Super Galactic Lovely Idol Tetora-Chan
Continuity Log Horizon
Age ???
Species Human
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Brown
District Eastern District
Journal tetrap
Player Aya
Theme Song (Optional)

"Call me Tetora-chan!"


(Since Tetora is introduced much later in the series (volume 7 in the novels, season 2 in anime), here's a bit of background to kick things off.)

It has been practically half a year since the event referred to as the Apocalypse that had brought players of the world famous MMORPG Elder Tales into the world previously only seen and experienced through the screen of their computers. Referred to as Adventurers by the locals- the People of the Land (NPCs), they've retained game appearances and abilities, as well as the items and wealth amassed from the game. …but it isn't a game, not any more. There is no logging out. Everything is real, and even though death for Adventurers is yet impermanent, it does not come without cost. But the initial panic in the Yamato Server which covers Japan has long since died down, thankfully. This is only due to the efforts and quick thinking of certain Adventurers who've realized that things needed to be worked out if they were to coexist with the People of the Land and be able to live in this new world.

The Yamato Server has been divided into five regions, starting from the West to the East of modern Japan: the Ninetails Dominions, the Fourland Dukedom, the Holy Empire Westelande, the Eastal League of Free Cities, and the Ezzo Empire. Events have majorly been focused upon the activities of the Adventurers in Eastal, in the city of Akihabara which has since the day of the Apocalypse become one of the main settlements of the Adventurers in Japan. With the establishment of the Round Table Council, conceived by Shiroe of a small, newly formed guild called Log Horizon, it was just the beginning of many changes and adjustments to follow. Each problem solved only gave rise to a dozen more, and the changes affecting the world have only steadily continued. Developments in the city of Minami, another Adventurer-heavy location, have begun to concern Shiroe, although not so much as other things he's come to wonder. Yet there are more pressing concerns he realizes needs to be dealt with. Together with the rest of the representatives of the Round Table Council, they have come to an agreement considering how to face the issue of funding for buildings and zones purchased for ownership, as such a practice had remained since the shift from game into a reality. The funds necessary to continue to pay off such things continually would number trillions of gold, and so Shiroe embarks on a quest to speak with the Kunie Clan, a People of the Land who have long been charged with the finances of Yamato and the source of gold distribution.

It's during Shiroe's trip to the Ezzo Empire that Tetora makes her debut seemingly by accident, being stumbled upon by one of the other members of Log Horizon- a Guardian named Naotsugu. After some initial scouting for information, it was found that the trip to the source where the was gold circulated would need a strong raid party, meaning Shiroe would have to find 24 willing Adventurers to take part. Given his concern about spies from Minami, he decided the best course of action would be to seek help outside of the Round Table Council since they would all likely be watched, and his departure was only exclusively known to select few as well. One of the strongest battle guilds had relocated to the city of Susukino, their leader William Massachusetts having turned down the invitation to join the Council from the start. Now he and the Silver Sword Guild are the ones whom Shiroe hoped would join him on this dangerous raid. (In the special edition drama CD that comes with volume 8 of the novels, track 3 features an episode where Tetra meets William Massachusetts after accidentally interrupting a fight between him and Isaac of the Black Swords guild. This is just before William chooses to leave Akihabara with his guild, and so Tetra decides to accompany them to Susukino, which explains how she comes to be there now.) While the Enchanter Shiroe is holding conference with William, Naotsugu, who wasn't about to be left behind by Shiroe back in Akihabara, is left to scout Susukino for potential recruits for the raid, along with Re=Gan, a People of the Land who is also a great scholar and sage of Mirror Lake (as made mention of in many instances of flavor text, back in Elder Tales' game days).

