Suzaku Kururugi
Suzaku Kururugi (枢木 スザク)
Continuity Code Geass / Code Geass R2
Age 18 19 20
Species Human
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
District Northern District
Journal honored_knight challenging
Player Val
Theme Song What Have You Done by Within Temptation

"From then, the time inside me stopped. If I had been able to tell you correctly back then, would I have been able to engrave in the time? Would there have been a different tomorrow? All we wanted…was just a small happiness."

"I'm already moving forward. So, I have to keep going."



Suzaku is the only son of Japan's last Prime Minister, Kururugi Gendou. During his early childhood, two children of the Britanian Royal Family came to live with them: Lelouch and Nunnally vi Britannia. Distrustful of them at first, and even outwardly violent, they came to accept each other and become close friends in a short time. But their time together was brought to a short end as Britannia launched its attack on Japan for control over the Sakuradite trade. The children, left homeless by the war, went their separate ways. Suzaku could not answer as a young Lelouch vowed to destroy Britannia but Suzaku did have an answer to end the terrible war.

As the war continued on, it was clear that Japan was overwhelmed. Gendou proposed a "do-or-die" resistance. A resistance that would have cost countless lives on all sides as it would have brought the Chinese Federation and the EU into the mix. Having already planned his deed out and with his protests falling on deaf ears, Suzaku committed patricide with a hidden knife. Without a leader, Japan fell into confusion within the month and quickly surrendered its territory, honor, and identity to Britannia. Suzaku had wanted to tell Lelouch about the truth of his father's death but was unable to in the end1.


Suzaku's crime was kept secret and though he lived free of punishment, his guilt of killing his own father and selfishly deciding the fate of the Japanese continued to torment him. However, he does not choose the coward's way out. Suzaku later joins the Britannian army as an Honorary Britanian foot soldier - number 404. When a "poison gas" bomb was stolen, it was he who discovered its whereabouts as well as Lelouch's - a young man whom he had not seen in seven years. When Suzaku was commanded by his commanding officer to execute Lelouch to hide evidence of C.C., Suzaku refused, and received the bullet instead, causing him to pass out and causing Lelouch to believe that he was dead. However, he had been saved from the fatal shot by his father's watch which he keeps at all times on his person.

Through a twist of fate, Suzaku was quickly assigned to be the pilot of a new Knightmare frame named the Lancelot despite his lack of proper title. His skill was made apparent as he is deployed in the Shinjiku ghettos, skillfully fighting off the terrorists and insuring the safety of Japanese civilians. But instead of getting his laurels for his achievements, he finds himself getting accused of and framed for the murder of Clovis la Britannia. He refuses to lash out for the wrongful accusation though he knows that the justice system is flawed, stating that if the system decided it was just for him to die, then it was no system to continue living within. During his transport to his trial, Suzaku is saved by Zero who took full responsibility for the murder and then simply told Suzaku's captor to release him. More unusual was the fact that Zero then asked Suzaku to join his side - the Order of the Black Knights. Suzaku refused out of distrust for the man and went to his trial out of a personal sense of obligation to the people, trusting that the truth would come out.


Because of Zero's public declaration, Suzaku was quickly acquitted. As he left the building, a young woman suddenly fell from the sky and into his arms. She urged him to accompany him while "fleeing bad people" and so he did. He spends the day sightseeing with her though he quickly figured out that she had been lying about being chased but failed to realize her true identity until she used her status to stop a military squabble. Realizing that he had been accompanying a Britannian princess the whole time, he pledges to help her. Euphemia helps Suzaku enroll at Ashford Academy shortly after, saying that he should finish high school. He is pleased to see Lelouch and Nunnally safe at school but convinces Lelouch to deny any previous relationship with him, feeling that it is best to hide it for Lelouch's sake. Without Lelouch's support, Suzaku was shunned at first for being the suspected murderer as well as being a second-class citizen but he quickly gained acceptance after saving Lelouch from falling off of a roof.


Suzaku continues piloting the Lancelot, giving Britannia a great advantage in their campaign to stomp out the new rebellion. He finds the Order of the Black Knights deplorable and his frustration with them built with each confrontation. He fought as an anonymous pilot but was identified when the top of his pod was sliced off in battle and exposed him to the world. Though he was helpless in his situation due to the lack of an ejection seat, Zero and his men retreated in an unexpected turn of events. More unexpectedly, was Euphemia's sudden decision to make Suzaku her knight. His knighthood was frowned upon by many Britannians but Lloyd and the students of Ashford Academy showed strong support. During the more light-hearted celebration at the school, Suzaku unknowingly and narrowly missed Kallen's assassination attempt. Lloyd showed up midway through the party and gave Suzaku a sudden mission - to accompany Euphemia to a military base to await her older brother Scneizel. The mission soon became complicated as the Order of the Black Knights also arrived at the base and Suzaku was sent into battle.

During the battle, he was lured into a trap that shut off the Lancelot's main power. He was then instructed to step out of the knightmare to speak with Zero and asked again to join the Order. Zero pulled out a trump card when Suzaku refused, discretely revealing that he too knew about Suzaku's crime of patricide. Suzaku became wary of Zero, gaining an inkling of an idea of just who he could be due to the fact that only two people alive knew about the truth of Gendou Kururugi's death. Suzaku soon received an order to restrain Zero as Britannia fired from all sides. Though it would mean giving up his life, Suzaku followed the order faithfully, successfully restraining Zero and keeping him trapped inside the Lancelot. The two men argued back and forth and when it was clear that Suzaku would follow his order to the death, Zero used his geass and commanded Suzaku to live.

