Continuity Original Character
Age 19
Species Human (technically), Dragon
Hair Color Dark Brown, lol wut hair???
Eye Color Brown, Sky Blue
District South
Journal royal_lizard
Player Eve
Theme Song "I Should Know" - Dirty Vegas

"All I wanted was to make a difference. Thank you for giving me that chance."


Solis was raised by loving parents and friendly staff. She was a good-natured child, rebuked by the queen herself when she behaved selfishly or improperly, and taught of her importance as a symbol to the people. While she would not be expected to rule or do anything of military importance, she was told that the role of a princess was to provide morale and stability. People would be watching her closely, so she should behave herself and act nobly. When she was six years old she became best friends with a daughter of one of the maids, a girl named Shannon who was of the same age, and the two were inseperable. When it was discovered that Shannon possessed the rare ability to wield magic, Shannon's family was elevated in status, and Shannon began heavy schooling at the Mages' Guild in the city. While she and Solis saw less of each other, they would still manage to make time for girl talk in the evenings after supper and on Holy Day every week.

Solis had her own education to attend, so that she might understand and be sympathetic to the farmers and others who contributed to the agriculture of the kingdom, as well as other various professions. She often embarked with her mother on missions of mercy to the poor, and occasionally with her father to visit other towns to discuss the welfare of the region and see where improvements might be made. Solis knew that eventually she would marry, but there was no prior arrangement made as there were plenty of lords and sons of lords to choose from, not only in the kingdom of Tratiln, but other kingdoms to the north and beyond. If there was ever one she favored, she was encouraged to pursue an engagement, but as the king was in good health there was no pressure.

The kingdom was growing increasingly more tense along the eastern borders, as activity seemed to have increased in the neighboring empire along the passes. There was even an occasional skirmish, which prompted the deployment of troops to a remote fishing village to ensure the safety of the civilians who lived there and to repel any threat of invasion. This was the first experience Solis had with rumors of war, and it distressed her greatly as she thought very highly of soldiers for the risks they took in protecting people. It frustrated her that there was nothing she could do but smile and offer words of support. It just didn't seem to be enough.

Shannon came to visit Solis one day, having been released early from her lessons and boasting that she had mastered the art of transfiguration: changing one thing into something else. In truth, she hadn't really 'mastered' it, but Shannon's instructor was growing increasingly frustrated with the young mage's mishaps (such as Shannon's hair permanently turning a bright shock of magenta) and spell errors, so much so that she 'helped' Shannon during her tests for the sake of getting a couple of weeks free to herself. The two talked, Solis sharing her growing anxiety and worry about the war, which led to the two wondering if a person could be transfigured to possess exceptional strength and combat talent. Shannon said she couldn't see why not. Enhanced muscles and reflexes couldn't be too hard, if she could turn an orange into an apple. Solis also saw no problem with this, believing as much as Shannon did that she was truly a competent mage after seeing her friend demonstrate a lucky run of simple spells with unnoticeable errors. So she convinced Shannon to make her into a battle princess, one who could go toe to toe with the king's best generals.

Instead, Shannon turned her into a dragon. This was not going according to plan.

However, Solis was delighted at the transformation. Shannon could always change her back later, and the sight of a dragon would certainly be enough to scare off the empire's troops. No one would have to fight, and thus, no soldiers had to die. There would be peace, and she could be proud of having really done something to help her people. So despite Shannon's protests, Solis broke through the window and winged awkwardly and clumsily away before Shannon could try to change her back.

But because of her haste and recklessness, and due to Shannon's fear of being arrested and executed for turning the princess into a giant flying reptile, the truth of the situation was unknown to the public. People believed that Solis had been kidnapped by a dragon, and the king sent out a call for bounty hunters to track it down, slay it, and bring his daughter home safely. This was ALSO not a great situation for Shannon who certainly didn't want to see Solis slain, so she set out immediately in order to find her first and undo the spell. After all, Shannon knew exactly where Solis had been headed.

Meanwhile, Solis was starting to get the hang of flying…at least, until she got to the mountains. She didn't know how to handle the change in drafts, or how to elevate herself high enough to clear the peaks, and especially not how to land. She injured her wing when she crashed into the side of a mountain, and was rendered unable to fly. She managed to make her way to the fishing village (the same where troops had been previously deployed), and though the people were terrified at first, she spoke to them and announced her intention of aid against the empire's soldiers. They accepted her reluctantly at first, and upon finding that she would eat nothing more sentient than fish, they gradually began to warm up to her. Solis proved her worth when a strike team that had been dispatched through a different part of the mountains showed up and attacked the village. She rose up, roared, and put on a fearsome display. She managed to catch one of the soldiers in her teeth, shaking him violently. But as she didn't have the heart to kill anyone, it was all just for show. She tossed him aside lightly, knowing it would be enough to frighten them away, and sure enough they all ran for it. It was the best feeling she'd ever known, being able to protect the people she loved. She wasn't going to change back any time soon, that was for sure!

