Soul Eater Evans
Soul Eater Evans
Continuity Soul Eater
Age 16
Species Species
Hair Color White
Eye Color Red
District Northern District
Journal Soul's journal
Player Daranon
Theme Song So Scandalous

"As far as I know music isn't picky about when it gets played."

Table of Contents

+ History
Soul comes from a family of musicians and his older brother, Wes, is a very talented violinist. Soul has his own talents on the piano, but never felt like he was on the same level as his brother and was always reluctant to play publicly because of this. He never felt like he truly fitted into the Evans family because of these reason, so when it was discovered he had Weapon blood, Soul seized the chance to leave his family behind and make his own way. At the DWMA, he was approached by Maka Albarn and he played a song for her, telling the Meister that the song was 'the kind of person he is'. It was a strange, dark tune, but Maka accepted it and trusted Soul as her Weapon partner. They worked together as a team to collect the ninety-nine souls that are part of the requirement of turning the Weapon into a Death Scythe.

At the beginning of the series, Soul and Maka are tracking down the last evil soul they need to meet the required ninety-nine. They encounter Jack the Ripper, who has obviously strayed far from the path of humanity and was in danger of turning into a full-fledged Kishin. Before the fight begins, Soul states that he and Jack the Ripper are similar in that they both have transformed themselves but the thing that makes them different are their souls. After defeating Jack the Ripper, Soul is obviously pleased with the meal and the fact that they are only one witch's soul away from turning him into a Death Scythe. The pair report in to Lord Death and while giving their report Maka's overly doting father, Spirit, gets into an argument with Soul. Spirit warns Soul not to do anything perverted to his daughter, to which Soul bluntly states there would be no way he'd be interested in a small chested girl like Maka. This makes Spirit go beserk until Lord Death steps in to get the Weapon and Meister their next, and most dangerous, assignment.

At Lord Death's direction, the pair find the pumpkin themed house of Blair, whom they assume is a witch. Maka and Soul bicker about how best to attack the witch, when Soul loses his patience with Maka's overly careful plan and charges right in. Blair was in the middle of taking a bath, and Soul crashes right into her. Seeing Blair naked, the Weapon immediately and violently nosebleeds but still claims that it was alright since 'cool guys see naked girls all the time'. Maka kicks him in the head and then demands he turns into a scythe so they can take Blair's soul. But the supposed witch easily defeats them. And again, and again. Make and Soul try several times to corner and attack the witch, but Blair is either ready for them or distracts Soul with nosebleeds. But it becomes apparent that the witch is just really after Soul, claiming that she'll take care of him better than Maka does.

Finally, Soul and Maka have a proper showdown with Blair, who still has the two on the defensive. They bicker constantly between each other on how to handle the fight, until Soul goes mysteriously quiet. When Maka is nearly thrown off a building, Soul transform back into his human form and says they should quit, claiming he only wants to be Blair's scythe from now on. Maka is devastated, having put her trust in Soul, the only boy she's ever had any trust in. This deception allows Soul to get close enough to Blair, however, to finally slice through her. After gulping down Blair's soul, the Weapon is expecting to transform into an ultra-powerful Death Scythe, but only manages a burp. As it turns out Blair was not a witch, only a cat with a lot of magic, so all the souls the two collected were for nothing. Realizing they have to start over makes both of them angry, but Blair follows them anyways, still interested in Soul.

