Silver The Hedgehog
Continuity Sonic the Hedgehog (SoJ/Gameverse)
Age 14
Species Hedgehog
Hair Color …silver
Eye Color Yellow
District Northern District
Journal timehopping
Player Siberia
Theme Song Dreams of an Absolution - Lee Brotherton

"To kill someone to save the world… is it really the right thing to do?"


In the future, the world is destroyed. A godlike creature made of living flame, known as Iblis, rampages day and night; while he can be killed with enough effort, this will only slow him down, as he rises from the ashes within weeks. The sky is constantly gray and stormy, fires and monsters run rampant in the broken streets, and extreme weather conditions persist daily. The people who remain alive are constantly struggling to survive another day. This is the world that Silver has lived in for his entire life.

At some point growing up, he decided that things had to change, and began fighting against Iblis alongside like-minded survivor and best friend Blaze. Although we don't get to see it, it's implied that they do indeed fight the giant unkillable monster for a long time, and kill him several times, to no avail. Finally, after defeating him again one day, Silver grows frustrated and gets angry, wondering what they're even doing. How can they stop an enemy that can't be killed? At that moment, however, a voice the two have never heard before answers his questions - a black hedgehog who is totally not evil at all named Mephiles. Mephiles tells Silver and Blaze that they have to go to the root of their problem in order to defeat it, and brings them to his little secret base… place. Once there, he shows them records he has of the "Day of Disaster" - the day that Iblis was released on the world. To Silver and Blaze's mutual disbelief, he declares that he has the ability to travel through time, and that there is one person alone responsible for setting Iblis free - the "Iblis Trigger." Then, he hands Silver a chaos emerald (a gem filled with chaos energy that can warp space, time, and… well, whatever the plot needs), which reveals the image of a blue hedgehog to Silver. This, Mephiles says, is the Iblis Trigger - all Silver has to do is kill him in the past before he can set Iblis free, and the future will be saved. Taking the Emerald back, Mephiles transports the three of them back to the past so that Silver can carry out the execution.

Buuut, of course, the three of them get split up on the way there, so Silver is out on his own. Although he's nervous to be there without Blaze, he sets out to find Sonic anyway, and travels to the big port city of Soleanna. He quickly spots Sonic (a giant blue hedgehog following a giant spaceship isn't easy to miss), but his plans are sabotaged! By… girly and pink hedgehog Amy Rose, who tacklehugs Silver due to mistakenly thinking he's Sonic. Girl needs glasses, can she not see his crazy hair. In any case, Silver is flustered by this and loses track of Sonic because of her, but he's not angry; however, Amy feels bad about it, and decides they should work together to look for the "two people" they're after. Naturally, they are unknowingly both looking for Sonic.

The two travel all over the place looking for Sonic, who Amy decided they should look for first, but with no luck. Silver is a little overwhelmed by Amy's energetic personality, but puts up with the search anyway, enjoying seeing the beautiful non-apocalyptic world on their search. They eventually wind up back at Soleanna City, where they finally run into Sonic, who happens to be in the process of rescuing the local damsel in distress, Princess Elise. Amy is overjoyed to see him, except Silver attacks him on sight and proceeds to wipe the floor with him. He would have actually gone ahead and killed him right there, except Dr. Eggman suddenly shows up and kidnaps Elise (again), distracting the both of them. Silver still might have managed to kill Sonic, except Amy suddenly runs in and gets between them, making it so that Silver would have to go through her to get to Sonic. He doesn't want to kill her, and therefore, Sonic gets away. Silver tries to explain himself to Amy, but Amy declares that killing someone would be horrible - Sonic would never cause the destruction of the world, and even then, if she had to choose, she'd pick Sonic over the world.

This shakes Silver's resolve, so he goes to sit by the beach and think things over. Is it really okay to kill someone to save his world? Especially when that person has people who care about them like Amy? Blaze finally comes across him and reunites with him as he mulls this over; she tells him to shut up and deal with it, basically. With her vote of support, he strengthens his determination, and the twosome go off to find Sonic again, deciding to chase after Eggman, since Sonic was going to his base to recapture Elise. When they get there, they don't find Sonic, but they do find a Chaos Emerald, which Silver decides to hold onto, at Blaze's encouragement.

On the way back from Eggman's base, Silver does run into Sonic, and, catching him by surprise, is about to kill him again. However, another hedgehog appears - Shadow the Hedgehog. Shadow rescues Sonic and confronts Silver in his place, allowing Sonic to get away once more. Silver is understandably peeved, but unfortunately for him, Shadow is able to defeat him using Chaos Control - the ability to warp space and time using a Chaos Emerald, which Shadow always carries around and uses to achieve super speed. Seeing his opponent do this, Silver takes out the Chaos Emerald that he'd found with Blaze earlier, and manages to pull off his own Chaos Control at the exact same time Shadow does. This rips the fabric of space-time and creates a portal into the past, just as Mephiles had done earlier. Silver realizes that Mephiles isn't really some almighty, all-knowing being, compounded by Shadow mentioning that he knows Mephiles and saying that Mephiles was just using Silver, and the two hedgehogs decide to call a truce and go into the past to get some answers.

