Continuity Kingdom Hearts
Age 15
Species Keybrat Human
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
District Northern District
Journal unlockingsmiles
Player Rox
Theme Song (Optional)

"I don't need a weapon! My friends are my power!"


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Like many great heroes, Sora started off as a normal boy living a peaceful life. He grew up on a world called Destiny Islands with his two best friends – Riku, who he had known as long as he could remember, and Kairi, who appeared mysteriously on the islands when he was about seven. They were together all the time and, as they got older, they dreamed of going off on adventures and seeing worlds outside their own. When Sora was fourteen, they began to build a raft so they could finally achieve this dream.

On the night before they were going to head off, a terrible storm came to the islands. When Sora rushed to go save the raft, he was attacked by hundreds of small, vicious black creatures - heartless. Alarmed, Sora went to go find Riku and Kairi as fast as he could. He found Riku first, but lost him in a mysterious pool of darkness. Sora tried to reach him, but couldn't. It was in the few moments after, when Sora could see nothing but darkness, that the Keyblade appeared. With this, he was able to fight off the heartless and reach Kairi, who was in the cave the three friends had called their Secret Place. But he didn’t reach her in time, either – a door opened in the back of the cave, and she disappeared right before his eyes. Still he ran around the islands, desperately trying to find his friends and killing the heartless that tried to attack him, finally defeating the largest one, Darkside. But in the end, there was nothing he could do – the islands were destroyed.

When he woke up, he was in a world called Traverse Town. Lost and confused, he wandered the town in hopes of finding his friends. Instead he met others, who explained to him what the keyblade was and that his job, as its bearer, was to seal the keyholes across the worlds. He also met Donald and Goofy, who were searching for their missing king. The three agreed to travel together, and set off on a journey across the worlds. They traveled from world to world, making friends and sealing keyholes, but having very little luck finding the people they were searching for. Sora did find Riku, but only managed to chase him off when talking about his new friends. Still, now that he had seen Riku and knew he was okay, Sora continued his search for Kairi, assuming that Riku was doing the same and that they would see each other again soon.

Instead, the next few times the boys met put them on less-than-friendly terms. Riku had decided to work with Maleficent, a witch who was using the powers of darkness to destroy worlds and gain power, and was using the powers of darkness himself. Sora couldn’t convince him to change his mind, leaving him no choice but to fight his friend. Eventually the trio reached a world called Neverland, where they found Kairi with Riku. Her heart, however, was missing – she had lost it when the islands were destroyed. Sora followed Kairi and Riku back to Hollow Bastion, where Maleficent’s castle was. When he arriveed he found Riku, and things took a turn for the worse – it turned out that Riku, not Sora, was originally meant to wield the Keyblade. Riku takes the weapon from Sora, and Donald and Goofy, obligated to follow the orders of their king, left Sora and followed Riku. Sora doesn’t give up, however, instead taking the wooden sword Riku threw at his feet and fighting his way to the inside of the castle with the help of the Beast. The two meet again, and Sora declares that his friends, not the keyblade, are the source of his true power. Donald and Goofy decide that they can’t betray their friend, despite their king’s orders, and protect Sora when Riku attacks him. Sora reclaims the keyblade and fights Riku, sending the other boy running by the end of it. He ventures deeper into the castle, determined to find Kairi, and eventually defeating Maleficent. He then had to fight Riku one last time, but he wasn't Riku anymore – he was possessed by Ansem, the heartless of the man who unleashed the heartless on the worlds. Ansem tells him that Kairi’s heart is within him, and in order to return it to her he must release it.

So he does, giving up his own heart in the process. Even so, as a heartless, Sora ends up having enough awareness of himself to find his friends. Kairi recognizes him and, though her power as a Princess of Heart, returns his body to him. Sora takes Kairi to Traverse Town, then leaves again, determined to save Riku and stop Ansem. He travels to a place called The End of the World, where he finally defeats Ansem. He finds both Riku and King Mickey, but in order to close the Door to Darkness that was opened by Ansem, the two had to stay behind in the Realm of Darkness. The worlds destroyed by the Heartless were brought back after the door was closed, including Destiny Islands. Instead of going home, however, Sora continued his journey to find Riku, determined to reunite all of his friends.