Starting over, Soul and Maka defeat the evil human Rasputin and collect his soul. The next day, Blair wakes the Weapon up by smooshing him with her chest, which gets the predictable reaction out of Soul. Maka walks in on them and kicks Soul out the window of their apartment. Soul had hoped it was going to be a cool day, because that's what cool guys deserve, but it turns out to be anything but cool. Soul hears a rumor about one of the teachers at the DWMA had been killed, but Maka dismisses it as hearsay. Class begins, with Spirit as the acting teacher. Soul gets into another verbal battle with Maka's father, but they are quickly sent out of class to see Lord Death about an additional assignment. Along with Black*Star and Tsubaki, Soul and Maka arrive at the cemetery with Lord Death's instructions that if they fail these lessons they will be expelled. Soul and Black*Star try luring Sid, the murdered teacher, out of hiding with childish taunts and a promise to vandalize his grave. When Sid does appear, the students get to work, although it doesn't go very smoothly. Soul and Maka are able to use the Witch Hunter technique, although Maka slips and it throws off their aim. Soul bickers with her about whose fault it was, but ultimately they are able to capture Sid. After interrogating the former teacher, they discover he was turned into a zombie by the mysterious Doctor Stein.

Soul, at first, is bewildered by the Doctor's rather comical entrance, but it soon becomes apparent that this is not some push-over. Stein is able to easily keep the four of them on the defensive, and them seemingly kills Black*Star in front of them. This really angers Soul, but Maka is terrified after using her Soul Perception to look at Stein's soul and won't attack. Soul encourages her, telling his Meister she's only seen the other man's soul and not the future, and they attack using Witch Hunter again. While their technique was improved over the first Witch Hunter, the ultimately fail as Stein overpowers the attack. This leaves Maka vulnerable and as Stein goes for her, Soul returns to his human form and crouches protectively over his Meister. Stein is impressed and simply states that he gets a passing grade. The entire thing had been set-up as their extra lessons and that Black*Star had merely been knocked unconscious. However, it doesn't seem there are any hard feelings from Soul. Stein becomes their regular teacher and the incident is never mentioned again.

Some time later, there are rumors that Death the Kid, Lord Death's son, is going to enroll at the DWMA. Soul is interested in meeting Kid, who took on a very difficult mission, and waits for Kid's arrival outside of school. However, Black*Star is ALSO interested in meeting Kid and the two start fighting because Black*Star ruined the symmetry of the DWMA's exterior. During this, Black*Star and Soul try and work together to bring Kid down, even going so far as to attempt a Meister/Weapon pairing, but this is unsuccessful because of their clashing soul wavelengths. They have an emotional moment, though, to declare their friendship for each other, which Kid uses to his advantage to shoot them both. The dynamic duo eventually win, however, when Kid completely freezes up because part of his hair was damaged.

On their next mission, Soul and Maka are sent to Italy to take out another evil human before they can turn into a Kishin. Maka detects an odd soul in a church and Soul drives them there on his motorcycle. Here they encounter Crona, who has taken out an entire gang and devoured their souls. Crona fights with the power of Black Blood, combined with his Weapon Ragnarok, are able to damage Soul even in his weapon form. Maka is hesitant but Soul again states he'd do anything for her and refuses to give up the fight. They are cornered soon after and Soul blocks Crona's attack from slicing into his Meister and receives a grievous injury from the attack. It is at this time that Soul is infected with the Black Blood, unbeknownst to everyone.

Dr. Stein is able to rescue the pair and Soul wakes sometime later in the hospital wing of the DWMA after surgery. Here, he has a nightmare about being trapped in a dark void. Seeing a light, and possible escape, Soul reaches out for it, only to come tearing out of Maka's stomach. Soul wakes, screaming, from this nightmare - the first indication that he's infected with Black Blood. Maka is able to calm him down, but in order to defuse any worry on her part, Soul says he's fine and doesn't need anything. Hearing this, Maka leaves, upset and Soul feels guilty for making her feel that way.

The next major event for Soul is his check-up visit with the nurse, who is actually the Witch Medusa in disguise. he tells her of his dreams, to which she replies that they're normal and he seems fine, although she is deceiving him. Maka stops by and sees the scar on Soul's chest and becomes upset again. This troubles Soul a great deal, since he isn't sure why Maka is acting that way in the first place. It is only after a party that Soul comes to understand why his partner is acting strangely and is grateful that she's accepted what happened and plans to become stronger.

