Task Force

The Nautilus Task Force is a team and a considerably loose replacement for the Nautilus Police Department. Their headquarters are in the Nautilus Police Department in the southern district, where they meet semi-regularly to discuss issues in the city, as well as share intel either gleaned from public Network activity or from patrols performed regularly by field officers.

Task Force Members

Half Members: [1]

Members Who Have Left/Returned to Sleep:

[1] It should be noted that half members are not privy to the same intelligence or the same control of operations as full members are. At best, they're consultants. While Task Force members welcome their cooperation, however, they do not have access to confidential TF records or archives.


With no official police system or any real organized system of Wakened/Ascended on standby, the Task Force was formed in hopes of filling a gap. It's a modicum of order in a city dominated by chaos. It's not just a police force of sorts, but rather it's sort of like a police force as well as community service to try to make Nautilus a better place.

What the Task Force Does:
- Try to enforce peace to stop unnecessary violence
- Greet/help newcomers as well as help them adjust
- Teach Bending or self-defense, if teachers of such things are in short supply or teachers are busy at the moment
- Any city repairs or restocking of supplies that are needed
- Make welcome additions that the city may need
- Keep track of public Network activity as well as archive the city's past for future reference
- Patrol the districts to maintain peace and keep the monsters/EVOs from getting hostile with locals
- Evacuation efforts when a bad Reality Storm hits or when it's called for


While the law system in Nautilus has, effectively, gone with the Sleep of its enforcers, still the Task Force abides by very basic morally-guided policies in an effort to end unnecessary violence in Nautilus as well as protect those who are unable to protect themselves. Their policies and standards are pretty easily defined.

Protection - One of the Task Force's goals is to either end or cut down unnecessary violence (not that they'll always succeed, but well, city ruled by chaos). That means they abide by a moral compass that doesn't generally accommodate murder, kidnapping, assault or brainwashing.

Respect of Free Will/Choice - While Task Force members can in fact help step in to end violent scuffles to protect people from assault as well as innocents from potential cross-fire, Task Force members are to acknowledge and respect the choices of Wakened. TL;DR, it means that if, say, someone doesn't want to press charges, they can't decide to go after someone anyway just because they may not agree with that choice. Unless a situation escalates as to harm the city or potential innocent bystanders, then Task Force members are to keep interference at a minimum.

Restraint - It is the Task Force's ethical responsibility to maintain professional distance from the job at hand. In other words, Wakened/criminals that are potential threats are to be handled with restraint, with the only acceptable violence against them being in self-defense. The Task Force also doesn't just kick in doors the second they see something wrong, either; a proper investigation must be conducted with enough credible accounts and evidence that warrants a character's apprehension before an arrest.

Respect of Privacy - No, the Task Force is not spying on private Network activity. And any information gathered during an investigation requires them to protect innocents at all times. If Susie decides to report someone who mugged her to the Task Force over the Network, for example, then her name would not be included in any public reports and her information and whereabouts would be kept confidential.


A character's best bet would be to contact Irene

Of course, said character could always just slap up a post on the Network asking about it, and one of these three are likely to get back to them about it. Whichever!

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