The South District of Forests


  • default building structure is very art nouveau in style
  • is almost 90% natural areas
  • buildings tend to have vines and greenery growing off of them
  • some of the trees in the forest can walk around, but they are harmless
  • Arcas can be accessed via gate from this district
  • houses the police department and jail
  • Has two seasons: spring and summer


S1. Outer Gate of the Forests
S2. Inner Gate of the Forests
S3. Plaza of the Forests (Southern Teleportation Array)


S4. The Southern Welcome House (Budehuc)
As the main shelter for those Wakened who arrive in the Southern District, Thomas dutifully kept its doors open for anyone who decides to pass on through. It remains this way even after Thomas' return to Sleep. Years ago, the city had initially placed parts of the old, run down fort when a few of its world's inhabitants had Awoken. The manor house itself was the only original building left after chunks of Kalliste fell upon the grounds. It had since been refitted with new housing units and shop spaces.

S5. The Marketplace
Ideal for its surroundings, the marketplace is a rustic, open-air market. Think tents, tarps, wagons and booths. There are some normal storefronts and shops to be found within the area as well. It contains whatever foods are most palatable to the people who goes there. All food is free for the taking.

Other additions to the marketplace are: Big Donut store

S6. Extreme Pizza and Laser Tag Arena
The best of both worlds combined into one. Formerly a Pizza Hut, but now WAY MORE EXTREME. You can order pizza here. PIZZA.

The laser tag arena sort of merged with it over the years. It comes in two parts: The Briefing Room (to suit up with holsters, laser light guns, and sensor vests), and an all-out Battlefield for the most Hardcore players in existence. The maze-like layout between team homebases combines ramps and bridges with all of the provided walls and posts for cover. Some of those ramps lead to second story platforms, and if you're evil a really strategic sharpshooter, there are also secret hideyholes to camp in. Hope you guys like black light and pounding beats. It's not laser tag without those two major components.

S7. Dana's (Former Tree) House
There used to be a tree but after Ursaems messed with the city the tree was damaged beyond repair. The former tree house is moderately sized and the typical looking suburban home.

S8. Unnamed Spa
Luxurious spa facility, complete with hot springs, cool baths and more. Fitting for the district in which it is located, everything about this place screams 'green' and natural. This is the place to be if you want to pamper yourself or just relax. Now, if only there was a name. "That Spa in The South" is a bit long.

S9. Cybertronian Buildings
Largely abandoned Cybertronian-sized structures, these buildings are massive to the human-sized Wakened. They stretched upward in jagged spindles, lit in electric blues and greens. Some are connected by massive air-bridges that hang halfway up the buildings. The perfect place for a large robot to move in!

Remodeled as of - Feb. 12th, 2018

S10. The Movie Theater
While the building suffered Kalliste damage in the past, it has recently received a facelift: bigger viewing theaters, plush seating, and a full-stocked concession stand with fresh popcorn popped on the hour. In the past, the theater has played: Inglourious Basterds, Die Hard, The Clones of Bruce Lee, Titanic (yes, seriously), The Quiet Man, and has previously run a marathon Wild Western and Vincent Price films.

S11. The Swamp
Thanks to the large submerged glass chunks, it has firmer foundations to stand on while having deeper levels of swamp to fill into. Like a swamp should be. Also starts to look like Earth and Galvan Prime/Mark II. The tower Azmuth was building suffered significant damage during the whole thing with Ursaems but has since been repaired and completed.

S12. Sonic the Hedgehog's Hut
A large multi-hut house which is surrounded by large trees. The outside of the huts are made of a yellow wood and straw rooftop. The door is made of dark wood and the windows are framed by white wing-shaped shutters. The entire property is surrounded by a white wooden fence and some tasteful flowers. The interior is furnished with lots of greens and yellows with a lot of decorations that are simple and a bit old-world. Sonic's room has a car in it, check it out!

His home is easily identifiable by the mailbox out in front of the house being in the shape of Sonic's face.

S13. Assassin's (Creed) Bureau
Malik and Altair's former home, the Assassin's Bureau is a squat, sandy looking building in the middle of the Southern Forest. Vines have grown up around its walls, grasping up towards the roof where the only entrance to the building is housed. Upon dropping in, one find's a larger room adjacent to the entrance filled with training dummies and equipment, as well as a small kitch and table. It's rigged with sensors and video monitoring equipment to alert Li Shengshun / Hei and Prisoner Number 6 of visitors, as they use the place for training. References can be found here.

S14. Nautilus Police Department (NPD) and Jail
The only existing police department in the whole darn city. Lawful Good and Lawful Neutrals would find this place great. It is located across the street from the prison. Like the prison, the department is Bending disabled, and most powers will not work in there for the sake of information security. Although the NPD building has been abandoned for a few years, it was left untouched during the last battle of Kalliste.

The prison, on the other hand, was completely destroyed…until now. Upon request, the Deva have since rebuilt the prison from scratch; the entire building is another Bending disabled zone for security purposes and its rooms can accommodate prisoners of any size (and much like Hermoine's bag or Death's cottage, there is no sense of scale whatsoever). The time spent in a cell can also feel much longer than the actual sentence (ex. a day can feel like weeks, years, etc.).

S15. Kurenai and Crocker's Mansion
A sizable house, the mansion boasts an impressive interior decor though most of the rooms are small and cozy. A more detailed description can be found here.

Currently no residents as of 6/26/2015
Connie and Crocker placed a force-field created of love to keep anyone from entering or the place being destroyed.