Though Suzaku didn't remember a thing while under the influence of geass, he piloted the Lancelot through cannon blasts and falling missiles, eventually doing something that caused him, Zero, Kallen, and Euphemia to wind up on the beaches of a mysterious island. He discovered Kallen's identity and places her under arrest. Though she was his prisoner, he treated her kindly and with respect. He attempted to convince her to leave the Order with little progress. The next morning, they ran across Zero and Euphemia. After a scuffle between the four, the ground suddenly gave way, revealing a cave with archaic runes and a fully-powered Knightmare. Zero, Kallen, and C.C. made their escape but something about the runes entranced Suzaku, allowing the terrorists to escape. Scneizel's men soon arrived only to place Suzaku under arrest for disobeying orders. The perplexed Suzaku heard a recording of his own voice disobeying direct orders and became conflicted, not remembering the incident at all. Though Euphemia helped clear his name, Suzaku gave up his knighthood because he was unable to live with his selfish transgression. As Euphemia tried to dispel his uneasiness, he spoke of killing his father. He said that it was unfair that he was continuously being protected after what he did when others suffered in his place and urged her to take back his title.

He resumed his piloting duties without his knighthood, keeping on a happy face despite his inner turmoil. During the next battle Suzaku was in, Euphemia established a private communication channel with him. To Suzaku's surprise, she ordered him to love her so that she could love him back to the fullest. Suzaku agreed to do so. Still, he could not open himself completely to her, telling her to erase any trace of his existence if anything happened to him, preparing himself to die alone and unattached to anyone as he found himself in an impossible situation - surrounded and out of fuel. Euphemia unknowingly triggered Suzaku's geass command as she cried out to him to live and Zero showed up soon after to restore his energy cell. The two of them worked together to quash their mutual opponent. Alive and well, Suzaku fully accepted - and shyly - Euphemia's proposal and resumed his position of being her knight.

It seemed to be a bright future for Suzaku and Euphemia, their relationship seen as "perfect" by Nunnally. Their shared view on life and their gentle natures bound them together and it seemed as if that resolve would bring happiness to the Japanese with the establishment of the Special Area Zone - a place where Numbers could be Japanese and live equally. But tragedy struck during the ceremony. Suzaku once again encountered C.C. after Euphemia went to speak with Zero alone. A flood of strange images entered his brain when he touched her and he passed out. He awoke to the sound of screams and gunfire - Britannian soldiers turning the peaceful ceremony into a genocide of all Japanese. Under the orders of Princess Euphemia herself. Finding himself targeted, Suzaku could only run. But he still had faith in Euphemia and used the upgraded Lancelot (equipped with a Float System) to try to find her in the chaos. He found her after some time and was relieved to see that she was fine. In the next second, she was shot before his very eyes by Zero. In a rage, he dove forward, pushing the Lancelot to its limits as he retrieved the injured Euphemia and flew back to the Avelon.

Despite his best efforts and the efforts of the medical team, it was too late to save Euphemia. During her last few minutes, Suzaku spoke to her, asking her why she gave the order [to slaughter the Japanese]. He was surprised that she did not recall anything. She then asked if the Japanese were happy with the SAZ. Faced with the look of purity on Euphemia's face, he could not tell her what had happened, telling her that they were happy with everything instead. When he realized that Euphemia was fading away, Suzaku grasped her hands and spoke of how they could attend Ashford Academy together - a desperate attempt to cling onto their impossible future together. Euphemia simply smiled and told him to carry on at school for the both of them as she passed away. Shortly after her body was taken away, a mysterious boy named V.V. appeared and spoke with Suzaku - presumably telling him all about the power of Zero's geass.


Heartbroken and distraught, Suzaku found himself consumed by bitter hatred for Zero - a hatred that he knew would consume him and even drive him to kill in a way that he detested. He spoke of this hatred to Lelouch though he suspected his friend to be Zero and then asked him to tell the students to not look up at the sky for they might see Suzaku as a murderer up there. During the next battle with the Order, Suzaku found himself in the same trap as on the mysterious island. However, he managed to escape death once again thanks to Arthur, a stray cat that he had saved, when the cat diverted a bullet meant for Suzaku. As Zero fled the battle scene, Suzaku followed.

He found Zero on the island in the same room that they had discovered, firing a warning shot as he confronted him. As Zero tried to spin a lie about Euphemia, Suzaku coldly told him that he knew about the power of geass and that it is clear that he believed Zero put Euphemia under its power to simultaneously smear her name and to push his own agenda at the expense of hundreds of thousands of Japanese as well as hers. Aware of Kallen's presence, he still fires another shot at Zero, cracking open the mysterious mask to reveal what Suzaku had suspected but did not want to believe: Lelouch was Zero. The leader of the Order. The murderer of many. The backstabbing "best friend". Lelouch's words only confirmed that as well as the fact that Lelouch would do anything if it meant the outcome was in his favor. He then asked Suzaku of proof that Suzaku was any different and then asked for his help to retrieve Nunnally once more. Infuriated, Suzaku raised his gun again, unable to trust Lelouch after everything that had happened. Even when Lelouch threatened him with a Sakuradite-powered bomb, Suzaku was not swayed, proclaiming that Lelouch was something that should not exist and that he would be the one to save Nunnally. Lelouch then raised his own gun and the two shouted the other's name in rage as two shots fired….

…one bullet hit Suzaku's headset. The other grazed the barrel of Lelouch's gun. Suzaku managed to subdue Lelouch quickly after that and he yelled to Kallen - as he rips off the Sakuradite bomb - that Zero is Lelouch and that Lelouch had been using her and all the Japanese. He allows her to escape in distress but takes Lelouch captive. He brings a bound Lelouch before the Emperor, asking to be made a Knight of the Round as a reward for capturing Zero. When Lelouch asks bitterly if Suzaku would even sell out his best friend to achieve his goals of changing the system from within, Suzaku answers yes with a cold expression. Charles agrees and then gives Suzaku his first order as a Knight of the Round: to cover Lelouch's left eye to block his geass. He holds the thrashing Lelouch still as Charles rewrites Lelouch's memories with his own geass power, erasing his memories of his past as a prince, his mother, of being Zero, and even of his sister Nunnally. After the Ashford Student Counsel is also effectively geassed to have their memories rewritten, the geass-user Rolo Lamperouge is placed and the Secret Intelligence Service is underway, Suzaku leaves to aid in the conquest of the European Union.