However, Maka's plan of getting stronger doesn't exactly sit well at first. She insists on special lessons, and when Soul bickers with her, the pair fight until Maka asks him if he wants to get stronger. Unknown to Maka, the Little Ogre that resides in the Black Room created in Soul's mind after their fight with Crona has been tempting Soul with the Black Blood's power. Soul is afraid of hurting Maka if he uses that power, so they argue again, to the point they are barely speaking. It has a disastrous effect on their weapon-meister bond which carries over into their next mission. There, while facing the werewolf Free, Maka isn't even able to hold Soul in his weapon form without suffering burns to her hands, but she does so anyways. They continue to argue with each other until Tsubaki cuts into their argument, pointing out that the pair aren't getting anywhere by fighting each other. Soul decides to face the Little Ogre and the power that the Black Blood, but on his own terms. They win the fight, though Soul nearly drags Maka's soul down into the madness of the Black Blood, but he is able to prevent that from happening. Their friendship becomes stronger after this.

Foundation Day Eve brings a party and trouble. Medusa traps everyone at the party, including Lord Death, but Sid manages to send Soul and a few others out of the room before the spell is complete. Dr. Stein is is among those sent out and informs the students with him that Medusa is planning on waking Asura. Soul and the others refuse to back out and get ready for the fight.

Soul and Maka slip past Medusa and leave her to fight with Dr. Stein and Spirit. The pair lets Kid and Black*Star go ahead when they encounter Crona again. And yet again, Crona is able to keep the duo on the defensive. Little Ogre offers to help by using the Black Blood but Soul argues with him, until Maka shows up in the Black Room. Because of their Soul Resonance, she is actually there and agrees to use the Black Blood because she wants to understand Crona. Soul allows the Black Blood to transfer over to Maka, who is finally able to fight on equal level with Crona. The entire time Soul has to hold back the madness or it could completely overwhelm Maka's soul. Maka's efforts cause Crona and Ragnarok to reject each other and Soul uses the moment to pull Maka out of the madness.

Soul watches as Maka makes an attempt to become Crona's friend, the madness had allowed her to match wavelengths with Crona and understand that Crona didn't know how to make friends. Soul admits to feeling the same way sometimes, so his initial judgement about Crona has been reversed. When Ragnarok attacks them, Crona tells the pair to go and he'll handle his weapon. Unfortunately, they arrive too late to stop Asura's awakening and follow the Kishin after he breaks free. They are hit by falling debris but Soul returns to human form to catch Maka and break her fall.

Crona is now enrolled at the DWMA on a trail basis and Maka is determined to help Crona integrate into a normal life. Soul makes fun of her idea to have Crona write poetry, but it's so depressing than even he gets gloomy after reading it. Shortly after, Soul, Maka, and Crona are sent to investigate a village full of golems in the Czech Republic. They ask around, but Soul believes the villagers are hiding something. This proves to be the case as Giriko, a minion of the Witch Arachne, had been hiding out there. The four fight with Giriko but Maka is paralyzed early on, Soul returns to human form and notices tiny spider webs all around her. With Maka out of commission, all Soul can do is watch. When Justin Law shows up to fight Giriko, Soul is impressed with their skills and laments that he'll never be on their level as a weapon.

After this, Soul takes on a background kind of role for awhile, watching of Maka as she recovers. At some point the others try and get Soul to play the piano for them, but Soul refuses several times saying that his music isn't worthy to be heard. Maka tries to get him to play saying she likes his music but he can only bitterly respond that she likes it because she doesn't have a musical ear.

Sometime later, Dr. Stein has brought Soul, Maka, Black*Star, Tsubaki, Death the Kid, Liz, and Patty all together to work on a technique called Chain Resonance. It helps to strengthen the entire team and Stein informs the group that they will fail the class if they do not succeed. Maka takes this seriously and when it is unsuccessful, she blame Black*Star. The two fight and Kid tries to stop them, but Soul tells Kid that this is between the two of them. It escalates to the point that Maka runs off in tears. Maka apologizes and the group tries again. During the Resonance, Little Ogre tempts Soul with a piano in the Black Room, saying it will increase their power. But Soul marvels at the sound of their connected soul wavelengths and rhythm is creates.