The Guardian's first impression of Tetora is her cute little hiney, the only part of her first visible as she'd taken a tumble off of the roof and into a pile of snow. Of course, rather than help her, both Naotsugu and Re=Gan instead start to bond over their appreciation of panties, hot pants and Tetra's curves before the girl manages to pull herself out of the snow. Despite her misfortune, her fit is brief as she unabashedly proclaims her attractiveness (which while Naotsugu can't deny, he can't force himself to openly admit it) and introduces herself. While there's something about her outgoing personality that rubs Naotsugu the wrong way, her information from her status window is what interests him as here they have a level 92 cleric. Since the previous level cap had been 90 before the latest installment that happened the same time as the Apocalypse, it's a promising detail that prompts Naotsugu to tolerate the clingy cleric's company as he brings her back to the tavern where Shiroe is.

Tetora happily gives Naotsugu the rundown about Susukino while they go, as before, Susukino had been a mess, the worst of Yamato's Adventurers having taken advantage of the situation in the wake of the Apocalypse and abusing their abilities, treating the People of the Land as property, the game mindset still stuck in their heads. The guild Brigandia had been at the forefront, under the leadership of a monk named Demiqas. The trio arrive back at the tavern just in time to see that same Demiqas threatening a disinterested Shiroe, although the monk's attention is quickly shifted to Tetora at her openly mentioning the man's reform and how he'd married a woman of the People of the Land. Thankfully Naotsugu absorbs most of the blow that had been aimed for the cleric as Demiqas launched himself at her, and William Massachusetts, who had earlier told Shiroe that they'd be short four people for the raid since much of his guild had quit raiding or left, now happily proclaims that they would have their 24, counting Shiroe, Naotsugu, Tetora and Demiqas.

The raid party makes their way towards the dungeon called Palm, deciding to walk so that they can better get to know each other, an important thing especially for Shiroe, Naotsugu and Tetora since they aren't familiar with the abilities or personalities of the members of Silver Sword. Demiqas however remains headstrong and essentially a loose cannon, leaving the others to cover for him every time he brashly charges into things. In the depths of Palm, they enter the area of the raid battles- the Abyssal Shaft, the first Adventurers to ever attempt the challenge. With all the creatures leveled above 80, it's key that they work together effectively. Tetora proves herself a very capable cleric, familiar with raids enough to provide support to the other Adventurers, especially with powerful area-range healing spells like Aurora Heal. She also takes advantage of Naotsugu's Guardian status, often ducking behind him to use as a human shield, which she claims is only fair since she's doing the healing. While the raid bosses prove especially difficult and the Adventurers themselves not without a few casualties, the group still manages to hold up through the first few, setting up camp between each level to tend to their equipment and prepare for the next. Tetora tends to hang about Naotsugu even during these times, usually to tease him, although the two have developed an unusual friendship which even allows them to carry silly banter onto the battlefield. It's at this time that she asks about what's on Naotsugu's mind, and they talk a little about Shiroe and the burden he has, as well as the reasons he's fighting for, which until that point, Naotsugu hadn't even been told himself, but realizes it plainly enough, having known Shiroe for years. This raid, this quest, it's all ultimately to preserve a place that can be considered home, and that thought is something that Tetora takes to heart, and she gains a better understanding of the two she's been raiding with for over a month now.

Unfortunately things take a turn for the worst. While all of the raid bosses have thus far been familiar ones, as it's no unusual thing for enemy data to be recycled with each expansion, they've each had different abilities added, nasty surprises to throw the Adventurers off. "7th of the Garden, Ruseato," a throwback to a raid boss of similar name from the 9 Great Prisons of Heroes raids seems to prove not too bad a match for them, and despite some surprises, the raiders quickly report the affects of their findings and adjustments are quickly made to deal with the problems. Just when they think that they have this battle won, two gates on each of the far sides of the chamber open to release another pair of raid bosses- "4th of the Garden, Taltalruga" and "3rd of the Garden, Ibura-Habura." Against three raid bosses, the Silver Sword have no chance. With Taltalruga and Ibura-Habura's consecutive area-wide attacks, the raid party is wiped out.

Rather than reviving back at the Abyssal Shaft, Tetora instead finds herself in Nautilus - in the middle of winter on New Year's Eve.