However, this reluctance to kill came at a price. News of the dragon quickly reached the emperor's ears. But rather than being frightened, he became intrigued, assured by the soldier that Solis had shaken that the dragon seemed to be putting on a frightful show rather than causing any real harm as not a single troop's life was lost in the failed strike. Harnessing a beast like that would indeed be a great boon in his efforts to expand the empire, and if they could not train it to fight for them, it would at least make an excellent addition to his private zoo of rare and exotic creatures. So he dispatched a large number of men, feeling that it was time he played his hand in declaring war upon Tratiln and hastening his conquering of it. A larger force was sent, this time subjugating the village and capturing the earthbound Solis to cart her away into the empire.

The soldier that she had shaken was assigned to her care. It was an assignment he'd requested from the emperor, which was granted on account of his useful tactical information. He spoke to Solis, who feigned animal stupidity so as not to give away her true identity. If the emperor was aware that he held Tratiln's princess as his prisoner, it would give him an even bigger advantage against the king. But despite her silence, he persisted, and in a hushed voice, he told her that he knew what she was. He had happened to glance at the river as she was being taken away, and saw that her reflection was not that of a dragon, but of a woman. This surprised her, and she knew she couldn't keep up the charade any longer. She begged him not to tell anyone else of her secret, and he agreed, as she had spared his life when she could have easily killed him. The days passed, and she grew fond of the soldier. His name was Grayson, the sixth son of a seventh son. He admitted that he was often envious of his younger brother (the seventh son, said to be blessed of the gods), and that his parents had overlooked him entirely as a result. He'd joined the soldiers because his oldest brother Shane had done so, who had looked after Grayson far more than their father had. They soon became friends, and Grayson decided that he would help her escape. Knowing that she was a woman made him feel guilty in keeping her prisoner, and other than his kinship with Shane, he felt he had little to lose. So they began to plan an escape, unaware that Shannon and her bounty hunter companion Sin were on their way to help too. It's at about this point that Solis awakens in Nautilus.


Solis was raised and taught by her parents as well as her governess to be a proper princess. It wasn't about needlepoint, or dancing, or inclining her head at just the right angle (though she did learn those things too), it was about treating the people her family governed fairly. They believed it was important for her to understand those who labored for a living, and how their contributions made up part of society. Every role was precious, and she was expected to feel sympathy, not disapproval, for the sick and the lame who could not earn as much coin. As she grew, it was impressed into her that nobility did not come from blood, but from the way one treated others.

Solis is unfailingly polite. While she certainly had a few fits when she was very young, such behavior was simply not tolerated, and from a young age she learned to behave respectfully and politely. A princess's behavior reflects upon the king's, her governess said, so it was vital that she do nothing that would shame or embarrass him. When she speaks, her words are clear and crisply enunciated. She uses the proper titles when addressing those of nobility, and those without elevated station are either 'sir' or 'milady'. Only her closest friends are called by their names, such as Shannon (and eventually Grayson, though it will take her some time to do so). Even when she's alone, or believes herself to be alone, she doesn't relax in her formalities. She'll always eat with the proper utensils (if she has hands instead of claws), excuse herself for any embarrassing burps that might escape, and sit with perfect posture.

She's an exceptionally caring person, due to her upbringing and the good people who constantly surrounded her. She dislikes seeing discontent or troubled visages, and though she sometimes feels she lacks the power to do much to help, she does try. If one of the servants is scolded too harshly and made to cry, and should Solis find out about it, the scolder is likely to feel terribly guilty when Solis shows up, all 'why would you do this D:' at them. Though she appreciates the effort and hard work of nearly all her people, Solis is particularly fond of the soldiers, the farmers, and the fishers. She admires anyone who provides food to others, or who works to guard and protect from harm.

Because of her station, the princess was educated on a great number of things, and she was not a stupid child. What she learned, she learned eagerly, particularly when it came to lessons in geography and history. She was a sharp study in matters of nobility and law, as well as the more frivolous courses in dancing and playing the harp. During the annual conferences, Solis was allowed to mingle with the daughters of other rulers, where they often competed in horseback riding and archery. While Solis wasn't so great at archery and could not even pick up a foil to fence with the others, she was at least very good at riding.

