Squall Leonhart
Squall Leonhart
Continuity Final Fantasy VIII
Age 17 18
Species Human
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Light Blue
District Eastern District (Woke in West)
Journal shivas_lover
Player Kasarin
Theme Song "Maybe I'm A Lion"

"Right and wrong are not what separate us and our enemies. It's our different standpoints, our perspectives that separate us."



Squall Leonhart was born on August 23rd in the small village of Winhill to a mother who died shortly after his birth and a father who was unaware of his existence. He was sent to a small orphanage far from his birthplace, where he was raised by a woman whom he called 'Matron'. Despite the presence of five other children his age, he bonded most closely with a girl named Ellone, several years his senior. When Ellone was forced to leave the orphanage for reasons beyond her control, the young boy felt completely abandoned, and closed off from those around him.

Due to his difficult personality, Squall was never adopted, and was instead admitted to Balamb Garden to train as a SeeD (an elite mercenary) somewhere between the ages of five and ten. Over the course of this training, Squall came into contact with two Guardian Forces (GFs), which slowly but surely carved a home for themselves in his mind. By the time he was seventeen, Squall had lost all but the faintest memories of his childhood, left only with the distinct fear of abandonment and the cold exterior that came as a result.

Following his final test to become a member of SeeD (which was unusually eventful, and was preceded by having his face slashed open by his rival, Seifer Almasy), Squall found himself the employee of a young woman named Rinoa Heartilly, who was working as an underground freedom fighter. The job was nothing like Squall had expected; it was disorganized, led by a group who didn't seem entirely sure what they were doing or how to make use of the SeeDs at their disposal, and it ended in failure. A second attempt to complete the mission was interrupted by Seifer, who was then abducted after the appearance of a strange woman in black.

(It should be noted that throughout their mission, Squall and his teammates had occasionally been passing out cold and visiting the past through other people's minds. Nothing to worry about, certainly. Squall had repeatedly been forced to inhabit the mind of an extremely chatty, ditzy man who appeared to get leg cramps when nervous. Needless to say, Squall was not very happy with these blackouts.)

Upon arriving at Galbadia Garden, Squall and his teammates learned that Seifer had apparently been executed. Squall mourned in his own way before new orders forced the mercenaries to move on: they were to execute the woman in black (revealed to be a Sorceress). Though there was some protest on the part of Rinoa, the SeeDs had no choice but to obey. However, when the sniper's bullet was deflected by the Sorceress, Squall was forced to fight her head-on. After a fierce battle with Seifer (o hay alive), Squall confronted the sorceress, but was ultimately stabbed through the chest by a spike of ice.


- Woke up after being stabbed with said ice-spike. Was taken care of by Derek Rayne, James Sunderland, and Nathan Wallace. Brought to the Medbay.
- Met Ratchet. Stayed in the Medbay while he healed.
- Musical event started. Decided he was being mind controlled and left the city.
- Canon updated to the point where he's being tortured by Seifer with electrocution. Returned injured (again).
- Went back to the Medbay. Was taken care of by Nathan Wallace.
- L-lol this is like, less than the first month so far, and all off the top of my head. -_-; I'll put more later.


The term "introvert" doesn't quite do him justice. Squall would prefer for other people to simply leave him alone. Due to being abandoned multiple times at a young age, then losing most of his memories from childhood, Squall is just a bit hesitant to form bonds with people. He's very quiet, preferring to give people long stares instead of talking; when he does speak, he's quite blunt and often rude. He's seen as a cold person by most people, and he seems to have no problem with this image. Despite these flaws, however, he is a natural leader, capable of keeping a clear mind and prioritizing action in even the most dire of situations. Although his sense of responsibility runs deep, he would rather not have it involve anyone else.



Squall is 5'9" with medium-length brown hair, blue eyes, and a lean physique. His fine facial features are marred by a prominent scar that begins above his right eye, crosses the bridge of his nose, and ends below his left. It doesn't make a bit of difference, though, since he's usually scowling. He wears a black leather bomber jacket with a fur-trimmed collar over a low-cut white shirt. His black leather pants are held up by three belts, as well as three on his right thigh. His trademark Griever pendant hangs around his neck on a silver chain, and he also wears a matching ring. Black boots and gloves complete the colorful ensemble.



Gunblade: A gun with a blade attached. Possibly the most impractical weapon ever, though, somehow, Squall seems to make good use of it. It doesn't fire projectiles; when triggered, the gun section makes the blade vibrate, increasing it's damage.
Limit Breaks: When Squall gets hit enough, he gets very angry. And somehow becomes super-powered. It's best not to ask; these things just happen. Squall's limit break is called Renzokuken and consists of several rapid strikes followed by a powerful finishing move.
Summons: The tutorial explained these best: "A GF is an independent energy force. By combining it with para-magic, it is possible to control tremendous energy." GFs can be Junctioned, giving access to their unique abilities, as well as allowing them to be summoned in battle. Squall is now able to summon all sixteen Junctionable GFs.
Magic: He's capable of drawing magic from monsters or even other humans, though he doesn't always know what he'll get until it's stocked. The ability to draw and cast magic is dependent on being Junctioned to a GF. (In Nautilus, Squall is perfectly capable of Bending up magic, and does so on a regular basis.)