S16. Apartment No. 6Taako's Tasty Treats
On the road that leads to the Open Air Market is a single home with beige stucco outer walls and a grand white windowed door on its front. A little sign on a black striped pole with a yellow awning by the door reads '6 Private.' This is the residence of Prisoner Number 6 and his Wife Mary Poppins. It is a replica of Number 6's flat from The Village (as seen in The Prisoner 1967) but it has been enlarged to the size of two homes. The interior has been recently remodeled. There are four bedrooms with closets, One wash room that includes a shower and a bathtub and a fully furnished kitchen that connects to a large sitting room with a fireplace. The entire house is decorated in a colonial style with some hints of art deco. There is a special corner of the sitting that is dedicated to a full size white grand piano. The Second bedroom, currently unused, houses a particularly interesting mirror that belongs to Mary Poppins. It may have a tendency to mock anyone who passes by its view on their way down the hall.

As of December 2017, Taako has taken over the Apartment for his bakery. The sitting room has been converted into a display room for various baked goods for people to 'purchase' and there's a glittery sign out front.

S17. Braca's House
A small, nondescript home tucked away between plain, Nautilus styled buildings. Inside the interior is Spartan, functional, and practical to a fault but its owner seems to have long since vacated.

S18. The Antique Shoppe and Café
The residence is a two-story enclosure reflecting a traditional Spanish style of Klement Devereux's childhood home, with rooms that overlook a small cobblestone courtyard. This place is also Calex's cat-partment. Yes, that's right — one room is filled entirely with a plethora of cat toys and accessories. If one looks closely, there are many cat-sized openings along the walls and shelves that run through each room.

The antique shoppe only takes up one building of the enclosed structure, leaving Klement with space to work with. That space suddenly became a European/Middle-Eastern-influenced coffee and tea shop that is open to the public. Indoor and outdoor seating is available.

Recently both Klement and Calex left, leaving the place behind.

S19. Nautilus Academy/School
The school for fools bright-eyed and bushy-tailed students or for anyone who wants to learn from a plethora of academic and Nautilus-related subjects. Scott Summers and Jiminy Cricket are the brains behind the school's inception, encouraging the Wakened to come in and expand their horizons.

The school's floor plans, list of teachers and students, and visual design can be found here.. The flight simulator is also available for anyone's use.

S20. Geppetto's Workshop
A small wooden home with thick glass windows. Inside, all the furniture appears to be handcrafted with great care, with a wide countertop for working. Various shelves line the wall, some filled with half-carved wooden toys or tools used to work the wood.

S21. Ruins of Dale
Once a thriving human town set upon the shores of a large lake now sits in the Southern District, sprawling eastward, in ruins. Buildings lay shattered, stone overturned and wood charred and burned. The ruins in Nautilus are not the entirety of the town, but enough to piece together that something very bad happened here!

S22. Amy Rose's House
Outside Outside 2


- Batman's Bat Cave
Where Batman used to live and work (obviously). It's a spacious cave with room for a vehicle or two and a large panel of computers and TV screens to monitor the city. Not creepy at all. It's located in the series of tunnels underneath Nautilus, and virtually no one knows it's location currently. More information the tunnels can be found here.

Heterodyne Tower
Deep in the woods to the south, a tower tall enough to be seen over the tops of the trees, the roof bedecked with an impressive array of energy attractors. The tower is made of a mix of native stone, dirt, scavenged metal bits, and a unique cement-like mixture to bind it all.

Clef's Castle
Near the Ruins of Dale

Angels Run

A Hotel for KilGrave; towards the Unnamed Spa and Ruins

Heterodyne Tower

Located in the thickest part of the forest.

The tower is constructed of a mix of local stone, a hardened substance that is a variant on clay, some sort of cement, and metal. The tower reaches up above the tallest trees of the forest for a few stories and is just wide enough at its base to be proportionate and structurally sound. The roof has several arrays on it, most of which are for collecting ions in the air and/or lightning, but there are others as well, and which ones are up there change periodically. The outside of the tower is broken up by small spiral arrow slits in a double helix up and down the tower's length with only the upper most stories boasting actual windows. The one and only obvious door to the tower is a heavy door that looks like it is made of a combination of thick dense wood and metal straps. Bracing either side of the door are mechanical reindeer in white with gold designs.

Inside the door one is faced at once with a staircase that spirals up along the inside of the outer wall of the tower, so that one could shoot out of the arrow slits from the stairs, and so that from the outside no one could see the rooms, or the doors. Each landing has a door and behind each door a room that seems to take the whole of that floor. Three stories up is a sitting room with a long sofa, a love seat, and a few armchairs. In that room is the fireplace responsible for heating the whole of the castle. It is an impressive looking fireplace that has in place of a chimney flue a series of glass tubes filled with colored gases. The tubes weave intricate designs around each other around the walls of the room. Further up is Agatha's room, painted in greens and gold. The wood molding and wooden shelves all have small intricate carvings worked into them, and trilobites are a recurring theme in the designs. Also in the tower, among other rooms is a kitchen, a dining room, Connie's room, a few guest rooms, and countless labs. All stairs, window slits, entrances and most rooms and interior doors are rigged to traps, and the tower is protected by the traps, and by Agatha's small dingbots who keep out anyone she has not welcomed. By force of weapons if need be. (so far no such need has arisen.)

Zoro's Waterfall Cave

Screened behind the waterfalls, there's a cave with a painting/mural on the wall of a tiger and a panther and some jungle. also a place for storing sake and a table.


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