The Captain
The Captain
Continuity Hellsing
Age Unknown
Species Werewolf
Hair Color Gray
Eye Color Red
District Western District
Journal repeat-in-red
Player Rune
Theme Song Leader of the Disciplinary Committee - Toshihiko Sahashi

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No one actually knows how old the Captain is, or when he first became a werewolf. In fact, not much is known about him at all; even his name is a well-kept secret. He’s of German descent and he serves beneath The Major in Millennium.

In Warsaw, during World War II, he fought against Walter C. Dornez and Alucard when the Millennium research facility was attacked. He nearly managed to kill Walter, having successfully resisted his wires, but Alucard interrupted before the Captain could choke his opponent into submission. During his fight with Alucard, he lost his right arm, but quickly regenerated it before transforming into a wolfman. He kicked Alucard in half, however, and he left Walter to die. Walter later left the compound, though, proving that the Captain did not finish him off. Before he left, Alucard commented that he thought that the werewolves had long since been wiped out.

In 1999, over fifty years later, the Captain reappeared to retrieve Walter during Millennium’s invasion of England. Walter once again used his wires, but the Captain had no problem catching them. He appeared later to confront Alucard, but he backed off after seeing Alucard’s fighting ability. Later on during the invasion, he shot Heinkel Wolfe while in his human form for not getting out of his way. He deliberately aimed for the cheek, though, and offered her a first-aid kit. He once again fled afterwards.

He met Sir Integra and Seras Victoria while they tried to storm the Major’s Zeppelin next. He allowed Sir Integra to past, but he engaged in a gun battle with the much younger vampire. He transformed into a large wolf, and he followed after her in a mist like state. When delivered what looked like a fatal blow, he dissolved into mist again and reappeared completely unharmed. Seras blocked one of his kicks later on in the fight, and Pip Bernadotte thrust a silver filling into the Captain’s chest. His dog tag split into two and and he died on the floor, laughing as his body burned away, finally free from being an immortal creature.


The Captain is more animal than man; he never speaks, though it’s unclear as to whether he’s mute or not. He is capable of making noise, however, and can laugh, grunt, and growl. He’s a sort of rock—he watches things and is completely attentive and efficient, but he rarely shows emotion, even when people like Schrodinger are climbing over him. He follows orders and does what he’s told. That’s a huge part of the Captain’s personality; he stands there, watching. He’s a tall and stoic man; an enigma of sorts that won’t converse outside of a growl. He is also by far one of the most loyal men in existence; he will follow any order his Major gives him.

Despite being a part of Millennium, however, he definitely has an honorable side. Though he seems the most inhuman at first, there are a few things that make him much more compassionate than the Major, or even Rip van Winkle. The first thing is that he doesn’t kill needlessly. Throughout the entirety of Hellsing, he doesn’t go out of his way to kill anyone. He fights a variety of opponents, but he doesn’t kill any of the main characters before he dies. He also has a sense of honor; he carries around a first-aid kit to help others. He, at one point, shot a woman through the cheek to spare her life. He gestured for her to get the fuck out of there and tossed her the kit. His final scene shows this as well—as he’s dying on the floor, he breaks out into a grin and starts to laugh, hinting that he may have become jaded with his life as a monster and that he was accepting of his death. Despite being more honorable and perhaps slightly nicer than the rest of the cast, he still is, without a doubt, a killer, however.


The Captain is a werewolf, a true lycanthrope. Aside from having superhuman strength, agility, and endurance, he also has the ability to shift into the form of a wolfman that is much more powerful than his human form. He also has the ability to turn into a monstrous, silver wolf of enormous size. He can also regenerate limbs and turn into a form of mist to track enemies and avoid damage.


Rip van Winkle: A former ally, he currently considers her a traitor; he doubts her sincerity after her willingness to admit her nature as a traitor, and plans to be cautious around her.

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