Continuity Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core - Just after arriving in Nibelheim
Age 25
Species Genetically engineered human/alien virus hybrid.
Hair Color Silver
Eye Color Green
District West/South
Journal godamongmortals
Player Sabulana
Theme Song One Winged Angel

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Sephiroth came into being as the product of Jenova Project S. He is the son of Professor Hojo and Lucrecia Crescent, injected with Jenova cells while still in the womb. As a child, he was told that his mother's name was Jenova and believes that still. Lucrecia left after his birth and so he has never known her.

Sephiroth believes he has no hometown but it is likely that he was born in Nibelheim. The experiments before he was born took place there and he feels an odd familiarity when he enters the town but he was raised inside Shinra for as long as he can remember.

Sephiroth had few friends when he was growing up, being kept isolated and spending most of his time in the laboratories until he entered into military training. His appearance and enhanced abilities set him apart from the other cadets but eventually befriended two others, Genesis Rhapsodos and Angeal Hewley. Even so, he was never very social. Rising quickly through the ranks, Sephiroth made it to First Class and was named General.

Towards the end of the Wutai War, Genesis and Angeal deserted Shinra. In their absence, Sephiroth connected most with Zack, Angeal’s protégé but was still distant to most of the other members of SOLDIER.

Genesis and Angeal had teamed up with a scientist who had also abandoned Shinra named Hollander. He possessed technology that allowed the SOLDIERs’ traits to be copied on to monsters. Naturally, this created a lot of trouble for Shinra and the ordered both Angeal and Genesis first to be captured and then to be killed. Sephiroth turned down the first mission to bring back the two SOLDIERs, believing that he would have better luck. When that failed, the order to kill them came but Sephiroth and Zack deliberately failed while making it appear that they were trying to carry out their orders.

Angeal and Genesis are announced dead by Shinra but in reality, only Angeal died when he forced Zack to kill him. Genesis disappeared but there were still reports of ‘Genesis copies’. Some time later, Sephiroth is sent on a mission to Nibelheim to investigate the reactor there. There are reports of monsters and apparently several SOLDIER operatives have also gone missing, who were investigating the disappearance of a Shinra official – Director Lazard, who once commanded SOLDIER. They arrive in Nibelheim and stay a night in the inn before going up to the reactor, at which point Sephiroth finds himself in Nautilus.


Sephiroth, at first glance, seems cold and detached, as if he does not particularly care about anything. But in reality, he is simply unused to the kind of social interaction most people have all their lives. Growing up within Shinra, he had few friends. Canonically, the only friends Sephiroth is known to have are Genesis and Angeal, though he does display friendship towards Zack after they leave SOLDIER.

One may assume that he is fairly emotionless but Sephiroth is just good at concealing what he feels to protect himself from harm. He avoids opening up to people immediately to prevent himself from being vulnerable. Anyone wishing to make friends with him will have something of a fight on their hands but anyone persistent and openly friendly will have a decent chance at getting through Sephiroth's shell.

Sephiroth is very intelligent although he has been viewed as a mindless soldier due to the way he followed orders for Shinra. However, he is far from mindless and stupid. Hojo would have been very disappointed in him if he had not showed signs of above average intelligence. He can also be quite stubborn, especially when it comes to revealing something about himself that he doesn't want to. Anything he reveals to others is either of his own volition or has been somehow forced out of him - although it takes a lot to force anything out of Sephiroth.

Sephiroth, though he may seem like a perfect soldier who will always follow orders, has been known to disobey if it conflicts with his personal interests – refusing to kill either of his friends after they deserted Shinra, for example.


Sephiroth is stronger and faster than most others due to the treatments he has received from Professor Hojo all his life. The mako and Jenova cells in his system increase his strength, agility, his ability to use materia and also boost his healing capabilities. Sephiroth is capable of taking a blow that would kill lesser men and recovering faster than usual from most, if not all, wounds. He is also exceptionally skilled with a sword, as his katana, the Masamune, is longer than most blades and would normally be considered unwieldy though Sephiroth handles it with ease.

It's worth noting that he is far from unbeatable though. Especially if someone uses Great Gospel. *coughcough*


Zack Fair: Sephiroth’s best friend, although he is reluctant to admit such an attachment. He has told Zack, however, during a reality storm that removed all inhibitions. Zack was the first from his world that he met in Nautilus, arriving not long after he did. Things became strained for a while when Sephiroth demanded to know more of what happened on his world after he Woke. The knowledge shook Sephiroth badly and he became quite insane for a couple of weeks. He was angry over his origins, hated what had been done to create him and despaired at the thought of being a monster. It took dying to bring Sephiroth back to normal and after that, he shut himself away, expecting to be hated but to his surprise, Zack accepted him back readily. Though he may doubt Zack’s wisdom in doing so, it has only increased Sephiroth’s affection for him.

Demyx: Doesn’t know him too well, but he does have some respect for him after Demyx was one of the three who killed him.

Aerith: He thinks of Aerith as a rather sweet girl who he really really does not want to annoy. She surprised him by not hating him and welcoming him back after aiding in killing him. As Aerith is important to Zack, Sephiroth regards her as important also. He does feel somewhat unsure though, as last time they came face to face, he kind of stabbed her… Since she returned to Sleep, however, Sephiroth does hold some resentment toward her.

Nash: Doesn’t know him well but Nash did assist in killing him during his temporary insanity. He has Sephiroth’s respect for his actions during that battle.

Orihime: Sephiroth worships the ground that Orihime walks on and thinks she is so hot and amazing and wonderful and he wants to give her his sword so that she'll remember him always but oh wait the sword is BIGGER THAN THE CITY ITSELF so it won't fit in her duplex but he still WANTS to give it to her because she is super terrific. She’s a little odd in a way and genuinely surprised him after he came back to life and she suggested they get ice cream. He does seem to like her though, but is not certain whether he could call her a friend. He finds her quite easy to talk to thanks to her friendly nature so he would like to think of her as a friend. He turned his mako tanks into fish tanks at her suggestion too.

Rinoa Heartilly: Sephiroth briefly spoke to Rinoa the first time she Woke up but did not know her very well before she went back to Sleep. The second time she Woke, it was during the Zombie Reality Storm. He attempted to save her from being bitten but was unable to and made the decision to kill her before she could rise again to hurt anyone. When she returned to life the following week, one of his cats found her and apparently adopted her. Sephiroth offered her a place to stay in Gongaga and they have lived together ever since. He still does not know everything about her and has not told her everything about himself either but he still considers her a good friend by now. She is one of the few people who can make him talk about the feelings he pretends not to have.

Cloud Strife: After Cloud Woke twice (that Sephiroth knows of) and then went back to Sleep, Sephiroth does not much like him. Zack was devastated by the loss of Cloud and as Sephiroth is fond of Zack, he disliked that his friend was hurting so badly. Now that Cloud is Awake again and living in Nautilus, he simply waits for Cloud to leave again. Initial impressions of this older version of Cloud are not good though. At least he has so far resisted the urge to start a fight.

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