Miles "Tails" Prower
Miles "Tails" Prower
Continuity Sonic the Hedgehog (Games)
Age 8 9 10
Species Fox
Hair Color Orange and white (Fur)
Eye Color Blue
District North
Journal [doubletailpilot]
Player Sparrow
Theme Song Soaring by Sydney Forest

"I won't know until I try… so I won't give up!"


Miles Prower, better known as Tails by his friends, first began his career as a hero by taking out the imperial Kukku army on Cocoa Island. It was his own personal little retreat not far from Westside Island, where he was born (though it's never said what happened to his parents and in fact that subject is never addressed canonically). The Kukku army had begun a hostile takeover while seeking the legendary Chaos Emeralds, gems that had unlimited powers, and they were literally tearing apart the island to find them.

Tails, being the inventive and resourceful little guy he is, managed to beat them to the emeralds and thwart their efforts with his wits and his mechanical gadgets. Said mechanical gadgets run quite the gamut from a remote controlled robot, remote controlled bombs, and his pride and joy, a miniature submarine he calls the Sea Fox.

After taking out the Kukku Army, Tails headed back to Westside Island where he finally met none other than Sonic the Hedgehog, the hero who thwarted the notorious mad scientist, Doctor Robotnik. Ever since he was really small, Tails had idolized Sonic for his brave heroism in saving South Island, as well as the rest of the world. Upon spying his hero, Tails began to shadow the hedgehog every which way he went, copying his moves, imitating him and trying his best to be just like him. Sonic at first was reluctant to have the fox's company, but after being impressed by Tails' tenacity as well as his ability to keep up with him, the two became fast friends and forged a close bond.

Officially joined together now, the duo set off to thwart Robotnik in another one of his efforts at global domination. Robotnik had begun construction on a lethal space ship/space weapon, fitfully titled 'The Death Egg', that he planned to use to blast the planet into submission. Sonic and Tails collected the Chaos Emeralds that were scattered yet again throughout Westside Island, figuring that they would need all the power they could gather before taking on a robotic army. They journeyed through a chemical plant, aquatic ruins, an erupting volcano, a network of mines, a polluted ocean of oil, right into the heart of Robotnik's factory where the mad scientist was making his preparations for launch. After a confrontation in said factory, Robotnik fled to take off in the Death Egg.

Flying Sonic's plane, the Tornado, Tails saw Sonic safely onto a winged fortress Robotnik had built to carry and launch his Death Egg into the atmosphere. The plane being shot by Robotnik's defenses prevented the fox from entering the final battle alongside his hero. But after landing and repairing the plane, Tails took back to the air right after Sonic's battle with Robotnik left the space ship violently exploding. It was Tails who caught Sonic as he fell back through the atmosphere, and saw him safely back on land as the Death Egg crashed in the distance.

But their ordeal was far from over. Whispers of Robotnik surviving the crash led the two of them to a mysterious floating island in a desperate bid for answers. On said floating island, Sonic and Tails were robbed of all their emeralds by a native guardian named Knuckles the Echidna. Robotnik had plans to use the emeralds to power his ship back to its full potential and beyond, all part of yet another plan for world conquest. But he forgot one factor: Knuckles the Echidna was the guardian of the emeralds, who wouldn't let that happen without a fight. So, Robotnik lied to Knuckles and had him convinced that Sonic and Tails were out to steal all the emeralds for their own evil gains.

As a result, the duo found themselves warring on two fronts. Not only were Robotnik's machines more deadly this time around, Knuckles setting a lethal array of traps for them didn't make their task of stopping Robotnik any easier. Not to mention that Robotnik was literally destroying the island, setting fire to the tropical forests and roboticizing the animal inhabitants to seek the emeralds. The two ventured into all sorts of places, from an underwater city to a set of ancient marble ruins, from a festive carnival zone to even the freezing cold of the island's ice caps. Thankfully, the two managed to recover their lost emeralds through visits to the special zones scattered all around the island, and they managed to get Knuckles off their case temporarily while infiltrating Robotnik's launch base. Apparently, Robotnik had turned that part of the island into his own personal factory with which to guard the still grounded space ship.

Sonic and Tails pretty much ruined the launch base and took out the remaining robot guarding the Death Egg. Robotnik attempted to escape in said Death Egg, only to send it crashing down into a volcano on the other side of the island. Score another victory for the dynamic duo, if even it proved to be short lived. As they went to investigate the crash site to see for sure whether or not Robotnik survived this time, they ended up running in on the mad doctor's hatching of a new scheme.

