The Doctor
The Doctor
Continuity Doctor Who
Age He claims he's 907. He's lying, he doesn't know.
Species Time Lord
Hair Color NOT GINGER :( Brown
Eye Color Blue
District Eastern District
Journal character journal
Player Bookie
Theme Song Every Star, Every Planet

"A Weeping Angel, Amy, is the most powerful, most malevolent lifeform the universe has ever produced and right now, one of them is trapped inside that wreckage and I’m supposed to climb in after it with a screwdriver and a torch and assuming I survive the radiation and assuming the whole ship doesn’t blow up in my face, do something that is incredibly clever, which I haven’t actually thought of yet. That’s my day, that’s what I’m up to, any questions?"


App History
The Doctor is a Time Lord, from a planet called Gallifrey. (There is a bit of controversy on the circumstances of his birth- he was either born in a way similar to humans, or he was ‘Loomed’ into existance. Loomed is what it sounds like- they literally ‘weave’ a being. Either way, it is thought that he is a reincarnation of The Other, an ancient Gallifreyian who helped found the Time Lords.) He grew up there and went to school, where he did not excel academically but did receive an actual doctorate (in what is unknown). It is mentioned that he once married and had a family, though little detail is given on any of them.

He turned renegade and, before he could be punished, stole a TARDIS (which stands for ‘Time and Relative Dimension in Space’) and left with his granddaughter, Susan, as a travelling companion. His intention, unlike most renegade Time Lords (meaning those who ignore the ‘don’t interfere’ rule), was to observe and have fun, but he usually got caught up in troubles of wherever he was visiting and would end up saving the day. They eventually settle in London, 1963 for a bit, and Susan attends school there. (This is the start of the original series.) When two of her teachers came to investigate, they found the TARDIS and the Doctor basically kidnapped them, being overly supicious of their intentions.

Eventually he got used to them being there, and realized they meant no harm, he planned to return them but since he couldn’t operate the TARDIS very well, he didn’t know how. He accidentally lands them on Skaro, and sabotages the TARDIS so he has an excuse to look around. This is the first appearance of the Daleks, a race who think they are supreme and wish to ‘exterminate’ anything that is not Dalek.

They travel more, he leaves Susan in 22nd century Earth when she falls in love with someone there, he has other companions, and eventually regenerates (to be explained more in the powers section) because of old age. The Second Doctor is the first to meet the Cybermen, which are ‘upgraded humans,’ having human minds in mechnical bodies. He was also caught for his crimes of interfereing, and was exiled to Earth and would undergo a forced regeneration. His memory was also blocked, so he would be unable to use the TARDIS. During this time, he worked for UNIT (Unified Intelligence Taskforce). This is the incarnation where he meets the Silurians (Eath creatures evolved from reptiles in the way humans evolved from apes), and where the Master is introduced. The Master is another renegade Time Lord, and was the Doctor’s best friend in school. Only he’s turned evil and wants to destroy humanity now, so the Doctor ends up fighting him. And wins, naturally. The Doctor is slowly allowed use of the TARDIS, and after he saves all the Time Lords his exile is lifted.

He then regenerated into the Fourth Doctor (who is famous for his awesome scarf). A Time Lord appeared to him and asked him to intervene in the creation of the Daleks- to either destroy them, or alter things so they wound up less dangerous. This is a bad thing, you’ll see. He was summoned back to Gallifrey to defeat the Master, and was disgusted by the moral decay of the Time Lord society. He travelled for a while longer before returning, running for Lord President of Gallifrey in order to save his planet from destruction. He regenerated in a fight with the Master, after falling off a very high cliff and a being called the Watcher merging with him.

Sometime during his fifth incarnation, he met the Tenth Doctor, due to them crashing their TARDISes. He regenerated this time by giving his companion the lone antidote to a deadly illness they’d both contracted. The Sixth Doctor was, once again, put on trial for his interfering crimes. The Valeyard, who was his prosecutor, was the dark side of the Doctor from somewhere between his 12th and 13th incarnations. Since he falsified evidence to cover a conspriacy, the Doctor was let go. He regenerated when the Rani, another Time Lord (technically, Time Lady), blasted his TARDIS. He was at some point assigned by Romana (Lord President of Gallifrey, Time Lady, and former companion) to retrieve the Master’s remains from Skaro. When he did this, the Master somehow interferred and they wound up in 1999 San Fransicsco. He was shot in gang crossfire, and was killed (to regenerate hours later, thanks to the anthesthetic) on a hospital operating table because his Time Lord physiology is different from that of a human. Once he woke up, he defeated the Master again. Again, he travelled a while with companions, before deciding to join the Last Great Time War after seeing a Dalek kill a child.