At the battle for the Demon Tool known as BREW, the seven students, along with others, are assigned to keep Arachne's forces out of the vortex while Stein and Marie go in after the tool. When they take a long time, however, the group of seven go in after them. They run into Mosquito who has BREW and fight him. Mosquito is the most powerful foe they have faced and it seemed like none of their attacks where doing any harm. Soul realizes how desperate this is becoming when Little Ogre again shows up and offers the piano to him. Seeing no other alternative, Soul calls out to his teammates to get them to perform a Chain Resonance while he plays the piano to amplify the effects. The others laugh, and a confused Soul asks why, they say that they finally got Soul to play for them. Soul uses the piano and everyone gains a boon to their power, finally causing some damage to Mosquito. Soul, however, stops playing, saying their time is running out inside the vortex. This annoys Little Ogre to no end. The mission is a failure, and they all return back to the DWMA.

After this mission, Maka is unsettled and Soul can tell. But he doesn't push her and waits for her to tell him what's going on in her own time. They take on a mission at a factory in Russia with Death the Kid. However, due to the factory's disorganized appearance, Kid refuses to go inside so Soul, Maka, and Blair go in. The encounter and defeat the Flying Dutchman but upon trying to leave the group also runs into a Clown. Maka discovers that the Clown and Asura have similar wavelengths. The Clown drags Maka down into madness, but Soul is able to reach out to her. They are sitting in the Black Room together where Maka says she enjoys his music. Soul replies that his music is madness and yes it gives them strength, but the strength they have acquired while enduring the madness is really interesting. Maka says this is what courage is. Soul takes her hand and asks to listen to her soul. She randomly picks out a G on the piano, and it resonates with her new found courage, allowing Maka to break free of the Clown's madness. This courage allows Maka and Soul to use Genie Hunter to destroy the Clown.

Soon after, the Witch Medusa makes a deal with Lord Death and leads the DWMA to Arachne's hideout the castle Baba Yaga. At first, Soul doesn't want to go because working with Medusa is the last thing he wants to do. When Maka agrees, however, he reluctantly decides to go along as well. Soul is constantly distrustful of Medusa and ehr motivations during the entire trip to the castle. When they finally enter the castle, disguised as Arachnophobia memebers, the group gets lost from each other since everyone is dressed alike. Soul and Kid run into the child Witch Angela and have to play along with her antics because her bodyguard is watching them. After escaping this encounter, the group finally comes back together and the final plan is put into action. Soul, Maka, and Medusa head for Arachne and Medusa tries to convince them to trust her but Soul refuses. Maka chides him for making a fuss.

When they reach Arachne's room, the Witch attacks using her magic spider webs. They can see that everyone is attached to these webs and Soul collapses on the floor and is unable to get up. Little Ogre takes this moment to belittle Soul, telling the weapon this is who he truly is and not the cool person he claims to be. An image of his brother Wes comes to mind and Little Ogre continues to belittle Soul, saying he's an indecisive person. Little Ogre then leaves Soul to his own devices and Soul cries out for help, only to be answered by Arachne pulling on his strings. He believes he's being saved until Maka chops him in the head and cuts the strings. At this point, Soul resolves to become stronger for her sake. When they find Arachne, they find only her lifeless body because her soul had fused with the madness that was everywhere in the room. Medusa and Arachne trade insults and Medusa is unable to contain her sister.

Soul and Maka decide to use Genie Hunter against Arachne, but Maka notices the spreading madness. Soul wonders why it is not affecting him when Little Ogre returns to explain that because of the Black Room and Maka's Anti-Demon wavelength, he's safe. Soul spreads her wavelength through the castle by using Arachne's own spider webs and using the piano in the Black Room. After ridding the castle of the insanity within it, Maka and Soul attack Arachne directly with Genie Hunter and defeat her.

