doesn't surprise Roxas in the slightest.
Rion Steiner: They were friends before. That seems to have meant a lot to Rion. Apparently Roxas did a lot for him last time he was here, which means he's interested in finding out why now. If they were friends before, there has to have been a reason. And now, Roxas is reaching out to try to find that reason, after finding out that Rion doesn't hold his memory loss against him.
Zack Fair: Oh jesus this man is chipper, Roxas doesn't even. what. There's something a little weird about him, but he and Roxas get along well enough.


These are the people that Roxas has some sort of interest in. This is generally where everyone he meets is going to end up. You could really go any way, sitting in this category.

Sideswipe: Really doesn't know what to do with you, buddy. Nevermind, Ratchet told him what to do with you. Ignore attempts at harassment and don't take you too seriously. Roxas can manage that.
Wreck-Gar: Woahinyourface. He came on just a bit strong for the stressed out kid. But he certainly seems friendly enough.
Manuela: She seems considerate. Didn't act like she would pursue him much on any subject he wasn't comfortable with, so he'll probably be able to get along with her this time around, too.
Tony Stark: This guy's just a step away from moving up a category. He introduced himself casually, and let him know he'd be there to help if he needed it. He understood the stress Roxas was already going through and handled him accordingly, making Roxas a little more inclined to like him.
Lelouch: Axel said he was a helpful kind of guy. He was very calm, and Roxas doesn't mind him much.
Rip van Winkle: She's right there with Tony. She said some very soothing things that helped him calm down and start relaxing right away. However, the second time they spoke, she was just a little intimidating. He's really not sure about her.
Starscream: Axel says he can't trust him as far as he can throw him. This makes him a little apprehensive around him. He's still not sure what to make of him though.
Pepper Potts: She seemed pretty hurt when she found out he didn't know her. Roxas wants to make it up to her (and everyone else he hurt).
Crawford: He said some nasty things about Axel, and got himself rather disliked. Then he started to redeem himself and has been given a second chance.

Causes for Apprehension

If you're here, you have offended him or made him suspicious of your intentions or nature. You can still redeem yourself, but for now, he probably won't be reaching out to fix it himself.


Yeah, you fucked up. And you probably don't care.



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