A year passes between then and the second season when Suzaku learns of Zero's sudden return to create the United State of Japan while he was off subduing forces in the European Union and aiding in conquering the territory. Unlike before, he is not afraid to use lethal force and he uses it quite well, leading to the Emperor dubbing him "Kishin"2. His desire to kill Zero remains strong and he swears to Charles that he would be the one to kill Zero. Suzaku returns to Area 11 as a student in Ashford Academy soon after to see if Lelouch has regained his memories of being Zero. Unable to find clear evidence, Suzaku tells Lelouch that he plans on becoming the Knight of One in order to have the privilege of ruling over any territory that he wanted and that he wanted to chose Japan. He then lets Lelouch talk to the new governor of Area 11: Nunnally. He knows that Lelouch could not ever lie to his sister and that if his memories had returned, then Lelouch would be trapped. The plan ends in failure due to Rolo's interference with his geass that froze Suzaku in place while Lelouch talked truthfully to Nunnally before pretending that he did not know her.


When Lelouch attempts to kidnap Nunnally as she is being brought to Area 11, Suzaku snatches her away and flies her to safety, ironically fulfilling the purpose Lelouch had originally envisioned for him. He makes certain that she is safe upon arrival and is surprised when Nunnally announces the re-establishment of the Special Administrative Zone of Japan. When Nunnally asks Suzaku if what Euphemia had tried to do wasn't wrong, he truthfully answers that it wasn't Euphemia who was wrong. He later leads the Briannian navy against the Black Knights to ensure that Nunnally's plans of re-establishing the SAZ will not be dismantled. Instead of tearing down the SAZ, however, Zero announces that he and the Black Knights will cooperate with Nunnally in exchange for being exiled from Area 11 and thus gaining pardon. They agree that it would be the best thing to do and Nunnally agrees, saying that there are some sins that even she cannot forgive.

When the SAZ is reopened with over a million unidentified attendees, the deal for exile was exposed as clever ruse for Zero to take a million of his followers with him. Zero has all the Elevens participating dress exactly like him, leaving Suzaku no choice but to exile the entire group to prevent another massacre from taking place and to prevent the loss of the people's faith in the new government. He orders Zero to make a promise that he would protect those who would be exiled. In turn, he makes the promise to protect the Japanese that remained in Area 11. Standing on an empty stage, Suzaku realizes that Zero must know him very well, having banked on the fact that Suzaku wouldn't allow a massacre to take place.

Suzaku is then deployed to the Chinese Federation where the First Prince Odyssus was to marry the Empress who is only a little girl. He does not interfere when Zero appears there with Kallen but steps in when Nina attempts to stab Zero to avenge Euphemia with a knife. The weeping Nina asks him why he was stopping her from exacting justice when he had been Euphemia's knight and an Eleven. Suzaku wonders sadly why he was doing what he was and that it truly was a great tragedy. Later, Zero kidnaps the Empress during the wedding ceremony and Britannia aids in the recovery of the Empress. Suzaku personally transfers a captured Kallen transferred into Britannian custody before heading into the battle.

He returns to Area 11 soon enough and is called out by Shirley who wished to discuss something with him. But before she could tell him that she wanted to talk about Lelouch and how that she knew that he was Zero, Lelouch showed up. They ended up on a tall building and after a close call with Shirley falling off a ledge, the three of them talk about the time Suzaku saved Lelouch from falling off a roof a year ago. The two boys start becoming like their old selves before they close off once again. He bitterly chides himself for acting so happy when Lelouch had murdered Euphy. He decides to question Lelouch after the other receives a phone call but Shirley drags him away under the guise of discussing things with him. She tells him that she loved Lelouch but asks him why he did not like him when they used to be friends. Suzaku replies that he did like him once but that he did something he could not forgive. Shirley counters with telling him it was only because Suzaku did not want to forgive him, knowing full well that Lelouch had killed Euphy. She then continues to say that she had forgiven Lelouch long ago, hinting to Suzaku that she had regained her memories of Lelouch being Zero and that she forgave him despite the fact that her father had been a civilian casualty. Before Suzaku can be certain, a terrorist threat arrives and Suzaku leaves Shirley in the care of some officers while he went to help with the police and fire department. However, Shirley winds up dead after that and her autopsy showed that she had most likely shot herself in a fit of despair. In reality, she had been murdered by Rolo.

In the aftermath of Shirley's death, Suzaku investigates her "suicide" and comes to the conclusion that Lelouch murdered her. He decides to question Kallen about Zero's true identity, stating that he would use any means necessary to extract the information; even through the use of Refrain if she chose to resist. Kallen refuses to cooperate and Suzaku responds by asking if she could vouch for Lelouch's innocence while swearing upon Shirley's dead body. He subdues her and was about to use Refrain to make her obey his orders when he realizes that doing so would make him no better than Zero/Lelouch. He smashes the vial of Refrain and leaves her.

Frustrated, he goes to confront Lelouch personally and discovers that the Intelligence Agency is under the effect of Geass, confirming that Lelouch has regained his memories. However, he is hesitant on reporting this information to Charles because he knows Charles will use Nunnally as a hostage. Anya joins with him and asks him if something was troubling him. He responds that all he did was worry and that he had thought that he knew what he wanted to do eight years ago. Anya ponders the validity of eight-year-old memories, stating that all memories were worthless. He disagrees and Anya says that many of her own memories do not match up, leading Suzaku to believe that Anya's memories had been tampered with but could not figure out a reason why. Bradley shows up then, flinging his trademark knife at Suzaku and giving him a riddle about what was most important to a person (life). He then mocks Suzaku, stating that warming up the ladies was still his forte and started to insult Euphemia to which Suzaku responded by threatening a duel if Bradley dared to continue his statement. Bismark shows up as well, scolding the lot of them for bickering and announced that they were to join forces with Schenizel in the case of an invasion from the Black Knights3. Bradley leaves, calling Suzaku mere Honorary who knew nothing about lineage.

