The Major
The Major
Continuity Hellsing
Age 80+
Species Human/Cyborg
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Gold
District Western District
Journal loves-war
Player Jesse
Theme Song Letzte Battalion

"My friends, it has often been said that I like war."

This Entry contains Spoilers for Hellsing.


The details of the Major’s life before World War II are unknown, as is his real name. He was around 26 years old in 1941, which would place his date of birth, quite fittingly, sometime in 1914. Despite his youth, this SS officer was entrusted with command of the Third Reich’s project to harness the power of the supernatural and ensure that Hitler’s empire would last a thousand years, codenamed ‘Millennium’: the Last Battalion of Nazi Germany. Reporting personally to the Fuhrer, the Major and his allies made great progress, and when their main facility was destroyed in 1944 by the British vampire-hunting organization Hellsing, enough was salvaged to enable them to rebuild. The destruction of the facility was largely carried out by Hellsing’s tame vampire Alucard, which likely played a large part in creating the Major’s ambition to be the one to permanently destroy Alucard.

As Nazi Germany crumbled around them, Millennium fled to South America to continue their research and prepare for their return. The Major himself was mortally wounded by Russian gunfire in the final days of the fighting, and refused a chance to become a vampire, but survived thanks to the genius of Millennium’s top mad scientist, undergoing an emergency transformation into a cyborg. Over time, the rest of Millennium’s thousand-strong membership also became immortal thanks to a process of artificial vampirization devised using the remains of Mina Harker. Not only that, but using the lure of eternal life as a vampire, the Major was able to establish a network of spies and operatives all over the world – especially in the United Kingdom, which he intended to be Millennium’s main target when they finally emerged from their long wait.

That wait came to an end in 1999. Following a series of preliminary strikes by their vampire operatives, Millennium emerged from their secret base in Brazil and crossed the Atlantic in a fleet of zeppelins, intending to re-enact the Blitz with interest against London, to fight and die in a final blaze of apocalyptic glory. According to the Major in the later chapters of the manga, every member of Millennium wished to find a suitable death in this last charge of the Third Reich, a worthy climax to the force that once terrorized all of Europe. Thanks to the network of vampire spies the Major had established throughout England’s government, the UK’s defenses were completely compromised and Millennium entered the airspace over London utterly unopposed.

Between Millennium’s arsenal of guided missiles and the devastation wrought by over a thousand hungry vampires, the destruction of London and its inhabitants was essentially total. At the same time, Millennium’s agents worldwide sprung into action, throwing the globe into chaos; most of the United States’ executive branch was butchered by a single vampire that just happened to be a White House aide. For a single bloody night, the Major and his minions were essentially unstoppable.

However, in the end the war that Millennium had prepared over half a century for lasted less than 48 hours. Opposed both by Hellsing and the Vatican, the Major’s army was whittled down as its insane commander forbade any thought of retreat, determined that this would be their glorious final battle. In the end, the Major’s immense flagship was boarded at his invitation by Hellsing’s leader, Integra Hellsing and the fledgling vampire Seras Victoria. The Major was extremely pleased that these two women, who he respected immensely as warriors, would be the ones to finally kill him. Before he engaged Integra in their final shootout though, he realized his dream in reducing Alucard to a string of imaginary numbers by using the blood of the quantumly-unstable Schrodinger as poison. With that done, the Major died with a smile on his face as Integra shot him point-blank in the head, proclaiming that ‘it has been a great war.’ His zeppelin exploded around him shortly afterward, serving as an immense funeral pyre, exactly the kind of death he always wanted.

And then he came to Nautilus…

Thus far, the Major has considered Nautilus to be the perfect afterlife for him. There is plenty of conflict and violence, several interesting and worthy adversaries, and the Major loves the power of Bending; the ability to shape reality through his will. His old comrade Rip van Winkle is present and there is always the hope that others from his unit will arrive. The Major promptly begun drawing new schemes to create further war for his own enjoyment, unaware that his trusted Lieutenant had changed more in Nautilus than he was aware.

When he finally unveiled his master plan to her, the unthinkable happened: Rip van Winkle raised her weapon against her superior and shot him in the head. The Major was less than pleased with this when he returned, and made this clear immediately by killing Rip's dog Derek. Fortunately, he soon was graced with the arrival of two more of his subordinates: The Captain and Warrant Officer Schrodinger. After a lengthy period of tension, during which a relatively-civil chat with the former Lieutenant revealed the reasons for her defection in her relationship with Derek Rayne, things hit the fan during the meteor shower. Wishing for Rip van Winkle to once again be his loyal minion, the Major got exactly what he wanted, and followed up by seizing innocent hostages to secure his position. This lasted all of two days before half of Nautilus stormed the Opera House via teleportation, prompting the Major to execute Rip by detonating her skull. Only the intervention of Neriae prevented Rip's furious friends from finishing off the Major and his minions on the spot.

Fortunately, tensions were lessened somewhat when Ameras and Solaris announced that Nautilus would conduct an offensive against Isis. Unable to resist the allure of a war against the would-be mistress of all creation, the Major declared a truce with Nautilus and began preparing for the campaign with enthusiasm. His enthusiasm was somewhat dampened by Valentine's Day, when it suited Nautilus' sense of humor for him to spend the day chained to America, and by the departure of the Captain.

