Scott Summers
Scott Summers
Continuity All new X-Men
Age Age Here
Species Mutant
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
District North/South/East/Western District
Journal character journal
Player Lylith
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The past of teenager Scott Summer follows the same lines of events that happens to his adult Earth-616 counterpart until the day Hank McCoy traveled to the past to bring the original X-mean team to his future. I’ll try to be concise but given that this is Scott Summer who we are talking about it’s going to be on the length-y side.

As a kid, while on a plane trip with his family, they were attacked by a scout ship from the alien Shi'ar Empire. With only one remaining parachute left, their mother pushed Scott and Alex out the plane door to save them. Why a test pilot in the U.S. Air Force wouldn't keep at least enough parachutes in his private plane for his whole family is beyond me but Scott’s father was never too good at thinking ahead, apparently.

Because this family has as good luck as the Kennedys, the parachute of the kids caught on fire. Scott used his powers for the first time to slow their fall with his optic blasts. Their bad landing caused him a head injury and the part of his brain supposed to control his optic blasts was damaged beyond repair. The boys were hospitalized and suffered from Post-traumatic amnesia.

The geneticist of the hospital, a mutant called Mr. Sinister, quickly developed a really obsessive fixation with the older of the Summer brothers. It was because of him that one night Scott blew off the roof of the hospital with an optic blast. The next time he woke up a year had passed while he was in a coma and Alex had been adopted.

Like a Charles Dickens story, Scott spent most of his childhood at the State Home for the Foundlings in Omaha, an orphanage ruled by Mr. Sinister in disguise. Sinister did all he could to ensure Scott was not going to leave the orphanage anytime soon, even going so far as to kill his possible adoptive fathers and brainwash the only member of the staff in all the orphanage who was nice to him.

He started to play doctor Mengele with Scott, doing all sort of experiments to the kid at the laboratory he had beneath the orphanage and then wiping his memories. It was as creepy as it sounds. Sinister holds dubious honor of being one of the first telepaths to ever mess around Scott’s head and place mental blocks on him.

Later on, ruby quartz glasses would help to ease the migraines and headaches Scott started suffering when he hit his first teenage years. However, the glasses didn't really help much when his powers manifested all of sudden in the form of an unstoppable optic blast. He had to run away from an angry mob who wanted to lynch him because they thought Scott tried to kill them.

While on the run, Scott met a mutant criminal named Jack Winters, aka Jack O'Diamonds due to his ability to turn his fist into diamonds. He also had telepathic powers and really bad tempter. Every time he tried to persuade Scott into joining him in his criminal life and the boy refused, he convinced him by force. That was the start of a really unhealthy, really abusive and violent relationship that came to an end when the FBI agent Fred Duncan and the mutant Charles Xavier interfered.

The future started to look a little brighter when Xavier asked him to join his "School for Gifted Youngsters", a place where he could keep a low profile while training his powers and receive a proper education. Over the following months the original x-mean team was assembled with Scott as their leader (who took the codename Cyclops), Bobby Drake (Iceman), Warren Worthington (Angel), Henry McCoy (Beast), and Jean Grey (Marvel Girl).

And that was the start of their wacky adventures fighting Magneto, fighting The Brotherhood, fighting for the mutant’s rights, fighting against crazy religious humans…basically there was a lot fighting until Hank McCoy from an alternate future time traveled himself to their universe and took them to the future. Hank’s idea was to show young Scott what his adult counterpart had become, hoping that it would help them fix the mess they created. In the end that only caused more problems for everyone, because why would anything nice ever happen to these people?

Jean and Scott did not take the news well after learning that one of them died like fifteen times and the other had murdered Charles Xavier and was now labeled a criminal. Scott himself was disgusted with the choices of his adult self and what he saw in him but the team quickly came to realize that what they had been told wasn't quite the truth. Adult Scott was not actively trying to harm humans on purpose and a lot of important bits of information were missing from Hank's first explanation, like Tony Stark being the one who accidentally dropped the dark Phoenix force on adult Scott.

Against common sense and everyone’s wishes, the original x-men team decided to stay in the new time line to figure out how to fix the problems their adult self caused. Soon enough they realized that they can't return to their home timeline at all, because time is a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff and they messed with it spectacularly.

Their time at the school was less than pleasant, with the other students and most of the teachers being wary (and murderous in the case of Wolverine) towards Scott and Jean. Kitty Pride was one of the few, if not the only one, people supportive of the kids and she took them under her wing. The team kept discovering more and more about the future and quickly figured out that everyone and their mother had been lying to them about who did that and why, and not giving them clear facts about how things ended so bad in the future.

While under the attack of the giant mutant-killer-robot Sentinels, Scott is hit by one of their blast and clinically dead for a few seconds, which causes his adult self to cease to exist. Thankfully, he’s quickly brought back to life thanks to the intervention of Christopher Muse, a mutant with healing powers.

Soon after that, a group of X-men from the future arrived to urge the original x-men team to get back to their timeline. Seeing as how they were shady as hell and Jean couldn’t read their minds, she tried to convince her teammates to leave but only Scott listened. In a superhero imitation of Thelma and Louise, they started to hide and run from everyone until they found some support from adult Cyclops and his team.