If even Robotnik's initial plans to use the Chaos Emeralds to power his Death Egg didn't quite work out, the mad scientist had his eye on a bigger prize. The Master Emerald, an enormous gem capable of tapping into and controlling the power of all the Chaos Emeralds. Robotnik planned on stealing the Master Emerald and using it as an unlimited power supply for both his ship and for super weapons. Sonic and Tails set out to stop this plan as well, although Robotnik had again lied to Knuckles and told him that they were out to steal the Master Emerald for nefarious purposes. Seeing as how this threatened to destroy the floating island and his own very way of life, Knuckles continued to pursue a vendetta against the two heroes.

Once again facing Robotnik's bots and the guardian's tricks, Sonic and Tails made it through a windy forest, sought Robotnik out on one of his launch ships, journeyed through the sands of a scorching hot desert, and journeyed into lava ridden mines. The journey was a treacherous one, and this was paired alongside clearing the special zones to collect the island's Super Emeralds.

But working together as a team, Sonic and Tails made it to the shrine of the Master Emerald deep in the Hidden Palace Zone. Knuckles, however, was waiting at the shrine to ambush them, and it resulted in a clash with Sonic and Tails emerging as the winners. Unfortunately, Robotnik used this showdown to make his move while the three were distracted. Knuckles finally discovered the truth when they caught Robotnik making off with the Master Emerald (while electrocuting Knuckles and badly injuring him in the process). Now in possession of the emerald's power, Robotnik managed to launch his Death Egg into space once again.

But Sonic and Tails managed to take off after him, thanks to Knuckles showing them a secret passage that would take them into the Sky Sanctuary Zone. They ran into a little trouble along this way (namely Mecha Sonic being sent by Robotnik to dispose of them), but the duo managed to board the Death Egg.

Finding the two had infiltrated his ship, an unhappy Robotnik pulled all the stops here to eliminate them. Thankfully that was to no avail, as Sonic and Tails even destroyed a massive robot he'd powered up with the Master Emerald. Unfortunately, he still managed to escape the Death Egg with the powerful gem in tow in a lethal airship. Taking down said airship while it was zooming through the atmosphere was hardly easy, but Sonic took on the challenge by using the power of the Super Emeralds to turn into Super Sonic. This left Tails with the duty of escaping back down to Earth, where he piloted the Tornado after Sonic and Robotnik in order to retrieve the Master Emerald and bring it back to the floating island.

Knuckles was grateful to the pair for returning things back to normal. With Knuckles having discovered who his true allies were in that venture, the pair made a pretty loyal friend for life from that point on.

When Tails first arrived in Nautilus, it's important to note that he arrived alone and helpless. This was actually a note of extreme importance to begin his changes on the word go. There was no Sonic to tell him what to do, no Sonic to take the leadership role, no Sonic to keep him company, and more significantly, no Sonic to swoop in and save the day for him. Now, in all fairness he'd saved Cocoa Island before ever meeting the hedgehog, but it was safe to say the Kukku Army was a rather low rung in the overall ladder of villainy. That's not even taking into account that after he started hanging out with Sonic, Tails became a bit dependent on him. Sonic was the only one who took Tails in and befriended him, after all, so of course he emotionally latched on and hung on with a tight vengeance for fear of being abandoned again after the disappearance of his parents.

But arriving in Nautilus by himself meant that Tails had to find the courage and initiative to strike out on his own. And making use of his mechanical and technical skills helped him to accomplish that much as far as making friends went! Thanks to people needing his services, as well as his general friendliness among the new arrivals in the following months, Tails befriended quite a few Wakened (including Bart, Nott Lovell, and Lucas Kovach, to name a few). Being on his own, however, also meant he had to leap into action when trouble stirred. When the heat was turned up, it was proven that Tails could indeed meet the occasion when he truly wanted to. When Nautilus fell under the threat of a giant robotic Santa, despite all of his hesitation and fear, Tails literally flew to the front lines of that fight to defend the eastern district. Despite his immense fear of messing things up for the 'real heroes' in the battle, despite the fact that his own hero wasn't there to swoop in and save him if things went wrong, Tails still took into account that Nautilus needed his help. He realized that he couldn't stand on the sidelines and watch, so he took action. He even managed to save Lucas' life, alongside taking out a large robotic reindeer, which goes to show that Tails made for a pretty adequate hero once he found the courage to just get up and try!