A Time War, in this case, is when the enemies use time to fight each other. This war was between the Daleks and the Time Lords— caused by the Fourth Doctor’s mission to try and halt the Daleks’ development. Little is known about the Doctor’s involvement in the war, except that he fought on the front line of the Falls of Arcadia, and was imprisoned on an unknown planet for a month. Upon escaping, he obtained the Key of Rassilon and (somehow) ended the Time War by locking the Time Lords in a void and destroying the Daleks. He did this because after being at war for so long, the Time Lords had become as great of a threat to creation as the Daleks— if either had won, the universe would have been destroyed. (Again, how this happened is unclear— it is later said that the Doctor possessed something called ‘The Moment’ that allowed him to do this, but no one has said what exactly that is yet.) Gallifrey was destroyed, and with a few exceptions, the Time Lords and the Daleks were both wiped from existance. At some point, he regenerated into the Ninth Doctor.

The Ninth Doctor is the start of the new series. His first companion is a girl named Rose, and with her he finds out that the Daleks haven’t been destroyed after all. They sent one ship back in time, with the Dalek Emperor, who used unwilling Humans to make new Daleks- which meant, as Daleks hate anything not Dalek, that these Daleks hated themselves. With the help of Jack Harkness, the Doctor tried to stop them but knowing that he would probably die, sent Rose back. She stared into the Time Vortex and absorbed its energy, returning to destroy the Daleks. However, the energy would destroy her, so the Doctor absorbed it and regenerated.

The Tenth Doctor travelled with Rose a while longer, winding up in an alternate universe with Cyberman, who ended up crossing over into their dimension, thanks to the Daleks (who also wound up on Earth). The Doctor opened the Void to save the Earth, which suck in anything covered in ‘Void Stuff.’ Since this included himself, Rose, and Rose’s family, he pushed them into an alternate dimension so they wouldn’t be sucked in. Rose tried to stay behind, but eventually ended back up in said alternate dimension. He managed to say goodbye to her before the breaches finally close, but didn’t have time to return the ‘I love you’. (He proceeds to be very upset over this for quite some time.)

He, somewhat reluctantly at first, gets another companion named Martha Jones, who he travels with for a while. After attempting to help the humans at the end of the universe reach Utopia, they were stranded briefly because the TARDIS was stolen by Professor Yana, who was actually the Master. Yes, he’s back, he was brought back to life because he was the perfect solider for a Time War. He escaped to England and ran for Prime Minister, winning through a subtle use of hypnosis, and using both his position and the modified TARDIS to create a paradox, bringing creatures called the Toclafane, who were cyborg humans from the future, to destroy humanity. With the help of the entire planet, the Doctor manages to set things right. He planned to take the Master with him, as they were the only two Time Lords left, and make sure he didn’t get into trouble. However, the Master’s wife shot him, and he refused to regenerate purely to spite the Doctor, knowing how he would hate being the last of his kind. He died, the Doctor cried over his dead body, and then burned it, and a creepy lady stole his ring.

He traveled with a woman named Donna for a bit, but he had to erase her memories at the end of it or else she would have died. He traveled by himself for a while, but was told that his ‘song would be ending soon’ and that ‘he will knock four times.’ As he thought, the Master returned (the four knocks being the four drumbeats in the Master’s head, or so he thought) and then the Time Lords returned! Only they’re all evil, and put the drum in the Master’s head in the first place, and with the help of the Master the Doctor sends them back, though the Master ends up going with him. He thinks he’s not going to die, until Donna’s grandfather knocks four times on the glass door of the radiation trap he’s stuck in. Yea. This is when he regenerates into the Eleventh Doctor.

(Note: Obviously, as this was roughly 30 seasons of television I just described, plus novels and audio books and comics, I skipped over a lot. I wrote more on the newer seasons because a.) We have a Martha, and b.) frankly, the newer ones are easier to make sense out of. Please don’t make me write more, I might have to shoot myself. XD I will now write slightly more detail about the eleventh one.)

The Eleventh Doctor promptly crashes the TARDIS in Leadworth, England, where he meets a young girl named Amelia Pond. There, he proceeds to act like a total mess thanks to his regeneration, and fixes a very scary crack in her wall. He has to jump into the future for a bit to stop the TARDIS from blowing up. He means to take five minutes, and ends up taking twelve years. Amelia is now Amy, employed as a kissogram (the Doctor does not approve), and there has been an alien living in her house for the past twelve years. They (with the help of Rory, Amy’s boyfriend) manage to get rid of it, and the Doctor gets a bowtie. He zooms off in the TARDIS for a bit, and comes back two years later accidentally. He and Amy then go off together, with the Doctor not knowing Amy’s supposed to be getting married the next morning. Oops.