It was later revealed that those future x-men where really the future brotherhood of Evil mutants who were trying to rewrite history. After a massive fight that involved the Future Brotherhood, the Sentinels, The future x-men team, the past x-men team, the actual x-men team, the -whatever-is-at-this point Cyclop’s team, and S.H.I.E.L.D; the Brotherhood was defeated and brought back to their right time.

Angry at the behavior of her x-men and grateful to Cyclop’s team, Kitty Pride left the school to join his cause. The original team followed her gladly, as they trusted her and Cyclops more than the others. Things were relatively good for a brief period of time but obviously, as this is X-Men, where no one is ever allowed to be happy, it didn’t last.

Jean Grey was kidnapped by the Shi'ar so they could put her on trial for the crimes her future self committed while possessed by the Dark Phoenix entity. The Guardians of the Galaxy teamed up with the X-men to rescue her, on the way crossing paths and getting their asses saved by the Starjammers.

That was how young Scott discovered that his father Christopher Summers, aka Corsair leader of the Starjammers, was still alive and kicking. Once Jean was rescued and safe, he decided to leave the x-men and have space adventures with his dad to enjoy some very much needed father-son bonding time.

Neither Christopher nor Scott knew how to go about their relationships or were very used to behave like an actual normal family but they tried their best to make it work. After borrowing a Badoon ship they embarked on a father-son road trip across the universe. Things weren't always so easy, as they were constantly attacked by Bounty Hunters due to the bounty placed on Corsair by three galactic governments and seventy-nine private individuals. Corsair pointed out that he thinks he must be slipping, because 79 is pretty low for his standards.

Due to the way Christopher was brought back from the dead years ago he has to inject himself with nanomachines or else he will die. Christopher tried to hide the fact from his son, but giving how Scott wears a visor but he’s not blind nor stupid, he quickly noticed that something was wrong and believed that his father was doing drugs.

After a really bad landing on an inhabited planet (the Summer’s family has an excellent track record when it comes to crashing the ships they are piloting), they found themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere with little to none possibilities of rescue. Scott finally confronted his father about the drugs and Christopher explained how it was medication, not drugs, and why was he taking it in the first place. Let’s say Scott didn’t take the news all that well because he quickly did the math and figured out that Christopher had less than a month to live unless they managed to get out of the planet and get more medication.

The adventures in space with Cyclops and his dad is an ongoing series, and that is the plot of the last issue. I'll update with more info once the next one is released.


Even before hitting puberty Scott had been bullied, experimented on, brainwashed, guilt-tripped and abused on almost a daily basis. All things considered, it’s a miracle that he didn't become a straight up serial killer. In fact, there’s a noticeable contrast between all the abusive people he’s met in his life and the strict moral code he developed along the years.

His parental influences had mostly reinforced, either voluntary or by accident, his sense of inferiority and self-doubt.

There was a sense of justice and good in him even before he meet Sinister, and that was thanks to the few years he lived with his actual family. Sadly, once he ended in the orphanage, the mad scientist from the 19th Century regularly took him to a lab for experiments and wiped his mind afterwards. He left Scott with no idea of exactly what happened all those time but Sinister’s manipulations over the years messed with his defining traits of personality, sowing the seeds of self-doubt and self-hatred as well as almost cutting him from any social abilities.

Jack Winters, if anything, made his view of himself worse, crushed the little self-worth Scott had left and made him submissive. Albeit not so submissive that Scott would agree to everything the man wanted him to do, the opposition to kill and the need to do the right thing was something not even Winters could change.

Xavier, while he gave him a safe place to live and develop his powers, harmed Scott as much as Winters or Sinister without knowing. Seeing in Scott the perfect person to help him accomplish his dream of a better future for mutankind, inadvertently (an on occasions, purposely) made Scott the equivalent of a child soldier, adding more pressure and tapping at Scott's self-doubt.

Scott was trained in military tactics from age 14 and sent on missions considered paramilitary, often for things he didn’t feel he was ready for due to his lack of control over his own powers. Scott had a tendency to blame himself for everything that went wrong, and that didn't change much over the years. He’s still the kind of guy who’d apologize if he walked into a chair.

He had to be the perfect leader, the one with the responsible head over his shoulder, the one always thinking ahead. And he tried, with more or less success, always dedicated to the cause, always trying to make Xavier’s dream a reality and make him proud. Always trying to prove himself worthy.

As a result, his social skill aren’t exactly the best, not even when he’s around his closest friends. Bobby often pointed out that Scott was uninteresting and boring, too upright and generally too serious for his own good.

Scott always had been quite the loner due to his difficulty to communicate his own thoughts and feelings with others.

In the Arms of the Octopus, a comic crossover that happen after Scott had learned about the actions of his future self but hadn’t had the chance to meet him yet, he shares a conversation with Bruce Banner and politely asks him why he doesn’t end his own life if he’s aware of the horrible things he can do. Bruce banner, the HULK, of all people has to talk him out of committing suicide as he was contemplating it. And that’s why Bruce is the best Avenger, ladies and gentlemen.