It takes a great deal to make Solis angry. She's exceptionally even-tempered, and it's almost unheard of for her to raise her voice. She hasn't encountered too many who were disrespectful or rude, but it's never been anything that ruffled her feathers, so to speak. Negative emotions are either smoothed over or hidden completely. If she weeps, it's at night when she's in bed, and done quietly so as not to draw unnecessary concern from the guards outside her door.

This is not to say that she lacks a backbone, for she's firm in her convictions and her expectations in the fair treatment of others. She holds little love for bullies, and she moves quickly to defend the weak from the strong. There's a natural courage to her character, and it has always been a strong part of her. It's possible that such courage was nurtured due to her protected and sheltered upbringing, as she's never had any reason to fear for her safety or well-being. She hasn't known what it was to feel real pain, and the broken wing was the most severe injury she ever received. But when faced with her first fight, her nerves were unshaken, and she was able to act without doubt or fear.

She is, however, fairly naive to the wickedness of others. Up until she left the palace as a dragon, she'd only heard distant rumors of impending war and that some soldiers had lost their lives. It was hard for her to imagine anyone being capable of taking the life of another, and being witness to such things when she was unable to save the village impacted her deeply.
She's never had to labor to survive, and even when protecting the fishermen, they fed her for the most part (though she did insist on learning to fish for her own food, she probably would have starved if not for their assistance). Solis isn't lazy by nature, but she does rely on others for her needs.

It should be noted that Solis is not particularly witty; she has no talent for telling jokes or speaking in a sly or clever way. She's accustomed to speaking politely and directly, so she's never been the sort to engage in verbal fencing. She does appreciate a person with the ability to entertain, but she really can't compete in that department, and has to be content in enjoying the wit of others.

Though such occasions are rare, Solis does have an impulsive streak to her. Most of the time her emotions are carefully reined in, and she seldom expresses a great deal of exuberance. But when she saw the opportunity to act and protect her people, she took it immediately without stopping to think and consider the consequences. She didn't think about whether or not she actually knew how to fly when she leaped out the window, or even whether or not she could squeeze through. She also didn't stop to consider that Shannon could get in serious trouble for making her a dragon, though the thought did occur to her much later and she felt deep regret for her carelessness. Her compassion can cause her to act rashly when others are threatened.

As much as Solis treasures the nobility of soldiers, she strongly dislikes violence. It turns her stomach to think of one person harming another intentionally, and even for such activities like fencing and sparring, Solis shrinks away, afraid that she might accidentally injure the other person or strike too hard a blow. It's almost humorous when she does try to duel, with her tentative girly feather-light taps. As a dragon, she's pretty much all show. Intimidating to psyche out an attacker, she can do that. And she might knock a person or two over, or give them a little shake to scare them out of their intended course of action. But even then, she feels a little bad about it. Solis just doesn't have the heart to be a fighter…or rather, she has too much heart, and must leave such things up to others.



Tall, willowy, and graceful…for a dragon, anyway. From the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail, Solis is about ten feet in length. Her scales are pearly-white in color, as are her pointed teeth, tapered claws, and leathery wings. Her tongue is pointed, not forked, and her eyes are a sheer sky blue with slitted reptilian irises. Solis's head is triangular with a long slender snout, and a single fin that rises at the skull just behind the eyes to about a third of the length of her neck. Her build is somewhat lean, but she's plenty strong enough.


Solis is about 5'8", and the very image of a proper princess. She's slim without being scrawny, with proportionate curves and soft, pale skin. Her hair is dark brown in color, falling long and straight just past her hips, and usually tied back with a yellow ribbon at mid-back. Her eyes are large and round, and very dark with a fringe of short, thick lashes. Solis's cheeks are rosy with health, and her small plump mouth is usually turned up into a smile. She dresses elegantly, with modest tailored dresses, and simple jewelry, usually silver to match the circlet of three entwined wires with a yellow diamond at the center. She's young, and appears good-natured.

She has a tendency to dress plainly in most occasions, favoring white or cream-colored button-up blouses with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow, doeskin or light-brown cotton trousers (depending on the season), and a pair of brown leather boots rolled down at the knee. On rare occasions she'll wear something flashier for a non-musical stage performance, but she prefers comfort, and wishes for the audience to note her music more than her costume. When traveling, she wears a sturdy silver rapier belted at her waist.


Other than the ability to fly awkwardly and clumsily and not be able to stop until she crashes into something, Solis has no particular powers. She's too young to hold draconic magic, and even if she were of age, she's not actually a dragon, so she'll never be able to wield arcane might. She also can't breathe fire. Expecting a dragon to do so is just silly. So other than being a large and fairly strong lizard, she's rather mundane.


Solis awoke in the Southern District.


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