They do things like save a starwhale, stop the Daleks from fighting in WW2, and escape a ship full of Weeping Angels (with River Song, a future companion whose timeline works differently than the Doctor’s and who showed up when the Tenth Doctor was travelling with Donna), and then Amy finally tells the Doctor she’s supposed to be getting married. She follows this up by kissing him. However, the Doctor has accidentally broken up relationships enough times to know that he really can’t seperated people for that long, and then drags Rory onto the TARDIS for an adventure too. He takes them to Venice, where they run into giant fish from space who act like vampires. Rory defeats one, Amy kisses him, and all is right in the world for… not very long.

Because of some hallucinogenic dust, the three end up switching back and forth between a dream where they’re in the TARDIS about to crash into a freezing star, and a dream of five years in the future where Amy and Rory are happily married. Because Rory dies in the happily married dream, Amy refuses to believe it’s real and she and the Doctor die on purpose in that dream to get back to reality. She and Rory are now firmly back together, and so of course the universe must screw it over now.

The crack in Amy’s wall when she was younger was a crack in time and space, and it’s been showing up in different places. After they meet the Silurians, Rory is shot, and is then sucked in by one of these cracks— which erases him entirely from existence, Amy forgetting that he ever existed. The Doctor is particularly nice to her for a while, because even if she doesn’t remember he does, and he felt guilty about letting it happen and taking Rory with them in the first place. They meet Vincent van Gogh, who can tell that Amy is sad, even if she doesn’t know why. (He also proposes to her, but she says she’s not the marrying kind.) Then the Doctor has to pretend he’s a normal human, which he basically fails miserably at.

The Doctor then gets the bright idea to visit the oldest cliffs in the universe, which have a message written on them in a language no one has yet translated. When they get there, the message is ‘HELLO SWEETIE,’ which is River Song’s calling card, and temporal coordinates. They arrive in the second century AD, where there is a camp of Romans entertaining Cleopatra- who is actually River in disguise. River shows him a painting by Vincent van Gogh, titled ‘The Pandorica Opens,’ which shows the TARDIS breaking apparently and surrounded by swirls. The Pandorica is meant to be the ultimate prison, with every lock in the universe, for holding the most feared thing in the entire universe. As they are near Stonehenge, they figure that’s probably the best place to look. They find it underground, and discover that it is slowly being opened from the inside out.

Then River finds on her sensor that many spaceships have arrived- ones by the Daleks, the Cybermen, the Sontarans, and others. Basically, all of them hate the Doctor. This is a bad thing, so the Doctor sends River to get the Romans to help. She manages to get a volunteer, who later turns out to be Rory. He saves Amy’s life, and is more than a little upset to find that she doesn’t remember him.

The Doctor ends up scaring away the various aliens for about a half hour, now sending River to get his TARDIS. She attempts to get to Stonehenge, but is instead sent back to the day before Amy and Rory’s wedding, and is unable to leave, because that’s the day the universe was supposed to end. She goes into Amy’s house and finds that it has been broken into, and correctly assumes that the Roman camp and Rory are a trap. She communicates this to the Doctor, and then attempts to shut off the TARDIS, but gets trapped inside.

The Romans then start shutting down around them, including Rory, but he resists. They are all Autons, which are beings made of plastic controlled by the Nestene Consciousness. The Pandorica opens, to reveal that nothing is inside it, because to all the creatures that made it, the Doctor is the thing they fear most in the universe. They lock him inside, ignoring the fact that he’s trying to tell them that he can stop the universe from ending, and isn’t causing it. Meanwhile, the Auton!Rory is still fighting to stay in control, but ends up shooting Amy. And River is trapped inside the TARDIS as it starts exploding. (Cue cliffhanger.)

Luckily, once the aliens leave, and Rory is holding Amy’s body, the Doctor appears! In a fez, and with a mop. After a series of appearing and disappearing, he gives Rory his sonic screwdriver, telling him to leave it in Amy’s top pocket when he’s done. Rory then frees the Doctor, who puts Amy in the Pandorica in order to save her life. Rory stays behind to protect Amy, while the Doctor skips to 2000 years in the future. He directs the younger Amelia to the museum where the Pandorica is kept, and gets her to touch it, reviving the full grown Amy inside.

However the universe is still kind of collapsing around then, thanks to the TARDIS and the cracks in time and space, so the Doctor, Amy, Amelia, and Rory (who was working as a guard) go off to fix it. Then they run into the Doctor from twelve minutes into the future, who has been shot and who the current Doctor claims is dead. They save River from where she’s trapped in the exploding TARDIS, and she shoots the Doctor’s fez. Alas poor fez.