Scott is often withdrawn, not always reading people’s emotions properly or others time reading them all too well and acting on reflex without thinking first. Such as the time he meet Laura Kinney and ended giving her a hug because ‘she looked like she needed one’. His total inability to behave like a normal human being combined with his teenager awkwardness make him pretty adorkable on occasion.

In spite of all this, he is a brilliant leader and tactician if only because he’s so concerned about all the possible outcomes of a troublesome situation that he makes back up plans and improvises really quickly if necessary. He is, however, not necessarily a very smart judge of character. Did I mention he has an astonishing skill of making his life more difficult for himself? Because he does. A lot.

Scott’s inability to control his own powers made turned him into a control freak over everything else around him, and thus his personality is strongly connected to his mutant abilities. He lives in constant fear of hurting or killing someone by accident, something that turned him into a deeply repressed person that shies away from others to keep them safe. He is in many ways still just a kid who doesn't always understand the world and doesn’t trust himself around others because he hasn't recovered from multiple traumatic incidents that occurred during his childhood and shaped him into what he is now. But boy, does he try…

He’s brave and selfless, smart and good at strategizing and a deadpan snarker when he’s feed up with something or someone. Usually, he’s collected and polite, showing a calm demeanor under pressure and being able to focus in dire circumstances. At this age, unlike his adult self, he’s still highly idealistic, kind-hearted and compassionate; truly believing that mutants and human can coexist if they try hard enough.

He's a bit too damaged not to damage other people he gets in contact with, even when he is doing it on purpose. At the same time, he doesn’t bear grudges or expect to have his affection reciprocated, which leads to him being surprised when someone actually shows any affection back. He got used to people judging and hating him, either for things he’s done or that he is supposed to do in the future, and he just shrugs it off and keeps going. He’s not arrogant and cares little for showing a masculine ego, however, when pushed too hard or someone he cares about is in danger he gets more authoritative and threatening.

People who don’t know Scott all that well, and often even his closest friends, attempt to pull him out of himself by giving him some missions or work to do when what they should be doing is tell him that they care for him. They might need to do that some hundred times to get it through his thick skull, though, as Scott’s self-steem is not the highest.

Which is exactly what Christopher is doing now that he’s reunited with his son again. They have their misunderstandings, a lot of things to learn from each other as well as a lot of personal subjects to touch, but he makes a point of telling Scott that he loves him, that he wants to spend all the time he can with him. He had given Scott more hugs in a few months than the kid had had in 16 years of his sorry life.

Actually, being with his father, even if it’s playing space pirating, it’s proving to be far healthier than staying on Earth. Scott might not have the experience of Charles Xavier to guide him but with his father he has the opportunity to work on his confidence without having to worry about being the perfect leader.

Teen Scott clearly has issues with his adult self, and doesn't want to grow up to ruin Jean Grey’s life as well as others he cares deeply about. Now he’s learning to pilot spaceships and battle with a sword, he’s working on his issues and crippling self-doubt and even stating (after beating up a group of bounty hunters with one single shot of his optics blast) he’s ‘tired of losing’.

When around Christopher, Scott is more relaxed and actually mange to act like a proper teen, being embarrassed, awkward or confused at times. He’s also brattier too. That, instead of being an irritating trait, shows how he’s opening up and that he’s not as horribly damaged and cynical as his future adult self seems to be. Scott is slowly putting his emotions together and learning how to deal with them.


Scott emits blasts of red energy out of his eyes. The range and force of said blast changes accordingly to Scott’s own energy levels or how much he opens his eyes/visor. The beams cause no heat or recoil (unless he's floating in space), instead they’re a massive concussive force and can ricochet through different surfaces to hit one or more targets in one single shot.

Because of Scott’s brain injury he has no control over the beams and his eyes constantly emanate the energy. The blast can be only hold back with his eyelids or with the use of ruby quartz lenses mounted in a visor and/or glasses. He can see perfectly well with his eyes unmasked, the problem is that what he’s looking at is no longer there a second after he does it.

Despite the fact that the origin of the beams has changed along the decades the current explanation is that the red energy comes from a whole different universe and Scott has access to it. It’s as weird as it sounds, the kid got portal eyes.

The extra dimensional supply of energy seems to be infinite but it causes him mental and physical fatigue. If Scott uses it for 15 minutes straight or in a single powerful blast he might need some minutes to recover. It’s said that he never uses his power to produce the maximum power output due to his worries about not being able to fully control his powers. He might also get headaches if he doesn’t use his optics blast for a long time.

Scott shows an enhanced sense of trigonometry and space awareness, it’s not clear if this is a superpower per se or a natural talent. He’s able to observe the objects around him and determine the trajectory his optics blast will take while being reflected, using that as his advantage during fights.

His body is resistant to his own energy and the powers of his brother Alex and can block them with any part of his body. This is not the case with his half-brother Gabriel/Vulcan, as his powers can harm Scott as if they were not related at all.


Important relationships and connections.

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