When the war began, the Major had the time of his life. In command of the massive battle-city of Helix, he fired the first shot of the battle, bombed Kalliste, and enjoyed every moment of watching the carnage. But upon his return, the Major left Kalliste and went back to Sleep, possibly because it would be hard for any future war to match what he saw in Kalliste.


At the time of his death, the Major was in his late eighties, yet for all intents and purposes was still the same energetic young officer who once reported personally to Adolf Hitler, thanks to the work of Nazi mad science in turning him into an immortal cyborg. The Major is constantly filled with energy, exuberance and joy, in large part due to his unique worldview.

As the username implies, the Major loves war, fully and without reservation, in all its forms. The Major finds artistic beauty in every aspect of conflict, from a vicious one-on-one duel to a cataclysmic battle between millions, although his preference is always for the biggest and grandest war he can bring about. He fully believes that everything in existence is ultimately about conflict. Therefore, by taking pleasure in conflict, he can take pleasure in almost anything in existence, hence his perpetually upbeat attitude. Because of his unique brand of insanity, the Major is almost impossible to truly defeat, since even if he is beaten, it’s likely that he will still take pleasure in the conflict that leads to his demise and generally be a good sport about it.

The only exception to the Major’s optimism is his obsession with self-purity. Despite having spent most of the 20th century in the company of monsters, he still considers himself quite proudly fully human, and is incensed at the suggestion that he might be in any way inhuman. He could have become an immortal, powerful vampire instead of a cyborg, but rejected the idea of having to mix his essential self, his soul and will, with the blood and essence of other beings. He believes that each person’s will is theirs and theirs alone, and the war he so delights in is an expression of those wills clashing against one another.

Finally, due to his pride in the strength of his own will, the Major has an enormous ego, which consequently expresses itself in his extreme verbosity. He really, really likes to hear himself talk.


Powers: His cybernetic nature means that the Major is immune to conventional aging and more durable than an ordinary human. Also, although his character is too fixed and unchanging to have much chance at ascending beyond baseline Wakened, his immense willpower makes him an extremely talented Bender.


The Major's most important relationship in Nautilus is with his unit's sharpshooter, First Lieutenant Rip van Winkle. Having known her for over fifty years, the Major has always considered the extremely-loyal Lieutenant a model soldier and one of his most valuable minions, and she is one of the closest things the heartless madman has to a friend. However, Nautilus has already begun to change that.

Her recent betrayal and killing of him has shaken him to his twisted core, and he is likely to think of nothing besides hitting back at his now-former First Lieutenant. Their relationship is now extremely complex, alternating between civil and nostalgic discussions and violent, vicious conflict. Blowing her head off did not exactly simplify things.

America: Meeting the incarnation of one of the Third Reich's nemeses has been… interesting for the Major. America's immaturity and mental deficits both annoy and disappoint the Major, but also make the country easy to manipulate, as Aya Brea found out the hard way. America may yet prove to be an enemy or tool to the Major. At the moment, his status as one of Rip's closest friends makes him very much an enemy. He is also an extremely annoying houseguest.

Tony Stark: Stark's attentions towards the Lieutenant have placed him in the Major's crosshairs. Much like America, the Major respects Stark's capabilities while holding him in contempt, seeking to use him while preparing to face him as an enemy. Stark's recent experiment reminds the Major of his own temptation with vampirism, and has solidified his contempt. Stark's hatred of the Major in the wake of the hostage/wish incident has only worsened matters. Still, the Major does like a man who is so good at designing weapons!

Megatron: The Major has interacted little with Megatron so far, but still regards him as his greatest enemy for daring to divide the Lieutenant's loyalties. The question of how to topple this metal tyrant has filled the Major's mind much as Alucard once did, and he was committed to finding a way to destroy him and end his hold over Rip van Winkle, until Rip refocused his attentions by shooting him in the face. The Major has a certain amount of contempt for Megatron, having fought for so long without success.

Derek Rayne: The Admiral has already made a great impression on the Major with his strength, intelligence, and the fact that the Huntress is actually in love with him. Most of all, Rayne's refusal of vampirism while at death's door mirrors the Major's own history, and has made Derek one of the people the Major most respect's in the city. In the Major's mind, of course, this translates into him being his preferred enemy.

Jennifer: Thinks he's 'cool' for some reason. How odd.

Rion Steiner: He burns things. The Major likes the cut of his jib.

Slade: This mysterious individual has already impressed the Major with his tales of a world set ablaze, his obvious intelligence, and his sinister aspect.

The Captain: The Major's eternally faithful, loyal, and obedient doormat. Their relationship is entirely straightforward: the Major gives orders and the Captain carries them out silently and efficiently. The Major is somewhat aware that the Captain is not as entirely ruthless as might be preferred, but still trusts him completely. His departure from Nautilus has put a serious dent in the Major's plans.

Jadis: The infuriatingly arrogant Queen of Charn is one of the Major's potential allies here, despite her nominal alignment with Megatron. The Major has attempted to manipulate her using her desire for immortality, but it hasn't gone well so far.

Pip Bernadotte: One of the Major's enemies from home, the Major has a great deal of respect for Bernadotte's courage and resourcefulness in battle, as well as his refusal to fight for any real cause. Pity he's French.

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