Suzaku then meets up with Lloyd and Cecile, and learned that he was to be piloting the Lancelot that was now fitted with a F.L.E.I.J.A bomb (a very powerful new weapon created by Nina). Cecile protests while Anya remarks that it would be genocide against one's own people. Nina asks Suzaku if he still feels kinship with Elevens and if he could weld the weapon against them as Euphemia's knight if she entrusted it to him. He does not answer her.


Lelouch contacts Suzaku right after the creation of the United Federation of Nations is cut short by the Emperor's appearance. Suzaku asks Lelouch was truly Zero and Lelouch confirms it, angering Suzaku. Lelouch pleads with Suzaku to protect Nunnally during the upcoming battle of Tokyo and from the Emperor out of pure desperation. Suzaku agrees to his request, but only if Lelouch meets him alone at the Kururugi shrine. Lelouch shows up and Suzaku shows Lelouch the pin of knighthood that Euphemia gave to him. While holding it up, he questions Lelouch about all the things that bothered him: Euphemia's madness and Shirley's death. When the other takes the blame for both while not explaining himself, Suzaku stomps on Lelouch's head, forcing the boy's head to the gravel. With tears in his eyes, Suzaku asks angrily of Lelouch thought he'd forgive him just because of that. If anyone - those manipulated by Lelouch or killed because of Lelouch - would ever forgive him. When even Euphy had been killed. He grinds his heel harder against Lelouch's head and states that in order for him to be able to forgive Lelouch, that Lelouch had to bring Euphy back from the dead and to save the world, bitterly mocking Lelouch for proclaiming himself to be a so-called "man of miracles".

When Lelouch belabors the point that he could not go back in time and fix what he did, Suzaku angrily yanks him up and throws him backwards, demanding to know why Lelouch put the "live" geass upon him, tainting his convictions with that wretched curse. He asks more and more questions concerning actions that saved those close to him: why had Lelouch saved him when Suzaku had been convinced of Prince Clovis' murder? Why did he save the Student Counsel when they were hostages?

All of Lelouch's answers drew blame only to himeslf and Suzaku recongized the look in Lelouch's eyes as one who was hiding something by taking all the wrongful blame to protect someone else. They were the eyes of his dying father when he was protecting Suzaku from blame and that was the reason why Suzaku had joined the Britannian army…to make sure such a tragedy would not happen again. He calls Lelouch out on it and says that the only way to atone for his sins was to make his lies real. In short, Lelouch had to truly become the ally of justice as Zero and to make the world a better place via peaceful means. Suzaku promises then that he would take care of things on his side and protect Nunnally, doing everything once again for Nunnally's sake.

As Lelouch was about to agree, Britannian forces appear, including Schneizel's right hand man, Kanon who tells Suzaku that he did a fine job in ending the war. The last of Lelouch's trust shatters from one betrayal too much. Kanon tells Suzaku that they had been keeping an eye on him because Schneizel ordered them to do so: that if they kept an eye on Suzaku, that it would eventually lead them to Zero. A few moments later after Lelouch was taken into custody, he escapes. Suzaku is brought in to be questioned by Schneizel about information that only he knew. Once again, his loyalties were questioned as was his conflicting identity. Kanon admonishes Suzaku later saying that if only Suzaku had told Schneizel about Lelouch earlier that the war did not have to happen. Unable to punish Suzaku, he leaves, saying that Suzaku should find a way to punish himself. Suzaku is once again at a loss, wondering if he truly did have to bear F.L.E.I.J.A.

Suzaku attempts to reconnect with Lelouch over the skies of Tokyo before the start of battle, warning him that he was carrying a very destructive warhead and that it was best that the forces draw back before he was forced to use it. But Lelouch had cast away their friendship and any lingering trust he had in Suzaku's words and the battle commences. Suzaku is forced to battle the escaped Kallen in her improved Guren. Though Lloyd advises him to flee, Suzaku insists on dealing with Zero and remains in battle.

Because of the heavy upgrades to the Guren by Lloyd and Cecile, the Guren had become far more powerful than the Lancelot. Kallen easily outmatches Suzaku, damaging the Lancelot severely and soon goes to deliver the killing blow. Driven to the edge, Suzaku realizes he cannot win and comes to terms with his death as an atonement. However, Suzaku's "live" geass activates as a result of his acceptance of imminent death and forces him to use the F.L.E.I.J.A. bomb. Kallen dodges and the bomb wipes out a large area of Tokyo, killing approx. thirty-five million people with the initial bombing (assuming there are many more as all the medical facilities had been wiped out as well). Suzaku comes back to himself and asks if he had caused such destruction. He descends into the crater he had created and stands by a growing pool of water, staring blankly at it even when Jeremiah joins him and quickly thanks the non-responsive Suzaku for rescuing him all that time ago now that he finally was able to thank him. When Jeremiah leaves saying that he had to look for Nunnally, Suzaku quietly whispers that Nunnally was no longer there, heartbroken by his failure to protect her. He stands there until nightfall when he finally laughs madly at the destruction he had caused; perhaps a reference back to a time when Lelouch referered to such a laugh being called a loser's laugh…a laugh you made instead of crying4. He had become the very thing he had been fighting against despite all his efforts.


Suzaku approaches Lloyd and Cecile and orders them to give him the Lancelot Albion: a Knightmare designed for his personal use. But Lloyd refuses even when Suzaku threatens him. When Schneizel shows up with Kanon and Cornelia and tries to put responsibility of the bombing on Guilford to protect his reputation, Suzaku claims responsibility for the firing ande continues on to say that he needed this accomplishment to become the Knight of One.

