Continuity NPC
Age Super Duper Old
Species Aeon
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Gold
District N/A
Journal N/A
Player Teal
Theme Song (Optional)

"Character Quote"


- Was the Deva of the Sun.
- Presided over Helix when he was a Deva.
- His Ashura were Hekket, Zor'davki, Orpheus, and Ursaems. Saviel takes notes for him.
- Ascended to Aeon.


Believes in a different way of Bending than Nautilus. Instead of Bending things into reality to automatically satisfy needs, his philosophy deals with being able to build things with your own hands (ie: You may Bend a hammer and nails to hang that pretty picture up).

This is why there is no Bending in Helix for regular Wakened (traditionally, only Solaris and his Ashura can Bend though Angelii can do so too if they concentrate very hard. But then they'll get headaches and everything they Bend is Helix-centric (brass/copper colored ; sun motifs, etc))



Fun Facts

- A Huuzaahn. (That's a species btw.)
- Ancient. So old that at the time of the war, no Deva could remembering him having been an Ashura.
- "Hooooooooooooooo."

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