Of course, being a hero without Sonic around left him a bit shaken. Robot Santa was the first really dangerous battle he'd ever fought on his own, and the fox was confused at his own fear in the aftermath. Why had he felt afraid, he wondered. Weren't heroes supposed to always be courageous, sure of themselves, cool? His newly forged bond with Rex Salazar showed him that even heroes were allowed to be scared. This was what began Tails' introspective look into what some would call the darker side of being a hero. He was beginning to learn that heroes weren't the immaculate, flawless beings that he imagined them to be through his idolization of Sonic. He was learning that heroes felt fear, they felt hesitation, they were vulnerable like anyone else, and they could even be selfish once in a while. But that didn't change their intention or make them any less of a hero. This lesson would prove to be a valuable one in future conflicts.

An even more valuable lesson he learned about the darker side of heroics had to be gleaned from his run-in with the infamous Pitch Black, a Wakened who arrived in the city to stir up fear to immortalize his name. Tails ultimately saw the consequences of letting his self-doubt and hesitation control him. When he couldn't hurt a rogue Rex and do what needed to be done, he ended up helplessly watching a chain of events fall into place that would gradually lead to a grim fate of his own. He couldn't bring himself to be of any use the night Rex was killed, he couldn't bring himself to hurt a brainwashed Rex even in self defense, and because of this, he ended up becoming one of Pitch's Fearlings. Brainwashed with a vendetta, Tails was used for a showdown with the other Wakened, where he was thankfully defeated and Bended back to normal.

Tails learned a couple of truly valuable lessons from that incident, one being that a hero's work isn't always so articulated. Sometimes being a hero means serving the common good, which may or may not conflict with your own interests, but that's why being a hero is not easy. In other words, doing the right thing isn't always so simple, and while not exactly favorable, it does indeed come with the territory of being a hero. This taught Tails that if he really wants to be a hero, it's going to take a lot more inner strength on his part, and it's not all 'save the day while looking cool and saying cool things' as Sonic may have made it look. Heroism sometimes comes with sacrifices that you have to be willing to make in order to protect the people who need it the most, and no matter how much it hurts, well, again, it comes with the territory.

The other lesson, it's worth mentioning, would be that the dichotomy of good and evil isn't always so perfectly straightforward. In Nautilus, Tails learned that there are gray areas to take into account. He at least matured in the sense of learning that people just aren't that simple to categorize. His time as a Fearling under Pitch's influence showed him that villains aren't always committing their wrongs with nothing but purely evil intentions. Tails came to understand that Pitch had just wanted a family, to be relevant to someone, thus he couldn't bring himself to stay angry at him even after he was changed back. Tails learned that sometimes villains really are just vulnerable and misunderstood, and they may be people who do bad things, but they're still exactly that, people.

Now, this confused him an awful lot for a while, because he'd grown so accustomed to thinking along the straight lines that divided his and Sonic's actions from Robotnik's. Tails came from a world where everything was pretty cut and dry in terms of morality. You were either a hero who championed the forces of good, or a bad guy playing emissary for evil, respectively. Robotnik at least was easy to classify as a villain; his motivations came down to world domination and using animals as slaves in his robots to do it. But this city wasn't Tails' homeworld, and Nautilus showed him that people weren't out to be so easily divided up into good guys and bad guys. The city as well as his own time fighting for the other side showed Tails that everyone is complex in their own way, with their own thoughts, feelings and motivations. With that lesson in mind, Tails is a little less eager to divide people in such broad, simple strokes. This is also what keeps prompting Tails to seek Pitch out, determined to bring out the good in the boogeyman that he knows to exist. Granted, Tails is the rather forgiving sort and it's uncharacteristic of him to hold a grudge, he does understand better that there does lie good to some extent in most souls, no matter how dark their mask.

With the Pitch Black incident behind him, Tails decided to take it upon himself to become stronger. He remembered how he could only shout for others to help him the night he was turned into a Fearling, and he couldn't help giving the matter some serious thought. He was a kid by most standards, sure, but the fox knew from that night alone that he couldn't depend on others forever. If he wanted to be a hero, and more essentially if he wanted to find himself instead of haunting the shadows of heroes around him, Tails knew he had to find his own strengths and grow on them. After watching his friend Lucas ascend to Angelii status, the fox began to wonder if perhaps he could begin his own work on Ascension. He asked Skyfire about the details, all the while determined with all his heart to face his fear of working under pressure. Instead of falling back on others to help him deal with that fear, he became focused to deal with it on his own grounds.

This was why he began advanced Bending lessons with Lelouch, in order to hone his abilities so that he could better defend the city. Yes, after this much time, Tails was beginning to see Nautilus as a second home that was worth his every best effort. Whether he'd ascend or not, this became a newfound duty in his life that he would take very seriously. He also wanted to assume responsibilities around the city as well, whether that was by greeting newcomers or teaching the basics of Bending to anyone seeking out a convenient teacher - when others were unavailable. And at any point there was trouble, Tails was swift to swoop in and be there, as he was when a girl named River Tam accidentally Bended up an enchanted forest that caught fire and unleashed monsters. He didn't hesitate or ask questions; he simply flew in and searched for anyone who might have needed help.


