The Metaplot

The metaplot of The Wake is the reason we made this wiki. It's crazy.

Note that this is not a summary of the entire game, but just the events directly pertaining to the Devas and whatnot. Stuff will be skimmed over.

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The Deva War

(Before reading this, we suggest you read the article "Devas" and the other articles associated with it.)

Long ago, cities like Nautilus existed in the hundreds. Wakened appeared all over the place, learned how to bend, ascended, blah blah blah. Then, for some reason, they stopped showing up. This threw everything out of whack. The Devas were at a total loss on what to do. I'm gonna stop here and let Allison's poem take it.

Now in poem form
Once upon a time
As far as the eye could see
On the whole, existed nothing
And someone said "This shouldn't be"

So from the nothing came something
And from that, something more
Until at last we had a universe
And thus was written, Deva lore

And for a time things flourished
Worlds were made and songs were sung
People grew and people ascended
Until suddenly, it was undone.

"There are no wakened!" cried the Devas
"And our numbers dwindle by the day"
And thus was held a meeting
To prevent the multiverse's decay

And all the Angelii, all the Devas
The Ashuras and the Wake'd
Couldn't come to an agreement
To prevent the worlds unmaked.

And Isis stood up in regal beauty
With violet eyes shining bright
And determined what was happening
Wasn't worth their awful fright.

"This is no great tragedy!" she said
"Who cares what happens to this place?
"At least it will be neat and ordered,"
Thus the social Darwinist made her case.

Fascism not taken lightly,
A young Deva took the stand
Her name was Cyrus, and she spoke;
Our lives lay in her hand

She proclaimed she'd make a city
Where the wakened could grow and thrive
Her haven would be called Nautilus
And she'd keep us all alive

She took with her two Ashura
One was Aaron, one was Jin
And promptly made her fabled city
And thus our saga did begin.

One by one we were called to Waken
One by one we all awoke
And by and large the Deva agreed
She'd gathered one fucked-up bunch of folks

Together we make up Nautilus
And our numbers grow by the day
Our species, races, creeds are diverse
We're the universal strays

But working together we make a difference
With every new day more exciting
Perhaps we COULD save the multiverse
If we'd just stop fucking fighting

The poem is slightly inaccurate, but it's a fun way to illustrate the point. Ameras was the Deva who stood up to his twin, Isis, and he led a revolt against the established order. Many Deva were unmade, some simply went back to sleep. In the end, the war left only three Deva standing: Solaris, Isis, and Cyrus. For his crimes, Ameras's power was chained and he was forced to become an Ashura to Cyrus, as Aaron.


As the poem illustrates, Cyrus took her two Ashura and made Nautilus. Then, instead of letting the Wakened come to her, she Called them, and they awoke. The new awakened were obviously confused, concerned, and in some cases, angry. Cyrus explained much of what was going on as best she could without ruining the mystery.

In May 2009, Starscream murdered Cyrus and took her power. She was unmade completely, unable to return as is usual in Nautilus. Starscream tried to rule the city, but after only a week ended up batshit insane and inside the Labyrinth. He met Mare there, who could have been Cyrus but wasn't (just another possibility) and she helped him escape.

In July 2009, the timeshift event left Aaron stuck to a glass tree. He revealed that he was from a future in which his twin Isis had come to Nautilus and remade everything to her desires. Isis longed for order in the universes, for things to be under her control. While the time-shift lasted, Aaron warned everyone of Isis's imminent arrival.

In August 2009, Solaris parked his city next to Nautilus and announced he was stealing Aaron. With Cyrus gone and Isis on her way, a Deva was needed to protect the city. Solaris took Aaron to the Labyrinth to once again become Ameras, leaving his own Ashura and Jin in charge. Which didn't really help.

In September 2009, Isis showed up. She promised rewards to those who would follow her, and death to those who opposed. Some people, like Katherine and Tony Stark, went along with her. (Starscream did too, but he had a plan.) Debates raged among the Wakened as to what to do, and somewhere around this time, Jin disappeared. So did a lot of people. Thomas Jefferson was unmade, and several people were turned to glass.

But then Starscream blew himself up trying to kill Isis, and as she bent herself back together, the inhabitants of Nautilus rushed to take down her, her Ashura, and her brainwashed followers. Those who had been glassed were restored. In the end, Isis fled the city, leaving her Ashura behind. Neriae, Antovil, and Kergan were cured of Isis's brainwashing, and stuck around to be awesome.

In October 2009, Isis unmade Jin.

In January 2010, Solaris and Ameras went to the City of Glass. They returned severely injured—Isis's creatures had attacked them. Ameras warned the city that they would soon have to storm the City and stop Isis. He also asked the existing Ashura which of them desired to walk the Labyrinth. Neriae and Kergan accepted, and both became Deva.

In February 2010, an obscenely long list of characters went to the City of Glass to get rid of Isis once and for all. The assault was a massively epic three-day log. Several people died, including Axel, Starscream, Terra Markov, America, and V. Isis was defeated and (seemingly) unmade, and everyone returned home.

From then on, everything slowly went into a downward spiral. (At least, that was what it looked like for the cynics.)

Especially when a Dark Aeon decided to up and appear out of nowhere to eat the darn city. TWICE. But that was that.

However, during the second untimely visit of the Dark Aeon — circa May 2012 — it was accompanied by Pyramid Head and Xemnas. Both were hopped up on leftover Isis juice provided by a third party. Things got messy, but the Wakened ultimately succeeded in destroying the Dark Aeon by weakening and finally Unmaking it out of existence.

Fast-Forward to September 2014. The Labyrinth makes a reappearance, causing major cases of sleep deprivation. Ursaems, the Deva of Renewal, calls the Wakened to arms against the Labyrinth creature. Much debate went on between parties, but in the end, most of the Wakened went with the Deva to see things through.

…Except not everything was as it seemed.

Ursaems tricked the Wakened, sealing the Labyrinth's power within an amulet, enhancing his own abilities in order to Unmake everything from existence. And again everyone was distraught. But the Wakened regrouped, restrategized, and reentered the City of Kalliste for another showdown a month later.

As of late, the Labyrinth is freed, Ursaems' fate is left unknown, and both Kalliste and Nautilus are still hanging in there. Unfortunately, much damage has befallen both cities, leaving the weary Wakened to clean up the mess left behind.

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