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Character History:Sari Sumdac was raised by her father, Isaac Sumdac, in the city of Detroit. Due to Isaac's innovative work as a robotics scientist, Sari grows up in a world of artificially intelligent robots performing basic tasks such as secretarial and waste disposal work. She also has a tutor bot, which has served as a combination guardian/teacher, and is homeschooled in her father's home/robotics lab, without much interaction with anyone else.

Until, that is, actual intelligent robots land on earth. After watching the Autobots take down an out-of-control experiment from her father's lab, Sari convinces her new friend Bumblebee to take her back to the Autobot base. In hiding from the other Autobots until Bumblebee can explain, Sari accidentally stumbles upon the AllSpark, the key to all Cybertronian life. The AllSpark scans Sari, and turns her security key into a key resembling Cybertronian technology, which is soon discovered to be able to heal, enhance, or repair nearly any tech that Sari comes across.

Throughout Season 1, Sari divides her time between her father's house and the warehouse where the Autobots have taken up temporary residence. Unaware that Megatron himself is housed within her home building, Sari spends her time (usually with Bulkhead and Bumblebee, though she gradually grows into the company of the rest) causing trouble and teaching the Autobots about what life on Earth is like. Unless, of course, the Autobots are under fire from the Decepticons, which is when Sari will usually beg to come along and help.

Season 2 led to Megatron's revival, Isaac Sumdac's capture, the AllSpark splitting into fragments (making Sari's key the most important asset to the Autobots) and Sari's realization that there was no birth record or social security number in her name and that legally she didn't exist. Cast out of her inheritance in the absence of her father, Sari was forced to abandon her home and move in with the Autobots permanently. Gradually, despite the temporary loss of her father and a misplaced sense of identity, Sari grows to love her new home and the additional time spent with her best friends, and has a few close scares concerning the Autobots leaving Earth for a variety of reasons.

Despite being only a little girl, Sari has proven to be reasonably capable in a fight, helping the Autobots with her key and even managing to take on the two Constructicons by herself. With the culmination of Season 2 leading to Megatron and Starscream both removed from Earth and inoperational, the decision of the Autobots to remain on the planet to recover the AllSpark, and the return of her father, Sari's problems seemed to be all over with…

…Until her damaged, skinned elbow revealed sparking circuitry underneath.

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Canon Personality:
Sari is currently eight years old. As a young child, she is prone to moments of whining, hyperactivity, boredom, and illogical stubbornness, which can put her at odds with a lot of people. However, she is also extraordinarily brave; while at first initially shocked and scared by both the Autobots and the Decepticons, Sari quickly grows used to the reality of both and decides to do whatever it takes to help her new friends.

Because Sari was raised by her father and a tutor bot in seclusion almost her entire life, she finds it hard to form attachments to children her own age (who find her engaging, unapologetic behavior weird), and feels much more at home with machines. She loves music, rollerblade hockey, watching tv, and amusement parks: activities made all the more enjoyable now that her best friend Bumblebee is with her, but can occasionally let out her mischievous, thrill-seeking streak. Prone to moments of self-centrism, Sari is unwilling to let go of her friends for any supposed Greater Good, wanting to stay in the company of her robotic pals for all time.

Due to being young and organic as opposed to 30 feet tall and made of metal, Sari at times can feel insignificant and slighted by the rest of the team, and thus tries to make up for her lacking abilities with boundless enthusiasm and liberal use of her key, which she sees as the one lifeline she has to being a true member of the Autobots team (which is why she is understandably upset whenever it's taken from her). There's nothing she loves more than spending time with the Autobots and teaching them Earth culture, so as to make them an integral part of her world and convince them to take on permanent residence. She is not above begging and pleading.

Developments in Nautilus:
As Sari continues to grow up and grow older, the struggles of living as a teenager in Nautilus begin to wear her down. Not having years' worth of experience in being able to understand loss, each time Sari loses another friend or family member she also becomes that much harder and closed-off. Experiencing life in a community instead of a tightly-knit family has left her drifting, confused, and hurt. Being at the age where she begins to distrust adults, Sari confides less and less in her friends and allows her frustration to build inside her, until it becomes a dam ready to collapse.

If Nautilus has a tendency to mellow out some of the Wakened's more dominant personalities, in Sari it has achieved the exact opposite. Each day, Sari becomes more and more of a stagnant island, unwilling to trust in others for fear that one day, they'll leave her too. This is partially the appeal of living on an actual island; separate from Nautilus, it also divides Sari from many of the people she might otherwise associate with.

With growing up comes a more serious, depleted attitude towards life; Sari is at the age where her decisions are ruled much more by emotion than by reasoning; thus, she is more prone to speak her complete mind, no matter how much hurt her thoughts can cause. She is almost always of a divided mind: wanting to be closer and farther apart from other people, wanting to both grow up and stay little, and of the Autobot-Decepticon divide. Rather than a bridge between the two, Sari is becoming undone as the stress of self-definition begins to eat her away.


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