For the most part, Tails is loyal through and through once friendships are established (if even he can be just a little shy at first). And it's actually quite easy to befriend Tails, seeing as how he's easy to get along with and pretty accommodating! But once you're friends, you'll find that he tends to talk too much in what most would call technical jargon, which has been shown to irritate from time to time. But barring the technobabble, he's reliable, supportive and kindhearted. He's always willing to lend a hand, and he tries his best to help and rescue those in need.

And perhaps the fact that he's a kid comes into play on this, but there are times when he can be just a bit naive. Granted, naive doesn't necessarily mean overly gullible, but Tails does try hard to see the best in other people and give them the benefit of the doubt. He believes that everyone deserves a chance to become a good guy, if they're really sorry about what they did and genuinely want to turn over a new leaf. He's pretty forgiving and open minded, which has all the potential in the world to land him in trouble. But if even he's forgiving and kind enough to open his heart to others, keep in mind that he will pick up patterns down the line. Fool him once, shame on you, and all that. Also, if even he's forgiving on less personal matters such as being a bad guy, personal slights that include trying to mess with Sonic or any of his friends will have him angry and ready to fight.

Having built his own submarine, his own remote robot, his own bombs, as well as being able to repair Sonic's plane at a very young age, it can safely be said that Tails is a child prodigy. In fact, it's said that his genius rivals that of Robotnik himself (who is supposed to have a 300 IQ). But even despite all of this, Tails is actually very humble about his abilities and never brags about them. His humility, paired with his idolization of Sonic almost his entire life often leaves the fox second guessing his own potential. He's just not that confident in himself. You won't catch him readily admitting that he's a genius and you won't catch him acting quite as cocky as his hero would in moments of praise. I wouldn't say that he suffers from any inferiority complex, but he's just not really used to being noticed for his abilities and he's never been able to emulate Sonic's general cockiness. He simply believes in doing what he's good at to be useful to the team effort that has BEEN his brotherly partnership with Sonic.

His idolization of Sonic, it should be mentioned, more than likely has him seeking approval and praise from others for his abilities. This shouldn't be confused with a need for showboating or a desire to exalt himself, because it's not. While his being alone at a young age led him to be self sufficient, he's emotionally dependent on those around him for their love and support. It's also mentioned plenty of times that he just wants to be like his hero, who emanates the confidence and self-certainty that Tails wants to have himself when he finally steps out of Sonic's shadow. While Tails is very astute for a kid, it bears remembering that he's still a kid and strains himself often to impress and keep up with his friends who are literally twice his age.

While on the subject of age here, it should also be noted that Tails is very mature for HIS age. His abilities in a fight as well as his loyalty to his friends have led Sonic himself to trusting the fox with his very life. Tails knows how to handle himself in a fight and in a crisis, and tries his best to keep a level head as he sets things right. His heightened intellect has shown to be a pretty big help with figuring things out, as well as clever strategics against his enemies.

Of course, there ARE moments when his ripe age of eight shines through. He's terrified of lightning to a point that he hugs the next person close during a storm. He doesn't always use tact or discretion (he can be that kid who awkwardly parrots something nasty he overheard you saying about Aunt Becky the other day at that family reunion). He can be prone to daydreaming about being a big hero everyone adores. He gets spooked pretty easily by scary stories despite insisting that he's not afraid. He can also have a bit of a fiery temper when he's pushed enough, and this can lead to him yelling at a person before storming off to sulk or pout. Sometimes these things can grate on the nerves of his friends, but well, that's when it needs to be remembered that Tails is a kid. It's hard to remember sometimes that while Tails has come a really long way for someone so young, he still has a lot of growing up to do.


No supernatural abilities before Waking. But Tails' two tails mutation does give him the ability to fly! And he's pretty skilled at it to a point that he's carried Sonic through the air for bits of aerial combat. And again, he's a child prodigy able to build, repair, and pilot all sorts of vehicles, robots, mines, and other assorted gizmos and gadgets.

But throughout his prolonged stay in Nautilus, Tails has since developed a fine grasp of Bending (at the time of this writing, he IS an Angelii, after all).

Thundershoot - In a nutshell, Tails Bends up false power rings and scatters them across the field, where they act as sort of electrical explosives that can stun an enemy.