Sora, Donald, and Goofy found themselves in a world they knew nothing about, with no clues as to how to find the people they were searching for – not even a letter sent by King Mickey himself gave them any good hints. In that world they found a hooded man, who led them to a castle with a cryptic message – “Along the road ahead lies something you need. However, in order to claim it, you must lose something that is dear to you.” They enter this place, called Castle Oblivion, only to realize that, bit by bit, their memories are disappearing. But as he loses memories, Sora begins to remember things about an old childhood friend of his, named Namine. He learns that she is in the castle, held captive by a group called the Organization – the people in the black cloaks that led him to the castle. Slowly, unbeknownst to Sora, this girl begins to replace Kairi in his memories, and the more determined he is to find her, the more apparent it becomes to his friends that something is wrong. However, he pushes on, eventually even getting angry enough to leave Donald and Goofy behind. It’s only when Namine herself interferes, apologizing to Sora and telling him that she altered his memories, that Sora learns what he needs to know. The entire castle was a setup – Marluxia, the leader of Castle Oblivion, was using Namine to alter Sora’s memories so he could be used as a pawn in Marluxia’s coup of the Organization. He made it to the top of the castle, where he finally defeated Marluxia. But his memories still needed to be restored, and the only way to do that, Namine told him, was for him to lose all of his memories of Castle Oblivion. Though Sora didn’t want to forget Namine, eventually he agreed, but first he had Jiminy write one last note in his journal.

‘Thank Namine’

It was almost a year before Sora’s memories were completely returned. During that entire time, he was asleep in an old mansion in a world called Twilight Town. When he awoke, he remembered none of his adventure in Castle Oblivion, and had no idea where he was or why he had been asleep. But with no answer in sight, he and his friends resumed their journey to find Riku and King Mickey. It was only a short walk around the city before, surprisingly, they did see the king. He stayed only for a moment, telling them to go visit a wizard named Yen Sid. Yen Sid told the trio about certain problems that had cropped up in their absence – namely, that a group known as Organization XIII was on the move, destroying worlds and stealing hearts. They were Nobodies – emotionless beings made of what was left behind of a person when a heartless was born. Now not only did Sora have to find Riku, but he had to defeat a new threat to the worlds.

Once again he journeyed across the worlds, helping old friends again and making new ones. As he unlocked the paths between worlds, he little by little began to unravel the pieces of the puzzle he was faced with. One by one, he met and defeated several of the remaining Organization members, and thanks to clues from both them and others, it was clear that Riku was still around. All of this eventually led him to a place call The World that Never Was. There he was reunited once again with Kairi, who had been kidnapped, and Riku. Together they found Xemnas, the leader of Organization XIII, and finally defeated him. Kairi, Donald, Goofy, and the King all got home safely, but due to an accident, Sora and Riku were trapped in the realm of darkness. But after a few hours, a letter arrived.

“Thinking of you, wherever you are. We pray for our sorrows to end, and hope that our hearts will blend. Now I will step forward to realize this wish. And who knows? Starting a new journey may not be so hard, or maybe it has already begun. There are many worlds, but they all share the same sky – one sky, one destiny.”

When Sora finished reading the letter, a door opened in front of the boys. They were led back to the realm of light and, at long last, reunited with Kairi on Destiny Islands.

It’s a few months after this that Sora appears in Nautilus.


Sora is just about one of the most nicest and most positive people you could know. He’s a cheery kid, maybe a bit of a goof at times. The most apparant of all his traits is his friendliness, which shows in the vast amounts of people he’s met and befriended in his travels. He’s very loyal, and can’t leave anyone behind, especially if they’ve helped him before. After all, he literally went from one end of the universe to another for his two best friends. He also can’t resist sticking his nose in things - he’s a very curious boy - and trying to help most anyone out. He might even be the type to forgive an enemy, if, and only if, they can really prove that they have truly changed.

He’s very optimistic, matching his cheerful personality, and likes to believe the best in everyone. However, sometimes his view of the world is a bit naïve. He has very clear ideas about right and wrong, and at times has trouble dealing with grey areas. His journeys have given him a bit more perspective on how the universe works, but he still holds to principles some might see as childish.

As a Keyblade master, he does have several enemies. Just a small piece of advice - don’t be his enemy. If you choose to ignore this, your days are numbered. If you have some sort of evil master plan, Sora is the type to find you and stop you, no matter how difficult it’ll be. When something needs to be done, Sora will see it though to he end - he isn't the type to give up, not ever. It also isn’t entirely beneath him to seek vengeance if something terrible has happened to one of his friends.

DiZ once told Roxas that Sora might be too nice, and he may very well have been right. The boy can be a bit too trusting at times, though he has learned to be a little more cautious. Don’t be fooled by the fact that he never seems down; Sora does have some not-so-bright thoughts. Like everyone else he has worries and fears, and he can't help but think about them sometimes. But never for long. Sooner or later his friends appear, or something else happens and he finds himself focused on other things.

Overall, Sora is a friendly, optimistic, goofy kid who's understands responsiblity and knows how to spread lots of smiles.


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Sora is the Keyblade Master, meaning that he can summon a key-like weapon at will. This weapon has the power to unlock or lock any keyhole, and its powers can be customized with various ‘keychains’ Sora has collected over time. Thanks to Merlin, Sora also knows several powerful spells for attacking, healing, and defense. He can also perform special attacks that use magic.



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