Continuity NPC
Age ???
Species ???
Hair Color ???
Eye Color Dark Brown
District N/A
Journal auric-centurion
Player Teal
Theme Song (Optional)

"Character Quote"


Chronicler. He seemed to serve Solaris but isn't an Ashura.


No nonsense and perceptive. And a keen eye for detail and organization.


He records things. He has a book that floats next to him that is constantly writing in glowing symbols that somehow make sense if you concentrate.

Physical Appearance

Saviel is a creature about seven feet tall and extremely slender. His body is roughly humanoid in shape, but with extremely long limbs. He wears long white robes, and over that a sort of light brown vest with what look like alien symbols embroidered on it.

He has the head of a gazelle, and its ears are pierced; from them hang long silver chains that chime as he moves his head

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