HyperDash - This is a tandem-Bending ability that Tails shares with Sonic. It's a faster, deadlier spindash, and Tails can even Bend energy rings around it to give them extra bursts of speed and force.

Shapeshifting - At the time of this writing, Tails has a human form that he can Bend himself into, as well as a Phooka form (which resembles a shadowy rabbit with a long tail), a Cybertronian form, and a dog form. The human form doesn't possess any special talents, but the Phooka form is extremely adept at moving through shadows undetected. However, the Phooka form does come with a mischievous set of instincts, but at least any pranks that rise from said instincts are completely harmless. Tails also has a Cybertronian form, with a helicopter alt-mode that he has mastered, as well as a Shiba Inu puppy form because doge. 8D

Lightning - Tails tends to specialize in lightning, and can Bend lightning bolts to use offensively in electrical attacks.

Guidance Shooting - Through Bending, Tails is able to somewhat telekinetically guide a power-ring he charged with electricity to act as a sort of guided projectile for better accuracy on moving targets. Upon contact, the ring unleashes a crippling amount of electricity to disarm or disable said target. The ring also acts as a boomerang that returns to his hand.

Angelii Abilities

Sight - Tails can see the Bending traces of others, as well as flaws in other worlds. He can also lend his Sight to his Ashura via Bending, but it does take a lot of strain on his part.

Superspeed - Tails can run at superspeed, although it should be noted that Angelii abilities can't be used offensively and thus Tails can really only use this for either escape or to reach destinations as needed.

Teleportation - Tails can teleport wherever he needs to go. Again, Angelii abilities cannot be used offensively, thus Tails can only use this for evasion or transportation, respectively.

Flight - Tails is able to fly even without use of his tails! WHOO IMAGINE THAT!


Sonic - His best friend, his big bro, and his honorary hero even if, gradually, Tails is starting to step out of his shadow. To say that Tails was more than overjoyed to see Sonic finally appear in the city would be the understatement of the century. He no longer feels alone, he feels like things are okay again, it's just like any other zany adventure they've tackled together. Tails overall feels safer pursuing his strength with Sonic around, although after going it alone for a few months (and after the Nightmare Invasion) he IS starting to learn that he can't depend on Sonic forever. In fact, Sonic being there for him is just incentive to keep growing, to keep getting stronger, and to make his big brother happy by becoming a hero that he can be proud of! And of course Sonic has been nothing but supportive of everything Tails has done, from getting stronger to becoming an Angelii, and he appreciates his hero's support in everything more than anyone could ever know. If anything, another reason he wants to get stronger is because he at least wants to start trying to repay Sonic for everything that he's done for him. He took him in and cared for him when no one else would, he was his best friend when he truly needed a friend, and as far as familial bonds go Sonic is pretty much the best he knows. So he deserves that much; for Tails to try and equalize their partnership and make things a little less one-sided so that he won't have to worry about him or have to look out for him ALL the time. And no matter how much Tails may change in all this, they're still best buds to the end. Tails would do anything for Sonic, hands down and no questions asked.

Lucas - It's… kind of surprising how quickly these two bonded, and I don't know why it works, but it does (maybe Lucas is just good with foxes). But Lucas is one of the coolest humans Tails has ever met! He thinks it's neat that he goes around fighting rogue vampires and taking on scary things, all the while being so upbeat and goofy about life in general. It's an admirable thing, and Tails sees Lucas as a fellow hero. Not to mention he's… surprisingly easy to talk to. Lucas has been there for Tails through a lot of the things he's seen in Nautilus, and he was the one who mediated things between him and Nott when things were rocky after the Nightmare Invasion. Lucas always seems to know what to do, he always seems calm and collected, and Tails overall respects and looks up to him as (yet) another brother. He's adopting a lot of those in this city, can you tell yet.

Nott - Tails won't admit to it, but he does sort of pre-emptively see a kindred spirit in Nott because he's a fox. Tails never really got to meet or hang out with many of his own kind, so that's kind of a neat thing! But moving into deeper levels of their relationship, Tails sees Nott as an older figure in his life who seems like he's been around the block a few times, and Tails can sense that he's experienced in some places where he's just too young to be. Given this, Tails sort of looks up to and respects Nott as an authority figure in some instances - especially after Rex was killed right before the Nightmare Invasion. He sees him as yet another big brother, and is pretty willing to listen to whatever Nott might have to say about a situation. He definitely trusts Nott as a really good friend who he can depend on, no matter how rough a situation might look. And even if they might not agree on everything, Tails still knows that Nott means well and is just trying to look out for him. If things get grim, Nott will be one of his top bros to turn to for help.

