The Setting

Nestled into The Between, Nautilus hangs above a swirling void of Chaos, suspended below another city called Kalliste by long, heavy chains keeping it afloat. It's edges are shrouded in mists, giving the city a pearl-like appearance from the outside. Here the majority of the Wakened live atop the Aeon itself, among the various districts sculpted both by Nautilus and fellow Wakened alike.

  • The Heart Of Nautilus
    • //Lying below the surface of the Central Plaza, the Heart of Nautilus holds a dark labyrinth encased underneath layers of glass no Wakened can unseal on their own.

* The Central Plaza of each District has a teleportation pad. Which only works when bending is on There is also an extra teleportation pad in the South near Azmuth's lab//

*All the Welcome Houses have a Purple Butterfly shield and Weeping Angel shield that are bend back ever so often Only work when Bending is on

In various locations; AnyWhere Doors can be found; these doors are a private teleportation network

  • The Northern District
    • Bordered by vast plains north of its boards the District of Whirlwinds houses many of Nautilus's residents. Swirling spirals stand in its plaza and in the evenings and mornings the entire district can be found enshrouded in a creepy fog.
  • The Southern District
    • Swathed in near endless greenery the District of Forests is almost entirely claimed by forest. In its plaza stands the large stumps of what may have been mighty trees and deeper into the woods one would find trees that pull up their roots and stroll amidst the trunks of their stationary brethren.
  • The Eastern District
    • Nestled next to a wide ocean the District of Waterfalls lays claim to most of the river DE NILE. Running waterfalls decorate its plaza and as the ocean level recovers one can find multicolored glass along the beach.
  • The Western District
    • Housing the Gate to Helix the District of Infernos harbors an angry red sky and many dangerous creatures. Sculpted flames burn in its plaza and the few canals that line its streets are filled with mercury instead of water.
  • The Central Plaza And Other Locations
    • Inlaid tiles that are detailed to look like a stylized map of the city feature in the Central Plaza. Blue-grey tiles to mark out the streets and round blue-white tiles to mark the towers. At the center of this map, where the center plaza would BE on the map, is 20 foot wide glass lens.
Monorail Map

Once a popular vacation/pleasure destination for Kalliste's Wakened the city was rebuilt by Areva using bits of Pink's World retrieved from the Chaos. A mixture of various pinks one can also see parts of the original city with white, reds, and golds swirled together in Mediterranean-style buildings. Various restaurants and fun activities can be found while the city is open to travel (anytime except reality storms).


Similar in structure to Nautilus the city sits empty of its Wakened. Large skyscrapers tower above the cityscape, casting long shadows in the heat of of its twin suns. It never rains here, and at its center lies a well of sand upon were Solaris, the Aeon of the Sun, once resided.


A macabre reminder of the price of war, Kalliste stands deathly silent as the main anchor for Nautilus. Its citizens are forever encased in glass, twisted in place inside glass-covered buildings. it was further damaged by Ursaems and Nautilus's Wakened attempted to prevent the city from collapsing down upon the Aeon below.


A free-floating city filled with whimsical and downright nonsensical locations even by Nautilus standards. Hurrdurr-gha watches over this city and it is presumed that it still travels the Between to this day.

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