Shortly after Arachne's defeat, Soul and Maka collect the last evil human soul required for making a Death Scythe. They return to the Death Room where they are given the news that their group is being renamed to Spartoi. Soul is given Arachne's soul and uses it to become a Death Scythe, finally. That complete, Spartoi becomes the DWMA's elite group of skilled students.

Soul quickly realizes how much he doesn't understand about being a Death Scythe. Marie explains Form Manipulation to him, the ability to change his weapon form to suit particular situations. Maka makes use of this after her Grigori soul is explained to her and she becomes obsessed with the idea of being an angel. Soul bickers with her about the form of the wings he takes on when she uses her Grigori soul, but he eventually caves to the fluffy cute wings that Maka desires. It also comes to their attention that there are people who would want to get Maka on their side because of her Anti-Demon wavelength and Spirit asks Soul to watch over her after Maka refuses to heed any of her father's advice. They are out practicing flying with one of Noah's minions attack them. Gopher is able to overwhelm the pair because of Soul's slow flying speed, until Maka decides the cute, fluffy wings weren't what she wanted and asks Soul to make them better. Noah wants to acquire Maka as part of his collection, which already includes Kid. The pair is eventually able to get Gopher to retreat.

Maka checks out the Book of Eibon from the library, determined to find a way to find Kid. Soul supports the action, and Spartoi assembles to delve into the book to find Kid and bring him back, Blair also tags along. In the first chapter Lust, Soul is transformed into a girl who acts very similar to Maka, despite his claims earlier in the series that he'd never be interested in a flat chested girl like her. Maka is transformed into a boy, who upon seeing the Succubus, has a nosebleed for which girl!Soul chastises him for. Blair is able to overcome the Succubus,a nd Soul asks the Index to turn to the next chapter.

The next chapter, Gluttony, is quickly dealt with, and again Soul asks Index to turn to the next chapter. In Envy, Soul and Maka are separated. Soul encounters his memory of Wes asking him why he chose Maka to be his partner, pointing out that she doesn't have an ear for good or bad music. Soul insists that isn't the reason. Soul finds Maka in a hallway, crying, and asks if anything happened to her. She replies no and asks him the same, and he also replies no. Somehow, the pair end up in a room full of chairs and beds, skipping ahead to chapter six, Sloth.

In this chapter, Maka sits down on a chair and says they shouldn't be partners anymore because she is the one to blame for it. Soul is concerned and asks why the sudden change of heart, to which Maka replies she's not as strong of the others and is only holding him back. Soul scolds her for listening to the illusions of the book, but hesitates when Maka asks again if he saw anything in the previous chapter. Giriko appears, intent on finishing the pair off and goes for Maka. Soul kicks Giriko away from her, and transforms into his weapon form. Maka, however, refuses to defend despite Soul's pleas for her to do so, forcing Soul to return to human form to try and prevent Giriko from killing her. Giriko injures Soul, but the weapon refuses to stand down, saying he's frustrated that he can't do anything for Maka but that won't stop him from trying.

At this moment, Maka realizes what was happening and apologizes to Soul, though he says she didn't need to. The pair fight Giriko with help from the piano in the Black Room, cancelling out Giriko's wavelength with the sound. Giriko, however comes back in a new body and destroys Soul's piano and causes the weapon to cry out in pain. Soul continues to try and defend Maka, but Giriko is quickly reaching the point where his own soul can't handle all the rage the weapon has for the pair and explodes.

After the Black Mass inside the book releases them from the book Spartoi faces down Noah. Using Chain Resonance to support Black*Star and Kid, Maka and Soul watch as the duo take Noah down for good. It is after this battle and before the next assignment that Soul hears the call and Wakes.