Knuckles the Echidna - Well, another one of Tails' best friends right here in Nautilus, you can bet that the kid's thrilled to have him here again! Tails of course likes and respects Knuckles a lot, and has even come to adopt him into his makeshift family here in the city. Knuckles has been like a big brother and even a biiit of a father figure to him at some points, and likewise Tails has tried to be there for him in turn. Especially after the bullcrap with Relius Clover, when Knuckles was tricked into becoming a Battle Doll. Tails forgives him entirely for everything he did as a Battle Doll, of course, and wishes that Knuckles would go a bit easier on himself for that considering that he knows what it's like to do things you regret when brainwashed. Either way, Knuckles is also now a fellow Angelii, and Tails is super excited to train and spar with him and hopes that he doesn't slow the team down.

Amy Rose - Not the Amy of his world, but to be a little bit honest? Tails is perfectly fine with that, since at least this Amy doesn't obsess over marrying Sonic or any of that weird shiz. COUGH. Anyway, Amy is someone that Tails respects greatly for her abilities on the battlefield, not to mention her intellect and her willingness to learn (as of now, Tails is giving her some lessons and pointers about mechanical work!). She… kind of surprises him, as they seem to have a lot in common, and she seems just as fascinated by mechanical works and sciences as he does. She's also been there for him quite a few times, during the plant plague (Genesis of Nature metaplot) as well as when he's lost people to Sleep. There might be potential for something more, there, though the kid of course hasn't quite worked that out just yet.

Antoine D'Coolette - A coyote that's from yet another different iteration of his world, but it's all good! Tails deeply respects Antoine's bravery and his want to stand up for what he knows is right. Particularly, how Antoine stood up for what he thought was right and even fought bravely against Knuckles when he was turned into a Battle Doll. He's also very wise, always seeming level headed and able to talk Tails right back up whenever things get tough, and always looking ahead with optimism and hope that things can turn out for the better. He might roll his eyes a bit at how Sonic will clash with him at times, but all in all, Tails kind of sees a fatherly figure in Antoine and also wants to learn how to use a sword with the same amount of skill some day.

John Crichton - Being an astronaut as well as an astrophysicist, Tails had a lot of respect for John right off the bat. And he can't help feeling a little honored and overtly flattered whenever John makes a note of his talents or asks him for his help on anything. Especially when John asked him for help on his Farscape module; given Tails' attachment to his own inventions and the Tornado, he kind of gets the idea that being asked to help on something like this is no small thing. Tails definitely respects him as a fellow scientist, even if some of the things he might do are… a little on the crazy side, from what he's heard and seen on the network. More acquaintances than friends, really, but he does like and respect John and would like to get to know him a little better further down the line.

Crocker - Tails once shared his workshop with this guy, because he's a nice kid for a start, and Crocker scored some cool points being able to recognize his hoverplane while knowing quite a few things about engineering, for another! Of course, Crocker is… interesting, as people go. He's quirky and strange, with a few tics that have led to some awkward moments… But he doesn't really seem dangerous or all that harmful, left to his own devices. Plus Tails gets the feeling that Crocker's not really USED to having people be nice to him, and he's not used to having friends or people who care about him. Tails feels pretty bad for him on that front, if only because he knows what it's like to be alone and how much it can suck. Crocker has openly admitted to villainous tendencies, but on the other hand, Crocker was one of the people who actually saved Tails from his fate as a brainwashed Fearling during the Nightmare Invasion, and Tails has noticed that Crocker seems pretty protective over him. On that front, Tails sees Crocker as a real friend. He sees a lot of potential in Crocker, and hopes that through kindness, through friendship, maybe the man will come to realize that potential and maybe use his ambition for good.

Jake Long - These two met when Jake was a newbie, and Tails was happy to see him safely to the welcome house. Jake is a pretty cool kid, and kind of reminds him of Sonic and Rex while maintaining his own unique kind of cool, so that's a thing! Also he's a dragon, so those are some automatic cool points. After a race against his dragon form in the Whirlwind Mach, Tails kind of feels a need to impress him as well, since he's also yet another one of his older friends. So, gotta keep up and maintain an image, right? It helps that Jake's a nice guy all around (even if he may tease Tails here and there but luckily Tails is plenty used to that from Sonic), and he likes chili dogs too, and even liked his submarine which made Tails' whole day. …Tails is gonna have so many other-adoptive brothers before this is over, good lord.

