IC Info

Full Name: Tara "Terra" Markov
Species: Human
Age: 14
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Blond
District: No home, but currently wandering the Northern

OOC Info

Series: Teen Titans
Player: Auria
Journal: ihasaflashlight
Theme Song: Out of Control


thanks for the burger."

History (Home)

Excluding comic history, not much is known about Terra's past. The first we see her, she is running from a giant scorpion. When she is finally cornered, only then does she use her powers. The Titans take her in, intent on making her a member of the team and giving her a home. On her first mission, she runs into Slade, who informs her that he's been watching her and can help her with her problem. She resists him and returns to the Tower, but then runs away when it's revealed she can't control her powers.

Months later, a much more confident Terra shows up to join the team. Everyone's skeptical, especially Raven, who can't believe that Terra learned control in just a few months. After saving the city from Slade, however, even Raven warms up to Terra, and she gets a spot on the team. Everyone is thrilled, particularly Beast Boy, who has a crush on her.

More time passes. Beast Boy and Terra grow closer, and finally go out on a date to a (rather empty) carnival. While they're gone, the Tower is attacked by Slade's drones. Before leaving, Terra had disabled the security on Slade's orders. It was he who had helped her learn control, and in return she was now his apprentice. Obviously, Beast Boy is in extreme denial until Terra admits guilt. She reminds him that they are friends, that he would do anything for her if he could, and vice versa. But he turns his back on her.

The Titans meet Terra again, this time fully gone over to Slade. She attacks them without mercy, taking them down one at a time. First is Raven, who claims she never trusted Terra. Then, in a rush: Starfire, Cyborg, Beast Boy, til only Robin is left. He tries to talk sense. She doesn't buy it. The Titans regroup underground while the city falls to its knees.

History (Nautilus)

Upon arriving in Nautilus, Terra did what Slade would do: watch, observe, and wait. She learned about bending and began to work on getting her powers back. Within weeks, she was back to nearly full power, and quite satisfied with herself. She used her newfound control to destroy the carnival in the Southern District.

Not long after that, Slade came to Nautilus. Unfortunately, he came after Terra's betrayal. Up until that point, Terra had been refusing to believe Robin or anyone else on the fact that she had betrayed her master and killed him. Slade's affirmation of this did nothing but steel her nerves. She would not make the same mistake in Nautilus. She would prove herself and regain his trust.

Terra and Slade decided to map the districts. Terra mapped the Southern, then went north. She practiced bending every day, like Slade told her to.

One time, Terra picked a fight with Wally/Kid Flash, who was annoying the hell out of her. But despite all her efforts to slow him down, the bottom line was that he had been in Nautilus longer and therefore was going to win. To Terra it was a release, to Wally it was just fun. In the middle of their fight, Wally ran to the Krusty Krab and bought burgers and milkshakes. Knowing that she couldn't just beat him to a pulp, Terra settled for punching him in the face and taking his burgers.


Terra tries to constantly be in a state of "fuck you". However, people like Robin and Wally keep catching her off-guard, making her say incriminating things about herself and the way she feels about the Titans. She would stop talking to them, except that they are the only people who will talk to her.

Thanks to Robin planting seeds of doubt and Slade confirming them, Terra is now extremely paranoid about losing her status as apprentice. Every morning she wakes up and convinces herself that she's on the right path. She is refusing to let Robin get to her again.


Terra controls earth (no duh, it's in her name). Rocks, mud, concrete, whatever. Since coming to Nautilus, she has gotten most of this back, but using it a lot drains her considerably. It took her weeks to recuperate from the carnival.



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