He decides then that he had been soft and naive up to that point by believing that the means of doing things were more important than the ends. The reality was that he had cared about ideals and not practical action and that he had been a fool. He demanded that Schneizel give him the position of the Knight of One, cleverly suggesting that he assassinate Charles and leave the title to Schneizel as only the Emperor had the authority to make Suzaku the Knight of One.

Schneizel agrees and Suzaku confronts Charles with a broadsword on Kaminejima island saying that he was guilty of two crimes: the first being not fulfilling his obligation to rule his people and the second being tainting his hands with geass. He goes on to say that Charles should have known everything and thus could have saved Euphy but had chosen to abandon her. He lunges at Charles, charging with the cry that his sword held both Nunnally and Lelouch's despair. Suzaku's attempt to kill the Emperor is blocked by the Knight of One. Suzaku's geass is activated and urges Suzaku to run away though Suzaku continues to fight against it. When Lelouch attacks the island however, Suzaku considers the task his burden to bear and heads off to find Lelouch, only to have the ground knocked out from under him by a stray blast and to be knocked out himself.

He wakes up to find Anya about to draw on his face and discovers that Anya was being possessed by Marianne. He notices C.C. as well. Suzaku follows the two of them to the entrance to the Sword of Akasha and Marianne enters. As Suzaku catches Anya, C.C. remarks how she and Suzaku are the same in how they wish to die but are unable to. She continues on to say that she had used Lelouch, only prioritizing keeping him alive to insure that she would die and that she did not regret it since she threw all aspects of her human self away. Suzaku then remarks that he was not like C.C. at all and then asks her to send him to the other side as well.

As Charles started Ragnarok, Suzaku asks Lelouch why he was trying to conquer the world. When Lelouch starts to answer "for Nunnally's sake", Suzaku asks him if he was going to use Nunnally as his excuse. This prompts Lelouch to act then, saying that he had been doing it to protect those he loved and that one could not gain anything without action. Thus they rejected Charles' thinking and his plans for a new world where all would be closed and united.

As Charles and Marianne try to convince them otherwise, Marianne tempts Suzaku with the opportunity to see Euphema again as they would have a chance to rejoin with the dead once the Ragnarok Connection took place. When Lelouch say that Charles and Marianne were only interested in a world kind to them only and not the world where people were kind to each other, however, Suzaku saw that perhaps his interpretation was right. He realized that though both Euphy and Shirley knew that Lelouch was Zero, they never said it. Thus he would support Lelouch. Marianne tries to tempt Suzaku once more but he pushes her back saying that she was forcing it upon him. He thinks about taking revenge for Euphemia after Lelouch banishes his parents into nothingness but Lelouch convinces him not to.

One month later, he assists Lelouch in taking the throne, becoming the Knight of Zero: the mightiest knight in all the land. Suzaku realizes Lelouch's intentions in causing massive bloodshed that would make Euphy's massacre forgotten though his thoughts about them are unknown. When four of the remaining Knights of the Round rise up and attempt to remove Lelouch from power, Suzaku defeats them single-handedly with the Lancelot Albion, killing all but Gino. He even manages to take down Bismark who has the geass ability to read the future by taking advantage of his live geass which activates to some degree to sharpen his reflexes and to make him faster.

He later assists Lelouch in taking the UFN leaders hostage during a conference set up to put a vote as to accept Britannia into the UFN in order to get them to vote in Britannia's favor though accepting Britannia would mean Britannia would have the majority vote on account of having the greatest population. The event is disrupted when the news of the Imperial City Pendragon being destroyed by a F.L.E.I.J.A bomb reaches Suzaku. Both boys are shocked to find out that Nunnally was alive and that she declared both Lelouch and Suzaku as her enemies. Suzaku asks Nunnally if she was aware what Schneizel had done and she answers that she knows that Schneizel had just wiped out the capital with the bomb and killed everyone and then asked if using geass was more correct.


When Lelouch falters and begins to have doubt about his plan due to Nunnally, Suzaku harshly reminds him about the meaning of the "Zero Requiem", saying that the promise still held even if Nunnally was alive. He then tells C.C. that he is Lelouch's sword and will remove his enemies and weaknesses: even from himself. He then asks C.C. to be his shield and to protect him since they are accomplices.

He attacks the Black Knights during the battle for Damocles (a floating fortress carrying many F.L.E.I.J.A) , keeping them from reaching the flagship Avalon, but ultimately fails when there are too many people. His opponents such as Xing Ke and Toudou question just what Suzaku was doing and he deftly answers that he was fighting for a future. Together with Lelouch, Suzaku renders the bombs useless thanks to split-second calculations and actions. He joins Lelouch in boarding the Damocles, holding Gino off while Lelouch goes ahead. Suzaku comes out victorious defeating Gino, but Gino's last attack opens the shields and allows Kallen to take over.

Kallen approaches him in her Guren, saying that though they always fought, she had thought that Suzaku had cared about Japan in his own way. Suzaku hesitates, saying that there was something he and Lelouch had to do. Kallen interprets it as the two of them being hungry for power and fights with him. Their battle comes to a stalemate and the Lancelot Albion explodes, presumably taking Suzaku, "the Knight of Betrayal" with it. In reality, Suzaku had somehow escaped and lived on in secret. Three months later, he took on the mask of Zero and disrupted Lelouch's parade down the streets of the newly rebuilt area of Tokyo all as previously planned. He easily gets past all the security and plunges Lelouch's own sword into Lelouch's chest.


