The Wake, being an alternate dimension, offers opportunities to know people outside of one's own world. This makes for great shipping fodder.

Canon Ships

DEATH and everyone (but not in the best of circumstances)
Rex and Korra
Hei and Irene Mallidias
Mary Poppins and Prisoner Number 6
Portgas D. Ace and Roronoa Zoro

Hideous Ships That Should Never (or Totally Should) Happen

Aerith and DEATH
Alexandra and Alistair
Arcee, Drift, and Wing (at the same time)
Axel and Helen's fire elemental
Axel and Sideswipe
Aya and Garrus
Aya and Xemnas
Chie Satonaka and Souji Seta
England and Lara Croft
Ezio Auditore and you. Tonight.
Garrus and Samus
Haruhi and Hikaru
Harvey and The Scarab
Ichigo Kurosaki and Orihime Inoue
Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki
Mao and your mind
Michael Trinity and every woman ever
Orihime Inoue and Souji Seta
Sideswipe and Ezio Auditore
Suzaku Kururugi's fist and Severus Snape's face
Yuffie Kisaragi and Nash Latkje
Zevran and everyone

Ships That Could Possibly Maybe Happen Down the Road

Adela and Keith

Relationship Status: "It's Complicated"

Rose (Dragoon) <-attracted to- Ace <-engaged-> Zoro <-attracted to- Sanji (and this is keeping it simple!)
Xemnas and… waffles. (This needs no explanation.)
Xemnas and Aqua (Same as above.)
Aqua and Xehanort (…Same as above. Sort of.)

Ships that are Lost at Sea. (Old Flames / Crashed and Burned)

Axel and Demyx (Both went back to Sleep)
Axel and Starscream (for about two seconds) (Axel went back to Sleep)
Jaime Reyes and Charmcaster (Both went back to Sleep)
Luna and Sanji (Luna went back to Sleep)
Razer and Aya (Both went back to Sleep)
Rex and Raye Hino (Raye went to Sleep)
Suzaku Kururugi and Lelouch vi Britannia (Lelouch is out in the Beyond searching for Hekket. Status unknown.)
Thomas and Wendy Darling (Wendy went back to Sleep)
Agent Six and Doctor Holiday (Both went back to Sleep)
Optimus Prime and Sideswipe (Both went back to Sleep)

True OTPs

Alistair and virginity
Chie Satonaka and steak
Eddard Stark and honor
Edward Elric and Shortness
England and tea
Garrus and THE LAW
Hikaru Hitachiin and fashion
Jadis and world domination
The Paperboy and windows (such violent love!)
Samus and loneliness
Sideswipe, car wax, and a mirror (all at the same time)
Sideswipe and the infamous gun turret
V and explosions
Ace and fire, and Ace and kidnapping people

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