Saint Walker
Saint Bro'Dee Walker
Continuity Green Lantern: The Animated Series
Age Unknown
Species Astonian
Hair Color N/A
Player Lina Trinch
Theme Song TBA

"There is always hope."


Saint Walker was once a highly religious priest on his home planet, Astonia. However, due to Atrocitus' armies of Red Lanterns enslaving civilizations and destroying the ones who refuse his rule, Astonia was destroyed along with countless other planets because of the Red Lantern invasions.

Saint Walker survived his planet's demise and somehow arrived safely on a planet simply named Mogo. It is hinted at that he crash landed there in his ship, but the specifics are, as of yet, still unclear. The planet Mogo had taken on many other crash landed refugees from other planets, but the only other few that inhabited the area were shallow people thinking only of themselves and vowed to destroy anyone in their way.

During his time there, Walker learned that Mogo, the actual planet, was a sentient and very wise being, but it was kept secret from the other inhabitants. Saint Walker was peaceful and open minded enough to help Mogo and follow his advice in any way he could.

Not too long after, however, a meteor threatened to destroy Mogo, so Green Lanterns Hal Jordon, Kilowog, Aya, and Red Lantern Razer delayed impact in order to find any sentient life on the planet and evacuate them to safety. At the same time, they had reason to believe that another Green Lantern was stranded on the planet and they eagerly sought them out in order for them to join their cause against the Reds, but it proved to be no luck for a while.

During their stay on Mogo, Saint Walker had come across the Green Lantern Ring that was left unclaimed and sought out a member of the crew to return it to them, despite him knowing who the new Green Lantern was the entire time. While on his search, he came across Razer, an anger driven young man who seen Walker's upbeat and gentle attitude as irritating and enough reason to attack. On the contrary, Walker seemed to take a liking to Razer during their first meeting. He was obviously a troubled soul, so he simply wanted to convey that a calm and open mind could do more good than blind rage.

The point seemed to get across when Saint Walker won their small fight through simple dodging techniques and one swift jab to the neck. He then returned the Green Lantern ring to Razer and left before Hal Jordon could show up.

The Green Lanterns, during this time, captured the few other inhabitants on the planet as criminals and were preparing to depart before the meteor could impact, when Hal Jordon figured out why the ring stayed on Mogo and refused to go back to Oa, the planet of the Green Lanterns. He swiftly drilled a deep hole in the planet in order for the ring to reach the core. Once the ring was in place, Mogo gained the ability to speak, along with the general powers of the Green Lanterns. He used his power to destroy the meteor and offered to keep the criminals on his own terms, considering it was his home they had been staying on. Saint Walker watched the entire transpire at a distance, proud for his friend.

During the time that followed, not much new had transpired with Saint Walker; however Hal Jordon and his crew were on an ever pressing mission to stop the Red Lantern army. At one point, during another planet wide invasion where Green Lantern Iolande once ruled, they called for help to one of the Guardians back on Oa. The Guardian, Ganthet, agreed to help in any way he could and decided to try something he had been working on. A light powered by an emotion that was not Will, but Hope. Before he could send aid, the other members of the Guardians discovered this and Ganthet was sent to exile from Oa. He followed the law without incident, but he returned for a short while with the aid of another Guardian, Sayd. Together they released their weapon and Ganthet returned to his solitary prison before others could find out.

Their weapon was in the form of light. Hal Jordon's Green Lantern battery turned blue and emitted the light of Hope. It immediately depowered all of the Red Lanterns and enhanced the Greens. Once the battle was over and the planet won again, the battery left in search of its real companion.

Meanwhile, on the planet Mogo, a Red Lantern ship entered the airspace and took away Mogo's prisoners. While Saint Walker seen this and wanted to desperately intervene, Mogo told him not to and instead to climb his tallest mountain for enlightenment. Walker, with trust in his friend, did as he was told and climbed to the very peak. Once there, he called back to his friend for his enlightened and reassuring word, but Saint Walker was met with silence. There, he questioned whether or not everyone was starting to give up, but he declared that he refused to give up hope, knowing that all will be well.