+ Personality
To many, Soul is aloof and distant. He would be quick to say this is all part of his 'cool guy' demeanor, because cool guys always act aloof. Earlier in the series, he relates just about everything to its relative level of coolness - from how good a day is going to be, to his reasons for sticking by Maka, his Meister. He doesn't tend to talk about his problems or mince words when he speaks, so some people can find him to be very harsh. Soul has a particular dislike of being popular for shallow reasons, such as all the attention he received after becoming a Death Scythe. This is probably because of the jealous he holds towards his older brother Wes, whom Soul believes is a much better musician than he'll ever become.

One thing that he takes very seriously, and again will claim that this is the way that a cool guy will act, are his friendships with other people. He is a very loyal friend and believes that breaking promises and changing sides are not cool, such as in the first chapter when Soul tricks Blair into thinking he switched sides. Soul states then that switching sides isn't cool and that he only pretended to get close to Blair. He looks after his friends and has shown on more than one occasion that he was willing to sacrifice himself to protect them, Maka in particular.

Soul is also very lazy and laid-back, a personality trait that leads to most of his conflicts with Maka. When a big written exam is coming up, it seems that Soul is really studying for once, but instead he had been writing cheats down in order to pass. Even when sitting in the classroom he's usually slouching, or just looking like he's not paying attention very much. That's not to say that Soul is a complete slacker, however, he can be very headstrong and determined about things he cares about. Generally, defending his friends or helping them regain their confidence in a situation.

As the series progresses, Soul matures into someone who is a careful thinker. He is able to take a step back and look at situations with a critical eye, and even points out things others may have missed. But his stubbornness is still apparent. Once he makes a character judgement about someone, he tends to stick to that determination until proven outright to the contrary. This can also lead to indecisiveness on Soul's part, because he can over think things.

+ Abilities
Weapon form: Soul was born with the ability to transform himself into a long handled scythe. Fully transformed, Soul relies heavily on his partner Maka to make the best use of his other abilities. However, he can partially transform himself into a weapon. Several times he transforms his arm into the blade of his scythe form, though he is far less effective like this. If he is able to match wavelengths with someone else, theoretically they could wield Soul as a weapon. Later in the series, Soul is able to create wings for flight, but this is only due to Maka's Grigori soul and is not something he can do without her. As a Death Sycthe he is also able to manipulate his weapon form to suit the situation, such as lengthening the blade and making it smaller.

Soul Resonance: Like all DWMA Weapons and Meisters, Soul has been taught to regulate his own soul's wavelength's to match and amplify his partner's soul wavelength. This ability can be used with more than just two people, but is only effective if they can match wavelengths. While using Soul Resonance and in Weapon Form, Soul is able to perform two special attacks: Witch Hunter and Genie Hunter. Witch Hunter has a purifying wavelength that can hurt immortals and Genie Hunter has an Anti-Demon wavelength which is implied to be able to actually kill immortals.

Black Blood: After his first encounter with Crona, Soul becomes infected with the Black Blood. Soul uses this Black Blood to enhance his and his teammates strength with Soul Resonance during a fight, though he tries not to use it for very long. There is also the possibility of the Black Blood transferring to his wielder when he uses it. The Black Blood created the Black Room in Soul's mind, where the Little Ogre lives. This demon is always trying to tempt Soul into using the Black Blood and giving into its madness. Later on in the series, Soul is gradually able to draw on the Black Blood's strength and not its madness.

Wavelength Manipulation: Drawing on his experience as a pianist, Soul learns to manipulate a soul wavelength like a musician manipulates sound. He uses this ability to create a chain Soul Resonance, even under seemingly impossible circumstances. While sitting in front of the piano in the Black Room, Soul is able to play pitches and rhythms that enhance his team's ability to match wavelengths and increase their power. By playing the exact opposite, Soul is able to disrupt and even fully cancel out an opponents wavelength and power. This is later enhanced after Soul becomes a Death Scythe and has use of Arachne's spider webs, so he is able to transmit these manipulative wavelengths across great distances and without any sound-carrying medium.

+ Relationships

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