With the Zero Requiem complete, Suzaku weeps silently as he watches Lelouch fall against him. Lelouch touches his mask, hand stained with his own blood, and tells Suzaku that the act was not just his. He could no longer live as Suzaku Kururugi and that he was forced to exist as Zero and sacrifice his happiness for the sake of the world: essentially as dead as Lelouch with his own desires forever out of reach. Suzaku accepts his responsibility, calling it a "geass" he accepted, and draws the blade from Lelouch, standing tall as the silent savior of the people as Lelouch drew his last breath. In the following months, he stood by Nunnally's side as her protector in the guise of Zero, aided by Schneizel (who had been Geassed to obey "Zero"). It is assumed that he carries out this role to the end of his days, never revealing his true identity or living for himself.

Nautilus History

Suzaku had Awakened once but had either went back to Sleep or killed when Isis first invaded. He Awakened once more much to Lelouch's relief though he remembers nothing about his previous time in Nautilus including seeing Euphemia again and having a false relationship with Lelouch during an event. He arrives in this place as Zero and spends the first few weeks in disguise before Lelouch convinces him to live as Suzaku. He also offers Suzaku a choice of being put under the "live" geass again and Suzaku refuses.

He is anti-social to a fault and spent a lot of time doing physical training. Lelouch tries to teach him Bending after Suzaku comes to terms about the place but Suzaku is fairly lazy about practice. He strikes a deal with Lelouch saying that he would practice Bending if the other would exercise on the treadmill. So far, there's been a little bit of progress on both ends.

He lives with Lelouch and for a while with Eve when they took her in the wake of the AU event, which involved Eve having to kill her own mother. He adores the little girl and looks forward to seeing her from time to time.

He's kissed Lelouch once due to some magical mistletoe, causing a few people to believe that they were gay. He denies a relationship though it doesn't deter the likes of Starscream.

In preparation for storming Isis' city, Suzaku spars with Caerula whom he meets through Lelouch. Caerula wipes the floor with him and her 700+ year experience. At a loss, Suzaku asks Lelouch to place the "live" geass on him again so that he would be most use in battle due to the command enhancing his speed and reflexes.

Before the storming of the City of Glass, Suzaku gives Eve the pin signifying his knightly position to protect her even while he was gone. This pin was given to Suzaku by Euphie and is extremely important to him as it brought him luck.

During the attack, Suzaku was overcome from the dust of Slake Moths which caused him to hallucinate and crash the Lancelot Albion. During his bout of madness, a Face Dancer approached him in the guise of Euphie. Completely out of his element and at the very end of his rope, he helplessly falls into its trap and nearly has his memories stolen from him by another creature. Lelouch disposes of them but Suzaku faces trauma from seeing "Euphie" killed before his eyes yet again. He is quick to realize that it wasn't truly Euphie but the reawakened sense of hope and anguish leaves him melancholy for a long time even after the Wakened victory. He forgives Lelouch for his actions but is unsure about a lot of things.

A little later, Lelouch welcomes Buttercup into the household since she is a young girl on her own. Suzaku quickly bonds with her, finding her to be a great person to spar and work out with. Things between Lelouch and Suzaku heal and things are going back to normal when they end up accidently kissing yet again. Things get more awkward when Lelouch reveals that he and Suzaku had a relationship during an event in Suzaku's previous stay. Suzaku begins to wonder if Lelouch has feelings for him but decides to ignore it.

A reality storm that spreads a drug-like euphoria throughout Nautilus affects both Lelouch and Suzaku. Suzaku spends the majority of the event either playing (naked) on his Sit 'N Spin or running around. On the last day, he insists on having a toga party after his latest spinning session and ends up making out with Lelouch on the couch after eating messy junk food. He wakes up on top of Lelouch and immediately decides to go on a camping trip to get away from the very awkward situation. He spends a month at home (two days in Nautilus time) and returns to camp by the sea only to run into Mao. Due to his previous experience with Mao, Suzaku is on edge, unaware that the man knew about his past because of his mind-reading ability rather than having secret intel. Mao uses Suzaku's worries to his advantage and causes Suzaku to question his friendship with Lelouch. His once-quiet worry about being an obedient sub-par partner grows though Mao was unable to truly turn Suzaku against Lelouch. However, the damage was great enough that it caused Suzaku to snap at Lelouch, accusing him of trying to control him because of his new Angelii powers and taking advantage of him with Geass. The argument angers Lelouch and he venture out without warning.

A few days pass and Suzaku grows worried for his friend. He tries to look for him, starting with Mahdi's home. Mahdi senses that something was wrong but Suzaku was hesitant to share much information. The older boy advises Suzaku to talk truthfully to Lelouch and blows him a kiss to fill Suzaku with a sense of euphoria to get him to cheer up for a while. Suzaku then makes his way in good spirits all around Nautilus to search for Lelouch, talking to people though unable to find Lelouch himself. He swims to Starscream's Pineapple Island and meets Jun who offer Suzaku a spot to rest. It is not long before Starscream finds out that Suzaku had trespassed and warns him. Suzaku quickly leaves via boat and makes it to the beach, utterly exhausted. Lelouch finally makes contact with Suzaku and they agree to meet on the beach. Suzaku ends up falling sleep there. When he woke up, he found Lelouch waiting a distance from him, not wanting Suzaku to accuse him of touching him in any way. They talk and Suzaku's true worry comes up. He is worried that he is no longer needed due to Lelouch's greater strength in Nautilus as well as the fact that he suspects Lelouch of having feelings for him. Lelouch reassures him that he did not think of Suzaku being less of a friend and that he had no feelings for him (LIES). The two make up and the bond is restored for the time being.

A month later, both he and Lelouch turn into children following a scuffle right before the citywide festival. They spend their time playing and meeting people anew. They stayed with Ratchet though they were quick to sneak out to have some fun. They had a treasure hunt with Starscream (utterly delightful!), an encounter with Terris (very eyeopening!), a wild car ride in Sideswipe (who was very displeased with the children touching everything!), and a waterballoon fight with Ratchet (once he found them!). After he returns to normal, Eve returns to Sleep and he recieves his knight pin back. He doesn't show remorse though in order to keep up the spirits for the festival. He helps out by making the world's largest pizza with the Lancelot. The event helps him and Allenby become friends. He also becomes jogging partners with Kyle. He also meets KITT and works alongside the sentinent car to help a newly Wakened.

