The Labyrinth

The experience with the Labyrinth is different for each character. Even how they come to enter the Labyrinth alters what happens to them, and what memories they gain. It becomes a projection of their own insecurities, hates, and desires.

The Labyrinth is a specific part of Chaos; Chaos being the sum total of every possibility to ever exist forever. Because of the volatile nature of Chaos, instead of Willing thing into existence, they just become reality, every change coming to life to reflect the change in the soul.

It is for this reason that it is extremely dangerous and requires a lot of mental control to deal with, something that normal Wakened, Angelii and inexperienced Ashura are not well prepared to handle.

According to Solaris, the Labyrinth was also used in ancient times as a means to punish criminals who had committed unspeakable acts.


For a normal mortal, the experience instantly reactivates your subconscious, inflicting either temporary or permanent insanity. If a person is unable to find their way out, the most likely long term result is that the Chaos that makes up the Labyrinth will slowly but surely undo their existence.

To become a Deva, Ashura must pass through this place as a test of facing yourself, and stare straight into the center of your own soul. Not every Ashura who attempts to pass through the Labyrinth manages to pass this test and find their way out again.

Characters that have entered the Labyrinth:

Leslie Vernon
Pyramid Head
Legato Bluesummers
Edward Elric
Aya Brea

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