Ace - Ace is a pirate! In Tails' book that's pretty cool already, as long as they're not robbing people and making them walk the plank - but they aren't, so it's all good. Either way, Tails finds Ace surprisingly easy to talk to. His upbeat nature and his unique way of doing things makes for little mystery as to why Sonic is friends with the guy. He also helped him out a lot during the December reality storm too, and helped Tails to come to realize a bit more of his own potential. Or at least, the potential needed to stand up to a few bullies who came to visit him during that reality storm. When you get right down to it, Tails likes the way Ace seems to stay on the bright side of things and try to remain optimistic. He sees himself hanging out with this guy a bit in the future!

Suzaku - Yet another one of the Ashura in the city. Suzaku kind of took over as Tails' Bending instructor after Lelouch left the city for a while, and so, being an Ashura as well as a veteran of Nautilus, Tails respects the guy as an authority on the city. He also feels he owes quite a bit to Suzaku for teaching him what he knows, for helping him to come as far on his Bending as he has, and in a sense, helping him to garner the strength and courage needed to be promoted to Angelii. He respects Suzaku, and at some point would like to get to know the Ashura a little better, if only because he actually could see them being good friends at some point down the line!

Jendayi - Ahhh, little sister! Jendayi is a sweet and kind little lady, who was patient enough to explain to him what all was going on when he first used the Network. She was one of the first people Tails talked to and befriended when he first Woke in Nautilus, Tails took a pretty immediate liking to her up until she went back to Sleep. When she came back, sadly, she didn't remember much of her time in the city. And even sadder still, Tails was made into a Fearling to be used for the Nightmare Invasion when Jendayi went back to Sleep again; he didn't even get to see her one last time before he lost her a second time. But recently, Jendayi has Woken again, and happily enough she remembers him this time! Tails sees a very kind and special person in Jendayi, as she's nice to everyone, and Tails admittedly feels like he can relate with her a lot if only because they're roughly about the same age (granted Je


Rex Salazar - One of Tails' first few friends in the city, and wouldn't you know, he reminded Tails an awful lot of Sonic at first. He still does, in a way, but Tails has grown to look up to and respect Rex like another big bro an awful lot in the time he's been in the city. Rex is a hero who would do anything for his friends, Tails sees that, and admires and respects him a lot for all the responsibility he takes on in the city. He's even tried to come to HIS rescue before - no matter how disastrously that may have ended. But either way, it's Tails respecting Rex enough as a person and an Ashura that found him bonding with Rex as one of his Angelii, a choice he's definitely sure he won't regret. Another super cool human, Tails would come to Rex's aid and do anything for him, no questions asked!

Skyfire - Skyfire, it's probably a really good thing that Tails learned that not all robots are evil before he met you. :D; ANYWAY! Skyfire was one of the first people Tails met in Nautilus, and alongside Maid Marian he took him in to live at Ground Zero. For that, Tails is infinitely grateful. He's also helped the little guy with a few Bending-related projects, and is an overall nice person who happens to have really awesome transforming abilities! And when Tails asked Skyfire for details about becoming an Angelii, he appreciated Skyfire being so straightforward with information and even a vote of confidence from the Autobot. Tails enjoys Skyfire's company, respects him, and even looks up to him in a sense.

Yuuta - Tails met Yuuta when he gave him some basic Bending training shortly after the latter's arrival. Yuuta's a pretty smart kid, and kindhearted to boot - not to mention he's friends with Duke. Tails appreciates how Yuuta tries to remain positive and give everyone a fair chance, and… he also happens to think that it's really, really cool that a nine year old got to be a police chief back in his world! For how alike they can be in terms of personality, the two get along pretty well, and always seem to have a lot of fun whenever they hang out. Tails sometimes wonders if Yuuta might give him a little too much credit as a Bending instructor, but he tries his best to not let his first pupil down, and the two make for a pretty cute pair of friends.

Kay - Kay's a pretty nice girl, from what Tails has made of her so far. She's teaching him origami in exchange for him making her smoke bombs and whatever other gadgets she might like. The fact that she can really appreciate his inventions and his inventive streak make him appreciate her all that much more, and admittedly, he does like to impress his older friends. Tails doesn't really see much to dislike about Kay. She's enthusiastic, optimistic, caring, and a pretty fun person to hang around with, even if her high energy might cause her to be a little… impulsive, sometimes. Kind of like a certain blue hedgehog he knows, given that thought. But he does like her, and is always up for hanging out with her!