The beginning of summer also brought on a series of strange murders. Suzaku offers his help to catch the mystery murderer with the police force. However, they cannot find the one responsible. July rolls around and Suzaku's birthday falls on the same week as the inner monologue event which reveals that Lelouch still has feelings for Suzaku. Suzaku chooses to ignore it as best he could though he also finds out that Mahdi also has similar feelings. The two parts together causes Suzaku to stay in his room for the rest of the event. He decides to never bring the subject up again. He doesn't mind skipping his birthday but Lelouch insists that they celebrate it late anyways with all of Suzaku's friends.

HOWEVER SUZAKU SUCKS AT MAKING FRIENDS AND HE IS SUPER AWKWARD. He finally settles on inviting those he knows best but excuses himself to go get some fresh air a little before the party starts. He wanders too far and realizes that he is going to be late to his own party. He starts running back when he loses control of his body because Legato takes control of his legs. Suzaku realizes too late that he is the murderer's next victim and that something was controlling his body. He is forced to shoot himself in both legs after Legato's attempt to get him to shoot himself in the head doesn't work (due to Geass vs. Legato's powers not being complete). He then is forced to walk on his injured legs all the way back home and he passes out in front of his horrified guests. He wakes up in his room after Ratchet heals him and feels tremendous guilt for ruining the evening for everyone as well as not being able to get any new information about the murderer. Lelouch manages to calm him down. A little. Mahdi also visits Suzaku's room during this time and cheers him up with homemade pancakes. Suzaku spends some time confined to the bed due to pain in his legs and starts to worry a lot during this time about what Lelouch meant to him. He denies even to himself that things are changing and ends up sleepwalking into Lelouch's bed one night. After a lot of awkwardness upon awakening, Suzaku reveals that his legs still hurt and Lelouch helps him get rid of the pain which was due to Suzaku subconsciously holding onto the pain out of guilt. Suzaku becomes more aware of his changing feelings towards Lelouch but quickly denies it to himself.

A few weeks later, Lelouch's little sister Nunnally appears in Nautilus. The arrival of his childhood friend delights Suzaku but he is most happy that Lelouch and Nunnally are reunited at last even if Nunnally seems to be from an earlier time. He spends the next few days letting Lelouch have time with his sister or enjoying their company. Much to his chagrin, another even strikes soon after her arrival and he and Lelouch turn into My Little Ponies. Nunnally is very humored by this transition. When she turns into a small child (regaining her sight and movement of her legs), Suzaku plays with her. After the event is over, the entire household spend a day on the beach.

Things get a little messy when Suzaku is affected by a reality storm that causes him to be euphoric and more truthful. He confesses to Lelouch that he likes him and that he still felt too guilty about his past to pursue him. He has no recollection of his actions after the event and spends a month oblivious about it. Lelouch confronts him in August about it and though Suzaku fights to deny the whole thing, he finally gives in and agrees to try having a relationship with Lelouch. They agree to keep quiet about it for the time being. The situation nearly comes to light when Suzaku is affected by the No Inhibitions event and starts making collages of those he loves on the walls of the house. Lelouch caught Suzaku making a collage of Euphemia (whom he had never truly expressed his love for and saw this as a means to put that relationship to rest while still expressing his feelings) on his wall and is even further surprised to find out that Suzaku had made an even larger collage on the side of the house dedicated to Lelouch. Suzaku helps Lelouch move that collage into Lelouch's room and then indulges in being more emotionally open with Lelouch when he otherwise would be hesitant and brooding. The experience leaves Suzaku feeling more weighted once he returned to normal and he has begun to try to find true happiness with Lelouch and his friends in a way he hasn't done before. If only little by little.


Suzaku is a man of passion, his heart guiding him more than his mind in everything he does. He is not easily swayed from his deeply-rooted beliefs of solving problems from within instead of using force. This makes him a very loyal and just, if not stubborn and a little bit reckless companion. He is gentle at heart and very kind despite his military background and his harsh past. He is fond of cats (though the latter seems to be a one-sided love).

He seeks to better people's situations as much as he can through legal and just means. Though the results of his work are not those that would have immediate effect, he sees his methods to be the least turbulent. He dislikes drastic changes through quick violence and disruptive means that Zero seems to be fond of. If it means dealing with somewhat shady higher-ups, he will still do as he is told if it means he will rise up in the ranks to a position where he can make an actual difference.

His personality becomes more somber after the death of his beloved, tinged with sadness and a less-optimistic outlook on life and on people in general. He becomes a bit more ruthless and calculating though he does not show this side when with his school friends. He never truly strays completely from what he believes to be fair and just. He becomes less naive and more dedicated to seeing his goals accomplished.


  • Suzaku is physically very strong, capable of super-human strength and speed (ie: lifting two people one-handed, lifting the foot of a very heavy mecha, breaking machine guns and metal spears with roundhouse kicks, outrunning automatic machine gunfire, and running on walls. All canon.).
  • He is also very skilled in using Knightmare frames, scoring highest on the simulations and was the main obstacle for the Black Knights. He also single-handedly brought the European Union to its knees in battle.
  • He is placed under the "live" Geass which forces him to survive by any means necessary. He uses this to his advantage during battle near the end of the series because it allows him to respond more quickly to attacks. He declined Lelouch's initial offer to be placed under the command again, wanting to live out his life naturally and to decide things on his own. He asks Lelouch to place it on him shortly after losing to Caerula in a sparring match in order to be of the most use during the battle against Isis.

The Lancelot Albion


The Lancelot Albion (ランスロット アルビオン, Ransurotto Arubion) is a ninth generation Knightmare Frame built specifically for Suzaku Kururugi.