The portal takes them to the day that Iblis was born - and, to their surprise, the day that Mephiles was born, as well. They witness a fatal lab explosion in a royal Soleanna facility, leading to the birth of a living flame organism - Iblis - and a black ooze - Mephiles in his original form. Shadow goes off to track down Mephiles, while Silver chases down Iblis. The two 'hogs reunite when they find the king of Soleanna desperately attempting to quell Iblis the only way he knows how - by containing it within a royal soul. He offers up the body of his daughter, the young Princess Elise, as a container for Iblis, and it works. However, he dies due to the earlier blast. Silver witnesses that Sonic isn't the Iblis Trigger at all - the thing that would trigger Iblis is, in fact, Elise's death. Or, more specifically, Elise's tears. Silver carries the unconscious princess out of the ruined facility and lays her down safely outside, leaving the Chaos Emerald he received with her before leaving with Shadow to return to the present day.

Now Silver realizes that killing Sonic, who's trying to protect Elise, would actually lead to the dystopian future he lives in. So instead, he decides to help Sonic. The two of them meet up and move forward to catch Eggman's ship, which has, once again, kidnapped Elise. That woman is amazingly useless. However, our furry friends prove to be more useless, as they're unable to catch the ship and watch it go down in a blaze of murderous glory, taking Elise with it. Sonic is devastated, as are Silver and Blaze… until Silver remembers that, hey, we have Chaos Emeralds, we can travel in time! Sonic can just go into the past and stop the ship from crashing. The blue hedgehog agrees to this, and using the two Chaos Emeralds that he has, creates a portal into the past. The two hedgehogs wish each other good luck, and Sonic hops backwards in time to rescue the princess. Meanwhile, Silver and Blaze take the Emeralds and go to the future instead. Silver's realized that he doesn't have to change the past to fix the present.

Once back in their own time, the two go off to find Iblis again - since he's a giant lizard thing made of fire, it is not hard to do that. Just like before, they confront him and bring him down. This time, however, Silver does something a little different. Using the two Chaos Emeralds as conduits, he invites Iblis into his own soul so that he can contain him the way Princess Elise had. However, it doesn't work; Silver isn't compatible. Seeing this, Blaze steps forward and demands the Emeralds from Silver, going ahead and offering herself instead. Unlike Silver, Blaze is also a princess, not to mention that she has royal fire in her blood like Elise. And also unlike Silver, Blaze plans to go a step further in getting rid of Iblis. She turns to her hedgehog friend and tells him to use the Emeralds to seal her into another dimension. Silver, shocked and horrified, is completely unable to do it - she's his closest friend in the entire world, and, ironically he can't bring himself to condemn her to death to save the world for good. With a sigh, Blaze calls him naive, but then turns around and gives him a soft smile, saying that's what she'd always liked about him. Then, possibly strengthened by Silver's bond with her, she manages to seal herself into another dimension on her own. Silver watches as she disappears - and then as the dark storm that had covered the planet for his entire life disappears, too. The world is finally saved, and Silver stands alone, wiping at his tears.


Silver is a kid that had to grow up fast. He's only fourteen years old, yet he's out fighting for his life every day and struggling desperately to save the world. At the very beginning of his route, he mentions that the world had been destroyed since before he was born. That means that he's been living in destitution and hostility for his entire life. Thanks to that, he's pretty hardy, and a bit cynical. He's a very brave little guy, willing to leap head-on into danger to accomplish what he needs to. When the going gets tough, he tends to just roll with it instead of worrying about it, although this is not necessarily the case when it comes to emotional issues. In fact, he'll do just about anything for the greater good - even killing another person. While his point of view on the expendability of life has been shaken up by the events leading up to Blaze's death, it's likely that the ends still justify the means for him in smaller, less dire situations.

However, despite that upbringing, calling him a mature and adult-minded hedgehog would definitely be a lie. His naivete and immaturity are called out by his close friend Blaze multiple times throughout the game, and it's not just an empty insult. The aforementioned tendency to just go along with the situation at hand is mostly due to his tendency to believe in what others tell him right away. If he'd been suspicious of Mephiles, he likely would have gotten to the root of the situation right when they first met; however, he was naive and believed that Mephiles really wanted to help him. Likewise, Silver's self-confidence rests heavily on the support of his friends; this is most obvious in his relationship with Blaze, when he momentarily panics upon arriving in the past and realizing she's gone, and later at the end of the game as she sacrifices herself, where he straight-out says "I don't know what to do without you!" Additionally, when Amy, a girl he'd recently become friends with, decried him for trying to kill Sonic and basically said it was a horrible thing to do, he was left in a serious state of confusion regarding his goals. One that was only remedied when Blaze (another trusted friend) appeared and gave him a push back onto the path of their mission. Despite his bravery and determination, he's very insecure on the inside when he's out on his own.