Chris Thorndyke - Chris Thorndyke is apparently a human that knows his… future self (lol multiple canons). Tails isn't so sure he understands a lot of these details, but apparently they've teamed up to save the entire universe before! And there's no denying that Chris certainly knows who Sonic and Tails are, and that Robotnik's a creep. But he's also an inventor, which Tails instantly sees a kinship with because Nautilus definitely needs more scientific/inventive types. He'd love to work with Chris on a project too someday, and so far, Chris has been pretty cool, and super fun to hang out with! Not to mention that he was a really good sport during the Magical City storm, which earned him a lot of cool points. So yes, Tails does see Chris as a friend and can't wait to meet him in his own timeline (again, lol someone tell this kid about duplicate universes, please).

Caesar Salazar - Caesar Salazar is Rex's big bro, so that in itself already makes him cool in Tails' book. But once they got to know each other a little better, Tails realized he practically had another kindred spirit here. Caesar is an inventor and scientific type as well, and Tails is actually pretty impressed by Caesar's creations - particularly the flying lab. But Caesar very clearly acts like an older brother, or at least he did to Tails, back during the December reality storm. From what Tails can see, Caesar has an experience and sort of wisdom that Tails respects in the elders that he likes. So yes, Tails definitely respects Caesar as both a fellow inventor and as a person, who he would love to keep getting to know. He'd also love to get to work with Caesar on more projects in the future! Because man, that serum to rid themselves of melted candy, that was fun stuff (probably better if you don't ask).

Scrupilo - Scrupilo is an interesting one! Admittedly, Tails is fascinated by the whole 'hivemind' concept because he's never really seen anything like it before. But Scrup is also an avid inventor and a scientist in his world, and so the two often enjoy conversations about flying machines and mechanical engineering. He's a pretty polite and helpful pack of sciencewolves, and he helped him out a lot during the December reality storm, so Tails does see a kinship as well as friendship in the wolfpack. He'd love to work on a project with the pack at some point, because the science and engineering of other worlds would be really, really intriguing to work with! From what Tails has seen so far, there's a whole lot of potential for the technology of Scrupilo's world.

Lelouch - Lelouch used to kind of intimidate Tails, to be perfectly honest. At least, in the early days of his arrival to Nautilus, if only because he had it in his mind that Ashura were the most experienced and the best Benders, thus they had a lot of authority in this city and weren't afraid to wield it as necessary. But after Suzaku taught him for a while, and after he began his advanced Bending lessons with him, Tails began to respect Lelouch as a teacher and as a person. He comes across to Tails as a natural born leader, and someone whose time in Nautilus has made a seasoned veteran of him who's learned a lot. And he always seems pretty calm in times of crisis, too. Tails respects him at the very least as an Ashura, and as a friend who helped him start to get stronger after what Pitch Black put him through, and he kind of sees both Lelouch and Suzaku as people he owes for helping him to gain the strength to become an Angelii.

Drift - One of Tails' Bending students! And a pretty quick learner, too, not to mention as nice as he could expect from an Autobot. From the first lesson and onward, Tails found Drift easy to get along with. Drift may or may not have scared the crap out of the kid when he got one of his optics blown out by a bolt of lightning during a week of thunderstorms, but Drift was nice enough to help talk him through it when he was having a panic attack about said thunderstorms. A nice and cool 'bot that Tails has warmed up to already.

Duke - Tails met this guy via an emotionally disturbed whale. No, I'm not kidding. Either way, Duke is a really nice AI/robot who just wants to upkeep the peace and all that in the city, and Tails respects him already for that. The two seem to get along pretty well whenever they talk or hang out, and Tails is more than happy to explain whatever he can to Duke of the intricacies of this whole "having a heart and being alive" thing whenever he may pose questions. Tails will admit that the concept of sentient AI really fascinates him on another level, but he does see Duke as a friend and as a person, and will of course be one of the ones to talk you right down if you try to imply otherwise. When Duke took it upon himself to operate the Medbay, Tails was actually pretty proud of him for taking up his own ambitions in spite of the supposed limitations of his programming. Duke's a pretty easy guy to talk to, and Tails sees him as a pretty good friend to have around, and would love to help Duke with his goal of Bending himself human at some point.

Link - Another Bending student of Tails', Link actually picked up a bit of basic Bending his first day in the city. Tails finds Link's determination admirable - it reminds him of Sonic, in a way. Aside from being a really nice kid, Tails does admittedly see a bit of a kinship in him if only because Nautilus doesn't often see too many Wakened who are around Tails' age. And being an adventurous sort helps, too! Tails has really enjoyed showing Link the ropes of Nautilus as best he can - heck, even taking him on a joy ride up in the Whirlwind Mach! And being a hero automatically earns cool points, seeing as how again, Tails sees a kindred spirit in Link for that. Overall, Link's a pretty neat guy and Tails likes him pretty well!

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