Its design differs radically from its predecessors, featuring much more ornamental armor while the head unit is slightly larger. It maintains its previous armament and defenses, but enhanced. The shields are larger and it carries a pair of double-barreled Super VARIS rifles that feature two standard barrels for rapid fire, and a larger one for charged shots. The Albion's Maser Vibration Swords are also capable of defeating the Galahad's Excalibur.

The primary distinguishing feature is the Energy Wing System; the same type used on the Guren S.E.I.T.E.N. Eight Elements, but with three energy "feathers" instead of four. This offense, defense and propulsion system gives the Albion astounding speed and agility, as well as the ability to fire dozens of lethal energy bolts over a wide area, each one capable of destroying a Knightmare in a single hit. Besides the improved performance, the wings are also used to envelope the Albion in a protective, full-body energy shield.

General characteristics

* Height: 4.49 meters
* Weight: 6.89 metric tons
* Power Source: Yggdrasil Drive, Energy Filler

Design Features

* Energy Wing propulsion system
* Landspinner propulsion system


* 4x Slash Harken
* 2x "Blaze Luminous" MSV particle shield
* 2x Maser Vibration Sword (MVS)

Optional Armaments

* 2x Super V.A.R.I.S. (Variable Ammunition Repulsion Impact Spitfire) rifle

I'm lazy so go see the Code Geass Wiki Lancelot Albion if you need to know what those things are.

Gifts and Events

  • A note that says "On a scale of one to ten, you are an Eleven" (October 2009. Suzaku doesn't understand it.)
  • Arthur the cat (his pet back in his world; November 2009)
  • Suzaku wakes up and spends a whole week in his cheerleader costume (November 2009)
  • A treadmill and a cup of hot chocolate (December 2009)
  • A Sit N' Spin
  • The Musical Event 2.0!: Suzaku and Lelouch did a rendition of If You Were Gay from Avenue Q. Unfortunately they ended up kissing in front of the camera due to mistletoe that forced them to kiss.
  • High Event: Suzaku used his sit-n-spin (naked), dressed in a toga, ate french fries with a milkshake with a lot of ketchup and made out with Lelouch. Gross.
  • Basket of fruit (April 2010)

*Suzaku becomes 10 years old (June 6th 2010)

  • Internal Monologue Fail (July 2010) - Suzaku realizes that Lelouch still has feelings for him. Uh oh.
  • Random Event Reality Storm (August 2010) - Suzaku turns into a pretty My Little Pony for a few days. He also becomes high again and confesses that he has a crush on Lelouch though he doesn't remember it afterwards.
  • No Inhibitions (September 2010) - Suzaku is released from his inhibitions and makes collages of Lelouch, Euphie, and members of the household. He also gets a little frisky with Lelouch though he doesn't end up doing anything really raunchy.


Arthur - Suzaku's cat. He was found as a stray cat in Area 11 by Euphemia and taken in by Suzaku. Arthur doesn't seem to like Suzaku very much, biting him every chance he gets but he is fiercely loyal.
Lelouch vi Britannia - Suzaku's best friend (turned worst enemy and then best friend once more). He is probably the most important person to Suzaku in this place due to the hardships that they went through.
Mao - Suzaku is still very wary about Mao due to his experience with him in their world and seeing him as a danger to Nunnally. But he's starting to change his mind as he sees Mao change.
Nunnally vi Britannia - Lelouch's little sister and Suzaku's childhood friend. Though there was a seven year gap between when he left her and saw her again, the two were great friends upon reunion. He wishes only the very best for Nunnally in Nautilus, seeing her as his own little sister.

Eve Brea - A very sweet young girl that lived with him and Lelouch for a while. She brought brightness into his life and he gives her his knight pin to her as a good luck charm. He reclaims it again after she goes back to Sleep.
Ratchet - a medic who heals Suzaku many more times than Suzaku wanted to trouble him for. He finds it easier to open up to Ratchet than most other Wakened, seeing him as a father figure of sorts. Of course it doesn't help that Ratchet was the one to look after him during an event where he became a child again.
Wheeljack -
Sideswipe -
Caerula Sanguis - a very polite and gracious woman who surprised Suzaku with her sparring skills that seem centuries apart from his own. His defeat against her prompted him to ask Lelouch to place Geass upon him for the battle against Isis.
Buttercup - sweet as sugar but very spunky! Suzaku adores Buttercup and often spoils her with treats and praise. Now that she's got her powers back, he trains with her and is learning how to gain her superhuman speed.
Mahdi Clare - he may be older than Suzaku but Suzaku doesn't feel the age difference very much. Mahdi is everything Suzaku wishes that he could be: friendly without motives and enjoying life to the fullest even if it is through silly things. Mahdi helps Suzaku open up a little bit more about his feelings and always cheers him up with a pep talk or a plate of pancakes.
Starscream - Suzaku swam to his island once without permission. Whoops. But he learns that Starscream has a friendlier side when he humors both Lelouch and Suzaku when the two of them are young with a treasure hunt!
Jun - Jun reminds Suzaku of himself when he was young. Always on the go and very inquisitive. He hopes Jun grows up well here in Nautilus.
Kyle Madigan - Suzaku's jogging partner. He hasn't talked all too much with Kyle about serious things but he's glad to have a friend who is familiar with the soldier lifestyle and is fun to be around.
Aya Brea - Suzaku first knew her through Lelouch and Eve. He admires her for her dedication to her responsibilities and her strong nature. He hasn't had much of a chance to really interact with her though.
Allenby Beardsley - a very peppy and optimistic girl despite her being a soldier too. Suzaku was always delighted to spend time with her even if he is not as enthusiastic as she is (he admires her for this trait). They became friends after they found common interests in mechas.
KITT - a sentinent car with a heart of gold. Suzaku admires KITT's ability to be so considerate and thoughtful.

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