Tetora proves right from the start to be an unwavering ray of sunshine. Looking the part of a punky idol-slash-magical girl, she's a character who knows her charms and isn't afraid to flaunt them, much less deny her cuteness. Speaking-wise, she tends to use 'boku' in that typical way that Japanese girls might use just to be cutsie. She gushes confidence in her appearance so much that saying she's laying it on thick sadly isn't an exaggeration. While her outgoing personality might threaten to smother people, her blatant and sometimes vulgar statements seem to be at odds with the sweet appearance she bears. If she were to keep her mouth shut and exhibit a little bit of humbleness, then Tetora would probably be a lot more acceptable as the petite and innocent girl she claims to be.

As she's certainly not shy, Tetora tends to be pretty friendly towards others, but woe to those that she decides would be a great target to tease! Being a nuisance seems to be one of her specialties, although she doesn't seem to take things too far. In the case of Naotsugu who often openly proclaims his love of panties and girls (and proclaims Shiroe to be a closet pervert), Tetora knows exactly what to say to make him react, and despite her annoying clinginess, when on the battlefield, their playful banter is what helps to keep their spirits up, as well as those of their party who are within hearing range.

One can't deny Tetora's cheerful spirit. Arrogant as she seems to be, it oddly enough isn't something to drive people away from her. She demands attention and in turn, she'll lift spirits. In dire situations, she's like a brilliant light refusing to be snuffed out by the darkness. For all that there have been great changes in the world of Elder Tales ever since the Apocalypse, she hasn't forgotten how to have fun and enjoy herself as if it were yet a game, but not without the mindfulness that it isn't simply that anymore. She's had plenty of game experience, and seems to have adjusted well enough to the world as an Adventurer that she's quite comfortable with her role as a cleric with the subclass of idol. That's right, idol. She knows the trends and what appeals to that certain niche of men, which just makes it all the more easier for her to flaunt and tease them about it.

Even though her actions make her appear to be something of a one-dimensional character, Tetora does have a sincere heart when it comes to wishing to help people. It may appear as though she's goofing off a lot of the time, or too carefree at others, but she does pay close attention to things. She'd come to join Log Horizon at Kazuhiko's recommendation, which seems to be enough of a reason for Shiroe to allow it. "Villain-in-Glasses" Shiroe's reputation is widespread, but despite the connotations his name might prompt, there's no doubting the abilities of the mastermind behind bringing the Council together, restoring life into Akihabara and improving the relations between Adventurers and the People of the Land. Knowing this, Tetora is willing to trust the Enchanter and those that have gathered to his side. "You can save more people than I can, Shiroe-san." Cheesy a line as it might be, together, they can make a difference. "We're not a charity, though," Shiroe says, but Tetora points out, "But this world isn't going to let you stay uninvolved. It can't be helped."


Don't let the title of Cleric fool you; in the game of Elder Tales, while they are healers, clerics can stand in the frontlines where the fighting is fiercest. They're capable of equipping heavy armor just like Guardians and Samurai, and in such instances, usually tasked with keeping the group's tank healed, which in this light makes more sense given how often Tetra hangs about Naotsugu in battle. Tetora doesn't particularly care for bulky armor, but then she doesn't seem to shy away from being in the heat of the battle either.

She's nimble and quick, able to jump, leap and move faster than the average human, and with the added bonus of possessing the body of an adventurer, she can take more of a beating than a normal human would. Adventurers are able to withstand pain of any attack, it being considerably muted, just as affects of temperature such as extreme heat or cold. As an Adventurer she also wouldn't need to sleep as much, easily revitalized as their bodies can be.