Forms: Squall is capable of turning into a Cybertronian, whose alt mode is a lion. He's also capable of turning into an actual lion, a chicobo (baby chocobo), and making himself look about ten years older.
Angelii: As an Angelii, Squall has learned to see time as an aspect of space, and to speed up and slow down his movements along it. (This is actually rather difficult for him: he often winds up seeing the cracked, barren desert he ended up in after Time Compression (where he believes he died), and subsequently falters.) He's also learned teleportation and flight.
Bending signature: Silver, with lion motifs (particularly Griever) throughout.
Other notes: Many of the things Squall creates through Bending end up looking vaguely reminiscent of Garden.


To add: Aerith, Aya, Batman, Cain, Dexter, Kid Flash, Kyd Wykkyd, Lelouch, Manuela, Optimus, Pepper, Ratchet, Rion, Rip, Starscream, Thomas, Tony, Wreck-Gar, others?

Expand on/Revise: ALMOST EVERYONE.


America: Initially reminding him of Zell, America's attitude and persistence eventually wore down Squall's emotional defenses, until he finally came to consider the Nation a friend. Although he frowns and sighs about it, Squall really does enjoy America's crazy ideas.

James Sunderland: One of the first people that Squall met in Nautilus. Squall lived with him and Ratchet in the Medbay for some time, and gradually grew protective of the man. When James returned from his home world with something very wrong with him, Squall took care of him, and was one of those who went to Silent Hill to find out what happened. Although their conversations were always rather awkward, he was the first person in Nautilus that Squall called a friend. James returned to Sleep in early January. (Memory status: early conversations have faded.)

Mare: A young mute girl whose appearance initially reminded Squall of Rinoa. Over time, he came to see her as her own person, and developed a small crush. This crush was pushed forward by Sari's matchmaking, and the two very awkwardly began dating. As time went on, they grew closer, and settled into a comfortable, quiet relationship. When Leslie began targeting young women, and Mare in particular, the SeeD became incredibly protective of her. In a similar manner to the way he'd witnessed his feelings for Rinoa develop, that desire to protect gradually became something more: eventually, Squall realized that, somewhere along the way, he'd fallen in love with her. The two grew closer still, and enjoyed their happy, quiet relationship. Mare returned to Sleep in early June. (Memory status: intact.)

Rinoa Heartilly: Thanks to Squall Waking so early in his canon, their relationship is a bit … complicated. Squall does know everything that happened, but he witnessed it all while trapped inside his own body; there, but separate from what was happening. Essentially, he watched himself fall in love, but felt detached from the entire thing. He still cares for Rinoa deeply, and she's an incredibly important person to him … but he hasn't fallen in love with her. Rinoa returned to Sleep in early June. (Memory status: intact.)

Sari Sumdac: Much of Squall's gradual progress in opening up to people is due to Sari. Her dogged persistence and refusal to leave him alone eventually wore away at his defenses, ultimately securing her a very fond place in his heart. Squall considers Sari to be a little sister, although he can't quite bring himself to say so.


Alexander Wolfgang: A sickly man who lives on Pineapple Island. He carries incredibly destructive magic, which Squall has never quite been able to figure out. Unfortunately, Drawing from him has rather strange consequences: when Squall tried it, he wound up getting high. HOW VERY CURIOUS.

Sora: Squall doesn't know Sora very well personally. However, a reality storm gave him some of the memories of his Kingdom Hearts self (Leon), and Sora featured prominently in many of those. As such, he does like the guy, even if he knows the feeling isn't entirely his own.


Leslie Vernon: Squall thought this guy was okay. Then he started targeting young women, Mare in particular. Then a Labyrinth version of him killed Squall. If Squall sees him in person, he's more than likely to attack him.



The Aloner
Always Save The Girl
Authority Equals Ass Kicking
Badass Angster
Blue Oni: To Seifer's Red.
Can't Stand Them, Can't Live Without Them
Child Soldier
Defrosting Ice King
Elegant Weapon For A More Civilized Age
Estrogen Brigade Bait
Fetish Fuel
Good Is Not Nice
Good Scars Evil Scars
Heroic BSOD
Heroic Self Deprecation
Inner Monologue
Jerkass Facade
Lion Motif
Meaningful Name
New Child Left Behind
Resigned To The Call
Scars Are Forever
The Stoic
Troubled But Cute
True Neutral
Visible Silence
You Are In Command Now

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