Continuity Generator Rex
Age Unknown
Species EVO
Skin/Tentacle Color Green
Eye Color Solid Blue
District Eastern District
Journal ink-check
Player Kiriani
Theme Song (Optional)

"I've always said if I gotta be a freak, might as well get paid for it."

Canon History

Prior to the incident that infected the world with nanites around five years ago, Sqwydd was human and living not unlike others. When the time came that his nanites activated, he was forced to leave the life he had known as a child. Unfortunately, as an EVO he faced hassling from the local police and regular humans with unactivated nanites. With few options, the situation turned bad. It wasn’t until Rex came into his life that things took a turn for the better.

Rex had rescued not only him, but several others including two fellow EVOs known as Tuck and Cricket. Although Rex attempted to cure the three, all of them proved to be incurable EVOs, those with nanites that he could not deactivate. Rather than leaving them to fend for themselves, they formed a small crew with Rex as their leader. Living in Hong Kong, the group would steal, often enough straight out of the ATM or storage, and while with Rex, no one messed with the group. Rex had informed the three of his experiences with memory loss to explain the electronic journal he kept and to prepare them for the inevitable, but during the time with his crew, Rex never had a black out. Everything seemed to be going right. Even when they experienced problems with a shapeshifter, Rex used his technological savvy to help them outsmart the troublemaker. As a result, the four still carry a symbol that links them together.

Rex had promised that it would be fine, and for a time, it was just that. Then without warning, Rex traded Sqwydd and the others to the Hong Kong mob run by an EVO named Quarry in exchange for his own freedom from the syndicate and walked away. Rex had been a lieutenant for Quarry, but this was something none of the three knew. He simply vanished from their lives, leaving them at the mercy of Quarry.

It wasn’t until almost two years later that the three would see Rex again. During that time, Sqwydd, Tuck, and Cricket were forced to do as ordered by Quarry, including stealing numerous top of the line cars for his private collection and performing bank robberies. The higher level criminal activity drew attention from Providence, and resulted in Rex being deployed to Hong Kong to stop them. As they exited from another bank, detonating explosives as they came out into the open, Rex along with Providence grunts moved in to try to stop them. Although during the chaos only Cricket got a good enough look at Rex to recognize him, after the three EVOs were forced to separate and flee with Sqwydd covering their retreat, Tuck recognized Rex when he followed him. The arrival of other agents spurred Tuck to leave, but he told Rex to find them at their old hangout. It wasn’t long before Rex found his way to them, the three still living inside of an empty water tower with the space filled by items they had lifted. Excited by the return of their former leader, Rex was welcomed back eagerly despite the memory loss he had suffered while absent. Rex made a promise of protection once more to the three, but Sqwydd was reluctant to get his hopes up.

In his usual fashion, Rex began to break the ties between the three and Quarry by fending off an enforcer threatening them, turning in Quarry’s private collection to the authorities, and even fighting off the three top enforcers of the mob boss. It was only when confronted by Quarry himself that all four of them learned the truth directly from the electronic journal Rex had once kept. Rather than risk being betrayed a second time, Sqwydd followed Tuck and Cricket in accepting Quarry’s control. From him, they knew what to expect.

Soon enough, the three were sent on another bank heist and returned to Quarry with the stolen loot only to have been followed by Rex. After pounding down the EVO underlings, Rex confronted Quarry and the mob boss ordered the three to attack Rex. There was no hesitation as the three rushed to fight Rex, but they were all too quickly overpowered. With no one else to stand between them, Rex went after Quarry. Rejecting the chance to recover his electronic journal and his past in order to fight, Rex found him to be a much tougher opponent than any of his underlings. Sqwydd watched on with Tuck and Cricket as Rex fought for them, and when Quarry had the upper hand, the three intervened to protect Rex. It gave Rex enough time to recover and he brought the fight to an end. With Providence taking Quarry into custody, Rex lied to keep the three from being taken in, and told them that Providence would not be an issue if they didn’t do anything stupid.

Following their release from Quarry, Sqwydd separated from Tuck and Cricket and left Hong Kong. He had always wanted to join the circus, and as far as he figured, if he was going to be a freak forever, he might as well get paid for it. Searching for work, Sqwydd finally found the sort of opportunity he had been hoping for in the United States. Working for a human named Atude, Sqwydd joined up with a group of EVOs to entertain at an underground party in the Sonoran desert. He made a call to Rex to invite him, and was pleased when his friend showed. Although it was no surprise to him, the entertainers had been receiving threats and he informed Rex about the matter.

While Rex was investigating with Agent Jones, Sqwydd was attacked by one of the other EVO entertainers. As a result of the other EVO overcharging his nanites, Sqwydd lost control of his powers. Spewing up his ink in a solid form, the ink spread through part of the back cavern tunnels and attacked anyone that was within reach. Rex rushed back to help along with Agent Jones. Unable to stop himself, Sqwydd passed out after Rex pulled him from the ink. When he woke, the EVO that had attacked him had already disrupted the party and was overcharging himself in order to turn himself into a living bomb. With Rex and Agent Jones unable to stop him, Sqwydd stepped in as the EVO was about to go off and used his juiced powers to wrap the EVO in solid ink and contain the blast. Despite the brief moment in which he could control the solid ink, Sqwydd felt his powers returning to normal with the effects of the attack wearing off immediately after.


As a teenager Sqwydd is often moody, and he takes it to the point that it is rare to see him smile. That said, he does not complain much either. Serious in nature, he will usually provide straight and obvious answers rather than perpetuate jokes. In the right setting, Sqwydd can be forward and social with strangers, but prefers to keep it on a small scale when interacting directly with new people.

Although Sqwydd has accepted his status as an EVO, he still regards himself as a freak. Over time, he has grown used to hassling, and even death threats. He hesitates from getting his hopes up regarding future prospects or other people, but that doesn’t stop him from pushing forward anyway. Given the opportunity, Sqwydd goes after what he wants to make of his life, regardless of the potential for stirring up trouble. It was only recently that Sqwydd gained the freedom to pursue his desire to be an entertainer, but it has been his desire for quite some time. He enjoys seeing others smile.

It is rather difficult to scare or intimidate Sqwydd, allowing him to judge situations more carefully when faced with danger. Despite this, he knows when the odds are against him, and he would much rather hightail it than face a beat down. However, when someone he cares about is in trouble there is no way to deter him from fighting to protect that person.


Sqwydd is aptly named for his appearance and one of his abilities, though he has several. Most notably, Sqwydd is able to expel a black, ink-like mist from his mouth to occlude vision and cover an escape. Although it usually billows out in a cloud, he does have the ability to control that cloud once released to take on a particular shape of his choosing, though this is easily disrupted simply by passing through it. The shapes hold enough detail that he is able to make an ink statue impression of Rex.

In addition to his ink ability, Sqwydd has thick forearms that both are quite durable and under volitional control to shape. He is able to stretch his arms to at least double the length of his own body to swing in attack, and can flatten them in a swing in order to create a blade. His strength is enhanced, and with his blade swing is strong enough to slice straight through stone. When under attack, Sqwydd can also use his arms for protection to deflect bullets, but he generally seems to be fairly durable overall.


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