So far as equipment goes, only several items of hers are specifically named and given detailed abilities. They are mostly catered to Tetora's idol-side. She has an accessory called the Seventh Shooting Star, which in-game used to only be able to show silly things like exclamation and question marks in the sky, but she's since then tweaked it to show whatever she wants, kind of like a portable projector. Then there's here Echo Jewel Rod which basically resembles a microphone, and does in fact echo the voice of the user as well as show musical note effects when swung about. The nifty thing about it is the possibility of its being able to echo spell words, which would effectively recast or echo that spell. And lastly there's Tetora's Twinkle Star Vest which is a phantasmal class item, obtainable only through raids. It's made of a reflective material which is why she likes it so much since it has a glittery effect, but the useful thing about it is its ability to enhance healing spells.

And boy does she have a lot of healing spells! (Since it would be a lot to list, I'm going to give a general overview of what's here). Tetora seems more of the Centralized Healing build than Heavy Armored, so I'm not going to list any of the ones more specialized abilities towards the latter. While healing spells probably don't need a whole lot of explanation, Elder Tales is a crazy game and has a lot of complicated variations, so you've got healing spells that do so gradually over a period of time once you take damage or general ones for quick fixes, varying for individual use to a set area of effect. Casting some of these spells can draw aggro from monsters depending on circumstances, so if no one else is drawing their attention, a cleric might find themselves getting attacked instead. Clerics are also capable of resurrection spells, but one takes a long time to cast and must be done so without interruption, not to mention it eats a lot of MP, while Soul Revive can be done quicker and has a longer range, plus it allows for gradual HP recovery. Another common spell for healer types is Cure, which is a negative status-removal spell. Another skill called Divine Favor temporarily removes negative status effects, postponing damaging effects from the user to allow for them to continue unhindered in their support without having to waste too much MP on themselves.

Clerics have a few offensive magicks at their disposal as well, mainly consisting of shooting off rays of light at an enemy or enemies with varying results for damage (Holy Light and Judgment Ray). There's also a status inflicting attack that temporarily blinds an enemy with a sparkling light (Argent Chaine). Given that MP is often better spent on support through healing, it's likely that Tetra doesn't make extensive use of these skills so long as she's with capable fighters.

Defensive spells are as follows: Sanctuary is a type of support magic that buffs allies for physical and magical defense, although at the cost of the caster being unable to move from the point the spell is cast. Sacred Wall basically creates a forcefield around a chosen ally to lower incoming damage towards them. It depends on the magical power of the user for its effectiveness, but has a long cooldown time. Energy Protection is a handy one because it negates damage from a particular element such as fire or water within a set area.

There's also an array of special skills although naturally these all have really long cooldown times or can only be used once a day for their capabilities. Ethereal Chant can do both damage to enemies while healing allies, but takes a lot of MP. Parabellum is a support spell that can restore a target's mind and body to its full potential, which in turn accelerates the targets cooldown times by varying percentages. Heaven's Law is a defensive spell that lowers the offensive capabilities of an enemy, but it only lasts for a brief time. Symbol of Sacrament is another defensive spell that grants immunity to all negative status effects of allies within range, if only for three minutes. Graceful Garden is a support spell for reactive healing magic, boosting the effects of that particular spell.

Lastly there's Bug Light, which is basically a lighting spell in the form of summoning a large, transparent ball-like bug….light. It has a little face on it but it doesn't look too much like a bug, but eh well. It's used for lighting up dark areas!

Moving away from spells now, oh no she's not done yet in the world of Elder Tales, despite it being real instead of a game, players are still able to access their status screens and game menus. Of course, sometimes it might just look like they're crazy and poking at the air, but at least Adventurers would know better. While Adventurers have learned to access abilities reflexively than maneuvering through the menu to activate them, they can still look at inventory or if they have a production class, choose to make new items through this menu as well. This is also where they access their friends list and log out, the latter of which obviously doesn't work. I'm thinking of using this as her means of communication/connection to the network. Since this is also a way to identify people, places or monsters and see their basic stats (like name, level, HP/MP, class), I'm thinking that after a while Tetora might be able to do this when looking at people or animals- although if it's information she's not allowed to know, it will all be in gibberish until she learns the information to fill it in. Or she could make up her own.



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