There, on the peak of Mogo's tallest mountain, the first Blue Lantern battery in the universe found Saint Walker and recruited him to the Blue Lantern Corps.

No one was aware of this turn of events until the Red Lantern army decided to invade Oa's space territory. Kilowog stayed behind his crew in order to give them more time, so Mogo (yes, the whole damn planet) and Saint Walker joined him in his fight against the Red armada. With the Blue Lanterns power increasing that of the Greens and depleting that of the Reds, the attack was a victory against the Red army. The leader, Atrocitus, was captured and found convicted of his crimes by the Guardians of Oa and the Red Lanterns gained a new leader, who mostly wanted a fair end to the tragedy that transpired long ago in the Forgotten Zone.

Saint Walker may be without his home or his people, but he still keeps hope and faith in a new and better tomorrow. He is also not above fighting for it. During the time following the fight alongside Kilowog and Mogo, Walker wakes into Nautilus.


Saint Walker may be a man of peace, however he is not without the drive to fight for what is right and to protect innocent life. While he much prefers debate over violence, he is very aware of the difference between a time to speak and a time for action.

He is amazingly enlightened, as well. He listens and understands others and the environment around him. Because of his knowledge and understanding for people, he rarely ever has the need to use a means of attack for an answer. He simply speaks, whether the other party is calm or hostile.

His time as a priest on his home world of Astonia has given him the patience to understand others and help those that are lost within their hope and faith. As such, he is wonderful at giving advice, but only to those who need or want it. Those who do not want help or seem to be pass the point of no return, Walker does not waste time on when there is someone that he knows that can be saved near. He does this with a heavy heart, for he wants to save everyone, but he will not do something he knows would cause a sacrifice.

While Walker is a good and calm person, he is not without his triggers. He will not warrant any kind of death, but he will seek to stop and punish any evil threatening an innocent, as stated before. He also has things that are important to him and he refuses to sit still while things continue to go bad. Walker does not like to be useless or to be kept from doing what he can to help.

He is also loyal to his friends and the people he cares for, but he will not follow them on blind loyalty, despite having such trust and belief in them. Even with his caring nature, he is a very logical person. In the end, he will do what he thinks is the right thing, despite what his friends may think or do for themselves. As it were, he will not stop anyone from doing what they believe is right, unless he believes it will cause someone to be hurt in the future.


Saint Walker has experience with martial arts along with his Blue Lantern Power Ring. He also has incredible balance and flexibility, making him a master martial artist. However, as stated before, he is a lover, not a fighter. Therefore, he focuses his movements on dodging attacks and letting the opponent wear out before harmlessly restraining them from hurting others or themselves.

As for the Blue Ring's abilities, please note that at this point in time Saint Walker is the only Blue Lantern in existence. What is known about the powers of the ring is from his few experiences and comic history.

The blue power ring is fueled by the emotion of Hope and is the strongest ring in all seven of the emotions. However, he must be near a Green Lantern ring to tap into his full power, which includes powerful attacks and healing abilities, since Hope and Will go hand in hand. When he is not around a Green Lantern, the ring's basic abilities can be used. These are the power of flight and protective shields. The ring's power doesn't only come from the wielder, however. Its power can be supplemented by the hope of others nearby. In addition to all of this, the Blue Power Ring can give precognitive visions to its wielders.

Also, the blue rings have a negative effect on rings on the other side of the spectrum. It can neutralize and disarm the powers from the Red Lanterns, block the energy-stealing power of Orange Lanterns (and nullify the side effects of the wearer), and drain the power of Yellow Lanterns all together. On its own side of the spectrum, it doubles the energy of a Green Lantern, but if a Green Lantern ring is near the Blue Central Power Battery, the ring will overcharge and implode. (The Central Power Battery does not exist yet in his canon point. This is simply to demonstrate its power and effects on other Lanterns.)

Just as the other Lanterns, the Blue Lantern's must say an oath near their personal battery in order for the ring to recharge. The Blue Lantern oath is as follows:

In fearful day, in raging night,
With strong hearts full, our souls ignite,
When all seems lost in the War of Light,
Look to the stars—For hope burns bright!



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