When it comes to good and evil, Silver is extremely set on doing the "right" thing - in fact, he acted very self-righteously and almost smugly about his "mission" more than once throughout the game. This isn't to say that he always ignores protests - obviously, as in Amy's case, having holes punched in his shiny white armor can hit him very hard. However, when he's convinced he's a force of justice, he is very convinced, and can definitely be a brat about it. He'll brush off or even physically confront strangers who get in his way without reservations, usually with a bit of ego on his part. Thanks to this tendency, his first encounters with others often leave them with a bad impression of him.

Deep down, though, he's a good kid. When he's not concentrating on business, it seems he's a sweet, if rather awkward, guy. Silver is willing to help those in need with small chores, even if they're not related to the task at hand. Since he's been fighting his entire life, he's not that skilled at communicating with other people - it's almost a given that his close friendship with Blaze probably came as a result of working together for a long time rather than friendly socializing. He's a little shy, particularly around forward and aggressive people (and possibly around girls, too.) Nonetheless, it's not crippling by any means, and he definitely has a sense of cooperation and adventure, as well as an obvious propensity for trust and deep, loyal friendship. He's had a hard life growing up, but remains completely selfless; he's willing to give up his own happiness for the sake of others'. Silver only wants to do the right thing - and the right thing is, in his mind, to make as many of his people as he can happy.


Silver is a telekinetic, meaning he can move stuff with his mind. While this is usually limited to objects up to about the size of a car or wrecking ball, with enough concentration, he can sometimes move simple objects up to the size of a house. To pick an item up, he has to be standing still and concentrating; however, once he's grabbed something, he can usually keep a hold on it while he moves. Objects that he's moving are outlined in a teal glow, and while he's controlling them, so is he. Silver can also move himself; levitation is his preferred method of locomotion. In addition to just carrying and transporting stuff, he can use his telekinesis to launch it in whatever direction he wants at some pretty high speeds - this is how he usually attacks, although he can also use his telekinesis to paralyze an enemy if he gets really close.

This is basically Silver's only ability. Unlike many characters in the series, he can't run any faster than a normal person, nor is he particularly strong. Telekinesis does give him good maneuverability, however, and he can cover long distances by gliding with his levitation. And hey, hitting someone in the face with a car usually does the trick.

Silver is able to tap into the energy of a Chaos Emerald to use Chaos Control; however, he's not what you'd call practiced with that ability (like Shadow the Hedgehog is) and only used it to travel in time. If all seven Chaos Emeralds are gathered, Silver can transform into "Super Silver;" this grants him limitless energy, and therefore, the ability to use superpowered telekinetic attacks and the power of flight. And also swanky golden fur. This will probably never happen in Nautilus.



In Canon

Blaze the Cat: Silver's best friend and traveling companion. It seems they've fought together for a very long time against the evil plaguing their world, and they're very close. He trusts Blaze completely, looks up to her, and confides in her about his problems and anxieties. While Silver tends be reckless and headstrong, Blaze is cool and composed, and serves as his pillar of levelheaded support. Her stubborn tendencies and occasionally abrasive personality sometimes cause them to bicker, but there's nobody Silver relies on more, and she (quite literally, as he was willing to let Iblis go to ensure her survival) means the world to him.

Which means it really sucked for him when she died. He was devastated, and he's still in the process of recovering. Blaze is likely a touchy subject for him.

Amy Rose: A pink hedgehog with a personality as loud as her fur. Her energetic, hot-headed and generally cute disposition kind of overwhelm Silver, and he usually gets shy when she says things that are particularly sweet to him. On the other hand, she's also a little bit nuts ("my girlish intuition can sense Sonic's presence here?" what) and she can cause a lot of exasperation for Silver when she starts getting overenthusiastic. This is not helped by the fact that Amy can run a lot faster than he can… Nonetheless, she helped Silver and was kind to him, and he was kind in return. He thinks of her as a friend and respects her opinions.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Just a guy who loves adventure. Originally, Silver kept trying to kill Sonic, because he thought that was how to save the world. However, once he learned that killing Sonic would actually doom his world, he went off to find Sonic and help him instead. Sonic, being who he is, didn't hold anything against Silver at all, just going "sure whatever" at the extra help. The two of them aren't particularly close, but Silver thinks of Sonic as an ally.

Shadow the Hedgehog: A genetically-modified, half-alien artificial hedgehog who was created to be the Ultimate Life Form. He's not very nice, very arrogant, and very powerful. Kicked Silver in the head once. Nonetheless, Shadow is always after the truth, and he forced Silver to see it. They've worked together. As with Sonic, Silver's not very close to him, but thinks of Shadow as an ally.

In Nautilus


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