Then a Dalek shoots the Doctor, but he goes back in time twelve minutes where they saw him ‘die’ before (he lied), and he gets into the Pandorica, to pilot it into the middle of the explosion. It will cancel out the TARDIS’s exploding and save the universe, but he will be erased from existence. He says goodbye to Amy, telling her to focus on her parents, since they were pulled through the crack in her wall when she was young and that’s why she lived in a big house by herself. Once he enters the explosion, he goes back through his life, ending up putting a young Amelia to bed, telling her as she’s sleeping about how he ‘borrowed’ the TARDIS, how it was ancient and old at the same time, and the bluest blue ever.

When Amy wakes up on her wedding day, she feels like something’s missing, and acts as if she’s never seen her parents before, without knowing why. At the wedding reception, a woman (River) leaves her a blue book, which saddens her for some reason, and Rory tries to explain as the old wedding tradition- ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue.’ This triggers the memory of the story the Doctor told her before he was erased, and using the fact that she had memories of him now, she brought him back into existence. He expected this to happened, and was dressed in a tux for her wedding. He dances terribly, and then the three go off to have more grand adventures.

Game History
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While the Tenth Doctor, many people have decided, is more of a ‘white knight,’ the Eleventh Doctor has been described in many places as ‘the good wizard,’ the wise old professor and the giddy young man rolled into one. (Personally, I like the mental picture of him being the wise old man, who, instead of chasing whippersnappers off of his lawn, grabs their football and runs with it until they catch him.) He is very knowledgable about the state of the universe as a whole, able to identify many species by characteristics. However, a lot of it is masked in an initial meeting, as he tends to talk at ninty miles per hour usually forgetting that other people don’t know half of the words he’s using. He’s very lively, unafraid to show his eccentricities and wave his hands around while he’s talking, and is generally very alien.

He’s very curious, especially about things he hasn’t come across before, though there are still things that he’s seen a lot of and just doesn’t understand. A big example of this is the human race in general. He’s very fond of them as a species, but they confuse the hell out of him at times. He expects a lot out of them, seeing the potential they have, and gets upset when they act any less than ‘the best of humanity.’ He is somewhat up to date on Earth slang (though isn’t allowed to use most of it, ever), and knows about things like Facebook and Twitter. Still, he does sometimes act as if he thinks humans are beneath him, even if he does like them.

He tends to get agitated when people touch or do things he doesn’t want them to, and is very insistant that no one else is allowed to talk when he’s thinking, even if they happen to be saying something useful. In this vein, he can be pretty smug about his actions and knowledge, which often leads to some very brash actions, because he’s convinced he knows what he’s doing. He doesn’t beat around the bush, always being very direct even when it’s not the best approach (though he doesn’t realize this until after he’s said something).

The Doctor acts pretty energetic and cheerful overall, but he has his more serious, and downright scary moments. He isn’t tolerant of big mistakes, and when angered he tends to lash out at the people around him and be very cold about it. Usually, his emotional extremes pop up when he has to make a hard decision, and he rambles when he’s stressed or panicking. He is somewhat more violent than his previous incarnations, using it as a direct approach when he knows nothing else will work, but he still has a great dislike of war and weaponry.

Even though the Doctor has terrible social skills (he didn’t realize that it might be a bad idea to tell Rory at his bachelor party that Amy had tried to seduce him, and he didn’t notice until Amy kissed him that she had been trying), he’s a natural leader and automatically takes change in any given situation. He doesn’t really like it when someone tries to take this position from him.


The Doctor’s main power lies in his rengeration. When he gets to a point that would kill a normal person, he can regenerate before he dies. Essentially, he becomes a new person, but keeps the memories from before (though sometimes they’re a little foggier, mostly thanks to the passage of time). However, several versions of the Doctor have voiced that this is basically like dying, the previous Doctor ceasing to exist when a new one is regenerated. Regeneration also must happen BEFORE he dies- otherwise, he… just dies. He also has some telepathic abilities, able to leave the sleeping Amy a message in her head, and force his memories into another person through a headbutt. It is likely that, like the Tenth Doctor, he can look through other people’s memories as well, though only with physical contact. He also can somehow tell how old something is by how it tastes, as well as what it is made of.

He carries around a sonic screwdriver, which can do most anything from scanning aliens, releasing sonic pulses, and unlocking doors. Plus the TARDIS allows him to travel through time and space. The pockets of his coats seem to be bigger than they should be, as he has stored various large objects in there that he shouldn’t have been able to.


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